the beauty of self deception

i read this article about how much people are willing to spend to look young and gorgeous. and the extent they are prepared to go, under the knife. all for people to say, 'ah, you look so good.' or 'ah, you look so young for your age.' the former may be a bit difficult to achieve and need to spend effort and money. the second is so easy to get by. if you are 50 and look 50, just tell whoever that you are 65. and 'ah, you look so young for your age.' so whatever age you are, just add another 10 to 15 years and you will get your 'ahhs.' it feels so good to look younger.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean,

Most people are vain, especially women. There is big money out there to be had from cosmetic surgery and beauty products. Some people spend enormous amount of money just to look and feel good.

Eyelid surgery for double eyelids is the most popular and many ladies go for that. This has been billed as the most common of all the cosmetic surgery. These days you do not have to be born pretty. Beauty can be purchased if you have the means to pay for it.

I read somewhere that a man from China divorced his wife after the birth of his baby daughter who was in his opinion very ugly. As he himself was not ugly he said, the child must have taken the look of her mother before the mother's facial renovation. Therefore the wife must have been ugly before her facial cosmetic surgery. Is that ground for divorce, I wonder??

redbean said...

that chinaman must be a fool or already intend to divorce her. the look of babies may not be that attractive at birth. and they changed as they grow. and an ugly mother or father would not necessarily produce an ugly child.

i am not sure beauty can be purchased. seen many with makeups on and without makeup. a huge contrast. two totally different persons.