RIP Google, here comes HarmonyOS from Huawei

Trump has officially killed Google and Android. Huawei has launched its own operating system HarmonyOS for all its handphones. This is a very powerful and versatile OS and can be used with many other platforms like cars, ipad, digital watchs, TV etc etc. This would mean that all Chinese handphone makers would be switching to Huawei HarmonyOS. The Chinese market would be closed to Google totally The African market and the Indian market are also using Huawei's OS. The rest of the world would follow suit except for North America, the USA.

To the average handphone users, whatever OS is transparent to them and it would not matter much and using Huawei would only mean that they are getting a better and cheaper system. For the sophisticated users, HarmonyOS is much superior than Android and they know and would switch to Huawei by choice.

Samsung would switch to Huawei for its China market for no better reason than convenience as all the Chinese users would be using HarmonyOS. Huawei could deliver the final blow by offering HarmonyOS for free or at a nominal fee to Samsung and also to Apple. What is there left for Google?

Google would become the IT dinosaur of modern technology overnight. It would be buried by its own weight.

Thank you Donald Trump, for delivering this deadly blow to Google and its Android OS.

PS. Apple's share of the mobile phone market is only 10%. Samsung is 23%. China's Huawei and Oppo took the top 2nd and 3rd spots in worldwide shipment of the equipment, taking 18% and 9.5% respectively.  If all the Chinese handphones are added, they took more than 60% of the world market. If Samsung goes HarmonyOS, together they would tak a whooping 83% of the market share.


Anonymous said...

Has Singapore banana elites tacitly banned Huawei from government contracts?

Virgo 49 said...

SingAndTel and Starhub, both Temasick group saying testing with Huawei.

Most probably Sing And Tel will opt for what's Erickson or what's sons and other Networks

Starhub possibility with Hua Wei.

Sinkieland Govt played balancing acts.

Choose chickens eat chickens or choose ducks eat ducks.

Virgo 49 said...

Sing And Tell already 35% down down down.

Tied up with Ang Mohs surely lagged behind and full blown destructing or restructing - the terms for retrenchments and many would be basking in the streets and MRT stations.

Starhub chose Huawei Up and Up and recalled previous retrenched staff back.


Anonymous said...

Huawei has launched its own operating system HarmonyOS for all its handphones.

But only for Huawei phones lah.

U think Samsung or even other China phone brands will replace their OS with Huawei OS?

U think Trump is stupid to kill Google and Android?

U think PAP is stupid to screw Sinkies?

Anonymous said...

Sing And Tell already 35% down down down.
Virgo 49 9:47 am

U still own Sing And Tell shares meh?

If not, 35% down down down so what?

Anonymous said...

U think Samsung or even other China phone brands will replace their OS with Huawei OS?
10:21 am

Unlikely lah, because the US is an important ally of South Korea in case South Korea kena attacked by North Korea.

And for your info, to replace the phone OS is not a small and simple matter. U need to take into account the various apps and other things that is tied with the OS to make the phone work.

Try replacing your PC Windows OS with another existing OS and see whether it is simple or not.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Singapore on the quiet has restricted the import of Huewei 5G equipment through an indirect way.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Singapore on the quiet has restricted the import of Huewei 5G equipment through an indirect way.
10:50 am

U got specific reliable info? Or just guessing only?

imho said...

More choices are better for consumers. The world will split up into 3 - one for harmony, one for android and one for apple.

Virgo 49 said...

Sing And Tell.
Long time already washed hands.

Aged 55 relinguished all and better one to one at Genting.

Lost nearly 25 over K with CPF's investments account and still shown on statement. To remind of blunder. Spouse also about same amount. Sore thumbs

When they acquired Optus brought nearly 100K at 3.60 and held for nearly five years b4 break even at same price.

Wah piang all these five years below 3.00 and worse.

Sold and interests lost at 25K.

So, that's why I against these schemes.

SingAndTell lucky they have what's Bharti in India and Telecom ma si or something to that name in Indon.

For these two countries they talked more than they worked.

So their shares not down more than 35% as yet.


Anonymous said...

More choices are better for consumers.
11:17 am

For Sinkie consumers, very easy to win them over. Just offer $54 phones lah and sure can one, regardless of the choices.

Anonymous said...

Just offer $54 phones lah and sure can one, regardless of the choices.
11:37 am

Not now but I think in future China brands can offer that, and still make a profit.

In this area, no one can fight China one, least of all America.

More than 30 years ago, Sinkieland produced 75% of the world's hard disks. Now 0%. Even Batam also no more attractive to do manufacturing.

And this is one reason why some Sinkie grads become Grab drivers. Not enough mass manufacturing jobs for them to do, unlike 30 years ago. And unlike other sectors, manufacturing can create a lot of jobs.

Anonymous said...

More than 30 years ago, Sinkieland produced 75% of the world's hard disks.
11:55 am

I think that's why Ho Ching (herself trained as an engineer) at that time decided to invest some hundreds of millions to take over the troubled American disk maker Micropolis.

Problem is when an American company is in trouble, changing to Sinkie ownership is unlikely to get it out of trouble. Most likely the Sinkie owner will lose all the money invested, which was exactly what happened in the Micropolis case. And this case was widely publicised which earlier on had already affected somewhat people's perception of Ho Ching's talent in the area of investment and management.

Anonymous said...


First time posting after many years. I'm now a yank and hate Americun. Decided to switch LG Aristo to Huawei smartphone. Any advice which is better.. Huawei Pro mate 20 or Pro 20. I dun care for camera but more important 6Gb or 8Gb ram and without Google.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ PMET losers,

ALL competition makes better systems and people. It knocks out the bad ones and encourages serious players into the space. "Fair" or "unfair" are merely subjective, emotionally-charged words. Best to assume ALL competition is unfair, including any favourable aspects due to pure LUCK...for e.g. good looks, or good fortune.

Huawei was quite patently UNFAIRLY targeted. A serious attempt by the world's most powerful Sovereign Government tried to knock Huawei completely out of the game. And yet, the came back fighting with a new OS to rival the status quos.

COMPETITION. The difference between Huawei and our complaining PMETs is that Huawei has a fighting spirit, but most obviously it has GOOD QUALITY and GOOD REPUTATION amongst its CUSTOMERS. Those who sell anything into a market understand this: The Boss, the people who pay money is THE CUSTOMER. The customer can fire you anytime, for any reason...and not even tell you about it.

If you are a PMET looking for your "next thing", have a close look at how Huawei has fought back. Hint: Huawei has fought back by creating value and throwing it over to the customers to judge for themselves.

@ RB comedian:

>> RIP Google, here comes HarmonyOS from Huawei <<

Today, uncle very funny... "RIP Google"? 🤣.
Alphabet (Google) and Apple have the 2 main mobile OSs : Android and iOS. I doubt either of them will be "RIP" anytime soon. Both are too big to fail and way too rich to ever be poor. Here are the mind-boggling amounts of CASH these companies just pump out.

You know how a burst water main begins to flood the immediate surrounding area very quickly? Yah, like that when it comes to the amount of money Alphabet and Apple just SHOOT out....

Mega rich Google | Mega rich Apple

Will Huawei "beat" them? IMO, it DOESN'T MATTER: Competition, any competition is GOOD for the end-users and developers/entrepreneurs. Now developers might have to develop apps, apis, cloud services, security solutions for 3 platforms. This means potentially more EARNED income. And no matter how this plays out, all 3 companies will still be FILTHY RICH lah. 🤑💰💲💲💲

More competition, the merrier. That, girls and boys, is CAPITALISM. 👍🏻👍🏻

Anonymous said...

Any competition is good. Better that not everything is to depend on the US or the West. When they pulled the rug, you will suffer if they decide to play foul. A very important example is how they blindsided Huawei. Thankfully, Huawei already knew this will happen and have been developing their own operating system a decade ago.

It would be even better if China can develop it's own internet platform rather than depend on the US. This is a very dangerous situation to be in, if the US should call for a suspension of internet service to China. That will practically shut down almost everything from military operations, offices, airports, ports, rail system and all communication via the internet. I am not sure whether China is already far into this area. Russia has it's own internet if I am not mistaken.

China should never trust the US and the West. That said, I think the Chinese leaders are more aware of this than we assume. After all, they think decades ahead, not tomorrow or next year. They do things for long term benefit, not for short term 'easy to win' situations that risk shooting their own feet.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 242

The "Chinese internet" is the largest on the planet. In history. They have their own "protocols" and is ways different from our (the rest of the world) internet experience.

If you go to China and get online, you'll get a clearer picture due to direct experience.

The Chinese internet is more closely monitored. Everyone complains about the surveillance and lack of privacy. But on the "plus" side, China is far more proactive in targeting spammers, going after scammers and hackers to keep their networks safe(r) for everyone. They need to. All their payment systems and MASSIVE e-commerce platforms all rely on a safe and reliable internet.

Anonymous said...

Shutting off China will push them to develop even faster, especially their technology. Ever heard of the Chinese saying of 'pushing the tiger to jump over the wall'?

This is exactly the case with North Korea in developing their nuclear capabilities. The sanctions imposed on them made them even more determined to succeed, and that is exactly what happened.

Now Kim is firing his rockets like playing with fireworks and the Japs and South Koreans are rattled. But Trump seems nonchalant and continually played down the significance. He is casually throwing Moon and Abe under the Kim limousine. Both Moon and Abe have been conned by Trump. These short ranged missiles cannot reach the US that is true, but can rain down on South Korea and Japan. Fitted with nuclear warheads and the rest is eureka.

Anonymous said...

With their own internet, the Chinese fear nothing and little wonder the US has not much leverage by way of spying on developments in China. Little wonder Facebook and others are banned in China, because those are the tools used by the US to spy on their allies as well. But whites spying on whites are acceptable, that is why Merkel did not make much of a song and dance about it.

With many countries adopting 5G from Huawei, the US cannot have free reign in their spying activities, particularly in Russia, hence they are hysterical about Huawei. It all fits nicely into their campaign to discredit Huawei and throw spanners into it's expansion. Never mind, Huawei is coping with it.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

These are the too big to fail, Motorola, AT&T, Nokia, Ericsson, Siemen etc etc more to come. NOL?

Anonymous said...


Hongmeng OS is still pretty shitty compared to Android or iOS, will take a couple of years to reach the standard of stability & functionality of Android today. Good thing is that software is such a low barrier of entry & basically just need to whack at it with $$$$$$$$$$$$$ & low-cost programmers to see lots of improvements.

Hongmeng has been in development since 2012 (officially since 2017), and functionality-wise is based a lot on Google's Fuchsia OS (e.g. microkernal cross-platform cross-hardware OS optimised for embedded systems for IoT etc).

When launching Harmony/Hongmeng, Richard Yu mentioned many times Fuchsia in his speech.

Like almost all OS's today (except iOS), Hongmeng is open-source i.e. free. Singtel or Starhub or M1 can replace the OS of its phones with Hongmeng tomorrow for free if they wanted to. Whether customers will buy is another story.

But app developers will be paying Huawei about 10%-15% commissions (Huawei is still deciding) when they sell their apps. Google & Apple take 30% commissions. That's how these IT companies earn money from their "free" OS via Play Store and Apple Store etc.

Android developers supposedly able to compile their apps to run on Hongmeng by using the ARK compiler, but I suspect some amount of troubleshooting & debugging will be required for more complicated apps.

At the end of the day, I doubt Hongmeng/Harmony will be a major major smartphone OS. It will at most be at the level of iOS in popularity. It's main forte will be for IoT & embedding in infrastructure & appliance devices.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Can add Rollei, Sanyo, Minolta, Yashica, Toshiba on the way, Kodak, Agfa ....

Anonymous said...


///These are the too big to fail, Motorola, AT&T, Nokia, Ericsson, Siemen etc etc more to come.///

Motorola surprisingly has transformed itself & doing very well in recent years:
MSI stock prices

The other companies are still surviving & evolving. Definitely much better prospects than SPH LOL!!!

That's the beauty of capitalism & profit maximisation --- you don't become fixated on any particular company or companies. You simply go where $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ can be made over the next 20-40 years.

It may involve the same group of companies (shiok --- easy life) or it can involve many different companies at different stages over the next 30 years.


Anonymous said...


Update for my War Stocks:

On average, my war stocks went up annualised 241% for this week!!! LOL!!!!!

Trade war or Blood war --- bring it on!!!!



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

WSG, if what you said is true, you should be a billionaire by now.

Your arithmetic still got problem.

Heard of the guy who solved a big problem for a king and when the king asked him what he would want for a reward, he told the king he just want $1 and subsequently doubling it everyday for one year only.

If you were the king, you would happily say yes also.

Anonymous said...

WSG, Kama may get to u soon as for all u know, u may Kena sodomized by few black ants by force and lagi worst video by them on action when they sodomize u jialat jialat.😀

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Sure. Sometimes---very RARELY and very occasionally, we see big failures in multinational business. But they are so rare, we don't even get one per year. In fact rich big businesses can COCK UP LIKE MAD and still survive, recover in time and go on and generate record monster profits.

Also, there have never been collapses of businesses the size of Apple and Google, because until recently, no one has managed to grow their business that BIG. Please lah, you compare our champalang NOL to Apple-Google? Good joke lah uncle.😂🤣 Might as well compare Larry & Sergeiy of Google and the 2 Steves Wozniak & Jobs---all "visionaries" in their own right, with GOH! CHOK TONG of kuching-kurap NOL. 😂

Let's assume Apple's market cap is 1 trillion. (The ENTIRE SGX is 700-740 Billion, Singapore GDP 323 Billion) Do you know HOW HARD IT IS to destroy 1 trillion dollars of value? Look at Singapore's GDP at one third the value of Apple Inc. How hard is it to destroy that? VERY FUCKING HARD. Yes, can be done...but not easily.

Therefore too big to fail, or too rich to be poor...these are REAL phenomena.

Anonymous said...

@All, @RB,


At least I can READ & COUNT BETTER than RB!!!!

///On average, my war stocks went up annualised 241% for this week!!!///

I bet RB can't even calculate the weekly gains. Nevermind RB can go ask his friends for the answer.

PS: You fuckers who say divide by 52 are wrong --- probably learn from RB LOL!!!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


Why do you have to use annualised gain for a week? You know that every week your gain is different and one week may be very high, the next 51 week may be negative.

So what was your actual gain for this particular week that you are boasting about? 4% in one week and may be -4% next week?

Tell us what was so outstanding for this week and let us have a good laugh. The moment you used percentage and annualised, you are telling everyone that you are using selective data to brag about a once in a blue moon incident.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh, using exceptions to brag, sometimes my commission for one trade can be the salary of an average worker in a month. The thing is that this kind of thing does not happen every day. There are times when there is not a single trade in a day.

From my experience, out of 10 punters, 9 lost in the market. You are a rare gem that only made money and never loses, a genius, just like our very own national fund managers.

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB. Do not have to waste carbon dioxide on this Braggart.

He have not seen snakes pass urine or piss yet.

Only bragged and bragged think he is insane.

Have not seen those remisers and your those in you same professions in their hey days plonk down CASH to buy their bungalows and condos.

Here and overseas.


Anonymous said...


///4% in one week and may be -4% next week?///


Why you need to confirm that you don't know how to count?!? Don't know how to fuck want to teach other to fuck?!?! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

@RB, @All,

///From my experience, out of 10 punters, 9 lost in the market.///

This is basically admitting that you're a lousy zero-value-add remeisier --- worse than a dumb online trading website account. At least that one costs the company much less. No wonder DBS so eager to fire you! LOL!!!

I'm not a punter --- 99.99999999% of your blog readers, including yourself, think of the stock market as a casino. It's NOT.

If a person has good trade discipline & money mgmt, he just needs to get 4 out of 10 trades right to earn BIG OVER LONG PERIODS.

So far since I started from 1998 till today, my batting average is about 60%. That's enough to get me a 7-figure retirement portfolio at 44 yrs old --- excluding the cash in my property as well as my CPF.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

For your sake, WSG, I have just posted a list of some major western banks and their prices over the last 10+ years. Think some may be your war stocks.

The moral of the story is that in today's market, all long term investors are bleeding quietly without a sound, except one, WSG, making millions.

You should conduct a course on how to invest and make money. You will be rich.