Hongkongers consuming too much opium and drugged

When the British and foreigners flooded China with opium in the 19th Century, a civilization of people went berserk, their minds went bland under the influence of the drug. From the emperors and mandarins to the farmers and coolies, all were drugged and stone. They could no longer think straight and any policy or action against the use of the drug would be opposed and undermined by the courts. They just want their drugs and nothing else. No personal dignity or pride as a people, as a civilization.

The situation in Hong Kong today is quite similar. This time the drug was fed to the unthinking and impressionable young and they spread the drug to their parents and grandparents. So deeply drugged, they could no longer think and die die would want their way. Many were in a trance, attacking the police as if they were enemies. And they expect the police not to hit back, the police cannot hit back because they are the police.

Can anyone imagine the silly old Hongkongers believing that they are fighting for one country two systems and not the destruction of Hong Kong and their way of life? They are having one country two systems at the moment and they are fighting to destroy it. Irrespective of whatever, the one country two systems will end in another 28 years. China will take back Hong Kong completely. The one country two systems is only good as a temporary measure and the 50 year break is to allow Hong Kong to gradually become one with China, not another state, not an independent Hong Kong. The Hongkongers must have no delusion that Hong Kong could still continue to be under one country two systems after the 50 years expired.

Hong Kong is a teeny weeny bit of China but an embarrassment that China would not allow to happen again. If Hong Kong is to be destroyed, if half of the Hongkongers were to perish for Hong Kong to become China, so be it. The concession of one country two systems were the last unequal treaty China had to sign as it was still not strong enough then to take Hong Kong back fully or risk a war with the West. Hongkongers must not deceive themselves or be deceived by others that they are so important to China and China would give away Hong Kong again.

In today’s context, China could even sail its navy to take England if it wanted to. China today is strong enough to take on the Americans and all its cronies combined, to protect its national interests and territorial integrity. There would be no concession or compromise when these are concerned. The drugged Hongkongers in their delusion may think that it is possible to have an independent Hong Kong to harm China.

Xi Jinping would say, over my dead body. The 1.4b Chinese would say, over our dead bodies. Wake up Hongkongers, give up whatever you are smoking and clear your thoughts. Hong Kong is an inalienable part of China and would be so forever. Still thinking the West would fight and die for a few silly Hongkongers?

China would now have all the reasons to remove the failing one country two systems and integrate Hong Kong fully as part of China. And all the vestiges of Britain, all the angmoh high court judges, civil servants and police officers would be sent back to England for good. And all the yellow skin British subjects would be allowed to migrate to their motherland in England, never to return.

The fate of Hong Kong’s future has changed. China is going all out to promote Shenzhen as the new commercial centre to replace Hong Kong. All Chinese capital and commerce would vacate Hong Kong and move into Shenzhen. All foreign companies would be advised to close down and move out of Hong Kong. Military law would be imposed in Hong Kong and the island locked down. In three months, Hong Kong would be a ghost town. All the generosities from China would be withdrawn and Hong Kong would be struggling to revive an economy that was not there without China.

Hongkongers smart? Hongkongers know what they want and they will get an independent Hong Kong? Not only that this wound not materialize, the prosperous Hong Kong would be a thing of the past. Hong Kong would be dismantled and rebuild from scratch. They have no chips to play, no bargaining power.

Well done, protesters and free Hong Kong movement. You have done it, by delivering Hong Kong to China 28 years prematurely and there would be no democratic Hong Kong that they built in their dreams under the hallucination of drugs. Would the Americans or British die for them in a war with China?
Singaporeans have a new member in its stupidity has no cure club.

PS. The clashes in the streets of Hong Kong had turned the streets into a war zone. The western media are still chirping that the protests were peaceful, not violent. Watch the video clips and see how the mobs attacked and beat up policemen and hurling bricks, petrol bombs and whatever they had at the police force. Peaceful, this is warfare.

The lack of casualties, injuries and bloodshed and death among the mobsters is a tribute to the great restraint exercised by the police force. In many countries, the violent mobs would have been shot and there would be bodies on the streets. The mobsters were so drugged and stoned that they did not know what the hell they were doing, fighting for an independent Hong Kong?

I am in praise of the Hong Kong Police Force, the men and women that faced the mobs and got beaten while restraining themselves from using more force than necessary to whip the daylight out of the mobsters.


Anonymous said...


Good morning.

Sad and sorry for HK.

I sincerely hope that we have everlasting peace in Sg!


Anonymous said...

China should continue to do nothing for the next two months, except to standby para-police force, military troops, armoured vehicles and tanks, supported by artillery, missiles, gun-ships and the air force, near HK so as to be ready for unforseen circumstances.

Let HK's economy shrinks and dives. Let HK properly prices slide. Let tourism decline. Let even big foreign businesses close.

Restrict movements of personnel from HK to other parts of China, except those on official government and quasi-government business.

Reduce money supply, water supply, electricity supply, food supply and banking activities by imposing a levy on everything that is from mainland China.

Chinese Counter-Intelligence units must be deployed in large numbers in HK to deal with CIA and Other countries' spies and subversive elements operating in HK.

HK Police Force must be praised and rewarded to raise their morale and given more tools to deal with the mobs.

In other words, let HK deteriorate into chaos and become a failed city. After that, then declare that the "One Country, Two Systems" concept has failed. Declare a state of emergency, impose curfews and suspend the HK's Constitution.

Send in troops to take over the HK Government and declare martial law.

Flush out all the undesirable elements. Arrest all dissidents and send them to Rehabilitation and Labour Camps to renovate and uplift the Great Wall of China.

Close down all tertiary educational institutions in HK. All those who seek tertiary education have to be sent to the mainland.

Build more professional and tertiary educational institutions in Shenzhen, Macao and Canton.

Build an extensive perimeter wall around HK island and turn it into a military fortress to prevent easy infiltrations by foreign subversive elements.

And more .....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Frog Outside Glass, excellent idea. Think China is moving in this direction.

imho said...

Uprising is very common in china. Its not the first and will not be the last. Some ended up with a lot of blood. Everyone wants freedom and better living and me think gov in this world better adapt and change for the better.

Virgo 49 said...

Hong Kong Police under Carrie Lam do NOT hit BACK.

Try that on the Koreans Riot Police and you get battered.

Anonymous said...


Cheenas celebrating 70th anniversary on Oct 1 --- they won't do anything before that.

I'm waiting patiently to see what they'll do after Oct 12 to Dec.

May be good opportunities later for some of my $450+K warchest to buy when there's blood in the streets!!!


PS: Hongkie stocks went up over 400% within 4 years after Tiananmen.
Cheena stocks went up over 1400% within 4 years after Tiananmen.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In the videos available in social media, many policemen and women were badly beaten by the mobs. One policeman had his front teeth all broken by an object thrown at him. Many had eye injury from lethal laser beams and broken bones

The mobs are dangerous and deadly. They need to be smashed in the same way they smashed the police. The Hong Kong police are too soft.

The PLA is waiting for the right moment to go in and whip these thugs and anarchists.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

WSG guy likes to brag about how rich he is. Wait till he knows how little he has relative to those that have. I know of some whose one year interest is more than his war chest. Only one year interest!

Anonymous said...

蔡老大: "Hong Kong is a teeny weeny bit of China but an embarrassment that China would not allow to happen again. If Hong Kong is to be destroyed, if half of the Hongkongers were to perish for Hong Kong to become China, so be it. "


As leaders, often one must be able to see matters and underlying problems clearly and not the symptoms?

Obviously there are elements exploiting the underlying deep seated social problems HongKongers faced by "fanning (& fueling) the fires".

Great LEADERS should be SMART ENOUGH to see what are the deep seated underlying social problems from the TRIGGERS?

"Walking right into the TRAPS SET by the elements exploiting the deep seated social problems to fan and fuel the fires" could be another signal of "STUPIDITY got no cure"?




笔者知道 MANY BANANAS dunno?

But you mean the enlightened and highly esteemed Chinese, ALL EDUCATED in their VERY OWN CHINESE language never heard of "釜底抽薪"?

The HONGKONGERS were under the British for 100 over years and since when there was DEMOCRACY?

The deep seated social problems created by the previous free wheeling capitalist system and 1001% $$$ oriented BILLIONAIRE businessmen HAVE now come to HAUNT HK's motherland Mainland China?

Before the "fire" get out of hand, it is better to "remove the "firewood" fueling it"?

For the youth, what are their REAL concerns?

蔡老大: "Hong Kong is a teeny weeny bit of China but an embarrassment that China would not allow to happen again. If Hong Kong is to be destroyed, if half of the Hongkongers were to perish for Hong Kong to become China, so be it. "


Are you suggesting Xi Jinping to roll in the tanks and up to 3.5 millions HongKees to perish?

Are you crazy?

Even ancient brutal 秦始皇 WILL NOT do that?

Whoever does that his name for the next 10,000 years will be worst than 秦始皇?

Are you trying to "sabo" Xi Jinping?

If some people think the youth are really concerned about "DEMOCRAZY", then it is REALLY "STUPIDITY HAVE NO CURE" le?

The deep seated social problems in HK are maciam TIME BOMBs?

Sooner or later will surface?

笔者 no time and dun wan to say anymore le.

Hope WHOEVER are handling the situation RECOGNISE how to defuse the fire by "UNARMING" the "TIME BOMBS" than (be like some SILLY OLD BLOGGERS who claimed they have critical thinking) walk right into the "traps setup by some elements and STUPIDLY DETONATE the TIME BOMBs"?

Enough SAID?






You decide?

Anonymous said...


///Wait till he knows how little he has relative to those that have. I know of some whose one year interest is more than his war chest. Only one year interest!///

Hahaha!!! The question is what do YOU have?!?! Anybody who has worked in finance for even just 15 years should be a multi-millionaire by now!

Oh I know I'm very POOR compared to most of those I hang out with!! LOL!!!
My lifestyle is very HDB neighbourhood-like.

I hang out with a group of finance / investing enthusiasts, and most of them have annual dividends of over $300+K-$400+K. There are 2 of them with over $600+K annual dividends --- their children don't need to work liao (of course that's not their attitude, else their families won't be so successful in the 1st place).

There's also a lao ah pek relative of mine who sold his bungalow for $20M during the property peak in 2013. And then bought 4 smaller bungalows & semi-Ds during the slump in 2015 for himself and his children to stay in. But I don't use these people to compare with losers here. LOL!!!

If I always have to use OTHERS to poke fun & compare with losers ... then doesn't it make me a loser as well??!? Ditto for you. ;)

The trick is always to compare ONESELF with others ... evaluate whether it makes sense & worth it ... and then use it to make yourself better!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 11.01am, Obviously you could not comprehend what I wrote in English. Please stick to Chinese idioms.

There is a good suggestion that Carrie Lam can take up. Call Hsien Loong to borrow a contingent of Gurkhas from Singapore to deal with the mobs. The Gurkhas would be a neutral force and the West could not accuse China of brutality.

Anonymous said...

Uncle, that silly bugger thinks he is very clever. He just revealed his true colour.
An ass is always an ass.

Anonymous said...

Chinese ed like that lah. Always think they are smarter than English ed until today still cannot figure out why PAP could get rid of them so easily.

Anonymous said...


Cheena won't accept gurkhas lah. Coz they look like ahnehs, have similar northern neh culture, and seen as creation & vistage of old UK empire.

Many elite cheenas have been instigating Xi and CCP to send in the army .... All hoping to buy cheap properties with 200,000 mangled bodies in the streets.

Sad to say my $450+K warchest agreeing with these cheenas!

But don't think Xi so stupid, unless there's danger of hawks undermining his "for life" position.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If Xi is so stupid he would not be where he is today.

His strategy is likely very close to what Frog Outside Glass mentioned. If the issue is so easy to solve, it would be solved long ago.

Anonymous said...

"Hongkongers consuming too much opium and drugged"


Sungaporeans consuming too much KuanYewism and PAPism and are also equally drugged until stupid

Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, Speed here. The situation in HK is getting rather serious. I am quite certain there are external influencers at play. Let us hope that things will improve and no further policemen or protesters get injured. The sooner this upheaval is over the better.

Anonymous said...


Xi will have no choice but to send in the tanks if hawks in the cheena govt sway more to their side.

Xi & his gang are maintaining control so far.

Anonymous said...

I doubt China will go to the extent of wanting half of Hong Kong's population to perish in order to take it back. That will be falling straight into the trap of the West. The West is basically egging China to do just that, so that the condemnation, sanctions, justification for confrontation and further turmoil will set in.

They were actually going to discuss the purported hash treatment of the protestors by Hong Kong authorities and how they want to deal with it at the G7 meeting, but then Macron himself gets entangled in the Yellow Vest protest with 11 deaths and thousands arrested. Discussing Hong Kong would put Macron himself on the chopping block, so they basically kept quiet in order not to arouse unwarranted response from China and Hong Kong.

There is no need for China to do anything. China can wait. Hong Kong cannot. Just mass anti riot squads at the border for emergency and let Hong Kong fester in it's own shit, and it's economy will tank automatically and the protestors will taste the bitter fruit of following their agitators blindly and inciting violence.

The main agitators have all gone either to US or Taiwan for good. China will say 'good riddance'. China already knows who are behind those protests and have released videos of those traitors meeting with CIA operatives and their travelling to US for instructions, no doubt.

Hong Kong protestors already lost the plot in the very beginning when they destroyed government properties. They lost further support from Hong Kong residents when they blockaded the transport system and prevented others from going to work. And the action that killed all hope of international support came when they occupied the airport, causing undue
hardship to foreigners and tourist.

Now what else are those protestors going to occupy and demand? Why don't they cross over to Shenzhen and sell their democratic movement to the Chinese? They were initially hoping for support from Chinese Nationals. Western educated bananas do not understand the meaning of 'patriotism'. Don't underestimate the upsurge of 'Patriotism' in China under the present Chinese Government's standoff with the US, even without the trade war.

All said, Hong Kong is still going back to China, like it or not for the US or the West. Hong Kong belongs to China, was forced to be ceded to UK for 150 years, and returned to China in 1997. A relatively weak China had to agree to a 50 year 'one country two systems government in Hong Kong'. What does one country mean? Hong Kong and the mainland is all one country, ie China!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speed, long time did not hear from you.

Hong Kong is indeed serious with millions on the streets. Did you not realised that till today there is no fatalities? I believe the order is do anything but avoid bloodshed. It would be so easy to have a few people killed if the police did not exercise restraint.

The situation is allowed to fester and let the silent majority rise up against the madness. But there is a time factor. China would want to celebrate 1 Oct and the situation would have to be dealt with before that. Just wait and see.

Some asshole think we are here to solve the problems for Hong Kong when the leaders of Hong Kong could not do it. My reference to the cost China is willing to pay for Hong Kong was just to show how important Hong Kong is to China. But silly asshole could not understand and assumed that that was the way to go about it, that Xi would go gunning down Chinese Hongkongers. Moron!

Anonymous said...

When a person is incited with anger, r they rational enough to listen to you ? Most probably not. Similarly, when a person is filled with hatred or anger, r they going to listen to you? Also, most likely not. Similarly, what happened in HK youngsters/mobsters nobody can understand or calm them, it's like an inferno or volcanic eruption. Let's wait for this volcanic eruption to be over, be confident that Carrie Lam or Xi Jinping hv all the intelligence & wisdom to resolve this HK protesters issue in time to come, for after volcanic eruption the land will hv a layer of minerals & fertile productive land after that.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I watched many of the videos of the clashes and am astounded by the youngsters, young boys and girls, willing to risk themselves against the might of the police force. The determination on their faces and how they kept coming back to fight their cause despite being hurt. I am disgusted by the violence displayed by their fighters in the front line though.

I could not believe that they think they are going to wrestle Hong Kong from China. But they are fighting like being possessed. Unbelieveable.

These young people could not understand the bigger picture and the bigger war that they are fighting for without knowing that they are just pawns to be sacrificed. This is the sad part of this episode. While they think and believe they are fighting for democracy and freedom, the masterminds are using them to destroy China.

I could not see this ending without tragedies and bloodshed. It needs a lot of wisdom and toughness to see this through. The losers would be these youngsters and the Chinese people. The winners would be the western manipulators. so sad.

Anonymous said...

Humans are sometimes quite silly if you think about it. Why risk life and limb in a political struggle to help put someone in power? Help in the form of going to the ballot box is different.

Sure, a few close cronies will get positions in the Government when they succeed, but for the rest, what do they hope to gain?

As I see it nowadays, Democracy and Socialism are starkly similar. Using taxpayer's money to subsidise farmers is not socialism? Sure China's socialist system also subsidises state firms, but China also used state resources to pull close to 800 million people out of poverty. Is that bad?

Anonymous said...

Now where is UHG? He could give this guy a run for his money!

Better hope not to get what I wished for though!

Anonymous said...

@RB, @All,

Figures are confirming that Hongkie situation has resulted in more rich cheenas buying Sinkie properties.

Residential & office properties are actually fully priced to slightly overpriced. Hence Sinkie properties don't have high upside from current prices.

But rich cheenas not bothered, as making 20X or 100X profits is not their aim.

Anonymous said...

The One And Only Deeply Rooted Problem of Hongkong

This is the real one and only deeply rooted problem of Hongkong. Read in between the lines:

G7 leaders meeting in France on Monday (Aug 26) backed Hong Kong's autonomy as laid out in a 1984 agreement between Britain and China and called for calm in the protest-hit city.

"The G7 reaffirms the existence and the importance of the 1984 Sino-British agreement on Hong Kong and calls for avoiding violence," according to a joint statement issued in French at the end of a G7 summit in Biarritz, southwest France.

The Ghost of the Demised British Empire Turning In Her Grave

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told reporters the leaders of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States and France had all voiced "deep concern" about the situation in Hong Kong.

"The G7 nations all want to support a stable and prosperous Hong Kong and we remain collectively committed to the one-country, two-systems framework," he said."

Read more at:


Anonymous said...


Deep rooted problem of HK:

Young hongkies need to work up to 25 years to afford a 1st home

Average HK home equal to 21 years of average household salaries

For S'pore 4-rm and 5-rm BTOs, it is 4.6 years of average household salaries.

That's why PAPies continue to get 60+++% in GE's.

Next GE high chance 75+%.

Average Sinkie salaries have gone up a lot over the last 3 years you know (~15%-20% on average).

Anonymous said...

Only daft Sinkies (69.9%) will believe you lah.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:25pm

I checked with 5 of my younger cousins (28 - 36 yo) .... all of their salaries at least 20% higher than at beginning of 2016. The most successful is having 40% higher salary.

3 of them have booked BTOs in the last 2 years ranging from a $400K 4-rm in Punggol to a $600K 4-rm BTO at Dakota estate. Those BTOs in suburbs like Punggol are all LESS THAN 4 years of my cousins' combined couple salaries.

Even for the $600K Dakota BTO, it is just equal to 4 years, as their combined income is about $150K per year.

It is NOT whether daft Sinkies will believe or not .... rather it is loser Sinkies who won't believe.

Anonymous said...

1. Compare apples with oranges.

2. Want to compare, must compare everything lah. How can compare only one item.

3. Pick 5 idiots to represent the whole population? What kind of stats is that?

You think people stupid ah?

Anonymous said...

The Uprising in Hongkong is beyond doubt instigated by the West to destabilize the Fast Growing China. The PRC is fast eclipsing the Americunt and Europeans in every aspects in economy, technology and military progress.
The Biggest Player in this Uprising must be the lncumbent Taiwan President Tsai Ying Wun, back-up by the US and its Allies.
The Chinese World-wide


Anonymous said...

Anon 639m

You're right ... Cannot compare winners with losers.

Need to compare loser sinkies with loser sinkies.

Anonymous said...

The whites are famous for making decisive hotspots for conflicts to destabilise regions so that they can set up military presence on the pretext of keeping the peace. They do not want to make a clean break when giving up regions, but leave behind lurking flashpoints to make sure that such regions will remain problematic in the future for them to capitalise.

Such places like Israel in the sea of Arab states, the Korean Peninsula, Kashmir & Hong Kong are examples. Malaysia and Singapore did not fall into such a trap so far, but racial tensions resurfacing in Malaysia now may yet destabilise the region.

Anonymous said...

Hongkong - Flight Of Capital Begins

Yesterday, the HK government said that the illegal violence was pushing HK to the brink of great danger after the weekend clashes that included the first gun-shot and the arrest of 86 people, including a 12-year-old juvenile delinquent.

The protesters have transformed themselves into lawless rioters in the last two months. Now, in the third month, they have again transformed themselves into vicious, violent and dangerous mobs.

The unprecedented violence by the dangerous mobs has forced the police to use water cannons and fired a warning shot. More than 26 policemen and policewomen were injured, some seriously, by the mobs' aggressive and persistent attacks with lethal lazer beams, bricks, Molotov cocktails, and other concealed weapons.

The unrests came at a time when HK was facing its first recession in eleven years, with all its growth pillars under tremendous stress.

Most rating agencies now have doubts over HK's long-term prospects and are questioning the quality of HK's governance.

The prolonged unrests have sent jitters across Asian financial centres, prompting some foreign investors and HK tycoons to start moving their capital and personal wealth offshore. The relentless unrests, with no signs of abating, also prompted HK residents to look for homes elsewhere.

Australian real estate agencies are receiving 30% more enquiries from HK buyers, with most targeting high-end properties priced above A$5 million (so as to qualify for PR status?).

China's largest international property agency has recorded a 50% increase in Hong-Kongers' enquiries for overseas properties in the past two months.

Agencies in Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand also received a significant surge in real estate enquiries from HK buyers.

What next? Who will be the winners/losers?

Anonymous said...

>>>with most targeting high-end properties priced above A$5 million (so as to qualify for PR status?).<<<

As you can see, it is the elites with options to run, leaving the loser masses behind to rot.

It will be the same for Singapore in the future too.

Anonymous said...

The above is called SPAMING. RB should delete them. It's a nuisance, to say the least.

System Administrator said...

Spamming has various reasons:

1. Malicious intent.
2. Showing disrespect.
3. Demonstrating hatred and/or anger.
4. Total disregard for other readers/visitors/commenters.
5. Attention seeking like a cry-baby.
6. Wastage of space.
7. Destroying the layout of the page.
8. Disrupting the flow
9. Wastage of time (both readers' time and computing time).

10. Last but not least, displaying a kind of mental disorder (subtle but distinct).

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You guys are right. That is a mental case.
The comments deleted.
As the rate his rage got into him, he would be back in IMH soon.

Anonymous said...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean August 28, 2019 9:05 am
///You guys are right. That is a mental case.
The comments deleted.
As the rate his rage got into him, he would be back in IMH soon.///

Ha ha ha ha ha

Hope you are NOT the one seething in rage and getting mentally deranged cos you created many comments yourselves under "anonymous' and then talk to "them" (as in "yourselves") yourselves.

Very confusing (in your head) , isn't it?

It "pains" many to see you "torturing' yourselves (mentally) day in day out.

Do as YOU ARE TOLD and DELETE this comment as soon as it appears cos truth hurts (and you can't take it, not even a slightest bit of it).

Remember to take your medication.

In case run out and you also run out of kaching to get new ones, some reader may be willing to "donate" to you.

You can post your hp number that can receive payment or account whichever more convenient for u to replenish asap and quickly get problem fixed.

Our hearts feel the sorrows for your predicament and it is so sad to see you suffering.


Concerned Reader.