asians are disgusting!

as i read the article on racism in the sunday times today, the more i feel that asians are disgusting and deserving of all the abuses the white men thrown at them. the article spoke of the experiences of asian students overseas and all their unpleasant racist experiences. and after saying all these, the disgusting asians tried to explain to themselves why the white racists did those things to them. that tells how deserving they are to be attacked racially. for they have accepted that it is alright to be on the receiving end. and maybe explaining that the racists are suffering or feel threatened because of them will make them feel better. where is ah Q? let me just quote a few comments. 'jake feels that one reason why racist incidents occur could be due to miscommunication and a lack of understanding of both cultures. he said: "i have observed some service staff being less polite to asians. but i do believe it's because we asians are more reserved. so when we pay for our shopping, we do not smile, but just pay and go.' what an idiot! why didn't he attacked the whites as i believed he too did not understand their cultures and did not communicate well with them too? and when must a customer smile to a sales staff in order for the sales staff to be polite to them? aren't the sales staff supposed to smile to customers to get tips or at least make the customer return to patronise the shop? and he said, 'we come off as being cold and aloof.' that's it. asians, you deserved to be treated as shit. there were more silly comments from other asians to justify why they should be attacked by the white racists. so they should not complain since they are so deserving to be treated badly for being asians. another idiot said, 'if you think people are racist towards you, you should also take into account your own prejudices towards other races.' and the advice from jake, 'i would advise overseas singaporean students to not react aggresssively, be it physically or verbally. rather, understand why it happened and be cool headed about it.' for goodness sake asians, go and put your heads into the toilet bowl and flush it with shit. you are truly disgusting and pathetic. i would agree that being physically small and alone in a foreign country, if one is unable to whack the racist arsehole, it is better to walk away. but the reasons given here to walk away is really sick. you walk away because it is alright for the racists to attack you. and you must try to understand them. it is your fault that they attacked you racially. it is all your fault to born disgusting. the world needs more subservient asians to work as cooks and waiters and waitresses and to be screwed in bed for animal pleasure.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean,

Happy New Year to you. Let us all hope and pray for a more peaceful year ahead. However I doubt we will find it more peaceful, what with the partnership of B and B in control.

About your topic here on Asian inferiority complex, I think I speak with authority as I have lived with the ang mohs in their country for 40 years. I still do, btw. I can say that when it comes to respect, all you have to do is to show that you are just as good if not better than them and you will gain their respect. Stand your ground when you are in your right, and if you feel you are in the right you must never give an inch. An inch will become a mile if you allow it.

Basically, we are all the same wherever we come from. Here in Singapore you too have your own prejudices, intolerances, narrow mindedness, injustices etc, mainly against people from poorer neighbouring countries. So when Singaporean go oversea to the land of the whites, and they get treated poorly, be aware of the fact you Singaporeans too have treated economical immigrants to Singapore poorly.

Please do not get me wrong, I am not trying to run down you Singaporreans. I am just merely pointing out that sometime you have to clean up your own backyard before you highlight the dirt is someone's house.

redbean said...

hi speed,

happy new year. i agree with you. but asians generally still feel inferior after all the years of colonialism, and must admit it, the white people have advanced in leaps and bounds in many fields. but while we are catching up fairly rapidly, we need to assert ourselves a bit and be more confident of what we are able to do. and work more intimately with other asians than with the west to exploit asians.

don't get me wrong that all the angmohs are bad. but it is a relative thing. there are some locals here who treat foreigners from lesser developed countries not too well. but the prevalence of racism here against foreigners is fairly smal and mild compare to the experience of asians in western countries.

it is not that asians must always be at logger heads with the whites. and often it is their own timidity that results in them being treated that way.

we will need the next 50 or 100 years for the two ancient civilisations, the indians and the chinese to really exert themselves as asians. though they are fairly poor at this point in time, and crude and rough in many areas, one thing for sure, they are confident and loud enough to change the image of submissive asians.

we are a colonial people and we will have this complex of white men are good. for the westerners, i am not trying to degrade them. they are good. but we are not really inferior to them now.

look at the few cases of corporate hirings of westerners that came to create a mess and went home with a big golden handshake. their contributions will be their exposure to the western corporate world and their contacts. technically we are already equal. and understanding them and gaining an insight into their ways of doing business is useful in the world market.

back to the disgusting asians. they deserved to be slapped. they asked for it. i am not blaming the westerners.