The myths and hypocrisies of western rule based world and non belligerence

Watch this video and George Galloway saying what the western bourgeoisies refused to see in how belligerent they were but hiding under the fake image of peace loving and observance of rule of law in international relations.

The Institute of Art and Ideas
Published on Apr 25, 2019

Could a belligerent approach to foreign policy make for a safer world? This debate is also now available as a podcast episode of Philosophy for our Times on all podcast platforms https://soundcloud.com/instituteofart...patricia may -
Mr Galloway is great. I wish he was Prime Minister. Brilliant.’

See how shocked were the fake intelligentsia reacted to the truth that they did not want to see but chose to believe in their lies and fake truths. It is so painful for them to sit there to listen to George Galloway telling them right in their faces and tearing up their myths and hypocrisies into pieces.

Galloway’s comment is in the first 6 minutes of the clip. Then listen to how he destroyed a young man’s belief in the American rule of law, the fake western rule of law etc etc. Galloway was furious about the fake belief in the western international rule of law. What rule of law was there when there was no rule of law in the first place but the rule of belligerence?

After listening to Galloway, hopefully those people uttering about the rule based world would think twice before they opened their mouths. This is a very interesting anti populist fake western views of the rule of law.

Asians and bananas would benefit from the truths spoken by Galloway and hopefully make them less stupid in believing in the western lies.


Anonymous said...

PAP (People's Armed Police) or MIW (Men In White) are the same. Is it not. Only a little subtle. But basically the same - belligerent, brutal, no rule of law but rule by law.

Anonymous said...

Don't insult the People's Armed Police. They protect the people and get paid with a pittance. They don't robbed their people. They don't bully their people. They are highly respected by their people.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ No problem, George

Redbean is wrong. I am a banana, and I agree with Lefty George.

In fact, I have said over and over and over again that 'rights' are fictions made up by humans imaginations---they don't actually exist.

Also, if you have to bring "morality" into your argument, you immediately cease to be factual, and thus your argument is WEAK due to the loss of objectivity.

Thus "Rule of Law" always works n favour of those who create the laws in the first place. They have the means to assert their "rights" in made-up "laws and the necessary resources to "Law-Enforce" those rights by the legal use of violence, and the THREAT of violence.

You know "rights" are bullshit, made-up things when you have the following situation:

1. China has rights, enforceable by The Rule Of Law over Hong Kong
2. Hong Kong protester claim they have rights to resist certain aspects of China's Rule Of Law applied in Hong Kong

How can 2 independent entities have "rights" which conflict directly with each other? Surely both sides can't be "right" about their respective "rights"? So it's nonsense. Rights are BULLSHIT.

No other cuntry sings the anthems of "rights" than the Americans. And right there, I've made an error. "America" is an IDEA....i.e. the shit is made up in people's imaginations. And "rights"...they also made that up. The "Rule of Law" which follows...also made up.

Although I generally support the young kids in Hong Kong giving Beijing and Xi big headaches, that mindless waving of the American flag, and slavish worship of (fake) American freedoms and liberty really diminishes their cause.

To command respect from the world and from the people you fight: Stand up for yourselves lah. Be proud to be Hong Kong, stand up and die on your feet if it comes to that. The moment you wave a Brit or US flag, you're signalling "Hey we need the Whiteman to make it. Here are the Whitman's symbols of freedom" Yeah, before you do that, go talk to some "brown people" who were conquered by the white man, and ask them about "Whiteman freedom".

after all, we live in a data-driven world. Therefore you should get data from as many sources as possible for proper analysis.

RIP Peter Fonda: sex, drugs, guns, music, and a "fuck you" to The Establishment and The Man

Anonymous said...

Most of what you see on Youtube are all fake news. Who put them up and for what purpose? What do they have to gain by putting up such irrelevant filth.

Similarly, much of MSM, like Fox News are so skewed you need lots of analysing to sieve out the truth, making it not worth the time watching.

Of course every channel does this towards one side or the other, but not to such extreme, that sometimes it becomes laughable.

Anonymous said...


There is still rule of law lah...

If not this Galloway still alive or still can talk meh?!?! LOL!!!

imho said...

All rulers are the same whatever their colors, race or religion. They were/are all rotten. Otherwise people will not rebel.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> There is still rule of law lah...

Of course, there is! RoL and "rights" are "fiction", but then so is our (generally speaking) representation of "reality". Yuval Noah Hurari explains these "functional fictions" really well in "Sapiens" .

Anonymous said...

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1207

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Similarly, as long as the HK youngsters and those who fight alongside them are willing to pay the huge price necessary, they will eventually gain Their Independence, and shortly after TAIWAN will also.

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Anonymous said...

The title sounded like:

"The myths and hypocrisies of "democrazy" rule based whore and non "arrogance"?

Pretence can only get you that far?

In the lingua of a wooden woody woodblock, "own self bluff own self"?

Who has lost their way?

In a tiny "snort"?

When Mao chee Tung didn't in his 5,ooo km long mach?

Who has lost his way?

The sheep or the sheppard?

When the whole herd is lost in the desert?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Hong Kong protesters take the fight to 4 chan's "politically incorrect" board. (i.e. the place govts fear on the internet and they can't shut it down)

#freehongkong #noextraditiontochina

This should be FUN! 🤡

Anonymous said...

FUZHOU, Aug. 18 (Xinhua) -- Police in Fuzhou, southeast China's Fujian Province, said Sunday an investigation had been launched into a case involving a FedEx package containing a gun.

The public security bureau of Jin'an District said that it had earlier received a report that a gun was found in a FedEx package sent by a U.S. client to a sporting goods company in Fujian.

The gun has been seized by Fuzhou police and the investigation is underway.

Anonymous said...

How many more such incidents have there been in the past?

What was the gun for? To kill someone obviously. Who wanted to kill who?

Perhaps, such incidents are meant to arouse attention. So that price of war stocks can keep increasing?

Perhaps, it's the job of the US Military Industrial Complex?

Perhaps, it is probably the job of a CIA operative/agent?

Things are getting more and more sinister by the days. It is going to get worse, not better. The Hongkong Riots has driven home an uncomfortable but necessary lesson. That is,

"NEVER TAKE THINGS FOR GRANTED. TODAY, We are here. TOMORROW, we may be gone! Forever!"

Knn said...

Matilar. If China has to wiped off 7 million honkie they will do it. U must be kidding to ask the honkie to persist as death is the only outcome. Similar to Taiwan 22 milluon. I agreed with the earlier anon that u needed to be sodomized to your senses and hope some ass loving guys will do it cause for me, it's too disgusting. Your ass I mean. Plus u as a small botak generally. If it's a young pretty girl at least it's different.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1217am

100% it's just an air-gun lah. These are classified as toys in US (but will get u in trouble in SG).

The ironic thing is that it may even be made in china (almost all air guns & rifles sold in US are chinese or taiwanese made).

Anonymous said...

@ 656 am,

How the hell did you know that "100% it's just an air gun lah"???
You must be the one who sent the gun?
Are you working for the CIA?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous August 19, 2019 12:28 am
"NEVER TAKE THINGS FOR GRANTED. TODAY, We are here. TOMORROW, we may be gone! Forever!"

Anon 12.28am, spot on.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.28am ///Things are getting more and more sinister by the days. It is going to get worse, not better.///

Anon 12.28am,

U have nailed it.

The whole yesterday evening, night and even till this morning, the whole neighborhood was and is still filled with plastic burning smell while SOMEBOLEE spoke about costs of CLIMATE change?

Is NEA zzzg by allowing burning of huge quantity of PLASTIC materials in joss paper burner?

The joss paper burner is meant for joss paper. How come sinister "strangers" can come from time to time to dump plastic materials inside and light up the whole lot with kerosene and POLLUTING the entire neighborhood?

How many babies and oldies with respiratory problems have to suffer as result of such sinister ACTION by some sinister PEOPLE on the order of some sinister PARTY?

The more sinister the FIXING gets, the more KARMA likely will BOOMERANG on the sinister PEOPLE or PARTY who took such sinister ACTION?

what say you?

Anonymous said...

China's Missiles Can Cripple ALL The US Based In Asia

A fear-mongering report by Australia-based researchers urged US allies such as Australia and Japan to overhaul military investment to prevent American military might from being undermined in the Asian region

The report detailed the prowess of the PLA Rocket Force, which is capable of making precision strikes as far as Singapore, from mainland China.

If an armed conflict broke out between Beijing and Washington, China’s hi-tech ballistic missiles would likely cripple the United States’ military bases and naval fleets across the Western Pacific Region within hours, a new report by Australia-based researchers has said.

With China making rapid technological advancements and sharpening its hard power, the report urged the US and regional allies such as Australia and Japan to overhaul military investment and deployment plans, or face the prospect ...

Anonymous said...

Regarding the HK dilemma, it is rather ironical?

The insidious HK problem started way back 200 years ago in the early 1800s when Chinese traitors collaborated with corrupted and decadent Ching Dynasty officials and imperial western merchants to smuggle OPIUM into China?

By 1840 and 1856 during the outbreak of the Opium Wars, OPIUM already FLOODED and PENETRATED the entire Ching Dynasty China resulting in the loss of HK island and subsequently NT and KOWLOONG to the imperialists?

The seed of the problem that was planted by corrupted and TOTALLEE inept Ching dynasty officials in the 1800s coming back to haunt the current regime?

Karma made a mistake?

Probably NOT?

Cos many traitorous and corrupted Chingkies during the Ching dynasty caused the sufferings brought on by OPIUM and so now KARMA bitching at them cos many traitorous Chingkie ancestors operated out of HK during those days getting humongous quantity of OPIUM into China in the early 1800s?

When the clean up operation finally happens, the carnage and sight better not to see?

And the ramifications may "torpedo" and "sink" many "titanic", not mentioning the many sampans that are so tiny that they don't even show on the radar?