Wildlife in Phuket

The husband of a Singaporean was strangled to death by a wildlife in Phuket. Amitpal Singh Bajaj, a Briton, was holidaying in Phuket with his Singaporean wife and a 20 month old son. The cause of this tragedy was a din caused by the wildlife in the early morning hours, screaming and shouting out his hotel room balcony. The Norwegian is a martial arts expert, a Roger Bullman.

Amitpal Singh and family were in the next room, wife and child disturbed, went to the balcony to tell the wildlife to stop the noise. Wildlife kicked down the adjoining door, barged in and attacked Singh and strangled him to death. Wildlife claimed he did not know it would kill Singh. Must believe him because he is white.

This wildlife has been arrested and facing 15 years of jail for manslaughter and granted a bail equivalent to S$18,400. Is this the price of a Briton to take? Cheap, cheap, cheap. Maybe killing a white wildlife will cost more.

For those who are very caring and protective of wildlife and got irritated by this term, my definition for wildlife is anything that behaves like wild animals, including those that may earn more than $500k and wearing business suits and driving fast cars and living in high end condos.

One innocent life gone over something so trivial. Only wildlife can kill so freely, by animal instinct.


Anonymous said...

Do you think it's true?

Until a Millionaire dressed in white clothing is killed by wildlife ... nothing will change?

Anonymous said...


Virgo 49 said...

Asians WHO lived overseas in Ang Moh countries for a certain years or been PRs or citizens there had absorbed their cultures and were mostly brash and demanding or acted superiority when they meet their previous lifes as more cultured Asians.

Thus, they behaved as though they arw also Whites with a superior air.

Those silly banana butches WHO also married to them also after a while will also behaved as them.

No matter whether they are black, brown or yellow before becoming as pariah Whites.

So this guy met his match a true aggressive Bred White WHO without hesitation killed him.
The Singh thought he also a a White and demanded his rights as Whites
So Sinkies in near future with so many Superior Whites in Sinkieland as PRs and Citizens will also meet the same fate.

These Whites may be very polite in front of you but they have a disdain for the puny Asians. That Singh may be burly but no match for their unborn aggressive genes.

Talking thru experience.Had five miserable years of farcas with a farking Brit. As scavengers in Sinkieland as welcomed and loved by the Papies.

The Whites will never ever change their ways of lives.

Anonymous said...

This is modern day Karmic or Cause & Effect coming into fruition between the two guys. There is nothing can be done except to daily practice of tolerance & patience with one another ( be it an animal or humans).

Anonymous said...


As I said before.....FATE!

How loong you stay on planet Earth already decided lah.

Yes! It is FATE! Life is like that! This is life!

So......enjoy while you can!


Virgo49 said...

Our Matilah Superior Singapura is a Fine Example of what's I spouting.

Many parents at that time our time when NS was implemented tried to bring their precious sons to those Eng Kok countries to abscorn from serving.

After a while or years even though they tried to assimilate into their countries are still been discriminated and ostracized by them returned back to Sinkieland or their native countries.

Even though they are back but they still have the after effects of superiority in them thinking they are also Whites.

But pariah Whites. They still have disdain for Asians as they thought that they are half Whites.

Been there bred their brashness and foul mouths which they are been proud of as not been hypocrites.

Thus they are the pariah whites in our eyes same as the Whites.

Anonymous said...

Aggression, killing, murder,genocide and assassination is in the blood and genes of white men and that's how the continents of the Americas, Australia, Africa, New Zealand and Africa were conquered and the natives brutalised and genocided. The native Americans never call them 'white men' but a very much more appropriate term, 'pale face people' because to the native Americans the texture of the 'pale face people look more like the colour of a dead person. So from now on we should follow the native Americans to call these caucasian savages 'pale face'.

Pale face people will never change their aggressive and warmongering behaviour. We see how the warhawk pale face Americans creating wars all over the world and is trying to pick a fight with China in the South China Sea, East China Sea and China.They are now trying to create colour revolutions in Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang to destabilise and contain China's peaceful development. They have no business no reason to be in the coastal seas around China. They just will not allow any other country to become as rich and powerful as the pale face Americans and cannot stand to see any other country able to stand up to pale face American aggressions.

It is time the people of the world put the pale face Americans in their proper place and that is to obliteratre them from the earth forever so that mankind will have peace and harmony.

Friday, 30th August, 2019

Anonymous said...

Hi Southernglory1 @ 10.16

From what you have written here, you are indeed pointing your finger at yourself. If what you have written is your true belief, then I am afraid that you are exactly what you have written. Not all Europeans or American are as you described. There are a large majority that are decent and believe in doing the right thing. Furthermore not all Asians are saints either. There are good and bad in all walks of life. To generalised as you have done is dangerous and un-civilise.

Anonymous said...


If the singhs had bought travel insurance, they'd be millionaires by now.

Travel insurance from SG to phuket is damn cheap.

Although $$$$ cannot bring back the dead, but just $1K can hire 2-3 hitman in Thai to bump off a person. Or if he go jail, then even easier.

Can even specify how siong to die e.g. whole night via disembowelment & gagged to prevent screaming. Too bad 1 night at most coz prison will do roll call in the morning.

Anonymous said...

The most effective form of torture:

I sentence you to death by waiting for the return of your CPF money.

Anonymous said...

Bullied in Singapore:

I sentence you to fraustration by having sex in small places.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Darwin Award winner

Silly idiot Singh going to an unruly idiot to stop "disturbing the peace". Why should the guy listen to reason when he's already clearly in a state od craziness...which is quite common in Phuket. (trust me, it was my home for 6 months at a time over a 2-3 year period. Phuket is "bo cheng hu" place)

Here's what one of my mentors (a black American guy, grew up Chicago's Southside...i.e. hardcore) used to remind me: ALWAYS REMEMBER *WHERE* YOU ARE.

The idiot British Singh brought it upon himself. Sorry, but I'd say he deserved it cos' he IGNORED the "rules of REALITY". ☠️

Anonymous said...

Stop calling him idiot Singh.

Otherwise he will look for you at night!

Be careful!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

The Famous Darwin Awards---removing bad genes from our human gene pool ensures more robustness of the species. ☠️πŸ’€πŸ˜‚

I have a new Rule Of Nature:

➡︎ If you kena assaulted by wildlife, you probably asked for it. Wildlife are "WILD"...Duh... ⬅︎

Anonymous said...

Not all Europeans or American are as you described. There are a large majority that are decent and believe in doing the right thing. Furthermore not all Asians are saints either. There are good and bad in all walks of life. To generalised as you have done is dangerous and un-civilise.
August 30, 2019 12:27 pm

Really? During the days of colonialism, European imperialism and the conquest of the Americas, do you think they care about the 'savages' or half humans that were not white?

I think you are the idiot that has been condemning all Chinese as bad. No good Chinese, including you also bad?

Anonymous said...

Not the full story told --- probably the bayee used a lot of vulgar words, vulgar hand signs & threats on the drunken angmoh. Was it correct for the angmoh to strangle the bayee? Of course not ... but if you challenge anyone, then be prepared for a fight that can be deadly.

Just like Roy Ngerng kena financially kicked in the balls by Ah Loong, when Roy used "fighting words" on Loong.

Actually one of the main culprits that can be sued is the 5-star hotel ... for installing crappy plywood partitions on the balcony to separate rooms. If the balconies had been physically separate, or if the partitions are as sturdy as the main doors, then doubtful if the angmoh can get in so easily.

At least it will take the angmoh a lot more time & a lot more banging & kicking --- time which the hotel & authorities can intervene.

Anonymous said...

Ref: Anonymous 2:57pm

Hi! defender of pale face people. Please read William Shakespeare, King Henry 5, and I quote, "Wherever place an Englishman set foot that place is England." Again in the book Taras Bulba referring to Caucasian Russian, a Russian man asked his son to fight another boy who happened to walk pass infront of his house. His son refused to attack the boy, saying he has no reason to fight against a stranger who just happened to pass by. The father slapped the son and called him a coward and insisted that he fight with the boy for if he lost he would ask his brother to assist him. These are just two instances to show that aggression, war and killing is in the blood and genes of white men, granted that there are also some good people among them which no one will dispute. Having said that for you to claim that a large "majority' of them are good. I must say you should be ashamed of yourself for not knowing much about history, geography, literature and cultures of the world. So don't try to expose your no brainer for a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Yes there are good and bad people among Asians,Africans and native Americans and some pale face people from Europe but who among them conducted destructive aggressive warfares of conquests for the last 500 years and genocided whole native populations. Only the pale face Europeans and their offspring pale face or white Americans did. Please read and do more research on the evil colonisation of the Americas, Africa, Australia, Asia and New Zealand by white men from Europe. For the start you should read the books on 'The Doctrines of Christian Discovery' and the history of western colonisation and imperialism in North America, Central America and South America. You will get a glimpse of Western wholesale national concept of aggressive wars of conquests and genocide justified by their doctrines.

Hopefully having educated yourself with historical and cultural knowledge of other countries you will come around to see Southernglory1 points of view. Please wake up and stop sleeping with the warhawks of the West especially the white Americans.

Eagles Eyes

Anonymous said...


Ref: 2:27 pm and not 2:57 pm

Also Ref: Anonymous 2:37 pm

The native Americans in those days of evil western imperialiism and colonialism were not savages or half human as they like us to believe. They were great civilisations more civilize than the invading Europeans. The only difference is that they did not have guns and cannons to repulse the savage invasion of the wild savage hordes of western invaders.

Eagles Eyes.

Anonymous said...

Ref: Southernglory1 10 : 16am

I think you are referring to the ignorant netizen from 12.27pm and not 2:27 pm or 2:57 pm

Ref : Anonymous 2:37pm

Hi! 2:37 pm, The native Americans of those Western invaders time were not savages or half human as the real savages were the western hordes of European conquerors. When the Europeans first went to America the natives provided them with food and lodgings. But soon after they established themselves in the strange lands with the help of the natives they began to genocide them with guns and cannons which the natives did not have. Today all native Americans throughout north and south and central America remember 12th October , every year the day Christopher Columbus set foot on America as the day Europeans first started genociding the native Americans in order to take away their lands.

Historical observer.

Anonymous said...

This Eagles Eyes, got all the numbers wrong, reading people's post also wrong.

I think he pasted kotek on his eyes and put shit in his brain.

Anonymous said...

Eagle eyes become cock eyes??

Should RT 3 mths BMT do 300m run down rifle range everyday.

Knn said...

I think u need to be sidomized

Virgo 49 said...

Till the day you kena bashed my the Ang Mohs than you will cry for your fathers and mothers.

On the roads just honk at them. You get your cars kicked and challenged to a fight.
Or Escooters and skates on the walk ways. You get or bak kat if involved in a scuffle with them.
Even those bananas half bred whites will also do the same.

Staying as shia suay tenants above your HDB flats and made the same disturbances. You dare confront and talk to them.Guranatee they give you Hell or bash you as they think that it's their lives and rights.

Or they made your lives hell everyday as tenants above you.

Mark my words till you encounter them. Or unless you just kept mum and suffer quietly with your families.As most male sinkies do.

Put your prick in your own mouths and flushed your face in the toilet bowls

Virgo 49 said...

This coming Parliament Session LHL gonna put in a law that in social media if too much these comments, they gonna charge you and put you behind bars.

To protect the Majority from been insulted?

No, from the Majority from retaliating them

That's the purpose

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

Like I said, WHEN you kena wallop by foreigners/ wildlife, it's your own damn fault because you itchy backside kwai lan with them.


BTW, where are the pai kias/ sam sengs when you need them? Oh, I forgot...the PAP wiped them into oblivion.

You die, your business πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» ☜ ☜ ☜ 𝑩𝒆𝒔𝒕 π‘¨π’…π’—π’Šπ’„π’† π˜Œπ™‘π˜Œπ˜™❗️

Virgo 49 said...

Right, most Chinkee Sinkies behaved like Matilah just whimper with a smile and let your families suffered the humiliations and rape by these wildlifes and be proud of it

Better put your faces into the toilet seats and flushed your faces.

This is what's the Straits Born Sinkies Perankans behaved.

Am proud of it.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

Eh kotek, remember WHERE you are---Singapore, so w are governed at all times not by our govt and laws but the fundamental WORDS of our CULTURE:

π’΄β„΄π“Š π’Ÿπ’Ύβ„― π’΄β„΄π“Šπ“‡ β„¬π“Šπ’Ύπ“ˆπ“ƒβ„―π“ˆπ“ˆ

>> This is what's the Straits Born Sinkies Perankans behaved. <<

Don't be an idiot...unless you can't help it. 🀣

➢➣ No one cares about your feelings.
➣➢No one cares about your problems.
➢➣No one cares about you.

One more time, regardless of race, language or religions---as mentioned in our sacred pledge:

𝖄 𝖔 π–š 𝕯 π–Ž π–Š
𝖄 𝖔 π–š 𝖗 𝕭 π–š π–Ž π–˜ 𝖓 π–Š π–˜ π–˜

Tip: write down 1000x, meditate on it, then bang your head against wall 1000x until you can feel it like it becomes part of you. Welcome to the Cult of Singapore.

Virgo 49 said...

Chinese round the World fought and sabo their own kind with the exception of the PRC Chinese.

Hongkies against their own and also the PRC. Taiwanese also fought against their own like that Traitous Teddy Kou.

Sinkies Chinese also their own but side others.

The PRC Chinese are now the most united as they have thru the decades been humiliated and scorned by others including their own Oversees Chinkees bananas WHO are mostly been influenced by the West.

Having their decadence lifestyles and loving it.

Baba Chinese or Perkanans are the Worst lot among the Chinkees like our Pariah Matilah thought so highly of themselves when the true blue Chinese called them chiap Cheng kias.Lucky still kias and not Kues.

They are the mostly influenced by the Whites who gave them some scraps as they are the MOST balls carriers to them.

Having a head start, they made good in their own circles and started scorning their Own WHERE they came from Chinese.

Many prayed to the White God and NOT to our Chinese Gods which emphasised Loyalty, Principles and Piety.

Those WHO sucked to the Whites as their God Fathers thought that they a will be on their sides.

Little do they know that in their minds they are just slaves and scavengers to them to be farked by them.

If the World Chinese were to be trampled by them and just as Mr RB said. You think just because you proclaimed that you are one of their FAKE ones, they will Sayang You?

The rest of the human beans knew that the main weaknesses of the other chinese besides the PRCs are the most disunited ones.

They are most happy to use this disunity to divide you.

That's where you have chiap cheng Sinkies day in and day out criticising CSJ and the Rest.

Even though they are fighting the odds of against the PAPies for you.

Chiap Cheng and overseas Chinkees needed Real painful lessons for them to learn like the PRCs.

Bananas Chinese WHO worshiped the Whites one day will know WHO screwed them hard.

Botak Matilah will be Mati Lah

Virgo 49 said...

Perkanans- Those WHO cannnot find their own to marry.For they are neither humans nor devils.

So no choice they have to marry the Natives. In Sinkieland the Malays in the earlier times.

Matilah claimed excellent in doing business? Their excellence in businesses for donkey years still serving others as slaves.

The PRCs already up in Space. GDP already ZERO percent.

Chiap Cheng with names like Anwar means in Chinese"lazy" and AH Gong means aahum "Stuxxxid" or Dafts

Cannot repeat in Matland.Sure kena paddled backsides.

What's so Great of being Pekannnan?

Kena Kan than you know

Virgo 49 said...

Now many modern day Banana bitches thought great in marrying the Whites and the Black Ants.

They are just wanting to savour different kunt tastes.

Most divorced or kena rock and roll mamams.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

Blah blah blahdy blahdy blah blah blah...

Thank you very much. I'm doing fine.

You can wish and pray the WORST for me. Keep going, I don't care πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Virgo 49 said...

See Spottiswoode 18. A wild life Aussie killed a Sinkie with litter killer wine bottle. Some more professional man.

See the Brits everywhere they goes in Football games always have brawls in the host countries

They go to Asian Holy places they stripped and showed their genitals and buttocks disrespecting other Gods.

Sinkieland daft ICA allowing one pregnant duck white in and warded high class hospital with two Hundred over K bill demanding Sinkies crowdfunding to pay for it.World's greatest parasites travelling luxuriously over the world not working and demanding that daft Asians pay their luxuries.

Get drunk and hammered our SPF. Why no more mention of case?

Can taunt and fight our Airport Police thinking we are sick cats.

On the road, roads rage and hammered all and sundry by their inconsiderate riding and driving.

Most goes off Scott Free.

Sinkies PAP simply loves them.

For they also wear whites.

Anonymous said...

Lang bo ti land. Kwee bo ti kwee.