Periscopic Insights : ( 1 )USA stole Hawaii and Half of Mexico territories

It is good timing for Redbean  in his article in My Singapore News today  'The USA the  Thief Shouting Thief', to warn "The silly governments and media of the world must start thinking and not to repeat the American white lies and be part of this Evil Empire , destabiling the world and starting wars everywhere."

The cocoon politicians of the silly governments of the non-white third world and their mass media reporters and journalists may either be really ignorant of the endless strings of evils committed by USA and the West against non-white countries in Asia, Africa, and the Americas or may be out of their selfish self-interest they choose to ignore the truth and ingratiated with the Evil Empire and the West out of false thinking that US and Western Might is Right.

May be to keep the third world countries well informed of the intrinsic evil of USA and the West , My Singapore News and Global Times may have to publish the evil militant political cum religious and military doctrines and philosophy of the United States and the West from time to time. Southernglory1 will for such purpose may periodically publish brief information under the heading, "Periscopic Insights" about the Evil Empire and its western allies . In fact we can gauge some insights about the Evil Empire from websites like Global Times, Press TV, Russia Insider, New Eastern Outlook, Counterpunch.org and Strategic Culture Foundation.

Periscopic Insights : 1  500 Years Curse of Western Domination.

Base on its satanic political cum religious militant doctrine , "The Doctrine of Christian Discovery", white men from Europe justified its merciless and brutal conquests of the Americas, both North America, South America and Central America as well as Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Africa. This has been going on for the last 500 years and it hasn't stopped and is continuing in the present time as seen in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan of the Middle East and in Venezuela, Cuba, Necaragua, Honduras, Guatemala , Bolivia and Costa Rica of Latin America.

In their killing paths of conquests white men have no qualms in their killings, murders, assassinations and genocide of natives in the lands they conquered since killings, genocide and aggression is in their blood and genes.

The United States, 'How It is Formed'

The United States is an illegal and illegitimate country contrived out of the bloody conquests and genocide of wholesale population of native Americans as well as robbing of half of former Mexican territories which now comprise the states of Florida, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and California.

The United States has illegally occupied half of Mexico's lands and is now unashamely telling Mexico to pay for a racist wall to uphold and legitimise its illegal holdings and to show white surpemacists 'might is right'. USA is an outrageous hypocrite in trying to portray itself as a defender of other countries' rights.


Moreover how did the United States got Hawaii, if anyone cares to know. USA just, US  invaded Hawaii in 1905 and after dethroning the queen of Hawaii and killing over 300,000 Hawaiian resistant patriotic fighters, US just grabbed Hawaii.

The United States has now flooded Hawaii with hundreds of thousands of white settlers who now occupy the most fertile and productive lands of Hawaii and the best and most scenic parts of the cluster of islands. Nevertheless the native Hawaiians have never lost hope and have not given up their fight to drive away imperial United States to achieve their independence. To the lofty glorious and patriotic intent of the native Hawaiians, all countries of the world and the United Nations must play a vital role to help the native Hawaiians achieve their goal of gaining ultimate independence from the Evil Empire.

Whenever the United States talk of democracy and human rights its intent is just to delude the world for it is using the terms as a smokescreen and an ulterior motive to enslave other countries under its rigid hegemonic control. When the United States talk of bringing democracy and human rights to your country it is more certain to bring death and sufferings to your country. This can be seen and witnessed now in Arab countries of Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen in the Middle East and in Venezuela, Bolivia, Necaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemals and Panama in Latin America.


Saturday, 24th August, 2019


Anonymous said...

The MSM will never ever tell the true facts about all the atrocities the evil empire committed. Their agenda is to help keep the evil empire in control. Who controls all the MSM in the US?

Not only that, they evil empire tried to distort history with glorious tales of how they won wars. As an example the war against Hitler, the actual fact was that it was the Russians who did all the work in defeating Hitler, while the US and its allies practically landed in Normandy just doing the mopping operation.

The US and it's evil allies actually wanted Hitler and Stalin to destroy each other, by waiting for that to happen, but when Stalin was seen to be having the upper hand they had to step in immediately to claim credit.

Diego Garcia is another place where they drove out the inhabitants by force and set up a military base. Guam is another, colonised by Spain and ceded to the US, all by force to be used a military base. In times of global conflict these will be prime targets and that means the annihilation of the entire native population.

RT on YouTube is also an interesting source of alternative news on world affairs. It has a very large following.

Anonymous said...

USA is a rogue country run by demented crooks and scoundrels. It is evil in all aspects it thrives on a policy of telling lies and false allegation against all other countries. You can never trust the white Americans. America is totally bankrupt and is deceiving the world with its petrodollars which has no intrinsic value at all. It is financially desperate and so it resorts to the policies of never ending provocations to create endless wars as a way to escape its debt and to make humongous profits to keep its evil Pentagon military industrial complex churning and humming nonstop.

Death to the United States and its cohort of evil rogues in its administration

Anonymous said...

US politics and foreign policies are controlled by Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionists psychopaths. Their wicked and lunatic behaviour is forcing China to go on another Long March again, this time a long march in the political, scientific and technological advancement and progress as China comes under the duress of USA containment in all aspects.

US has broken all international and United Nations rules to do what it likes arbitralily and unilaterally. It bends UN rules to use its own country's illicit rules to declare wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya ans Syria and in going after a Chinese private entity Huawei so as to provide a false basis for kidnapping Huawei's Chief Financial Officer, Miss Meng Wang Zhou. In doing so USA commits a transnational crime and a criminal act of exercising illegal extra-territorial action against Huawei's CFO.

US has never been a great country. It has always mistakenly try to project its false greatness through toxic propaganda and aggression via brutal wars of conquests .

It's high time the free world unite to get rid of the Evil Empire before it destroys the whole world.

Eagles Eyes

Anonymous said...

The US is like a cancer that has progressed to the fourth stage and getting rid of it is rather late a decision and not at all easy.

The world has practically allowed the US to control global finance through the US$ hegemony, backed by its massive investment in the military over the decades, whose objective is forcing those who wants to upset the US$ status quo to suffer consequences like Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi, not to mention the mission now of containing Iran and Venezuela.

All those years of harping on upholding democracy, human rights by setting up to a thousand military bases all around the world to help the free world is nothing more than total bullshit.

Inventing threats from Russia and China is to give them the justification to act to preserve the US$ hegemony from being marginalised. What they are doing worldwide is for one purpose only and that is to remain the sole superpower that can dictate what it wants to the rest of the world.

The evil empire knows that only China and Russia combined are capable of upsetting their agenda and all hands are on deck to destroy China before that happens. But with 5,000 years history of survival behind it, China is not that easy to destroy.

Seen in the context of military might, the US may be able to disable China in a short surprise nuclear strike. But what of the consequences? You cannot take out every nuclear retaliating arsenal at one strike, so mainland America will also be at risk of a retaliatory nuclear strike. What about Russia? Will it stand back and just watch and let China fall and the US taking over China and point their missiles at Moscow as in NATO?

Why is the US not taking out North Korea and reduce it to ashes as threatened by Trump? Why is the US not taking retaliation action against Iran for downing their drone? How long did the US take to take over Iraq, which is still realistically having fights going on every day. How long did it take the US to fight and run away from Vietnam which is not a nuclear entity and a relatively small country? How long did the US mired itself in the Korean War, again against a non nuclear entity.

And some are talking about a sure win short nuclear war by the US against the likes of China? Dream on!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Major Atrocities Committed By The US Military Forces

1. No Gun Ri, Korea

In 1950, the United States intervened in the Korean War in defense of the South, but its forces were undertrained and underprepared, according to the BBC. The North's attacks created a severe refugee crisis, and as thousands of Koreans clogged the battlefield as they fled war-torn areas, the US forces panicked.

On the same day that the US Army delivered a stop refugee order in July 1950, around 400 South Korean civilians were killed in the town of No Gun Ri by US forces from the 7th Cavalry Regiment. The soldiers argued they thought the refugees could include disguised North Korean soldiers.

Many refugees were shot while on or under a stone bridge that ran through the town; others were attacked with bombs and machine-gun fire from US planes, the BBC reported. The ordeal lasted for three days, according to local survivors and members of the Cavalry.

"There was a lieutenant screaming like a madman, fire on everything, kill 'em all," veteran Joe Jackman recalled, according to the BBC. "I didn't know if they were soldiers or what. Kids, there was kids out there, it didn't matter what it was, 8 to 80, blind, crippled or crazy, they shot 'em all."

The Associated Press broke the news of the massacre in September 1999. It has come to be known as one of the largest single killings of civilians by American forces in the 20th century.

2. My Lai, Vietnam

On March 16, 1968, the Charlie Company, 11th Brigade entered the village of My Lai, in an area of Vietnam where many members of the American brigade had been maimed or killed by Viet Cong forces, PBS reported. The troops ended up killing over 300 civilians under orders from their Lieutenant, William Calley, who told his men to enter the village firing, though there had been no report of opposing fire, PBS reported.

According to eyewitness reports, several old men were bayoneted, praying women and children were shot in the back of the head, and at least one girl was raped and then killed.

The story did not reach the American public until journalist Seymour Hersh published a story detailing his conversations with a Vietnam veteran, Ron Ridenhour, in November 1969. The massacre raised significant questions about the conduct of American soldiers and their leaders in the field.

3. Abu Ghraib, Iraq

In 2004, the world was shocked when photos were released of American soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib, a sprawling prison west of Baghdad which was notorious for its frequent torturing sessions and executions under Saddam Hussein, the New York Times reported.

The photos, which showed Iraqi detainees being beaten, abused and sexually assaulted, fueled Arab and Muslim rage against the United States, and were used as a powerful tool to recruit insurgents in Iraq and elsewhere, according to the Times.

Nine US soldiers were found guilty in the abuse case, which also fuelled multiple other military and Congressional investigations. Former President Bush proposed to destroy the complex after the crimes were uncovered, but an American military judge ordered that it be preserved as a crime scene, the Times reported. In March 2006, the military announced that it would clear out all remaining prisoners from Abu Ghraib.

In February 2009, the prison was reopened under a new name, Baghdad’s Central Prison, and promises of humanitarian conduct.

International Relationships Advisors said...

Dotard Trump heaped praises on Denmark´s PM on Friday, two days after he cancelled his state visit to the country and slammed her for dismissing his idea of buying Greenland as absurd.

The US Mafia Chief said he got a call from PM Mette Frederiksen, who he had previously called "NASTY" when she rejected his idea of buying Greenland in the latest spat involving Trump and a traditional US ally.

But on Friday he reversed course, calling her "a Wonder Woman."

"We had a great conversation," Trumpet told reporters as he prepared to leave for the G7 summit in France.

"We have a very good relationship with Denmark, and we agreed to speak later. But she was very nice. She put a call in, and I appreciated it very much," Trump said.

The row had earlier prompted Trump to call off plans to visit Copenhagen next month after Frederiksen said Greenland, an autonomous region of Denmark, was not for sale.

Frederiksen said she was both annoyed and surprised that Trump cancelled the visit.

In his remarks late Friday Trump said nothing about resurrecting the trip.

Remember, Trump always stab his friends in the back. So, when he praises you, watch your back, PM of Denmark.

Unknown said...

Back-Stabbing Dotard Trump Has Finally Revealed His True Self

In a bad sign for trade talks, Trump deploys a new label for China’s Xi – ‘enemy’

Self-confessed pussy-grabber Dotard Trump has a new label for his good friend, China's President Xi Jinping: “Enemy.”

In one of a series of tweets that hit the market like a torpedo on Friday morning, the Dotard Trump posed a question to his more than 60 million followers comparing Xi to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

As recently as this month, the Back-Stabbing Trump continued to refer to President Xi as a good friend.

Even as trade tensions continued to heat up, Dotard Trump would make sure to refer to China’s President, Xi Jinping, as his “friend.”

On Friday, though, Back-Stabbing Trump unveiled a new label for his Chinese counterpart: “ENEMY.”

“My only question is, who is our bigger enemy, Jay Powell or Chairman Xi?” Trump tweeted.

Anonymous said...

"If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America. They don't care for human beings."

- Nelson Mandela

Anonymous said...

Trump calling Xi his enemy is just a logical progression of his diseased mind.

Earlier, he warned Xi not to retaliate against his tariffs. WTF is this moron thinking?

Now, this is a lesson that Moon and Abe should reflect and learn, about the mad character called Trump they are dealing with. Friends and allies has no meaning for Trump. Today he may say you are his friend, tomorrow when he wakes up on the wrong side of bed, he will tweet the opposite.

How this nut became the President is beyond belief! The thought of his second term sends shivers down my spine.

imho said...

At least the people who are colonised now live in big houses and drive big cars. I rather americans colonised sinkiepoor than live under sinkie lee.

Anonymous said...

imho, do you really believe everyone in America live in big houses and drive big cars?

There are about 50 million Americans living under the poverty line, on the streets, homeless and queueing for food outside soup kitchens. The only reason you don't know is they want to keep you in the dark.

Now, why are you still here? By the way, I do not support PAP nor have I voted for them.

Anonymous said...

Prefer Ang Mor Tua Kee than own people? Why?

Own people too small?

Backside hole too big?

Look down on own people?

Grass always greener on the other side?

Brain-washed by Ang Mor Tua Kee?

Alexa said...

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