Military March - Chinese female soldiers

Beautiful soldiers, precision drill.

A little distraction on a Sunday morning. This clip was taken in 2013 if I can remember.
China has come a long long way from the featureless Mao tunics of old to become a modern and rich nation.

I know, the bananas are seething when they see anything China and being rich and powerful and still in disbelief and in doubt that this is real. All fakes, China is a poor country with no money, despite the top four banks and top 5 companies in the world according to Forbes are Chinese. And not only these four banks, China also pumped in hundreds of billions into AIIB and the Brics Bank aka New Development Bank. No money but got billions and billions to pump into these banks, into BRI, in reconstructing and rebuilding a poor Africa looted by the Europeans? Money not real, just imaginary?

Look at the pride of a people on the rise, full of confidence that this is their Century, no humbug, no big talks about going to be. China is already there. China has arrived.

Below is the military parade to celebrate 70 years of victory over Japan held in 2015. China did not have this kind of soldiers and weapons systems when they were fighting the invading Japanese. Neither did they have them when fighting 22 countries in the anti US Imperial War in Korea. China is the only country that defeated the Americans and a combined international force from 22 countries.


Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB. Should have see their Documentary of their Making of their Armed Forces or PLA (People's Liberation Forces) called whether in Army,Navy or Air Force preparations,selections and drills in having these Parades.

People's Liberation Forces in reconize of their sufferings under Foreign Forces.

Their members will always remember this Name and fought to their death.

See how painstakingly they chose and drilled them in perfection.

See how proud they are been chosen to be the defenders of their people.

Unlike Sinkeland half past six practically most bespectacled civvy soldiers and their half bucket commissioned and NCOs.

Now even kena charged for not even ordering another comarde to get away and caused his Death.

Given ranks and authority just for show. Might as well be a PSM.

Private Smapai Mati.

Be NCOs to kolam another comrade to Death. Be officer but afraid to protect his men. Too scared of his overwhelming same breed of men or Subordinates that squeezed his balls.

Now worse, have foreign trash instant citizens to be Boy Scouts and Guides with their two week holidays camps.
Even the Rest of the World Armed Forces with the exception of the North Koreans no fight with thr PLA.

Their Women soldiers beat hands down even many Countries Male soldiers.


Virgo 49 said...

Apology should be People's Liberation Army. NOT Forces.

See some more Goose March.

One of the most difficult March only in Socialists Nations of China, North Korea or Russia and some Eastern Bloc European Nations.

If Sinkieland Armed Forces do Goose March. The Parade Square would be littered with Lam Pars.

Hard time for the GDMen to clean and sweep.

Now got GDMen or not during our time? Rumors that CCS was once a GDman b4 becoming a General.


Anonymous said...

A great sight to behold.

The Neatness and
the Precision.

Respect to them.

Wish the Peoples Republic Of China
stays United, Strong and Prosperous.


Anonymous said...

In Sin,
soldiers become major and above in the Army.
Almost All had not even been to any battle ground.
Some even rose to rank of generals;
paper generals.
What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Like the boobs !

Anonymous said...

eeee, mean like the boots !

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I would disagree with Old Dragon for being sentimental at times. When I looked at the young female soldiers marching with pride and confidence, well dressed and well armed, I could reflect on how poor China was and how it was invaded and its womenfolks became victims of brutal murderers and rapists, especially the Japanese. And then they were hapless, unable to fight back, nothing to fight back, just suffered and be killed.

A whole nation of a few hundred million Chinese people living in poverty and suffered aggression from every little country that set foot on China.

Now every one of these girls could stand up, take up arms to fight against the invaders, not to be bullied any more. China is now a nation united, rich and powerful and would not be humilated anymore. The new children of China will live and enjoy the good life of normal children and grow up with all the things needed to grow with, and have a little bit of fun and joy. No more fear, no more tears of poverty and deprivation.

These comparisons brought tears to my eyes. A civilisation, my civilisation, is alive, has revived itself and to stand shoulder to shoulder with other nations and civilisations, without being bullied and looked down upon, not to be oppressed and suppressed to be the Sick Man of Asia, but a benevolent rich nation that can help others to grow out of poverty and lead similarly good life.

My tears are tears of joy for the Chinese people, for the Chinese Civilisation.

Anonymous said...

Will Singapore host US missiles?

US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said Saturday that he was in favor of deploying ground-based intermediate-range missiles in Asia. If that is the case, it will certainly trigger an intense arms race in the region.

The US is greedily pursuing an absolute and all-sided military superiority to consolidate its hegemony. It refuses to accept any relative balance of power. Such a stubborn and overbearing country has become the largest source of Asia's instability.

US deployment of intermediate-range missiles in Asia will break the status quo at the most extent. In addition to an arms race, geopolitical chaos is also likely to be triggered. Its impact will be much more serious than that of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense in South Korea, because intermediate-range missiles are undoubted offensive weapons. Any country accepting US deployment would be against China and Russia, directly or indirectly, and draw fire against itself.

It is foreseeable that Washington will consider Tokyo and Seoul and ask them to accept the deployment. But compared with Europe which was antagonistic to the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact during the Cold War, Japan and South Korea will bear much more risks opposing China and Russia. China is among the two states' most important trading partners. If they assist the US to threaten China and Russia, China-Russia retaliations will cause no less loss to their national interests than those caused by the US pressure.

Asia is the fastest growing region in today's world. Although interstate relations between Asian countries seem rather complicated, a network in which members support and propel each other has been established, and China is now at the center of such a system. Washington's intention to hit China is in fact a bid to smash the system which is creating prosperity. The US is turning its sense of crisis into confrontations among Asian countries.

Asian countries must collectively resist the US' attempt in creating new crisis in this region and prevent it from provoking extreme arms races and forcing all countries to take sides.

Particularly Japan and South Korea must remain sober. Their interests have been diverse due to Asia's vigorous development. The US is no longer their only source of benefits. The two countries' relations with both China and Russia have stayed largely smooth and economic cooperation is expanding. It will be their nightmare if they follow the US to start a new Cold War.

The US must accept the rise of China and other Asian countries. It should never strong-arm Asian states, including China and Russia. In fact, we do not believe the US can succeed in drawing its Asian allies over to its side even if Washington persists. Its Asian allies hope to maintain relations with both the US and China, and are reluctant to take sides.

China's economic strength can sustain a much larger defense budget than now. The US should not start a new lose-lose game and let the Asian arms race grow out of control. It will only force China to build a super weapons arsenal, certainly not in line with long-term US interests.

It is believed that China and Russia will strengthen strategic coordination and join hands to resist the US plan. It is hoped that Japan and South Korea will not turn themselves to cannon-fodder in the aggressive US Asian policy.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The US can only start an arms race and a cold war in Asia if silly Asian leaders allowed them to do so. And there are many silly little USAs eagerly wanting to do so.

With missile bases in their countries, they would be targeted by Chinese and Russia missiles, all within range.