New laws to prevent religious strife

To claim that religion is for peace is looking more and more silly by the day. Many wars and strife around the world are caused by religion, religious beliefs, religious intolerance often claimed as misinterpretation of the religious doctrines and text. In short, religion is spelt trouble. To some religions, peace means the annihilation of other religions with only one religion left.

The sensitivity and highly prone to war and destruction of religion must be tackled carefully and forcefully. Singapore is a secular state and religion must always be kept at a level not to upset social and national security and stability. Singapore cannot be ruled by religion. How to when there are so many religions in this little island and each has its core values and doctrines that are in conflict with other religions and if not restrained, could lead to open hostility?

The Govt is going to act, to nip in the bud, threats to religious harmony under a religious harmony law. This fake and unnatural state of affair called religious harmony can only exist in Singapore if the govt is strong and not be influenced by any particular religion or be hijacked by religious extremists. Religious harmony is so artificial when one is to really look at what religion is all about vis a vis other religions. Religious intolerance and exclusivity to other religions is the core of trouble in this world. Let’s not deceive ourselves to think otherwise. Without a strong govt to keep the lid tightly over religion, conflict could flare up at any moment anywhere. There would be some cuckoo religious leaders that would come along to whip up religious intolerance and could claim correctness by quoting their religious books.

Having this understanding of how sensitive religion is, it is fair and necessary to stop people from being too free and generous in their comments and views about religion. This comment from Hsien Loong is fair. ‘But we do not allow unfettered and rambunctious discussion on religion, or even worse provocative or blasphemous cartoons, performances and videos, nor are we likely to do so for a very long time to come…We have no illusions about the depth of the religious fault lines in our society, and the harm that will befall us if we neglect to manage them, he said,….’ This point is particularly important in this blog especially to Matilah. When the law comes into effect, I would have no choice but to delete his strong views that he thought are funny about religions. Not many are mature enough to tahan his caricatures of religions and religious icons.

But while respecting and being aware of religious sensitivity are important, the govt must not allow religious sensitivity as an excuse to set the agenda and norms of civility and correctness in society. Religion and claims of religious sensitivity must not be allowed to determine what is right or acceptable like ethnic sensitivity. This reminds me of the swine woman that threatened and bullied a young innocent boy for saying ‘beef curry’ and attacked him and threatened the boy that he could be killed in some silly country. I am still waiting to see if the govt would take this silly woman to task for spreading fear in Singapore with her extremist and bigot views of what is or is not acceptable and permissible in Singapore. The best part is that she could not see her folly and bragged about it in facebook to tell the world that she did the right thing to attack the innocent young boy. Poor boy must be terrified by his encounter with this swine woman.

To guard against religious extremism and religion to set the agenda and way of life for everyone, this is what Hsien Loong said, ‘We must also have religious and govt leaders who are broad minded and enlightened, who understand the context in which we operate, and who set an example for others to spread the message of tolerance and understanding.’ This is a tough call and demanded the religious leaders to fake their stand and often have to say or do things contrary to their religious beliefs and doctrines. Tough, but they have to oblige in the name of religious harmony.

Religion and religious differences are things that are best be left alone, not spoken. Their truths may not be your truths. What an irony when truths are questionable and often seen as untruths by the non believers. How can one truth be so wrong and another truth be so right? Is not truth be truth?

Lets pretend that there is religious harmony and keep it that way. As long as the lid is kept in place, we can live with this religious harmony and it is good for everyone, especially the non religious, not to be bullied and threatened by religious bigots and extremists and be allowed to live their own lives of their own choosing.


Anonymous said...

Too many cooks spoilt the soup.
Too many laws erect a wall.
Too legalistic makes people sick.
Too control-freak not good for your prick.

Anonymous said...

One man's beef is another woman's pleasure (or displeasure).

Speedwing said...

It is very pleasing to see that here in Singapore all religions exist in harmony. Long may this lasts.

Anonymous said...


Sg is the BEST-est country in the world!

If Sg is not the BEST-est where is the BEST-est? Tell me lah?


Anonymous said...

Correct or wrong, does not matter lah. As long as you post something, you get $2. Correct?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous August 28, 2019 9:35 am

Sg is the BEST-est country in the world!

If Sg is not the BEST-est where is the BEST-est? Tell me lah?


Tiok lah.

Heard there was this group of HongKees who were here for holidays and they were shown some HDB flats as part of the itinerary.

The shocking thing was that when they saw the conditions and size of the HDB flats and heard the prizes, they broke into tears and wept.

The tour guide panicked and thought he did or said something wrong and tried to calm the HongKees down.

When they finally recovered from their seemingly eternal wailing and heart-wrenching outpouring of tears, the tour guide was told they cried because they CANNOT believe their eyes and ears.

Supposingly Singapore per capita GDP is 50% higher than HK yet HDB flats are so much bigger and far cheaper and in much better conditions than the housing in HK.

And when the tour guide heard that, his anxiety turned into relief and he let out that such HDB flats are the norm and about 85% of Singaporeans stay in HDB flats with the remaining staying in even better private properties.

Upon saying that, the tour guide immediately regretted it cos the whole group of HongKees burst into EVEN louder wailing and more heart-wrenching cries of deep sadness and sorrows.

This time the tour guide was less alarm and knew that the reason for the outpouring by the Hongkees was due to the unbelievable achievement of the government to deliver such quality housing for the entire population.

In HK, that is a pipe dream and HongKees count themselves lucky if they are NOT staying like caged animals in cage-like beds stacked from floor to ceiling.

So anon 9.35am, you could be one of the most SANE person when you said Sg is the "bestest".


Not only the "bestest".

It is the best of the best!

Creme de LA creme.

In your lingua, bestest of the bestest.



PS - Supposingly there are some old ungrateful ingrates and silly buggers who day in day out pour scorns and lambast the government for doing a lousy job. Such people must be mad? They belong in IMH? NO?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ deleting a post doesn’t mean deleting THE IDEA,

Yup, when the new laws come into effect, I will be completely fucked up as far as my brutal and merciless ridicule of all religions. It is as if the govt would have cut out that part of my brain, and then, just to be sure, sewed my mouth up and surgically removed my voice box.

Fight the govt? Maybe for some...for e.g. those brave and silly young people on the streets of Hong Kong. How fantastic it is to be young, rich and idealistic, with the support and backing of your parents for your quest of fucking the government upsidw down. Alas, no such luxury for me. So no fights with the govt.

Anyway, once it is on the net, it is there forever. So thanks to Google and any other search protocol yet to be invented, my insults, rants, barbs, vulgar attackson religions, religious people, religious icons and deities, religious dogma, religious history...the whole motherfucking ball of wax and kitchen sink, are all on the net for posterity so Shanmugam and his goose-stepping thugs of the Singapore Internet Censorship Brigade can all SUCK MY COCK.

You have freedom of speech and expression or you don’t.

If you think that people’s feelings are more important than the freedom to express---even controversial ideas, and hatreds target to specific groups or individuals for whatever reason---then you will never have a free society. You can still make money, and generally have a grand old time, but don’t kid yourself---you are NOT free. The govt can do anything to you at anytime for any reason, and FORCE YOU BY LAW to just shut up and take it.

I guess we’re all at least a little ok with that. I have never deluded myself into thinking Singapore was “free”. However it is still awesome and a great place to make a buck or two or three….or if you like enough to last your family several generations.

As I’ve said, I have tekaned all aspects of religion mercilessly for years, and it is all permanently on the internet. No worries, I write about other shit as well. And even if I don’t, I can just LEPAK in Oz or Singapore and jaunt around the region enjoying like all the uncles of my generation are.

And I am still a paid up member of The Satanic Temple, an organisation purposely setup by atheists and skeptics to combat the anti-science spread by religions.. (Of course we don’t worship satan or anything…”Satan” was used just to piss off Christians, Jews and Muslims)

One can argue that religions caused wars. The assertion although having some truth is specious. Anyway, that was the past, where our species was more stupid and gullible.

Fast-forward to today. Religions’ most damaging role in societies have to do with the promotion of BIGOTRY and ANTI-SCIENCE. For e.g.: climate change denial, anti-abortion, anti-vaccination, anti-birth control, maintaining sexual inequality, racism, “in-out-group religious bigotry/ exclusionism, interference with SECULAR govt policy...you name it, it is there.

Lee Kuan Yew was famously ANTI religion. I doubt he would have supported any of these new proposals my the “new” PAP.

Anonymous said...

Usually, the one who openly and blatantly shows disrespect to the elders is ungrateful to his parents, grandparents, ancestors, teachers, mentors, trainers and handlers.

And the one who has the propensity to label the others as mad is mad, without him/her/shim knowing it.

Inevitably indisputable.

imho said...

Religions, which is not created by God, are just guides. May work for someone but not for everyone. Its best to be taken with pinch of salt. Always question the teaching and not get too obsess to them. Too much will make one mad. Balance is key.

Virgo 49 said...

Mainland China during the British Rule had leased New Territories Land to the Hong Kongers Private Developers.

Just like Sinkies Developers they controlled the Land Banks and jacked up astronomical cut throat prices for sales to their own Hong Kongers.

So how can they compared to Sinkieland's HDB flats where the SLA levied lower land charge for Public and Private housings.

The Brits does NOT built public housings for them during their Rule and yet the more daft Honkies blamed the PRC for their woes.

If China were to take back all the leased land from the private developers after 1997 they can have cheaper land for their Hong Kongers to stay there in terrace houses and bungalows.

Then when they heard Sinkieland's HDB prices they will wailed louder that sinkies must be mad to buy at these inflated prices.

GKS and LKS time. No land levies for Public Flats.

imho said...

Gov should educate people not to get too obsess with religions. Its like porn. Too much is not good. Balance is key.

Anonymous said...


Virgo 49 said...

Wow Imho you are absolutely right.

Those who go overboard and extreme normally goes MAD.

Have seen many of them going these ways.


Anonymous said...

Heard there was this group of HongKees who were here for holidays and they were shown some HDB flats as part of the itinerary.

The shocking thing was that when they saw the conditions and size of the HDB flats and heard the prizes, they broke into tears and wept.

The tour guide panicked and thought he did or said something wrong and tried to calm the HongKees down.

When they finally recovered from their seemingly eternal wailing and heart-wrenching outpouring of tears, the tour guide was told they cried because they CANNOT believe their eyes and ears.

Please do not repeat this to the unproductive money grabbers. They would tell this story in parliament and said the prices of our HDB flats are too low compare to HK. Then everyone would say tiok mah. And HDB flats would be priced to $1m or more, like HK.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous August 28, 2019 10:21 am
///Usually, the one who openly and blatantly shows disrespect to the elders is ungrateful to his parents, grandparents, ancestors, teachers, mentors, trainers and handlers.

And the one who has the propensity to label the others as mad is mad, without him/her/shim knowing it.

Inevitably indisputable.///

Firstly, the BARBARIC Japanese soldiers raped, plundered, murdered and even bayonet babies out of spite and by age at this moment will be ELDERS to even any oldies?

So based on anon 10.21am (Stupidity Got No Cure Logic), Redbean aka Chua Chin Leng, Virgo49, Patriot etc, because the Japanese soldiers by now would be their ELDERS, should čŪĪčīžä―œįˆķ, showed them respect and go to their shrine and kowtow to them?

Many times in the past, Redbean aka Chua Chin Leng, Virgo49, Patriot had NOT only showed disrespect to the WW2 barbaric Japanese soldiers who by age would be THEIR ELDERS in their comments, they even cursed the Japanese?

So how?

Anyone think "Stupidity Got Cure? "

Do yall think anon 10.21am logic make sense?

Don't care who the ELDERS are even if they raped, plundered and murdered your parents and grandparents?

Must showed such people respect because by age they are older?

No wonder the late LKY labelled some people "DAFT"?

"Stupidity got cure?"

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous August 28, 2019 10:45 am
///Please do not repeat this to the unproductive money grabbers. They would tell this story in parliament and said the prices of our HDB flats are too low compare to HK. Then everyone would say tiok mah. And HDB flats would be priced to $1m or more, like HK.///


Why NOT?

Good idea leh?

Then many problems SOLVED?

GDP (based on the output approach) is calculated based on the market value of all FINAL goods and services (inclusive all properties) produced in an economy within one calendar year?

So being such a big ticket item, increase in market prices of properties would also up GDP value (and avoid a recession in the near future)?

Another benefit is more earned $$$ from higher land sale prices can channeled to reserves and probably Temasek?

Then with all the financial gurus in Temasek, more income can be earned and each year about 50% of NNI from reserves are pooled into the yearly national budget and more can be spent on needy Singaporeans, their healthcare and their children's education?

Isn't that a very POSITIVE development for Singapore?


Virgo 49 said...

Breaking News

Hong Kong Investors shun Singapore.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

IB cooking up fake stories about Hongkies crying over our HDB flats. For the record, 99% of those that came prior to 1997, bought HDB flats have sold and returned to HK. They loved their overpriced caged units than our HDB flats.

Anonymous said...

In Praise Of The Rule Of Law

Religion is not only like porn, it is also like addictive drugs (e.g. cocaine, heroin, morphine, nicotine).

At first, when you were introduced to it, you either feel alergic or elated. If you felt alergic, you avoid it at all costs. It you felt elated, you want some more. The more you swallow it, the more you want it. You get hooked. Then you swallow wholesale - bait, hook, line and sinker - wholeheartedly.

And your brain is fucked for good.

You can't think straight any more.
You can't speak straight any more.
You can't even walk straight any more!

That's the time when you needed the police to step in, to help you as well as to help the society in which you mingle with.

Without any outside help, you are bound to go down the slippery road of no return. You become an addict.

Once you become an addict, you start to influence others to join you. It becomes cancerous. Your ambition knows no boundaries.

Started with a few followers, you expand your recruitment and outreach. Your memberships increased. Your congregation expanded from 10 to 100 to 1000 to 10,000. Next, you target for 100,000. Then you set up shops in many countries. Still not enough. Next, YOU want the whole world to follow you and your religion/drug/porn. Why? Because you believe it is good. You believe it is the only religion that is good. You believe it is the only truth. YOUR BELIEF!

Fortunately, whether by human wishes or by divine intervention, we also have man-made secular laws, instead of just religious dogmas, doctrines and commands, said to be passed down by an imaginary supreme spiritual being or holly human messenger.

Owing to the multitude of religions and even more varied religious orders, there must be a common denominator to balance the conflicts of interests. If left alone to each individual religion's whims and fancies, there will be endless conflicts, frictions and wars. Therefore, though imperfect, there is a necessity for the existence and maintenance of a common set of secular laws to balance and counter-balance the vast differences amongst the multitude of religions and religious beliefs.

As such, the rule of law (secular) must prevail in order to ensure unity in diversity, one-taste in variety, singularity in multiplicity and tranquility in insanity.

Halleluyah, Praise The LAW

Anonymous said...

RB, I am not sure why u are giving Matilar so prominent mention in your post. Given he come from a background of incest relationship, his sexual exploitation of his Mother, sisters and daughters, his view would not and will not be credible. We should just laugh at his posting and move on .😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 of course he needs to be sodomized to his senses.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ya, when he is talking nonsense, just laugh it off.

But with the new law, I would not be able to leave this comments as they are when he is wild and high.

Anonymous said...

Nowadays I don't even bother to waste a second on his comments. I just skip and scroll down to the next sensible one.

Anonymous said...

Ref: From Outside Glass
In Praise of The Rule of Law

Yours is a very well thought intellectual comment and it reveals the whole truth of the malevolent side and the funky exploitation of religion for self-interest and self aggrandizement by wicked religious cum political leaders. Many of the great American preachers have exploited the naive believers both in USA and around the world to donate generously purportedly to the unknown mysterious God, though actually all the donated money goes to enrich these preachers who soon become multi-billionaires flying around the world in their own prestigeous jet planes while at the same time large numbers of people are greatly impoverished just for the self-delusive fact that they have donated to God and so their souls would be saved when they die. We see this happening in Singapore when the horrible imposter and satan pastor Kung Hee of the church City Harvest made himself a millionaire overnight by exploiting the gullibility of the converted believers. It is the same with every of the other religions where the religious leaders go around in pomp in their Merceles Benz or BMWs.

But worst still when countries exploit religion to justify the conquests of non-believers lands and genocide the whole population of the natives in the lands they conquer. This is how the European Christians expanded their conquests and empires throughout the world in both North and South America, in Africa, Australia, Asia and Africa. Remember the common complains of the Africans, "Before the white men came we have the land and they have the bible, but after the white men came, we have the bible and they have the land." It is the same with the charlatan Saudi Arab muslims and in the same manner as the white men the Saudi Arabs had conquered large swathes of lands in Asia and Africa and lands far beyond. In the end it is always the naive ordinary people holding the religious books while the pretentious countries religious cum political leaders who are more truth to being crooks and scoundrels enjoy the splendour of wealth and glory at the expense of the people.

The same evil practice is still going on in America when Trump claims he is the Chosen one of 'God' to do all the evil things and white men still believe that the universal God is a white 'God' and therefore they have a claim to superiority over all non-whites in this world and thus they have the divine authority to invade, to kill and murder non-whites as they please without sin or dishonour.

It's time the people of the world stop being deluded by the religious charlatans of the white men's God of Christianity or the Saudi Arabian God of jihad and the seventy-two beautiful damsels in heaven. They are all horrible satanic fraudsters.


Wednesday, 28th August, 2019

Anonymous said...

Very well indeed.

The Gullible Converts are as guilty as the Preachers that conned and exploited them.
lt is especially so of Races that have many thousand years of civilizations.
human feels guilty conscious and fear punishment after death,
it only means the Guilty wants to get away without being responsible and accountable for any misdeed and sin when alive.
How different is this from criminal who wishes to be pardon by Law for the Crime Committed. Or hoping the Law will not catch him or her.
Sin is even worse, for some wicked and evil deeds may not be covered by the Law.
The Early Chinese were ancestor worshippers for thousands of years without any organised religion till the Latters were introduced to them by alien races.
Ancestor worship is not religion, it is just to honour and memorize ones forebears, like celebrating birthday.
Religion does more harms than good. Superstition invariably is anti science and fact. lt is use to instill fear to convert those ignorant and naive folks.
Of especially vicious tenet is the holy war calls of which believers are imposed by yheir Faith. This is to coerce others to ones belief or convert others by force and violence.
ln civilized human society, one is expected to understand and honour humanities of propriety, intrgrity and love of oneself and towards others.
There is absolutely no need to rein oneself to a faith to force discipline on oneself.
Worse is to forgive oneself for evil that one commits by believing in a make-believe entity that only exists in imagination.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Salami, ye Brothers from different Mothers...

Mega Churches...well, it makes sense. If you are going to pull a scam, GO BIG OR GO HOME. Seriously, dun be so jealous...because every time you are you make The Baby Jesus shit his nappies...and who is going to change those foul nappies filled with HOLY SHIT! ðŸ’Đ

Anyway...I digress. Mega churches...the big time LEGAL con jobs which have the masses of True Believers fight each other to see who can give MORE MONEY to attain MORE BLESSINGS.

Thankfully our talented friends at Home Box Office have created a new comedy series starring John Goodman as The Pastor of a megachurch which takes in millions. The series is called The Righteous Gemstones...but I doubt it'll make it to Singapore (please correct me if I'm wrong) de to these "religious harmony" laws. As you can imagine, the program pulls no punches in ripping apart megachurch and all the ugliness the idea breeds: selling "salvation" to people in need for PERSONAL GAIN. But hey, it works!

In the name of the father, son and the Holy Camel Fucker


Anonymous said...

Matilar no wonder Rb needs to delete your post. In my case, I just want to sodomize u despite its not very appealing to do so.😰

Anonymous said...

8.40pm anon, when u are doing it please make sure u sodomize him jialat jialat till he cry Father cry Mother. Good luck.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Bugger turning my blog into a porn site. No choice but to delete.

Anonymous said...

Die-lah Singapore is a psychopath, who happens to have too much time on hand and too mentally active. A dangerous man in disguise.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> Bugger turning my blog into a porn site. <<

Your blog already porn site lah. Got so many chee byes here, all gaping and very smelly type. ðŸĪĢ🐟ðŸĶðŸĶ€


@ “misinformed” 720

Not only are you misinformed, you might even be deformed by birth defect...in your case a “gift from God Himself” because everyone you meet goes ”Poor thing...poor thing…”, and puts a couple of bucks in your begging bowl. ðŸĪŠ

>> A dangerous man in disguise. <<

Like I said: you’re misinformed. No, I don’t do “disguise”. I want people to remember me for who I am, warts and all. 😛

Honesty is the best policy😉

Anonymous said...

How can a psychopath be honest? Oh yeah, I forgot that a psychopath is always honest because he always thinks he himself is honest and all others are not. LOL!