Huawei helps you from being spied by the Americans

The accusation that Huawei is spying on its users has come out blank. The Americans have repeatedly failed to produce any evidence that Huawei is spying on its users. Stephen Roach, a professor from Yale University said this, US accusation of Huawei spying is based on innuendo and assumptions but not facts.

The truth is that the US is spying on everyone using Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple etc. The British are using Huawei’s equipment to build their 5G network. But before that, the British made Huawei signed a document that would allow the British to sue Huawei for damages should Huawei be found spying on them. Huawei signed.

The same document was put to the American network providers, including Google and Apple, but none of them was willing to sign. What does this say of the American companies, yes, there are all spying on their users. The Americans are spying on everyone but accusing Huawei of spying or may be spying in the future but really not spying at all.

Huawei should now come out to tell its users that using Huawei’s equipment is a sure way of helping its users from being spied by the Americans. Yes, using Huawei’s equipment means the Americans cannot spy on you and neither would Huawei spy on you.

Think about it. Huawei’s equipment are the safest equipment from spying if one tears away the American lies. Be safe, use Huawei equipment and mobile phones.

The Americans are the thieves that are shouting thief, thief, thief!!!!

The latest report from Huawei is that despite the American threats and sanctions, Huawei’s revenue is growing at 23%. No one is listening to the American lies about Huawei. Huawei is growing stronger and using their own chips and operating systems that are more superior that before…and free from American spying.

Why are the Americans so worried about spyware in Huawei’s equipment? Because they built spyware in all their products Made In America. And they presumed Huawei would do the same. But they were so wrong. Not everyone think and do like the American’s evil way.


Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB. Our gallant Singapore Smart oldies knew about this.

That's why they can queue for hours for the Huawei phones.

Perseverance pays. Now have $100.00 voucher to purchase their phones.

Now, Huawei smart smart. You can use this voucher to buy their even higher grade or higher priced phones.

So more businesses for them. Chinese businesses very innovative just like the Electronics Trade Fair. Certain sets special discounts. Rock bottom price.

Reached there all SOLD out. Please buy higher grade same items.


Anonymous said...

I never queue.

I bought the higher end Huawei phone, the hPhone.

They gave me a discount of $100, without voucher. Hahahaha.....

And I am a youngie, not oldie. Hahahaha......

Oldie got conned?

Anonymous said...

Still, sympathy for Huawei has dropped a notch after their recent insincere $54 smartphone ad that preyed on Singapore's elderly - a reminder of typical Ah Tiong's unscrupulous mercantile practices.

Anonymous said...

The conjob was to put out ONLY 100 phones @ $54 across the whole country. Actually only 4 outlets. Meaning each outlet, if divided equally, has only 25 phones. So, it ended up about 1000 old men (no women because women are smarter) queuing up for 25 phones.

The thing is, if they had some cow sense, they could have put up a sign to warn the oldies that only the first 25 will get to buy the phone at $54. But they did not. So what does that tell you?

Basically, it was a con job to lure customers into their shops to buy other items, other phones.

Cheap Gimmick!

Anonymous said...

Aiyo Uncle RB, u think Huawei also good guy meh?

Have u forgotten how Huawei made a fool of those oldie Sinkies using their $54 phone gimmick?

And that $54 phone gimmick also reveal oldie Sinkies (I mean those who queue long long lah) are indeed fools. LOL

But I think Uncle RB did not queue, so he is not a fool.

Some more Uncle RB also did not join the Sinkie opposition, so lagi not a fool. Very smart.

Ah Ngeow said...

Absolutely accurate depiction of the Americant's issue with Huawei.

99% of the world's internet population are fools to trust google, facebook, twitter, instagram and so on because these are spying on your life, gathering information ostensibly for marketing purposes but in reality, having back doors for intelligence services to gather information for nefarious purposes.

Huawei was actually approached for leaving a back door but Huawei refused to comply and exacerbated by an ongoing trade dispute which the moron started for electioneering purposes, was targeted. Like the CEO of Huawei said, it does not need the Americants. The inevitability is that it is going to take the top spot powering ahead of Samsung and that piece of crap, the Iphone.

As a senior pioneer generation, I use only Huawei. I did not go for the $54 phone giveaway because I knew the response would be overwhelming and also such a phone would not meet my high powered needs. However, it is now evident that Huawei is a popular phone. It's only hurdle is to wean the youngsters away from the crappy iphone which is all hype and no substance.

In China, youngsters are abandoning the iphone and going for Huawei because it is now hip to own one as Huawei's marketing strategy is now veering to capturing the younger set having already convinced the mature users of its superiority. Soon, the iphone will be a dinosaur much like the Nokia. Wait and watch how its demise will devastate Wall Street and consequently the Americant evil empire.

Anonymous said...

U heard of Karma?

Because of Karma, that's why Huawei kena tekan jialat jialat by Trump.

Because of Karma, that's why Hsien Loong's own brother and sister publicly go against him and even shamed him jialat jialat.

Because of Karma, Hsien Loong's good friend Najib lost the election and got charged and also kena shamed jialat jialat.

Because of Karma, the Sinkie opposition always lose jialat jialat every election.

Virgo 49 said...

Actually to be fair to Huawei.

They are trying to give a discount to the Senior Citizens knowing that most would only want to buy their 194.00 phone.

But they were overwhelmed by the response.Now they are dispensing nearly half a million worth to all those eligible elderies.

So have to be fair to them.Maybe NOT their sales grimmick.

So many countries in joint contracts with Huawei.So NO spying.They trusted them.

When you downloaded any apps from the sources of goggle etc.
They asked your acceptance in allowing them to access your data of photos and other docs etc. So that is already giving them leeway to spy on you with all your data.

Americans too fearful that they been overtake by the Chinese.Thus this propaganda.

Even Mahathair fully supported Huawei.Last trip at the Genting Casino happened to find an unattended Huawwei phone on one jackpot machine.

Now free owner of one Huawei phone. Middle range and at that time even had special discounts of 20% in Matland eateries and shops which fully supported Huawei in defiance of Dotard Trump's ban on them.


Anonymous said...

Not everyone think and do like the American’s evil way.


Of course not everyone lah, but most of them like the American way or rather the Western way.

Just as not every Sinkie voted for PAP, but most of them voted for PAP.

In fact many (including lots of PRCs I know) dream of an American life in America and the West.

Even Huawei CEO's daughter spent a lot of her time in Canada (it was reported that she had a lot of houses there), and perhaps also America, and that's how she was so easily arrested in Canada. LOL

Anonymous said...

Because of Karma, the Sinkie opposition always lose jialat jialat every election.
10:28 am

So what bad things the Sinkie opposition did to deserve their Karma of always lose jialat jialat every election?

And what good things (LOL) the PAP did to deserve their Karma of always win big big every election?

Anonymous said...

All along it was said that Huawei's 5G created so much fear for the spies of the West because they could no longer spy on the rest of the world if US and it's allies use Huawei's 5G infrastructure.

And they think they could turn it around by accusing Huawei without first producing evidence to support their claims. Like Iraq, they think that attacking first and trying to explain how they got the fake evidence will always work. But this time, many countries no longer trust the thinking and motive of the US, because they realise how dangerous it can be in the case of Iraq.

And some Iraqis are saying that they now prefer to be under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein rather than the chaotic, dangerous and downtrodden rule of the evil empire's puppets. Then the iron fisted rule of Saddam gave the country stability. Now who is benefitting from the oil?

Anonymous said...

Hi 1028am & 1223pm

Karma or no karma many many many many many had projected a very very very very very high % for pap at the next GE!

We shall see!


Anonymous said...

Whenever RB talks about anything that happens around the world, the Singapore opposition sure as the sun rises, suffers collateral damage.

Grandmothers like to tell the same old story over and over and over and over and over and over and over...…..

Virgo 49 said...

Simplistic minds.

Just because HuaWei's CEO daughter brought houses in Canada or other countries does NOT mean that they are deserting their homelands.

Never heard of the term of capitalising or colonisation on countries with WEALTH.

They brought over so that they have brought over that particular country also with their capitalistion.

Certain countries shut out foreigners buying certain properties so as not to be now new global colonisation by them.

Only sinkieland sold everything for monies.

Foreigners want. Also their grandmothers, grandpas and also their daughters and sons and even pantaks.


Virgo 49 said...

Hi Bro.Forgive them for they do not know what's they harping.

Famous quote by Lord Jesus Christ.

Pathetic souls who have to depend on their two dollars per post for the Papies to have their daily bread.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Aiyah, it goes without saying, PAP sure win the next Generals' Erections lah.

There are so many young boyish-looking Jumbo Generals and Ex'Generals (Paper, Pseudo or Balls-Carrying-Careerists) in the SAF and MINDEF, all beholden to and go all out in helping PAP, both outside and inside the PAP.

Opportunistic Opposition Parties got Generals or not? If no, how can they even dream of a General's Erection during the Generals' Erections period?

Next GE, around the corner, PAP will get at least 79.9% lah.

Very easy one. Do you know why it's very easy one? Because the number of Smart Sinkies has increased from 69.9% to 79.9% over the last 4 years. An increase of 2.5% every year. Owing to the intake of new citizens who are beholden to the PAP government.

This clever strategy of staying in power forever nobody can beat one.

Can the opportunistic opposition leaders do it? Will new citizens be beholdened to opposition parties? Of course, not. Fat hope.

Don't believe? Think again. Think like a winner. Don't think like a loser and start using all sorts of vulgarities!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Dun know whether Uncle RB is getting senile or that he just can't make distinctions that are more complex than a simple one line "indicator": "China Good, America No Good" 👀

Using Google, Apple, amazon, Facebook etc is voluntary---you choose to use, you have to agree to their terms which specifically tells you they will collect your data. They also don't "spy"...they collect data (which has already been agreed to). The agencies capable of spying are law enforcement, NSA, GCHQ, Mossad...all the bonafide spook agencies of various nation-states.

The implication about Huawei is that if they control the 5G networks, they can/ will be actively spying. (Yet to be proven, BTW). Users will have no choice but to use these networks involuntarily. If they choose not to, they will have to suffer the inconvenience of conducting their lives without network connections, which is extremely distressing since we use the net for so many things in our routine lives now.

But not to worry. The Trump Whitehouse and Republicans in general HATE many of the (non-military) high-tech companies. Facebook and Google have been hauled into courts and had face-to-faces with various governments; not just the US. They have been caught more than once in wilfully acting in bad faith. Facebook's latest 5 billion dollar fine by the FTC is the highest penalty in history paid by a corporation.

Trump has NO LOVE for Amazon or Jeff Bezos. Bezos is using the Washington Post to hammer Trump on a daily basis. In a similar vein, Trump has been waging constant war on Amazon. Amazon got the contract for providing cloud services to the Pentagon, Trump stepped in and fucked the deal.

So yeah, the anti-Trump, anti-Republican/ right-wing politics of Silicon Valley techs may face stiff regulation, especially coming to a Presendiatial Election. We might find that at the end they will lose as much as or MORE than Huawei has by being banned by the US Federal Govt. 😱

When Trump wielding his wrecking ball, better fuck off, get out of the way or you might get hit And he won't care!☠️☠️

Anonymous said...

Hi Frog Outside Glass 2.24

True, it goes without saying, or reminding, that PAP will win the next election, but some people have to keep on harping on this issue since time immemorial. it is some sort of 'ego lifting chant' from Papism bible.

And as Virgo said, lots of money can be made just playing that broken record.

Anonymous said...


Aiyo, like that means SDP not ready to be govt lah.

And like that sure die one lah, I mean Dr Chee and his gang. I think Dr Chee is ready to be PM but then his SDP is not ready. LOL

Best scenario, I mean for opposition. Tan Cheng Bock will win a GRC and become the next Low Thia Khiang. If Hougang still remain SMC, maybe WP will win 1 seat. If not, all wipe out one, for sure.

By the way, u can curse me for being PAP IB but I am not paid lah, for your info. I like to say it as it is because it is fun and also most likely will happen one. Don't believe, u wait and see lah.

imho said...

The yankees always got muscle but no brain. Always made use by others to fight stupid wars and now others want the yankees to fight china. Yankees better be smarter or else ended up no good. Yankees and china can be best of friends. Huawai and iphone can co exist but they must wipe out the rest esp those dark ones.

imho said...

Cashcow Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook are very useful. Can anyhow fine them and pay debts down. Better let them stay than others take advantage.

Anonymous said...

@RB, @All,

I invest solely to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. So being stone cold hearted is the best policy when it comes to investing or speculating or analysing companies or industries or trends.

Of course if you're talking about emotional TCSS or BS-ing then everything is ok lah!!! LOL!!!!

FB, Microsoft, Google are FUCKING CASH SHITTING & CASH PEEING MACHINES, despite all the multi-BILLION dollar fines, govt bans, govt regulations & anti-fake news laws & anti-privacy laws & anti-monopoly laws etc etc. Despite the trade wars, global economic slowdown, and cyclical downturn in semiconductors/tech ... they are STILL SHITTING MORE CASH THAN PREVIOUS YEARS!!

Even Apple --- which has ceased being a growth company since 2015 --- is STILL SHITTING TONS OF $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ EVERY FUCKING YEAR. In fact so much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that Apple doesn't know WHAT THE FUCK TO DO WITH ALL THOSE CASH!!!!! Yeah that's right --- their corporate cash deposits & cash-like securities just keep getting BIGGER YEAR BY YEAR. Warren Buffett who is now a major Apple shareholder will definitely be asking Apple to increase their dividends & share buybacks so as to return more of those SHITLOADS of CASH to investors.

Huawei is privately held and is NOT a public listed company. So I (and any battle-hardened investor) will take whatever figures they put out with a big truckload of salt. Besides, the 23% increase is only for their topline --- what about their bottomline??!? And even if they reported their bottomline profits & earnings, China companies tend to have ACCOUNTING DISEASE of fake or undisclosed facts & figures LOL!!!

For sure IF Huawei is publicly listed, I will be VERY INTERESTED in investing --- but only at a price that makes sense for me, and also in smart position sizes.

Currently, there's opaque accounting & cashflows at Huawei (and most other China companies). I won't be surprised if China govt is using millions of taxpayer monies to bolster Huawei e.g. by ensuring it wins central govt and municipal govt tenders, giving "pioneer-status" R&D grants, "co-investing" into projects etc etc. Singapore is the expert in this, so there's no reason why the star student can't do the same or better. LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

5.11pm anon, don't bluff lar. I think it's fun also if possible to see u Kena sodomized by the tuakee also.😀

Anonymous said...

"PSP can help people take up issues only if voted into Parliament", says Tan Cheng Bock at party launch.

That means WP is found wanting?

Anonymous said...

That means TCB is desperate for votes. It also means he is pragmatic & smart. If he doesn't even get enough votes for 1 of his party to be MP, the people have spoken & he will fuck care about their issues.

Anonymous said...

That means WP is found wanting?
11:03 pm

Of course lah. That's why PAP see WP "no up", despite Low Thia Khiang ever praising PAP as a competent govt.

And also that's why PAP decided to sue Low Thia Khiang and 2 other WP MPs through WP's own Town Council (LOL) to finish them off. This type of "found wanting" opposition MPs not worth having in Parliament, or so PAP thinks.

Anonymous said...

That means TCB is desperate for votes.
12:57 am

Not really lah. I think TCB and his team can win provided he contest in those areas (eg Ayer Rajah) when he was PAP MP before.

I say only TCB and team can win hor. The rest all will gone case, save for maybe Hougang, which WP may still win, but this time win narrowly.

The above will be the best scenario for the opposition, unless of course TCB announce his PSP, or for that matter any other opposition party, is ready to be govt just before the election.

Only when the opposition announce they are ready to be govt, then PAP may lose 2/3 majority or even lose the election. If not, 93% chance PAP will continue to win big big as per before.

Anonymous said...

1.17am anon, why u can't sleep at 1am? Just to post your repeated 10000 times comments on the same thing like parrot. I think u also need to be sodomized lar jialat jialat or kuat kuat till no tomorrow lar to cure your this repeated illness😀😀😀

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Bro. Don't waste your oxygen or carbon dioxide on these dafts.

As Mr RB said. Stupidity got no cure.

Brains dead with their mantras that the Oppositions must form the Govt before things can get better.

Let TCB and the Rest show these imbeciles how Opposition can be a formidable Force to better their lives in Parliament when they are been elected.

Just do not know the REAL world of politics and kept repeating their silly comments.

TCB had said as an Alternative and later will progress to take over if the Electorate seen their performance.

A child must learn to walk before he or she run. Or else you fall.

Anyway, don't you think it's better that they be the Opposition first and untangle all the cock ups with them still around.

Else, they scooted away causing havoc to the investigations and drillings.

They were more afraid of these then been taken over.

That's why Goldfish Eyes said they afraid of an adversarial opposition.

Meaning taken them to accountability.


Old Dragon 28 said...

The future of sinkieland is best illuminated by the waves of oldies and youngdies assiduous, relentless, single-minded pursue of pokemon all over the island with many using multiple phones, some seen with custom made portable hand held hand phone rack that can hold up to 5 hp sets, in the backdrop of the upcoming national day celebration, some with flags fluttering above their heads in a hot, humid but windy Saturday afternoon (3 Aug 2019). As the celebration of the 54th bd moves into higher gear, the waves of sinkies pursuing pokemon also gain momentum and grows from strength to strength. In this backdrop of fluttering flags and national songs played in the background, the SOLE concern of the multitude of Sinkies seem to be pokemon. The future of Sinkieland cannot be "brighter "? The "bright" future would be triple confirmed when people higher up such as "chiu kee " also join in such "productive activities " . This "bright " future is best captured when many sinkies even drive from point to point and "catching " pokemon along the way. It is amazing how driven many Sinkies are in such high "productive activities " as the 54th bd celebration mood builds up. It is very "apt" under such backdrop that seemingly the sole concern of many Sinkies is pokemon.

Mee very old le and "outdated ", dunno what is pokemon or seowkeemon or tingtongmon. Dunno how to download or play such "very productive or in thing ".

In this ghost month, in the midst could be the old guards and they must be "very pleased " to witness such "decadence, decline and decay " unfolding particularly in the count down and backdrop of the 54th bd?

Old Dragon 28 said...

Akan Datang ...

Coming ...


வரும் (varum) ...

มา (ma)...

Pagparito ...

လာမယ့် (lar m ae) ...

Đến ...

अ रहे है (a rahe had) ...

来て ...

오는 ...

6-Part 54th BD Series ...

Old Dragon 28 said...

Why this 6-Part 54th BD Series?

Mee no interest in going into politics per se. After some contemplation, reckoned this is the next best way to contribute to Sinkieland (before Ai leave this place for good eventually).

So in the past month, took a one month "Sabbatical" leave to a small island in the Pacific and meditate, think, reflect and wrote this 6-Part series of the 54 reasons/ observations of the rise and fall of nations.

For those who sacrifice their privacy or potential "fixing" and step forward to be counted, sinkies should salute them. They are the courageous cubs, lions and lionesses.

However, Mee no (like) cry (crocodile tears)...

Little bit little bit cry (wayang wayang, take people's daftness (and stupidity) for granted and think the 70+-yo and 80+-yo oldies all 3-year old taken in by all these wayang wayang choke back tears (talking about renewal and accountability. These type of topics need to tear or choke back tears meh? Old dogs cannot learn new tricks? Trying to emulate old man in 1965 and choke back tears? Want to Hsian Tao Sinkies and treat them like 3-yo? NahBeh... XXX!!!)

Mee no like wayang. Will only do what GENUINELY will benefit sinkies and future generations.

Thus took one month of "Sabbatical Leave" to write this 6-part 54th BD series (hopefully it will be of some use in helping to rejuvenate and reshape sinkieland and secure her future and those of sinkies).


Happy 54th BD

Anonymous said...

If Hsien Yang join and anchor Tanjong Pagar GRC opposition, chances are very high that the unpopular Chan and Indranee will be sent packing.

Anonymous said...

If Hsien Yang join and anchor Tanjong Pagar GRC opposition, chances are very high that the unpopular Chan and Indranee will be sent packing.
11:57 am

Hard to say lah, because Hsien Yang, and unlike TCB, did not have any political track record at all to speak of, and also not being PAP which will form the govt.

Still remember the 5% Presidential candidate TKL? This guy also had zero political track record, and that's a major factor why he only got 5% votes and also lost his deposit. But he is a good, straightforward person although a bit politically naive which also contributed to his loss.

As for Chee Soon Juan, he has the political track record but unfortunately a terrible one and also politically naive. That's why he every time lose one, even in by-election some more.

Only PAP candidates with no political track record can win, and sure win one.

This is the political reality that any aspiring Sinkie politician should know before he/she plunge into politics.

Virgo 49 said...

Just one statement: Daft Sinkies are just balless for change.

Too afraid of change and take the risk of a challenge for the future.

You think the PAP candidates have politicial track records??

The Opposition Candidates had fought many political battles more than the Papies members who just simply ride on the coat tails of others into Parliament.

Like employees been interviewed in employment and beholden to their employers.They dared raise a whimper against their bosses?

Opposition MPs if elected can voice issues.NOT PAP MPs.

Just simply VOTE the Opposition MPs in with unison and have the balls to have change so that your next generation will not spit and curse at your graves.

Your follies will enslaved their lives.