Stupidity of Emperor Trump confirmed

China has stopped buying of soya beans and farmed products from the USA. China also allowed Yuan to fall to the lowest level against the greenback. These are direct results of Trumps interference in China’s domestic affairs, including the selling of arms to Taiwan and messing around in Hong Kong’s civil riots.

Emperor Trump is still living in the ages when the Americans ruled the world and any country that it disliked, scorned upon, will be whipped, threatened, sanctioned or invaded. While the trade talks are going on, Emperor Trump stupidly thought that he could increase pressure by pointing a gun at the Chinese negotiators to force them to sign on the dotted line at terms the Americans dictated. This kind of gangsterism and bullying tactic no longer works and would be strongly opposed by China and the Chinese people. The more Trump applies this rough tactic which he thought was very clever of him, the further would be the day for a trade deal with China. China is no longer a pushover and would not surrender to such bullying. Trump can play tough, China too can play tough.

Trump and his silly American advisors thought the Chinese are meek, weak and stupid and they could pretend to negotiate a trade deal and at the same time undermine China’s interests in Taiwan, Hong Kong and the South China Sea. These are all inter related and cannot be separated from the trade talks.

‘I would increase pressure on China by raising tariffs on the balance US$300 billion imports from China,’ declared Emperor Trump. The Chinese would have to go down on their knees to beg for mercy. Instead it is the American farmers that would go down on their knees to beg for mercy from their Emperor Trump. This naked Emperor still believes he is wearing his best clothes.

China not only stopped all buying of American farm products, it also allowed Yuan to devalue to offset the rise in tariff. Then what, Wall Street collapsed. The pride of Emperor Trump could not hold on to his make belief that everything is fine, he is winning the trade war. S&P index fell 3% wiping out US$766 billion from the US market. And Emperor Trump would again be shouting we are winning, we are winning.

Still want to talk to China and want to have a trade deal, winning a trade war? China has no bullets left to fight the USA? Dream on Emperor Trump. China would reply for every shot fired by Trump. This war is asymmetrical and China has a lot of weapons to play, not hapless and cannot do anything against Trump’s threat and tariffs. Keep going Emperor Trump, oh by the way, you are naked. The American economy has never been so good, the stock market is hitting new highs. America is great again. Keep blowing your horns.

The more Emperor Trumps tries to bully China, the more China would resist and hit back. Name China as currency manipulator, go ahead, keep behaving badly like a gangster and hope to have a trade deal and win. We are winning the trade war, China needs a deal, we don’t need a deal but we will give them a deal…very soon. We will have a trade deal that is good for us, bad for China. China has no choice but must accept a bad deal….

Our economy is doing great, the best ever! America is great again! Oops, Dow fell 767 points. What’s that?


Anonymous said...


With this Emper0r, the world is getting very very very very very interesting! Great!


Ah Ngeow said...

An opinion piece by a vile and ignorant columnist in the Washington Post with the headline:

"Did the U.S. president greenlight a potential Chinese crackdown in Hong Kong?"

What affrontery!

As if China needs the greenlight from the dotard to settle its own internal affairs.

In case they missed the point, what is happening in Hong Kong is nobody's business except China's.

Once, the Post, together with the New York Times were celebrated journalism.

No longer.

Now, it is as good as Apple Times of Hong Kong.

Anonymous said...

On Monday night the U.S. Treasury designated China a currency manipulator. This was deeply ironic to those of us who follow such things.

After all, Treasury shied away from calling China on its currency policy back in 2010, when the accusation was actually true, and the deliberate undervaluation of the renminbi, China’s currency, was doing real harm at a time of mass unemployment. As best I could tell — and I was talking to people with some inside information at the time — the Obama administration decided that accusing China of currency foul play, although it would have been accurate, would be counterproductive.

For while currency manipulation is illegal under international agreements, there isn’t any clear remedy. The Obama administration therefore feared that it would face a nasty choice: look ineffective by accusing China of sin, then doing nothing about it, or respond with tariffs that might set off a destructive trade war.

Things are very different today. At this point, China’s currency policy is actually fairly benign; if anything, its policies are keeping the renminbi stronger than it would be otherwise. Meanwhile, U.S. unemployment is low. There are plenty of things to criticize about China, but currency policy isn’t one of them. With unerring aim, the Trump administration has decided to accuse China of the one crime of which it’s innocent. Of course, this administration doesn’t have to fear setting off a trade war, since it has already done that.

Let’s back up for a minute. What does currency manipulation even mean? Currencies aren’t commodities like soybeans or natural gas, which have “natural” prices determined by supply and demand. Instead, we live in a world of “fiat” currencies created by governments; the supply of dollars is whatever the Federal Reserve says it should be. If a government decides for whatever reason to change the supply of money, the price of that money will change, but that’s not manipulation in any meaningful sense of the word.

So what we mean when talking about currency manipulation is fairly subtle: it refers to actions governments take to keep their currencies weak so as to achieve a competitive advantage. And China was doing that back in 2010: it was buying dollars to keep its own currency weak, and imposing controls to keep foreigners from investing a lot of money in China, which would have pushed the renminbi up.

Since 2013, however, China has been doing more or less the opposite: generally selling dollars, while imposing controls on the ability of its own residents to take money out of the country. To the extent that it is manipulating its currency, it’s doing so to keep the renminbi up, not down.

What China did Monday was to slightly relax its support for the currency, allowing it to fall through the symbolically important level of 7 to the dollar. So the U.S. is calling China a currency manipulator because it has, um, stopped intervening to keep its currency up. Orwellian much?

Of course, economic logic has very little to do with any of this. Trump wants China to make splashy concessions in the face of his tariffs; China let its currency slide a bit to signal that it won’t be bullied. Basically, it’s “Sanction me? No, sanction you!”

This isn’t likely to end well.

- Paul Krugman

Anonymous said...


The US Treasury and the White House combined is the FIRST AND BIGGEST CURRENCY MANIPULATOR in the World for the past 75 years or more! Period.

imho said...

For a country full of debts - only way out is a war. A war to plunder others. Currency wars or trade wars are still better than military wars. President Trump is doing the right thing so long as there is no real war. Unlike other presidents, they will start real wars.

imho said...

If one has to blame, blame all the previous presidents that made us took on so much debts. They are leading us to real war where the poor will suffer more.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Wah lau eh...you still need to "confirm" stupidity of Trump ah? Ok Ok, in Singapore we must double-confirm, I get it, majulah!ðŸĪŠ

But please, you are shooting at the wrong target. The People as a very slim majority voted for Donald Trump.

...and of course we can also blame BARRACK OBAMA, ðŸ˜Ŋ but people won't cos' it's not "PC".

The Welfare State There is no rich liberal democracy on our blue planet which doesn't have a WELFARE STATE.

In a welfare state, the nation-state "rewards people" for being FUCKED UP. The more fucked up you are, the more state "help" you are ENTITLED to.

This makes people fat, lazy and of course "entitled" who want everything their way all the time without having to struggle too hard for it. Having a "socail safety net" encourages finacially reckless behaviour all across the economic spectrum: from individuals, to business to government.

American people want to eat and shop all the time...and also love their drugs, sex, guns and freedom as free individuals to do anything their hearts desire. Lucky their cuntry provides humanity with the world's reserve currency which can be weaponized when needed, or used to pay off unpayable and ever-growing debt...because for some strange reasons, the entire planet still love buying US Debt.

China, at one time the largest holder of US Debt, got fed up of being paid with printed, debased dollars, so they started selling off US Treasuries.

The US Treasury wasn't even affected, and actually the USD got stronger. Who were the silly fools who bought US Debt? Fucking Saudi Arabia🙄

So the average US voteris a fat, dumb, lazy, media-manipulated asshole, who has the right to own a firearm, the right to free expression and speech and the right to vote in for a crazy clown as president...the same right they used to vote in the black guy before.😜

So don't blame Trump. Blame the fucks who voted him in.

Similarly, don't be assholes who target ChIndians, Pinoys and other foreigners in our cuntry. The govt LET THEM IN. And who voted over and over again...THE SHEEPLE.

Government of The Sheeple, for The Sheeple, by The Sheeple. Now do you sede who is really in-charge?😝

It's always the SHEEPLE. They get the cuntry and the government and the dick-tator they DESERVE. You can't change the laws of Nature.

Anonymous said...

“The president has said, you know, if you make a good deal or good progress on a deal, maybe he'll be flexible on the tariffs,” Trump's top economic advisor Larry Kudlow said. “He's open to it, that's really the key point."

This kind of soft tone by Trump administration is tailor made for US stock markets. Their lies have become bubbles flooding the US stock markets. Whether or not there will be negotiations, China won't yield to Washington's hegemony. China's prepared for new US tariffs.

imho said...

Democracy is just an illusion to make people think they voted for their leaders and blame them for any leadership mistakes. Actually leaders are all selected internally via a secret cult.

Anonymous said...

China is working on 4 plans: a 10-year plan, a 25-year plan, a 50-year plan and a 100-year plan.

Trump doesn't plan even for tomorrow.

Virgo 49 said...

Arms-twristing during Talks.

Out of the blue imposed another 10% by September.Hoping that China would give way.

Threats a month plus away.

Every meetings and talks they are the Ones to renege and walk out.

Kim also got fed up. Said no military exercises then start again.

Kim fired warning missles

Anonymous said...

Hi 10.20am

Hahaha....no plan is also a plan, an option!


Virgo 49 said...

Xi straightaway cancelled All Farms produce and Soya Beans orders

Straight punch to his Face.

DT tried to pacify the farmers.

No need wait till Sept.

China already prepared for the long haul.Knowing their Odour.

Why India and Paki still no fight?

Come on Kashmir.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo (again, doesn't know what he's talking about)

>> Xi straightaway cancelled All Farms produce and Soya Beans orders

Straight punch to his Face. <<

Actually, it may be Xi who has punched himself in the face---twice. Self-inflicted, due to the (silly) cultural belief of "cannot lose face". Die, die, no way on earth can Xi and his China lose face.

Corn is used for many things....from industrial uses to animal feed. China faces tough challenges in the corn industry

As if that isn't bad enough swine flu is now called "Pig Ebola"

Soybean imports have fallen steadily due to decreasing demand and swine flu outbreaks (dead pigs don't need to eat!). BUt typical MSM will look for the cause in China's retaliation, thus painting China as the "bad guy" once again...as per normal

Even our "hero" Virgo immediately cheers for his "hero" Xi delivering a face punch to Trump...who really doesn't care if he's president or not. ðŸĪĢ He already got his Mexican Wall, he continues to shit-talk the US Federal Reserve---threatening to fire Jerome Powell (who is a multimillionaire lawyer himself), and he's keeping the heat on China...giving Xi and the CCP big headaches.

If you ask me, Trump is the one who is killing it. Most people have accepted the fact that he's an asshole, crazy and not altogether honest. But do you really think people care about that? Of course not! No one cares anymore that Trump is not a saint.

Nobody wins trade wars. Except for short-sellers...and even then, only occasionally.

Anonymous said...

Trump is basically a tyrant. For the three years he has been in power, most of his actions and tweets tell the whole world what type of a dictator he is:

1. No rules.
2. No laws.
3. No morals.
4. No ethics.
5. No keep promises.
6. No principles.
7. No feelings.
8. No care what others (the whole world) think of his unscrupulous, ruthless, lawless, gangster-like bullying and bull-dozing ways.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Actually I was going to write a piece titled, Trump the deadly killer. But since you mentioned it I will name a few things that Trump the killer has killed. The first thing he killed was TPP. Then he went on to kill the nuclear deal with Iran. He killed the trade deal with EU, Nafta, with India, with Japan.

At home he has killed all the farmers, his supporters. The only thing is waiting to bury them. Quite a number have already committed suicide.

Now he is waiting to kill the Iranians and the Venezuelans.

Others waiting to be killed would be Apple, Google, and all the American telecommunication companies.

Anonymous said...

In the end, the ghosts of all his victims will gang up together and haunt him and his future generations, like what has and is happening to the Kenedy's. Even the 3rd generation is not spared.

Anonymous said...

Despite all the condemnation and contempt the buffoon has engendered, have you guys realize that with him around to entertain us, hardly a day goes by when there's no drama somehow connected to him.

After he gets booted out in 2020, many will miss him. I know I would.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

...and to think he might win a 2nd term? 😂

OK, before you shit on me...I was one adamant motherfucker the last time telling everyone how "stupid" they were to even contemplate DJ Trump as a president. No way, no how, not happening. Bzzzt! WRONG!!

Well, he's doing a great job a being an asshole, that's for sure. Gotta say, he does have "something" as he is the most read Twitter account and has billions of fans worldwide. (and billions too who absolutely hate him). And although it is not spoken about in marketing seminars or polite company: we are defined by our ENEMIES...i.e. you've got to be doing really BIG THINGS for so many people to hate you.

And of course, having a hit TV show and being a media personality all his life, Trump never fails to ENTERTAIN!

Anonymous said...

@RB, @All,

US economy is still the best-performing large economy in the world.

Put in another way, it is the least ugliest large economy in the world currently.

That's why Trump is embolden to fuck against china & the world.

Simple pictures to illustrate since Trump became president (that even a kindergarten kid can understand):-

1) Performance of US versus China: http://schrts.co/GAbbGuHY

2) Performance of War Stocks versus China: http://schrts.co/KYExuUWC

3) Performance of US versus Singapore: http://schrts.co/YGitmsbY

A lot of ordinary cheenas are suffering & not reported & censored.

Trump is simply using this trade war as an election tool to boost his supporters & increase chances of winning in 2020. He is inflicting more pain on China than he is inflicting on US --- and he knows it.

Trump realised he can now play the "long" game as well. "Long" enough for him to play until the end of his 2nd term in end-2024. He's not interested in making a deal as long as China is suffering more than US. 7 years of economic war will be worse for China compared to 7 major battles in South China Sea & Kashmir.

And if China compromises enough for some half-hearted deal, it will be just icing on the cake for Trump.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China suffering more, US suffering less, according to who? Western media?

US trade with China is only 6% of China's trade with the rest of the world.

How many percent of US soya beans go to China?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

"Suffering" can only be measured on an individual basis. The richer your cuntry is, the less you suffer in crises.

America's economy is at least 30% larger than China at 25% the population. Plus they have culturally embedded social institutions, independent agencies etc...all cashed up and resourced.

American like many spoilt rich westerners will complain about "rich people problems" or "1st world problems"..which are no big deal, but entitled, spoilt, no-gratitude assholes make them "problems".

Here's a good thought experiment. Where would you rather be poor---In Singapore, or in DR Congo, the world's poorest cuntry? (shithole basket-case)

Anonymous said...


According to cheenas mostly working in S'pore & their feedback from family & friends back home --- they are mostly not the high SES and are staying in mostly 3rd tier cities with some in 4th tier & 2nd tier. Situation has significantly worsened over the past 1 year.

Also according to business friends dealing directly with cheena companies.

How about you? Where you get your info from?? Xinhua & Global Times?!?? LOL!!

Or most probably China civil servants or public servants or SOE employees. Afterall you do collect some fees from them!! LOL!! ;)

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo. Matilah

CNN and Foxy their own Brocasters Brocasted that the farmers are crying for his blood.

Dotard trying to psycho them that it will end fast with China's yeilding.

Anonymous said...

'Where would you rather be poor ?'.
What a cute question.
Never be poor in Sin because You die Your business.
In Congo, the poor can live in bushes, get natural water and wild plant, fruit and animal to survive.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Remember I said "suffering" (and therefore "happiness") is an individual thing? Apparently the smarty-arsed people at the UN managed to "quantify" happiness and they've come up with The World Happiness Report! Wah, great to see they can scrape together the big bucks to do "research" like this.

Anyway it seems that China sucks dead dog's cocks when it comes to being "happy" as a nation. It is apparently 10 places "worse" than Hong Kong. (maybe it's different now)

Australia ranks 10th (the last one in the Top 10), and Singapore is 34th, one place "better than" Malaysia.

But I take all this "research" with a grain of salt. At the end of the day, you have to make the most out of your own situation. It is good to be in a nice free and rich cuntry, but if you are not, you will really need the skill to be happy and persevere or end up being just another "unhappy" data point on some UN-funded (bullshit) research.

Happy much?😂

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo 213

Please lah. If you are going to give "evidence" from the comfort of your armchair, probably never even lived in the US, but still find the insatiable desire to talk cock....please stop yourself when being that gullible fool who laps up everything the MSM (American MSM) feeds you, like a pimp feeding his prostitute heroin. 😝

It's a mixed bag. Some farmers are hurting. But the rich, well-connected famers are getting BIG SUBSIDIES. Of course, Trump will know who/ which farmer to give the subsidies to...the one's who will vote for him. Other farmers, not so lucky are going broke and topping themselves. Some people's solutions to life's problems is suicide. What you gonna do? Nothing. There is nothing ANYONE can do.

By now you should know how this game is played lah. Certainly not by "your rules".ðŸĪĢ

Read the trade papers...you'll get a better picture of the real situation. I read this morning cos I'm looking at buying some agribusiness ETFs. Alas, nothing cheap.

Virgo 49 said...

Dotard Trump can give subsidies forever.

That's good cheers.

Canton man mo tak ding.


Anonymous said...

Professor Michael Barr, who serves as an Associate Professor teaching International Relations at Adelaide’s Flinders University, has written and commented extensively on Singapore politics and history.

He has published several books on Singapore’s ruling elite and continues to take a keen interest in Singapore politics.

Speaking to Yahoo Singapore on the Singapore opposition’s preparations for the next Generals' Erections, Prof Barr speculated about what might happen if Lee Hsien Yang and Li Hongyi contested the next election and faced each other.

What do you think? Good entertainment for your money (increase of 2% GST)?

Virgo 49 said...

Also this MoPeng Calvin Cheng out from his possies hole commented that TCB is foolish to suggest lowering the age to 18 for rights to vote.

MoPeng got served NS or not.? He said NSFs not even allowed to possess Live Ammo.

Talking Cock. We were issued with 13 rounds of ammo for our Browning revolver when we went for duty.

At that time jusy aged 18.

MoPeng wake up.your idle or idea.

If both of them take part, never the twain shall met.

Junior Li will be placed in a GRC on.the coat tails of the heavy weight Ministers and LHY be fighting maybe in a SMC for better chance

Anonymous said...

Hsien Yang can also contest in the same GRC as Hsien Loong's son.

Anonymous said...

Then the Minister who piggy-back Hongkong Hi may also lose like George Yoyo in Aljunied GRC.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 305, dun get conned just becoz he has advanced degrees and is white (i.e. stop it already with your ANG MOH TUA KEE fixation)

>> Professor Michael Barr, who serves as an Associate Professor teaching International Relations at Adelaide’s Flinders University, has written and commented extensively on Singapore politics and history. <<

Please read the man's CV/ bio. Show me the part where it says the following:

1. That he speaks an Asian language, if he's an ex-spurt in Singapore, he should at least be able to speak "street Hokkien"

2. That he has actually lived in Asia other than attending some "research facility" in Bangkok. You write about Singapore, but do "research" from Thailand. KNN, bluff who? 😂

3.Has he ever stepped out of the Ivory Towers of Academia and actually hung out at a kopitiam, ate durians with locals or some other activity which is part of day-to-day life in Singapore and Malaysia.

>> Barr, M.D. (2009). Lee Kuan Yew : the beliefs behind the man. 2nd ed. Kuala Lumpur: New Asian Library. <<

Really? Did this (so-called) professor actually sit down with Lee Kuan Yew and ASK HIM DIRECTLY what his beliefs were? I doubt it.

This guy is probably a 2nd hand, no-direct-experience-but-can-gasak-buta-kuat-kuat

And fuck Yahoo News too! Wah, they want to find out about Singapore...they go and ask a mat saleh "ex-spurt"? 😂ðŸĪĢ Wah, I'm sure they'll get accurate representation lah.

>> Prof Barr speculated about what might happen if Lee Hsien Yang and Li Hongyi contested the next election and faced each other. <<

Hahaha...he tok kok, and Yahoo publishes it as some kind of "truth", to fool gullible people who'll swallow this shit hook line and sinker just because the words come from the mouth of a "white omniscient god" who claims to not only know a lot about Singapore but about the dynamics and the relationship of the Lee brothers and their kids.

Anyone else smell fake news here?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Remember I said "suffering" (and therefore "happiness") is an individual thing? Apparently the smarty-arsed people at the UN managed to "quantify" happiness and they've come up with The World Happiness Report! Wah, great to see they can scrape together the big bucks to do "research" like this.

I think this UN report is anytime better than the stupid report about racial discrimination in Singapore published recently. And on what basis were the racial discrimination based on? Oh, one donkey said he felt discriminated because he did not get the job. Another donkey also brayed he felt discriminated in the interview, blah, blah, blah.

It was all based on feelings by the half bakes just like the Nairs felt it was racial discrimination because the ad had a brown face which no Indian has and went all crazy to swear at Chinese as racists as if he was brown face.

And many silly fuckers agreed with these two nuts that the ads were indeed insensitive, not racist. What insensitive you talking about, because assholes said so?

The professor and his council members, educated professionals could not see anything wrong with the ad but their views not important. Silly half bakes viewed important. Professional views wrong, half bakes right.

If every asshole that when for an interview and did not get the job and claimed discrimination, you want to believe that? I feel, he feels, that one also feels....

Anonymous said...

Poor loser Matilah. Jumping up and down like a monkey enraged. He must be jealous and feels slighted for not being able to become a professor and yet he thinks he is way much better than an academic professor.

He himself worships Ang Moh Tua Kee that's why he ran away to Australia to get close to the Tua Kee to get screwed day and night and licks their asses until his mouth is full of foul smells and foul languages. Yet he got the cheek to insinuate that others worship the Whites. What hypocrisy!

What "God saves the Queen. God bless America"? Which motherfucker said that?


Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo, why Dennis apologised for this hoo haa?

Must be coerced by the Authorities just to please these REAL racists who claimed others are racists.

Like that will never end.The Dafts Culprits who in the first place created this fiasco now blamed on the innocents thinking that they will end will never end.

These Mfuckers were be emboldened and make more hoo haas in the future.

Sinkieland gone to the Skunks.

Anonymous said...

1.52pm anon, not say I wanted to say you. U eat too full is it insulting Rb ? If you are feeling bored, u can go get some entertainment like the anon said go to Jalan Besar and let the USA sailors sodomize you jialat jialat then u will recover your senses.😀

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:15am

No insults .... just stating the facts LOL!!!

Anonymous said...


No wonder your jobs & career so fucked up LOL!!!

If you send $2M to Dennis, I'm sure he can don't apologise.

Coz that's the amount of future earnings he'll stand to lose if he doesn't exercise EQ & PR.

So do you have money where your mouth is?!?!??? Or only zhui tat lan?!?!?? Hahaha!!!

Virgo 49 said...

Mad man from Buangkok.

Ex or current inmate.

Always have LOL. Hahahah

Take your medicines or not?

Kena buang real terok.

Post some constructive comments or you zhui also tat lan.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1153...you just don't make any sense..ðŸĪŠ

>> He himself worships Ang Moh Tua Kee that's why he ran away to Australia to get close to the Tua Kee to get screwed day and night and licks their asses until his mouth is full of foul smells and foul languages. Yet he got the cheek to insinuate that others worship the Whites. What hypocrisy!

Eh Tambi, if you want to tekan me betul-betul, please pay attention to FACTS lah.

If I indeed did "run away" to Oz-land, only to be sodomized by mat salehs, how come, ah, I retain most of my assetsin Singapore? How come ah...I spend 3-4 months of every year in Singapore?

...and here's the beauty:

...How come I am #1 to LAVISH PRAISE on Singapore all the time, calling it the greatest place so far in modern history?

Use your blain lah....eat more fish, good for your blain ðŸĪĢ

Anonymous said...

Matilar, not say I wanted to say you. U also eat too full. U also need to be sodomized. If you are feeling bored, u can go get some entertainment like the anon said go to Jalan Besar and let the USA sailors sodomize you jialat jialat then u will recover your senses.😀