Hurray Trump has done it

The S&P 500 fell 85.72 points, or 2.9%, to 2,840.60. The Dow sank 800.49 points, or 3%, to 25,479.42. The Nasdaq composite lost 242.42 points, or 3%, to 7,773.94. The Russell 2000 index of smaller company stocks slid 43.05 points, or 2.8%, to 1,467.52.

The losses come a day after stocks rallied when the Trump administration delayed tariffs on about $160 billion in Chinese goods that were set to take effect on Sept. 1.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to defend his trade policy Wednesday, saying "we are winning big time, against China." Yahoo News 14 Aug 19

I have always wrote in praise of Trump for his effort in bringing down the American Empire. And he has consistently and relentlessly been pushing his agenda his way that he thought would make America Great Again. He sincerely believed that he is godsend to do this job. He is the best man in the USA to make American great again.  ‘We are winning big time, against China’.  Oops, Dow fell 800 points or 3%. And the fear of recession is looming around the corner. Not to worry, Trump the Conman is in charge. He will continue to con the Americans all is fine, China is in deep trouble, America is doing very well. But he quickly reversed course and said the new tariff hike would take effect on 15 Dec. Otherwise all the imports for Christmas present would be much more costly to the Americans this Christmas.

Now look at the figures above posted in Yahoo News on 14 Aug and ask if you believe in them or believe in Trump the Conman. There were many indicators pointing to serious problems in the US economy, falling real income, employment numbers and the need to lower interest rates. But no one wants to believe but love to believe in Conman Trump. Now reality hits, bond market indicators showed recession coming and Dow plunged, 800 points. You cannot hide, cannot run, cannot lie.

In the meantime Trump and his gangsters are behaving like terrorists terrorizing countries all over the world with threats of war. The people in Iran and Venezuela are waiting being massacred by the Americans. Warships and warplanes are all over Iran. In the case of Venezuela, the Americans had stopped a ship carrying food to feed the Venezuelans. The Venezuelans can die as long as Trump and his terrorists try to do a regime change to force Maduro, their elected President to step down. If not, die shall the Venezuelans. The same goes to the Iranians. The North Koreans are luckier as China is just next door and food supply and essentials will not stop flowing into the country to feed the North Koreans despite all the sanctions and blockades by the Americans for the last few decades.

I digress. The most and immediate threat to the world economy and world peace is the Number One Terrorist of the World trying all ways to destroy the world. Trump is the leader leading a bunch of unscrupulous leaders in the White House doing just this, to destroy the world to make America great again, but not before destroying America in the process.

Well done Conman Trump. No more trade deal with China.

The children of the world that survived this madness created by Trump and his gangsters would remember how great America was, but then dead and gone.


Anonymous said...

You gotta give it to this mad dog.

He is the writer of the most powerful tweet in the world.

One little tweet from him and many will make millions.

Instead of looking at charts and technical indicators, it's better to predict his moods and look at his tubby dirty fingers tweeting.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The US Justice Department issued a warrant Friday for the seizure of the Iranian oil supertanker Grace 1, one day after a Gibraltar judge allowed the release of the detained vessel.

The Justice Department alleged the ship was part of a scheme "to unlawfully access the US financial system to support illicit shipments to Syria from Iran by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps," which the US has designated a foreign terrorist organization. Yahoo News

This is how this terrorist country terrorised the world, arresting ships at their whims and fancy by all kinds of fake allegations.

Anonymous said...

Kaliyuga - Age Of Decline And Suffering

As mankind progressed, the world today is much different from the world of yesteryear. Technological invention, engineering innovation, scientific discovery and medical advancement have made life easier and more convenient in certain ways. However, they, at the same time, also contribute to much of the declines and sufferings. E.g.


1. Morality decreased.
2. Ethical standards decreased.
3. Quality of leadership decreased.
4. Abiding professional codes of conduct decreased.
5. Affordable and cheap housing decreased.
6. Quality of life decreased.
7. Healthy living decreased.
8. Personal and public security decrease.
9. Social security decreased.
10. Compassion and kindness decreased.


1. Greed and selfishness increased.
2. Cost of government increased.
3. Taxation and duties increased.
4. Cost of living increased.
5. Violence and conflicts increased.
6. Crimes, especially white-collar crimes, increased.
7. Careless and accidental deaths increased.
8. Suicides increased.
9. Health problems increased.
10. Vices increased.

Anonymous said...


How is WSG?

Must have made lots of money!


Virgo 49 said...

Why delayed the 10% tariff increase for the Americunts's Christmas shopping?

So who is hurting more? Americunts enjoying for decades cheap cheap China's products and yet Dotard called unfair trade practices.

PRCs can easily have their porridge with salted fish.Americunts cannnot go without their Big Mac and Big Coke.

Xi announced they ready to last the stand off.

Who will blink first? Still how lian said we are winning.


Anonymous said...


LOL!!! This is old news liao lah.

Some more ... 800 points in Dow is no longer the same as 5 or 10 years ago --- it's only 3% now.

You might as well say the 7,500 point drop in 2008/2009 --- at least that's 53% drop.


Real world sucks. So what?!?!

Majority of Sinkies and New Sinkies are going to earn and collect more & more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

While most of you here can only KPKB and bang balls. LOL!!!

What are you going to do about it?!?!?

Go Matland/Batam casino or bothel??!?!?


PS: Just back from my prata & tek terik breakfast, after a 5km jog ... Shiok!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Knee-jerk reactions:

BTW RB: The days 14-16 Aug when the DJI, S&P, Russell all jatoh like nangkah busok, SZSE Component Index & SSE Composite Index also fell like grandmothers' tetek lah. You are cherry-picking the data to support your flimsy case lah Nice try, dude! 🤣

It's all good lah. Market indices go up, go down, go whip-saw/ see-saw. If got crazy news going on, that'll be reflected in short-term volatility (i.e. wild ups and downs). Nothing to worry about lah. It's NOISE.

America still got the best (i.e. "least shitty") economy in the world. US dollar strong, and in short supply. Cuntries (with USD-denominated debt) will be calling "UNCLE...tolong! tolong!" soon and the Fed will cut rates more or go gila and return to QE (which I believe is only a matter of time)....

Trump's tweets are able to move markets---in the VERY short term. In the long term, markets tend to move UP. Very few things ever go to ZERO. It is clear that there are complex processes going on...with only a few "simple" things:
1. Supply, Demand & Price
2. Human Action
, as a result of Human Thinking/ Interaction/ Communication...which causes the dynamics in the relationship of supply, demand and price.

Of course if markets look good, Trump will seize the opportunity to BOAST and pump himself up. If markets fail, Trump will blame THE FED (#1 enemy) and CHY-NAH (but he will praise Xi as a "great leader"). The best part: Most people will believe him 😂

Relac, plenty of money still to be made...

Virgo 49 said...

You believed that Braggart? Illusion Mirage Bragging.

Peter Lim also never even whispered how he made big in Real Life.

Can be a Prince Today and a Papuer Tomorrow in real life happenings to anyone.

So don't bragg if you are blessed today.

Virgo 49 said...

Billionaires just eating prata and teh tarik?


Anonymous said...

I have always wrote in praise of Trump for his effort in bringing down the American Empire.


Trump bringing down the American Empire?

Lee Hsien Loong bringing down PAP to lose jialat jialat coming election?

Anonymous said...

Billionaires just eating prata and teh tarik?
Virgo 49 10:08 am

Did WSG say he is billionaire?

Even if billionaire, cannot eat prata and teh tarik meh?

Virgo, please don't anyhow TCSS lah. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...


Yah old man, I enjoy my prata & teh tarik!! Yumm!!


You wanna taste my billionaire shit & piss that comes out?!??? LOL!!!!

That will surely make you win your Matland casino!! Hahaha!!!

PS: I bought a bit more stocks when markets lao sai --- War Stock ETF on night of 14 Aug & Greater China ETF on 15 Aug. Damn shiok!!!

Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Loong bringing down PAP to lose jialat jialat coming election?
10:10 am

Not really lah.

Lee Hsien Loong bringing down PAP to make daft Sinkies suffer jialat jialat and NOT PAP to lose jialat jialat coming election, OK?

PAP will still win big big coming election lah. If not, I will cut off my kkc.

Anonymous said...

Wah wah wah! Anonymous 1023am!

Cut off your kkc? So serious?

So...you think pap will...79.9% at next GE? Or at least 74.9%?

So confident???

Btw please don't cut off your kkc lah....unless.....can no longer marikita!


Anonymous said...

PAP will still win big big coming election lah.
10:22 am

Ya lah, ya lah.

Even Chee Soon Juan also not confident and even publicly criticised the Sinkie opposition for being disparate and a motley group that will not win votes.

Like that how can PAP not win big big, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Even Chee Soon Juan also not confident and even publicly criticised the Sinkie opposition for being disparate and a motley group that will not win votes.
10:35 am

I suspect Chee Soon Juan now become PAP IB to earn a living lah. LOL

Cost of living going up, u know?

Anonymous said...



75%? 80%? Or 85%?

What say you!???

Virgo 49 said...

At least have tim sum at Prima Revolving Restaurant NOT prata and teh tarik.

Got monies dont know how to spend. Bring all to your coffins.

Have seen many scourges like you pretending to be rich but actually worse than a pauper just displaying their Ego.

At least I chow chow can eat at restaurants rather than just $1.00 kosong prata.

Hey, better eat half and keep half for your supper.

Pathetic Papuer pretending to be a Prince.

Anonymous said...

10:53 am

Big big like last time lah.

For PAP,

Best case - PAP win 100% seats. TCB will really lost his way and give up politics. CSJ will continue as politician to earn his living.

Worst case - Only TCB win 1 GRC or SMC, the rest all habis. TCB will be the next Low Thia Khiang and may even eventually end up like Low Thia Khiang. LOL

Virgo 49 said...

Ya, have Also seen billionaires telling their maids to keep their salted fish left over for tomorrow's lunch.

Have you?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Dow Jones Index trend for daily, weekly and monthly all pointing down.

Virgo 49 said...

Just wonder whether he WSG can live up to my age.

With his scourge living spend more on medicines than food.

Got monies also use. Puah siew they said in hokkien.

Half dead

Virgo 49 said...

Wah you WSG sidekick or lam pars carriers.

Need to defend him. Let him throw you some balance prata scraps.

Virgo 49 said...

Stupid means STUPID.

CSJ is ralling the Opposition to jell and cooperate.

You call him NOT confident.

Must learn from lessons and mistakes and win from there

Daft Sinkies.No wonder even LKY called you dafts and you still vote the PAP.

Anonymous said...

Dow Jones Index trend for daily, weekly and monthly all pointing down.
RB 11:11 am

What goes up can come down and what goes down can also come up.

So what's the big deal?

Virgo 49 said...

Wah, you really Anti CSJ.

Must be really desperate PAP IB.

Why kena screwed by your masters for not criticising CSJ enough.

When CSJ is in Parliament, you be scavenging for food at rubbish dumps

Anonymous said...

CSJ is ralling the Opposition to jell and cooperate.
Virgo 49 11:19 am

Aiyo, if CSJ is ralling u to cut off your kkc, will it happen or not? LOL

Anonymous said...

Why is it that whatever RB talks about world affairs, the collateral damage always comes back to CSJ and now TCB?

Is this guy the one selling the 69.90% koyok? Now change tactic because of the bad economic numbers and coming election, so the master ordered him to aim at this two instead.

Anonymous said...

Wah, you really Anti CSJ.
Virgo 49 11:21 am

CSJ is a joker like u lah.

Not really Anti CSJ but just for having a good laugh lah. LOL

Don't be so serious leh.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB and all

Please don't spread FEAR here leh!

Everyone not so lucky like WSG...made lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$!

If markets collapse...bedok reservior.........!!!!???

Siong lah!

Anonymous said...

Trump is manipulating the stock markets with his frequent up-down flip-flop decision tweets for his personal business empire's benefits, as well as his cronies.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that whatever RB talks about world affairs, the collateral damage always comes back to CSJ and now TCB?
11:34 am

So that daft Sinkies can relate mah. They may not know Trump but at least they know CSJ and TCB lah.

And also for a good laugh lah.

U can call me PAP IB but I am not paid lah.

I just want to have some fun and laughter for the weekend. And u and that stupid Virgo take it so serious. For what? LOL

Virgo 49 said...

I also like to screw you for your stupidity for seriousness.

As choosing CSJ and the PAP parrot can be a difference to your idle brain DEAD mind.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, another tax cut by Trump will enable the super rich to prop up the stock market once again, by using 'stock buy back schemes' using the tax cut savings. The super poor can continue to live on the streets, homeless and living off soup kitchens in the richest country of the world. The tax cut does not benefit them!

Tax cuts are, after all, funded by the Trump supporters themselves in the form of tariffs passed to them and collected by Trump to bail out the super rich, himself included. The US poor are very patriotic, willing to sacrifice by having to pay more for Chinese goods.

The world is in turmoil now, India against Pakistan, Japan against South Korea, India having trouble with Kashmir and the CIA trying to drive a big wedge between China and Russia. And the CIA is discreetly using Taiwan and Hong Kong to spread propaganda about Putin discrediting China. You can smell the sulphur wherever the CIA sets foot.

Virgo 49 said...

Prof CSJ joker like me. Wah evelated my standing.

Only jokers like you are a disgrace to our SMART Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

If markets collapse...bedok reservior.........!!!!???
11:35 am

Don't worry, some of the 30% may end up in bedok reservoir but 70% will still be around to vote for PAP.

Anonymous said...


Virgo 11.50

For a moment I thought you were going to say 'I also like to screw you for some fun and laughter'


Anonymous said...


Think I'll live longer than you ah pek! LOL!!!

I recently crossed 50 --- went for health check ... BP: 78/115 ... LDL: 62 ... HDL: 110 ... Total Cholesterol: 172 ... Resting heart rate: 76/min ... Fasting glucose: 4.5 ... Cancer markers all clear ... Total body fat: 17% ... Colonoscopy all clear, zero polyps.

I don't have any conditions & not on any medications.

All thanks to moderate exercise, early retirement, intermittent fasting!!

I INVEST in healthcare ... I try NOT to spend on healthcare. LOL!!!

Usually the sign of losers & wannabees who will keep talking about branded restaurants & what they think is "atas" food. ;) ;)

Those who know the value of things & know what they want / need are as comfortable eating at their favourite HDB kopitiam in shorts & slippers, as in dining at Putien or Les Amis or Shoukouwah.

Virgo 49 said...

Just one statement. Here today gone tomorrow.

Clean bill of health today. DEATH certificate to Hell tomorrow.

With your idle mind of only scourging for more and more wealth even before uncle already bye bye.

Me only tak kek not ah peh even at our age. Fifty many like you already hay hay dont talk of outliving me.

Anonymous said...


///Here today gone tomorrow.///

Chance of Virgo ah pek gone tomorrow: >>>50%

Chance of WSG gone tomorrow: <<50%


Anonymous said...

Hi WSG1245am

HV you heard that people don't grow old?

Cause they die young!

V ah pek maybe longer than your friend lky!

Hope you understand! Never never never compare!


Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:05pm

Naaahh, ah pek virgo started to compare 1st mah. So I also join in to TCSS hahahaha!!!

What so scared about comparing who die first???? Seen a few people die in front of me liao, no big deal. LOL!!!

Anyway statistically & medically lao ah pek virgo sure to up lorry b4 me!! LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

this tiny well known as Sin,
the Frogs in it has nothing to be proud of, no matter how clever one is.
This barren rock is a desert devoid of any spiritual value.
Most are living like cyborg and robot.
One who lives for 20 years would have no further need to live any longer as after 20 years, the rest of living any longer shall be a routine of the Initial 20 years.
And worse,
one gets more mechanical like machine runs by software.

Anonymous said...

Trump actually doesn't know shit about economics or good policy. He is practically running his govt on impulse and what was said on Foxnews. Flip flop, roti prata style that made no world leaders trusting him for his word.
If US goes down the mud because of his China trade war , the blame should lie on his economic adviser, the anti-China Dracula-looking Peter Navarro. And Trump should hang him when he comes to his senses.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump
is the
Greatest President the USA has ever had.
He is totally different from all Former US Presidents in history.
to respect and salute him not just for winning the Presidency against all odds.
His survival and popularity amongst the Americans is almost legendary knowing that almost all recent Ex-presidents before him bay for his blood. However,
Donald Trump not only is able to hold them at bay, he literally scorn at them like they are vermins.
See how quiet Obama, the Clintons and the Bushes are ? Almost timid like breeded dogs !

This Maverick President is like what the Americans hail as the Gift of God to make the Americans Great.

Hail Donald Trump the Great.

imho said...

Do not underestimate him - he is a cunning wolf. he is testing how much ammunition china still has.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Chee Soon Juan now become PAP IB to earn a living lah. LOL

Cost of living going up, u know?
August 17, 2019 10:41 am

You think everyone like you, no principle, easily bought by a few dollar?

Anonymous said...

White Supremacists' lynching mobs said:

"You shouldn't have political rights, make demands on white people, and shouldn't have the same rights in courts."

Virgo 49 said...

There are a thousand and one terminal diseases currently.

Don't brag too soon. With monies grabbers like you can also grab all these Terminals 5 and 6 anytime soon.

See who up lorry first.