The USA, the thief shouting thief

The new US Defence Secretary Mark Esper has again repeated the charge that China is destablising the Indo Pacific Region. What did China do to deserve this daily accusation by this Evil Empire run by evil men and women in Washington?

Who is the rogue, the gangster that is fighting wars all over the world? Who is the rogue nation that is threatening countries with wars and sanctions, crippling their economies and driving their citizens into poverty and despair? Who is the rogue country that is instigating and provoking wars in the Indo Pacific Region? Who is the rogue country that is threatening Iran with war and amassing a huge military force in the Persian Gulf area?

The evil Americans are using the same tactics over and over again to accuse other countries as the aggressive and assertive party and diverting attention from their own wicked and evil acts all over the world. Did China do any of the hostile acts mentioned above? Zero!

Why is China on the receiving end of this baseless accusations daily? China must stand up to accuse the evil Americans of all their crimes and hostilities against countries of the world, or war crimes, invasion and false flag incidents to start wars. China cannot continue to keep quiet and let the devil set the agenda. China must go on a media spree to broadcast to the world how evil and warlike is the evil American Empire, how they attacked this and that country, how they crippled the economies of smaller countries and caused untold hardship to their people.

China and the rest of the world must speak up. And silly nations and their silly media must stop publishing the American white lies about China and other peaceful countries and tell the truth, who is the real warmongers and trouble maker in the whole word.

How can China, a peaceful country, conducting trades and infrastructure building to help nations all over the world be the destabilizing agent but the world’s number one warmongering nation, the Rogue Nation of the world be seen as the peaceful country defending peace and stability, or as the policeman of the world?

The silly govts and media of the world must start thinking and not to repeat the American white lies and to be part of this Evil Empire, destabilizing the world and starting wars everywhere.


Anonymous said...

LKY said, "If you repeat the lie so often, it will be accepted as the truth .."

This is what the PAP IBs are doing here at this blog, and USA hawks are doing.to the world.

Virgo 49 said...

Before USA could imposed their tariffs on Sept 01, Xi already opened fire with US75 Billions tariffs on the Americans.

Dotard Trump is seeching with anger that China is showing their Middle finger at him.

All the while every nations at their beck and call. Even now EU and Japan at logger heads with them on their Trade tariffs.

The Americunts will suffer more than China. Still thinking they are the Ones calling the shots.

China told the Taiwanese not to waste their 8 billions on their warplanes.
Be shot down by their superior Stealth Fighters or missles.

Good shows on the way..

Many nations like Sinkieland be collateral damage and suffered greatly.

America is done for.Just wait and see

4AR said...

The 4th Reich, Under Trump - Part 1


The US's evil intent to dominate, control and rule the world was conceived after the defeat of Hitler's White Supremacists Third Reich. That's why the decision to use nuclear weapons in Japan (and also China and India) was made. However, as the international geopolitical developments unfolded, with the USSR rising as a counter-weight, only Japan was cruelly forced to her knees with the two atomic bombs thrown at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.

The present and past US administrations, under the veil of democracy, freedom and human rights, are actually the continuation of the 3rd Reich. It is now known as the 4th Reich.

If you had looked back at history 70 to 100 years ago, you would have noticed that the containment of China had started long ago. Today's development is the continuation and the result of the more than one hundred years of suppression of the Chinese people, whom they labelled as the "yellow peril", as if it is a dreadful disease that is to be annihilated at all costs!

Trump's actions today is the reflection of his psyche, created by the knowledge and experiences he had accumulated, developed and hardened over the last 50 years of his unscrupulous life.

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo 9:55 am

"Many nations like Sinkieland be collateral damage and suffered greatly."

Many foreigners who have taken on Singapore's Citizenship or PR are now regretting. Some are already planning of moving out.

Go read the Chinese newspapers.

Virgo 49 said...

Recent news stated that Hong Kongers buying properties in Matland.

Why NOT Sinkieland?

Cause Sinkieland be like Hong Kong when the same happenings were to happen to this Little Red Dot.

Paralysed just the same if the POP hits 10 millions and NOT enough jobs to go around.

Anonymous said...

The way things are going on, Singapore is already doomed. Don't have to wait and see.

Malaysia, and even Vietnam, is a better bet for the long-term of the not-so-rich.

For the filthy rich, they can go to stay in the Pedo phile island of the now dead-man-tells-no-tales Jeffrey Epstein.

For the poor, they have no choice but to stick with the PAP as parasites and creepers.

Under the Bayan Tree, only parasites and creepers can survive.

Because the Bayan Tree sucks up all the available nutrients from the ground and blocked all the sunshine.

The right solution to the existential problem of the poor is to chop down the Bayan Tree. But by chopping this monster down, they will die too. So how?

Anonymous said...

When the giant Banyan tree dies ... it will provide food (scared scholars, civil servants and generals) to nurture the Alternate Political Parties.

The death of the Banyan tree will provide food (talent) to all the Opposition parties.

Up till now, the Banyan tree has monopolized Singaporean talents by making Singaporean talents too scared to join Alternative Parties.

Anonymous said...

The death of the Banyan tree will result in the flowering of Singaporeans and the renewal of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

The Bayan Tree has provided a bunch of frighten monkeys who demand peanuts costing $600,000 each. These monkeys are no good for the Alternatives.

Firstly, they are cowards who jumps on bandwagon.

Secondly, they are too greedy and self-centred.

Thirdly, they are fly-by-night disloyal operatives who only go according to which way the wind blows.

Fourthly, they are pretentious and hypocritical.

Fifthly, their love for power and greed for money overwhelmingly screwed up their better judgement, their conscience, their ultruism and their compassion.

Therefore, the so-called talents monopolized by the Banyan Tree are not talents but pests that must be fumugated at the earliest opportunity.

imho said...

Cannot blame Trump. Can only blame all the previous presidents allowing others to take jobs away from uass. Trump will blame china, india and whatever not buying uass weapons next. Compare to Lee, Trump is much better. At least he is trying to get jobs for local. Lee just want to replace locals jobs with foreigners.

imho said...

All are rotten but who is more rotten? All are evil but who is more evil? That is the question.

Anonymous said...


The Trump's supporters love it.

Mexico is paying for the wall, he bragged. Why was he fighting Congress to get funding? He lied of course. End of one big con game.

Trade war is easy to win he bragged. Now Americans are paying the price and are going to pay the price this coming Christmas season. He lied again because the tariffs he imposed on China are being passed on to American consumers, not China. But Trump's supporters do not mind. They will pay because Trump called them patriotic and their heads swell. They have big brains like him. But when jobs fly out the windows like the farmers and steel workers, patriotism will not put food on their table. Americans are unlike the Chinese who can survive on frugality to the extreme. End of another big con game.

Steel manufacturing will return to the US he bragged. But the steel needed by car manufacturers and other industries also went up by 25% whether imported or produced in the US. Those industries that rely on steel suffered and jobs have or will be cut, both in the steel and dependent industries. End of another big con game.

China is robbing the US for decades, resulting in the US trade deficit, he claimed. You do not call China robbing the US when the money paid by Americans are for goods manufactured by China. It is a perfectly legitimate business deal of willing buyer and willing seller. Because the US cannot compete in producing those goods so they have to buy from China. Everyone does that. That is global trade. End of another big con game.

Now Huawei was never about national security. Trump literally let the cat out of the bag by claiming that China can never be allowed to be better than the US in high end technology. So they are using all manner of dubious claims and sabotage to forestall China's rise. One of the terms he dictated to China was that China must never surpass the US in high technology development and should stop doing so. Reasonable? So, Huawei was never about national security issues, more so when he talk about lumping the Huawei issue as a bargaining chip inside the trad talks. You do not take national security issues lightly by lumping that into trade talks. In other words there was never a national security issue and Huawei never did have that spying ability built into it's infrastructure. End of another big con game.

Up till now Trump still talks about winning big and his supporters are convinced. The lies that can come out of Trump's CB mouth really confounds the imagination and how the American public can take it is insane. And the best part is that Trump can tell a lie, get exposed and then tells another lie to cover it up over and over again. Are the Americans not tired of his lies and so much winning?

I hope Chee Soon Juan and Tan Cheng Bock does not suffer the collateral damage again because of RB's post.

Anonymous said...

For a start I think Russia or China should try instigating the Hawaiians to take back their country from the thief who stole the land of volcanos.

Next they should instigate the Australian aborigines to fight and take back their country from the robbers. Those original criminals deported from Britain landed in Australia and stole the country from the aborigines.

Then incite the Red Indians, the Mexicans to take back what the white stole from them.

The sword should cut both ways, not just a being used like a one way knife. But of course militarily, that is not possible. Wait till the US$ lost it's world hegemony and the evil empire decline further under Trump by his second term, if that should come around, and that time may be ripe for a world revolution.

Just a fanciful thought, but nothing is impossible. How did the British Empire grow so big and fall?

Anonymous said...

Trump's market-manipulation twitter feed, his all-out escalating trade war and the escalating geopolitical unrest have already taken a toll on many businesses and individuals, and dampened the world economy.

Then along came former Goldman banker and current BOE governor, Mark Carney, who in his lunchtime address laid out a shocking, radical proposal, urging to replace the US Dollar with a "Libra-like" reserve currency in a dramatic revamp of the global monetary, financial and economic order.

Trump's MEGA has now truly become MAKE ALL GRIEVE AGAIN.

Anonymous said...


Trump's MAGA has now truly become MAKE ALL GRIEVE AGAIN!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

Steve Bannon on China/ HK/ the CCP etc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xDQs5M7lHw

Steve Bannon & Kyle Bass (he puts his money where his mouth is, and has LOST as well as made, unless you're doing the same, fuck you): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH5QzuzD01A

Redbean's ANALysis of China/ USA/ HK is downright awful. But go ahead and join his rah rah rah club if it makes you happy. 🤣

Nonetheless, unless you're backing up your claims by putting down REAL MONEY by going short or long according to your beliefs and "theories", you're just TCSS...although there's nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, replacing the global reserve currency needs worldwide support. Will that ever come about?

Secondly, what is going to happen to all the debts the US owes to the rest of the world? How is it going to be repaid?

Thirdly, do we need a world body to oversee and control the use of the new currency? What kind of power will be able to do that? You trust Facebook? EU has Germany doing the job. Obviously not going to be Russia or China controlling the global reserve currency.

Back to square one if the US again wants control. If not they will throw tantrums and withdraw from the body, like what they did to climate change and nuclear disarmament agreements.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1253

>> Trump's MEGA has now truly become MAKE ALL GRIEVE AGAIN. <<

Off topic:

FACT: at the moment Singapore has THE BEST universal/ public healthcare system IN THE WORLD

Make thew USA Singapore

Fuck yeah, Singapore, keep on rocking!

Anonymous said...

Of course we are all here to TCSS. Do we have any influence or power to change policies? Do they actually care two hoots about what we say here? This is all pure entertainment to let off steam.

Anonymous said...

The Future Of Libra - Part 1

Facebook management has recently released a White Paper for Libra, the newly created cryptocurrency. It also announced the creation of the Libra Association to support the progress and success of Libra.

Given that Facebook already has over 2 billion monthly users, the launch of Libra will bring challenges to the current world monetary system anchored by the US Dollar. It will also cause some problems to macro-economic management and financial supervision of many central banks.

Libra, unlike other cryptocurrencies, has a stable currency value and is convenient and safe to use in cross-border transactions.

In fact, Libra is in many ways the same as Alipay and WeChat Pay. The difference is that Alipay and WeChat Pay are directly pegged with the yuan - 1 yuan in an Alipay or WeChat Pay account equals 1 yuan of fiat money - while Libra is pegged with a basket of currencies. This difference indicates Libra is an independent currency, and one that could very well grow into an important Super-Sovereign Currency.

Libra is based on other major currencies around the world. So far, Facebook's money move has not triggered hostility from Central Banks, yet there is a possibility that the management of Libra will become a complicated Geo-political Issue, under specific and individual circumstances.

It is possible that, in some cases, powerful countries (especially USA) may force Facebook to intervene in the transactions of other countries, or even freeze or confiscate Libra accounts based in those countries' whims and fancies.

Alternatively, considering Facebook's current ability to influence public opinion, the monster could perhaps use Libra to paralyze a country's economy.

Another issue worth noting is that once a growing number of financial companies started to use Libra in their transactions, more financial assets will be priced in terms of Libra. It is not hard to imagine that, when the world's economic and financial systems face fluctuations, major countries around the world may require Libra to adjust the rules of Libra's circulation and transactions in order to expand or shrink the cryptocurrency's issuance. The Libra association would, in this case, become a super central bank with its own independent Monetary Policy, and Libra would become an independent Currency.

Most Central Banks in the world are aware that Libra has the potential to become the World's Central Banking System.


Supposing the Libra Association runs like a Central Bank with the Libra as an independent currency:

1. Who will determinate a monetary policy?

2. What will the goal of this monetary policy be?

3. Which country's or region's economic situation will be Libra's reference?

Scorpion - Aug 2019.

Anonymous said...

Hi 124pm

U are 108% correct!

The Sg two national hobbies are TCSS and KPKB!

So please please continue to TCSS! And also KPKB!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 120

>> [1] Firstly, replacing the global reserve currency needs worldwide support. Will that ever come about?

[2] Secondly, what is going to happen to all the debts the US owes to the rest of the world? How is it going to be repaid?

[3 ]Thirdly, do we need a world body to oversee and control the use of the new currency? What kind of power will be able to do that? You trust Facebook? EU has Germany doing the job. Obviously not going to be Russia or China controlling the global reserve currency.

**MY 2 ¢, agar-agar*

[1] Yes probably, but not anytime soon. The world is "addicted" to US dollars. Even (especially) China. Now there's a "shortage" of USD, which is one of the reasons the USD is so fucken high (relative to other currencies)

[2] Not a chance. The debt will grow in perpetuity. But because there's a constant GLOBAL DEMAND for USDs and Treasuries, this is not really a problem for the US, apart from a few hiccups now and then. See Triffin's Paradox The US can borrow like crazy as long as the world requires US dollars and as long as other countries buy US debt which has never defaulted like other cuntries have...eg.g Mexico, Russia, Argentina etc

The US Dollar World Reserve System is a system created by DEBT. The more debt there is, the more US dollars there are in existence.
[3 ] WE live in a crazy world which is sometimes "upside-down". There is no reason to doubt that thru it's an enormous influence and being the biggest "club" in the world, that Facebool's LIBRA ends up as the de facto world ciurrency used by people.

However Libra could never be the world's RESERVE CURRENCY which is a different matter. Being a reserve currency is a serious business. You are the lender and the borrower of last resort, and the supplier of GLOBAL LIQUIDITY.

Even if you get a committee to "control" this, who controls the committee? Now we have Jerome Powell as US Fed Chief. and we have Trump as US President. THEY BOTH HATE EACH OTHER which is excellent when you have such a powerful and essential tool at stake. Actually, it is THE TOOL...the fundamental tool of modern human existence.

If the US dollar world reserve currency system collapses, ALL OF US will be hit....BADLY. (even if you own gold or silver)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I'm willing to BET that Libra will not/ cannot become the world's reserve currency. Those central bankers who sayso are WRONG.

There are many reasons, but the simplest one is this (and the most obvious)



Anonymous said...

'No sovereign government will ever give power to a private corporation where currency matters are concerned' unquote'

Exactly! A country's currency is the tool with which the government of that country can use to tinker with monetary policies where necessary. Nothing of that sort can happen if Facebook or any other entity has that control.

What they are salivating about Bitcoin really runs contrary to this idea. But con jobs still can work on some people. Greed is good.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Is there an Empire that will not fall?

Yes, according to foul mouth Matilah, the American Empire is infallible and will go on and on like some infallible party.

When you smoke too much grass, that is how your thinking will be affected, fantasy and ectasy until the effect worn off.

When you are a banana, you would only worship the American Empire, your God forever.

Anonymous said...

Steve Bannon's latest tweets about Trump:

FBI: lying
CIA: lying
NSA: lying
Hillary: lying
Obama: lying
Media: lying
Democrats: lying
Mohammed bin Salman: honest
Vladimir Putin: honest
Kim Jong Un: honest

So much winning

Anonymous said...

Trump's tweet to Steve Bannon:

Hey, Steve, you forgot I also said Xi Jinping is my best friend and he is a nice guy. I also said you were my best friend and nice guy. You should know what I have always done to my best friend who is nice to me:

Stab him on his back!

Anonymous said...

The Future Of Libra - Part 2

There are two fields in which Libra has the most potential to succeed:

1.ones will enjoy substantial success in countries with fragile economies, where the local people do not trust nor believe in their own currencies. People in such countries may rather use Libra as a measurement of value and as the currency for their life-line savings. Therefore, it is safe to expect that Libra will become a daily-use currency in these countries.

On the contrary, in developed countries, such as the US, UK and EU, Libra is unlikely to replace existing currencies. This is down to the fact that Libra does not represent an equivalent domestic currency, and will create issues for users who are confident in, and refer to, the value of the currency regulated by their own Central Banks.

2. Libra will likely see success in cross-border transactions. Libra has found a way out of the current complexity of such transactions via the convenience of the internet. For this reason, many financial companies have filed requests to join the Libra Association. In this sense, Libra is expected to have an edge in pushing forward economic and financial globalization.

As the birth of Super-Sovereign Currencies is at this point inevitable, China should take advantage of WeChat Pay and Alipay, among other technological innovations, to increase the cross-border use of the Yuan and accelerate the Yuan's internationalization. The nation should also take an active role in the operation and management of Libra, to establish a foothold in the future International Currency Battlefield.

If China were to serve as an alternative platform for Libra to develop to its fullest potential, the demise of the USD as the world reserve currency will be just a matter of time.

Scorpion - Aug 2019.

Anonymous said...


"1.ones will" - to read as
"1. Libra will"

Anonymous said...


Trump stabbing all his best friends in the back has been proven true multiple times.

Just look at how many of his White House which he personally appointed got stabbed in the back.

And not only friends, but allies as well. Moon and Abe have been thrown under the Kim limousine by Trump. With all that missile launches by Kim and he says 'no harm done'. Kim is twirling Trump around on his fat middle finger.

Anonymous said...

Well, can Libra make it?

Only one answer. And that depends on which side of the fence you are sitting on.

There are always two sides to an opinion. Otherwise who else or what is there to argue about.

Anonymous said...

How the white supremacist Steve Bannon sees the world:


He thinks Christianity and Judaism belong to the West and Islam is not. He forgot that Christianity, Judaism and Islam - all three sprung up in the Middle East. This is how knowledgeable and bias Steve Bannon is.

Anonymous said...


///FACT: at the moment Singapore has THE BEST universal/ public healthcare system IN THE WORLD///

The irony is that PAPpies policymakers based our public-private shield system & public-private hospital system on the freaking USA LOL!!!

Ok some minimal aspects of UK healthcare still exists in our public hospitals, but since the late-1980s when our PAPpy scholars starting going to Ivy League instead of Oxbridge, a lot of our systems & policies have been americanised.

Anonymous said...

@RB, @All,

///Nonetheless, unless you're backing up your claims by putting down REAL MONEY by going short or long according to your beliefs and "theories"///

There are many Cheena-heavy REITs on SGX, and they've been doing very well for the last 1 year ... Especially now with Fed lowering interest rates.

Very easy to put your money where your mouth is by buying a bunch of these Reits. And you're collecting 5+%, 6+%, even 8+% dividends while sitting on them.

Examples of cheena-heavy Reits

Some are expensive now, so thanks to Trump can wait for SGX lao sai days over the next few weeks to buy ... and get even higher dividend yields!

Anonymous said...

蔡老大: "。。。the thief shouting thief。。。"


For the above quoted phrase, what is the actual ORIGINAL 普通话 ("Every Chinese Common Conversation" aka Chinese Language) version?

Not all readers will understand the origin or full complete meaning of that phrase (without the benefit of knowing the original Chinese source)?

You said previously readers can learn little by little (of the Chinese language)?


Virgo 49 said...

Frog Outside Glass

Why they at loggerheads when both of their religions are somewhat similar from the same source.

They have Abraham and Ibrahim.

Yacoob and Jacob.

Plus plus so many similar abangs adeks.

Crusade and Jihad.

Anonymous said...

The stupid whites claimed that Jesus is white because they are white and cannot accept coloured Gods. Jesus belonged to the same ethnic tribe of the Palestinians, black/brown Arabs. They look alike in many ways and culture. Jesus is never white, not white.

The white Jews in Israel today are European Jews. Jesus is as black and brown as the Palestinians. The whites and the believers have been deceiving themselves for centuries, depicting Jesus as a white man. They chose to believe so.

This is the biggest lie of religious history.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


Anonymous said...

Look up LKY's take on 'Dangers of Christianity and Islam' on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean August 25, 2019 9:15 am



Anonymous said...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean August 25, 2019 9:19 am


Anonymous said...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean August 25, 2019 9:21 am


Anonymous said...





Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> Is there an Empire that will not fall?

Yes, according to foul mouth Matilah, the American Empire is infallible and will go on and on like some infallible party. <<

Where did i say anything about "empire"? Not only is your scholarship poor, but you are also imagining things. If you were a younger fella, I might accuse you of lying. But since you are of a later vintage, early-onset dementia might be more applicable in this case. 😜(joke ok, jagan marah lah)

America is unlikely to fall. It's role as global cop/ global Big Mouth will definitely diminish as China ascends...But when China does become Number 1, America won't "go to zero"...it'll just be Number 2, or Number 3 .. if either India or Russia get into the #2 spot.

Even when the British Empire ceased to be, the UK didn't "go to zero". It still remained a wealthy cuntry, and the pound-sterling still a global currency, The City Of London still one of the top financial and banking centres of the world.

Please lah, all you China fan boys, keeping on drinking the Kool Aid and singing your DIU LEH LO MO CHOW HAI (aka "March Ofthe Volunteers") anthem as you cheer your favourite cuntry to "victory". 🇨🇳🤪🤑🤡🇨🇳🇨🇳

As long as still got many many, PLENTY PLENTY pretty China girls to fuck, who gives a shit lah?👯‍♀️

Anonymous said...


///Please lah, all you China fan boys, keeping on drinking the Kool Aid and singing your DIU LEH LO MO CHOW HAI (aka "March Ofthe Volunteers") anthem as you cheer your favourite cuntry to "victory". 🇨🇳🤪🤑🤡🇨🇳🇨🇳///

And yet they don't even have the balls & dick to invest $1 into Cheena. LOL!!!

Ok, maybe a few hundred $$ to cheena mei mei's for all kinds of fuck ... but that one not investment lah.