Temasek is a disciplined speculator

The above is posted by Phillip Ang in TRE. Phillip has been working very hard to find such things, on buying high selling low by Temasek, to post in his blog likedatosocanmeh and in TRE.

From the perspective of a disciplined gambler or speculator in the market, cutting loss is an important strategy that all gamblers must know and brave enough to make, to cut loss. For not doing so, the loss could be even bigger. So disciplined speculators that cut loss are good speculators. This is something that Phillip may not understand. Just imagine if the disciplined speculator did not cut loss, he could lose every cent in the investment. So losing a few hundred millions and still can take back a few million that is left is still better than taking back nothing.

I don't speculate so I am safe from making such losses resulting from buying high and selling low. Don't ask me for such advice, I am not qualified to do so. Ask the disciplined speculators if you want. And mind you, it takes a genius to consistently buy high and sell low. It is not easy to keep on repeating the same cycle. And that is the reason why such genius are paid very very well.

And there is real gain in such a strategy if you know how to use it wisely, making real profits instead of making paper profits that you cannot realised.

Trading, speculating, making gain or loss can be quite deceiving and intriguing to the innocent and uninitiated.


imho said...

Not a surprise. Temasex is not smart otherwise Lee will not have to deal with ahnehs and signed CECA.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit! And he is not the only one. Most of the time experts will come out to tell you to hold even when the market is tanking, which I think is silly. And I find it a very strange advice from the experts. Perhaps they have been paid by big investors to prevent further carnage. Some of these do margin trading, betting big, and are caught with their pants down and are desperate.

On the first sign of the market slipping I always sold out and keep my money rather than wait for the bottom. Of what benefit is holding on when you can sell and buy back later at much lower prices. Logic will tell you this is the right thing to do.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Never trust the government:

Skepticism amongst the population is a good way to be. Not that it would make any difference since none of that money which Temasek controls is ours...but it is good to know that if, and when the govt is going to blow up the cuntry’s finances...if only because we Singaporeans are kaypoh.

Knowledge, in Singapore’s case, is not power, because of the passivity of the culture. When a Singaporean realizes that “something is wrong”, the first thing they’ll do is COMPLAIN about it and BLAME THEIR GOVT or THE “MYSTERIOUS” 70% OF THE “Stupidy-Got-No-Cure” segment of the population.

It’s a common observation: everyone thinks that they are UNIQUE and ABOVE AVERAGE 🤣😂, and that “the others” are all BELOW AVERAGE. That’s why these unique snowflakes fly into bouts of RAGE when they lose their jobs to some “3rd rate foreigner (obviously “below average) from a 3rd world cuntry”.

Got reality check or just suka suka gasak buta? 😭😝

Temasek: To those who claim Temasek is losing billions, my question is how do they know this? Have they not seen the SHIT LOAD OF MONEY Temasek makes?

Diversification means you will lose some and you will make some within your collection of “capitalist money-machines”.

I am not defending Temasek. I actually think they should issue shares, but only to Singapore citizens. But of course they won’t because once you go public, you kena exposed to people like short-selling ACTIVIST investors. Temasek already had one encounter with Carson Block of Muddy Waters, who nearly cleaned their clock when he shorted OLAM, the “darling” rice-trader/ agribusiness owned by Temasek. Carson rubbished the company so much that Ho Ching filed a defamation lawsuit against him. She also walloped a shit ton of money to shore the price, Carson lost.

AFAIK, Ho Ching doesn’t unilaterally decide what to buy, sell, hold or raid. She has lots of advice and the best research your CPF dollars can buy...and then some.

Lately, Temasek bought into Carbon---cutting edge 3D printing using digital light in its polymer process. Proprietary tech. (I’ll bet China wants to steal this one 🤣)

{quote} New investors Temasek and Arkema joined the round with participation from existing investors including Sequoia Capital, Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC, Inc. (JJDC), Fidelity Management & Research Company, adidas Ventures, and JSR Corporation. {end quote} Source. Note: it’s all private equity lah, with some of the top names in the world---like Sequoia---which funded many multibillion dollar tech companies.

I think Temasek are serious players lah. Do I think the money is SAFE?

Of course not. Any money exposed to RISK can never be safe. Just like when you use the roads as driver, passenger or pedestrian...you expose yourself to RISK. Sorry to burst your delusion lah: you are never safe on the road. You can mitigate some risk. However RISK associated with UNCERTAINTY can never be “hedged”.

Virgo 49 said...

Saw in the Media a Sinkie cum Aussie been jailed for 16 years for drugs peddling.

Oh! Matilah is still posting.

Anonymous said...


Can call WSG to offer his expert knowledge......how to buy low and sell high!


Anonymous said...

WSG should be in the inner circle of Temasek Investing Team. Sure win one! No losers!

Anonymous said...

Tamasek and all Singapore Government Investments are safe. Worry not. Ho Ching is doing a fantastic job. Sleep easy Singaporeans.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think they trust their Indian advisors and Indophiles than WSG. WSG needs to earn more than $500k a year just to qualify as mediocre. He just manages over a million in some 20 years, this works out to be $50k a year which is far below the mediocre bench mark. No standing.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ SWF = Sovereign Immunity

From 2:44 onwards

CPF is not your money. It belongs to Temasek 🤡

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "small time" Virgo:

>> Saw in the Media a Sinkie cum Aussie been jailed for 16 years for drugs peddling.

Oh! Matilah is still posting. <<

Oh, puleeeze lah...if it was me running the enterprise:

1. I would not get caught. In fact no one would even know I was involved.

2. It would be worth more than 2 million. 2 million wouldn't even cover 1 day's revenue. Go BIG or go home! 💪🏽

3. It wouldn't just be confined to a small suburb in Melbourne. My op will be global...

....and I'd still be posting 🤡

Stupidity Breads Contempt said...

PROPAGANDA Of The Most Audacious And Stupid (un)Kind - Hood Rob-In Psychology

@ 1122 am:

"Tamasek and all Singapore Government Investments are safe. Worry not. Ho Ching is doing a fantastic job. Sleep easy Singaporeans."

Where are the FACTS to substantiate your utterances?

This type of statements from someone hiding behind anonymous with no credibility, and obviously dubious intention to influence public opinions are not only outdated but have increasingly become counter-productive and put people off immediately.

You presume readers here are as stupid as you?

The FACTS are abound in the World-wide Financial News Circles, over the last 30 years, that show your assertion is over-exaggeration at the least.

Once single FACT of SECRECY (Non-Transparency) is enough to raise deep suspicion and serious anxiety:

"There must be something to hide. Something that cannot see the light of day." (Not the craps about preventing competitor investors having knowledge of what the two SWFs are doing.)

The hard truth is: the lack of transparency to hide the embarrassments caused by poor judgement, misadventures, incompetence and lack of prudence, thereby remove the essential ingredients of responsibility and accountability.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1255

IMO, everything we are talking about here has RISK. How assets or "bets" perform in risky environments, and the instruments and tools used to hedge risk and "predict the future", (and what you can or can't do about it) has been written about, discussed, dissected at length by scholars, philosophers, mathematicians, merchants etc...for THOUSANDS of years.

Candlestick charting was used in the 1700s by Japanese rice traders. The use of the first financial derivatives were olive farmers and olive oil traders exchanging futures contracts and call options. All of these are used to decrease risk and bring some form of certainty to the supply-demand-price mechanism.

Basically, we don't know how EXACTLY Temasek is performing because data about what and how they are doing is not forthcoming. They have SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY...ie transparency is entirely up to them. Very few SWFs are transparent. Secrecy is the norm. How are they managing risk, and their exposure to risk...No one knows for sure. But what they're doing is nothing new.

Governments historically have had some forms of funds. The British had their East and West India Companies. And they did exceptionally well as the British Empire "owned" about 25% of the world.

Singapore's SWFs are probably safe, and in good stead. No point worrying. If both the GIC and Temasek were fucked, and the entire cuntry's finances spirally down the shit-sewer, there's nothing anyone can do about it anyway!

And just a reminder: No, it's not yur fucking money. So you can quit bitching. 🤑

Anonymous said...

The Few Active Folks here at MSN, prove that Din is never short of talents on top of those super ones in the Sin Cabinet.
Geomancer, Expert in Economy Studies, Top Remisier, Never Lose War Stock Investor etc are common here.
They are not head-hunted by Auntie Ho Ching.
She is World-renowned and is rated as a most powerful person consecutively for many years.
imagine the Calibres that she must have working under her.
amongst her pets are many ex-army generals; many are CEOs of State-run corporations and some are cabinet ministers.
it is time for the expurts here to get Ho Chings' attention.
With the Right Connection,
there maybe chances to be CEO or Ruler in Sin.

Anonymous said...


Pharmas are among the hardest companies to trade or invest. Just like start ups, miners, commodity explorers, biotech etc ... pharms are more speculative than anything, and requires a very high level of inside knowledge, medical trials procedures, specific drug knowledge, and a fucking whole lot of LUCK.


I DON'T INVEST HEAVILY into INDIVIDUAL PHARMA companies. As a non-expert in medical I prefer to invest in broad healthcare ETF like == > this chart of XLV over the same period from 2015 till now.

I do put A BIT into some individual pharma companies, but I limit myself to the tried & tested household names like Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Merck, Eli Lilly & Abbott Labs.

My preference is actually more for medical equipment manufacturers --- much more stable revenue stream & costs control compared to drugs. E.g. Becton Dickonson, Medtronic, Intuitive Surgical. A lot of the big pharmas also have super big medical devices divisions such as J&J and Abbott.

Medical supplies & devices are the picks & shovels of the medical industry --- simple but crucial for basic operations. Next time you go polyclinic or hospital, check out the brands of the syringes, disposable needles, IV tubes & the electric pumps to regulate the flow of IV etc. You'll learn a HELL LOT MORE THAN KPKB ABOUT MEDISHIELD LIFE OR MEDISAVE!! LOL!!!!

Check out the 10 or 20 year performances of all the companies I invested in above --- they're doing a HELL LOT BETTER THAN ALEXION. :) :) :)


From the chart, Temasek bought 1.5M shares at rough average of $165 each --- $247.5M

They cut all at rough average of $125 each --- that means a loss of slightly over 24% or $60M. Looks about right actions for a speculative trade.

$60,000,000 out of $500,000,000,000 ... 0.012% That's a fucking pinprick to Temasek.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singapore's SWFs are probably safe, and in good stead. No point worrying. If both the GIC and Temasek were fucked, and the entire cuntry's finances spirally down the shit-sewer, there's nothing anyone can do about it anyway!

And just a reminder: No, it's not yur fucking money. So you can quit bitching. 🤑
August 15, 2019 1:55 pm

Ignorance is bliss. Second best quote to Stupidity has no cure.

Anon 2:52pm,

If I am making money I will tell you everyday. I will tell the whole world how clever I am. But if I am losing money, I rather no one knows. Secret, confidential, only need to know basis. And I would add, trust me, I am making a lot of money. It is in your best interest not to know.

Anonymous said...

10,32pm anon, what deleting? I got deleted once only and I protested and he explained the reason. U don't anyhow accused rb OK and u needed to be sodomized lar

Old Dragon 28 said...

On the 3rd of Aug 2019, a beautiful sunny Saturday, CB Tan gave a VERLEE GOOD 40+ mins speech in his party INAUGURATION.

His composure and demeanor in the delivering of his party INAUGURATION SPEECH is as good if not better than any US president every 4 years on 20th January and FULLEE and TOTALLEE befits his status as a senior, accomplished and WELL-respected statesman (and without exaggeration even on the WORLD STAGE even though his highest achievement previously was runner-up in the 2011 PE).

For matters that critical information is NOT available, empirically it is "impossible" to give a meaningful comment? Thus, until that is settled, it is NOT meaningful to comment on something that ah Ter's guess is as good as ah Lian's, ah Seng's or ah Kow's guess?

In CB Tan's speech, he made a plethora of interesting observations?

Though the list DID NOT reach 54 (he could have and should have?), several of CB Tan's observations could easily be the reasons in a book on the rise and fall of nations?

It is now the WORST kept "secret" on the fact that CB and CT were bosom pals since childhood days?

The point is besides the public perception, privately are they on talking terms and whether the speech content contains any inputs from an old (bosom) buddy?

Sinkieland has many CRITICAL thinkers (but unfortunately hasn't come across anything on this particular aspect yet)?

What is WY? And what is real?

For example some seasoned veteran political observers gave the views that the HK situation likely will not see any 1989 Li Peng type of operation and order before Oct?

On the other hand, POTUS publicly mentioned about some intelligence info and now reported in the media that (at least) several hundred thousand troop movement happening across the SAR border?

Stakes are extremely high?

Some missteps at the incorrect timings could have huge implications and ramifications?

What is real and what will NOT be?

Obviously POTUS and many other (parties) are WAITING to "EXPLOIT" any missteps (or even make any step a misstep?)?

Politics is always superbly complex?

What is real?

What is WY?

The fact is no need to be over paranoid and even try to fix own shadow?

Fixing innocent victims probably could generate unnecessary KARMA that slowly but surely will boomerang back (one way or another)?

When and if senior leaders of the day even go so low as to micro manage how cleaners wash the toilets and mop the floors, would a cuntry still have (any) hope?

Leaders of stature (and humongous paychecks) do not have anything better (or more impt) to do?