budget terminal, nice name

the budget terminal fits very nicely to the new budget terminal. no frills, just simply budget. and we got to thank them for not engaging a pr consultant and spend another $300k trying to find a more suitable name. and a forumer's reaction in the new paper, one steve ngo, was hilarity. i too feel the same way. it would be more fun to call it heartland terminal. then we can bring it closer to the heartlanders since they will probably be the people who cannot afford to travel in class and use the classy terminals at changi. and heartlanders can also feel proud to have a terminal name after them. and later they can change the name of changi to something more classy and fit the image of the sophisticated travellers. let me see, high class terminal? for high class people? or maybe spend another half a million for a pr consultancy to find a more suitable name. heartlanders' idea of a high class name may not be appropriate.


abao said...

But the whole affair is kinda lame. Spending $2000 on a contest to name the Budget Terminal "Budget Terminal" ?!

redbean said...

hi abao,

i think the whole contest is $28,000 as reported somewhere. and that does not include the $2000 prize.

i thought the $400,000 spent to name marina bay as marina bay is an expensive lesson to learn. apparently no one learns anything.

and with a class conscious name that invites a lot of criticism in some other forum and media. looks like it is money not well spent.