Hong Kong, let it burn, let it burn

I suggested that China should do nothing and let the Hongkongers continue with their rampage and anarchy in the streets of Hong Kong, if this is what they want. China should stand back and see how creative and talented the Hongkongers are to continue to prosper the economy, without the special concessions and privileges offered by China.

The Hongkongers still believe that they are the greatest and smartest people and the prosperity of Hong Kong is the result of their ingenuity and enterprise and not the generosity of China. China just need to treat Hong Kong like any Chinese city, no special privileges and concessions, and no meddling with their politics and administration.

When Hong Kong fails, continues rioting and anarchy, China can then step in and offer amnesty to all Hongkongers to leave for greener pastures. A failed Hong Kong would give China the reason to declare its one country two systems a failure and take back Hong Kong now instead of after the 50 year agreement.

China can give the Hongkongers who wish to leave Hong Kong all the time in the world to leave, but take back Hong Kong and run it the China way. I think this is the fairest for both parties. The Hongkongers that want to leave will be assisted to leave. Those that wanted to stay would be welcomed to stay under One China One System. No buts or ifs. Hong Kong is a Chinese territory and must be one with China.

Let them go, let them be free wherever they want to go while Hong Kong returns to China for good. The twains shall never meet as they are just incompatible and the earlier the two are separated the better for all.

Let Hong Kong continues on its self destruct mode, if this is want they think is best for them.
Hong Kong, let it burn, let it burn


Virgo 49 said...

Right Mr RB. That's the Best Solution.

Ultimatum: One Year Grace for Hong Kongers to pledge their Allegiance to stay or go.

After that Return under One Country One System Rule.

If HongKongers protested that they are Sons of that Colony then send in the PLA just like Tiananmen.

Rescind the 50 years Autonomy and slashed their Bellies.

You think the West dared to make noise.

Backyards own shootings and killing their own. Next india and Paki another War. WSG rubbing his hands with glee

Still behaving like Cowboys.

Karmas reached their shores.

Anonymous said...

PLA should step in and shoot to kill to restore order !

Virgo 49 said...

Taiwanese will also stop their squabblings and wake up.

Kill the chickens to frighten the Monkeys.

Virgo 49 said...

That's should also divert the attention of the Forlorn oops Foreign and our local Nehs in the Indian Paki Coming War and leave us alone.


Anonymous said...

cannot afford the Risk of the Hongkies getting the Slightest Sympathy from any Mainlanders.
The Moment any protest to support the Hongkies Protest, anarchy shall erupts in China. Never under-estimate the Consequences and the Potentials of the lnstigator, Traitor, Betrayor and the Idealist who embraces the So-called Democracy they yearn for.
Democracy is theoretically an ldeal System though it is not objectively proven to work well base on current developments in the So-called Free World.

lt is imperative that China must haul up all the lnfluential Pro-western Folks in Hongkong who are actually the People funding and fanning the Protest. These are also Folks align to the Pro-independent Taiwanese who are also the Major Instigators of the Hongkies.
It is also beyond doubt that US,UK, possibly Japan and their Allies are all involve in the Hongkies Uprising.

To allow citizens to display US Flag and the Union Jack in ones Motherland is tantamount to a rebellion; a most treacherous act of any compatriot.
Allowing it to happen without taking immediate action shall be a grave mistake. The Consequences shall be dire.

China needs to rule Hongkong just like it rules any of its territory. 7 million Hongkies should not have being given any special and or preferrential treatments. lt is unfair to the Other 1.4 Billion Mainland Chinese.

all over the World must condemn the Treacherous Hongkies and China must punish all the Traitor and Instigator with maximun punoshment.
There can be no other way.

Anonymous said...

China should bring back beheading as capital punishment and chop off the heads of the pro-Western Hongkie traitors in public !

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Fuck Yeah, Hong Kong

The free-wheeling spirit of "boh cheng hu" mentality of freedom and individualistic people in Hong Kong are presenting the Chinese govt (and local govt) with a big headache. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Sure, they can bring in cops from China, or deploy the PLA forces from the garrison (supposed to DEFEND HK people, not ATTACK them)...and they can shoot and arrest protesters eventually achieving law and order. But this is no VICTORY. It is a simple matter of "I have gun, you do not!", and any bloody fool with an IQ of at least 50 will tell you that it is only a matter of time before protests erupt again.

I have to say, I have always found the Cantonese spirit remarkable---they just don't take shit from anyone, including fellow Chinese, but I am in AWE of how these young people are really pushing it.

"Wicked Lasers" is a well-known company in HK which supplies powerful handheld lasers banned in most cuntries. Glad to see their products in "proper use"---i.e. offensive objectives by scofflaw anarchists. 😜

That blue laser in the video is fucking dangerous is not handled correctly. (Blue laser light is of higher energy and thus more damaging than red or green lasers). These protesters aren't fucking around! πŸ€˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

The makeshift slingshot the crowd use to hurl rocks and bricks is straight out of Angry Birds 🀣 πŸ€˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

The pièce de résistance to top the day is Throwing The Chinese Flag In The Harbour which should be in every PATRIOT'S arsenal to be used when the cuntry of your birth, heritage and heart has BETRAYED YOU to the point where it becomes your ENEMY. Ah, yes, then it is LOGICAL and RIGHT to deface the flag, coat of arms or whatever symbols of the nation-state/ cuntry as a hate-filled "FUCK YOU" to the people who have cheated you out of your birthright.

The one and only spirit of Hong Kong. Beyond compare! Mou dak ding!

imho said...

Rebellion is part of civilization. Without it, humans will not achieve so much. So many have done that, Hong, Sun, Mao etc. China should go with the flow and be flexible and adopt a democratic regime (fake or not does not matter). Change is the only constant.

Anonymous said...

Trade wars, currency wars ! Chinese Renminbi earlier weakened past CNY7.0000 per US dollar in China's onshore FX trading !

Anonymous said...


I'm salivating. As they say ... Buy When There's Blood In The Streets!!!

Monitoring every couple of days or so. No rush, but my close to $500K war chest is growling & straining against it's leashes ... Whoa!! Gotta control impatience!!! LOL!!!

Put in low ball bids for a couple of HK & Cheena ETFs, as well as a handful of major companies.

Will just scale in smaller amounts first over next few weeks. Woohooo!! HUAT HARRR!!!!


jjgg said...

Far as I'm concerned..these protesters take on soft targets..I really worry only when they prepared to take on hard targets.. eg.. disrupt the races at happy valley or shatin n then they'll have a fight on their hands with 50000 racegoers..will they dare..???

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong Chief Executive Lam says protests are putting Hong Kong on a path of mo return

Anonymous said...

"I am in awe of how these young people are really pushing it"

Tear gas, rubber bullets, batons, bean bags?
They're for disciplining kids.
When they really bring out the real stuff, you'll be surprised to find that there are no longer any heroes left and all the french courage and bravado is gone.

Just wait and see. I'm sure that a plan is now being formulated which will be triggered once the red line is crossed.
Then, there is no turning back.

These retards burning Hong Kong and disrupting with strikes are doing us a real favour. Soon, there will be no tale of two cities. There will only be one champ in this part of the world.


southernglory1 said...

Ref: Anonymous 9:20am

Well said. You have said what I want to say and I believe what most right thinking people would think the same.

In addition we should not allow the West especially the Evil Empire a free hand to carry out all its criminal acts of creating all troubles and instabilities in the world fomenting social choas and unrest and violent demonstrations and riots with impunity. The street rioters in Hong Kong are just brainwashed brainless pawns whose minds, hearts and souls have been commandered by the toxic propaganda of the CIA so much so that they have lost their power of independent thinking. The real enemies of all Chinese people are the savage villainous white Americans running the evil state of America and their selfish self-aggrandizement faceless undignified Chinese running dogs who will not hesitate to sell even their mothers and fathers just for ingratiating with the satanic white Americans for their own selfish ends. Evil characters like Martin Lee, Anson Chan, Jimmy Lai, Benny Tai, Edward Leung and hundreds of hard core traitors who have committed treason should be arrested and shot forthwith.

Time for China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, DPRK and the free world world to tango with the evil empire. Russia and China need to take the lead to help, support and finance the Native Americans, the African Americans and the Mexican Americans to revolt and fight for their own rightful independent states. Time to give the white American invaders its own medicine. Russia and China with the help of Cuba, Venezuela and other freedom loving American natives should never stop recruiting independent minded fighters and instigate them their rights to fight for righteous independence. Like what the Evil Empire has been doing to others they should instigate, create choas and instabilities and foment demonstrations and violent riots all over the United States with the ultimate objective of toppling this devilish white American regime. Ultimately the Native Americans, the Africans and the Mexican Americans must be free and all lands illegally taken from Mexico from the 1840s to 1890s must be returned to Mexico. Until and unless the objective of overthrowing this evil toxic white regime in America is successful the fight must go on without end.

For the fight to be more meaningful and successful all American assets and personals or personnels overseas in all parts of the world are fair game for subject to attacks and guerrila warfare.


Anonymous said...

This is not a fight for independence but a fight to be a colony of Britain or the USA.

How stupid can the Hongkies be? Still living in their colonial past.

imho said...

All stocks are falling. So nice to see all red. Been a while. Another GFC?

Virgo 49 said...

Hongkies, the Hong FeiHongs and Shek kins Cantonese clans which are the most aggressive of all Chinese races.

Mo Tak Tin Ah! Ding or Tin?
Tin Cantonese means mad.

They thought they Water Margins Heroes.Water Margin are the Mainland Mandarins and other dialects NOT Cantonese.

Hong Fei Hongs and Shek Kins also cannnot beat the White Barabarians with guns.

Wait. Wait the PLA came out of their barracks and shoot them with rubber and real bullets.See whether they MoTakDing.

Or Ding mmm cheo.Cannot tahan the pains. Shouting to each other lee tak ting mo?

Fight with their sling Shots like Angry birds will be Roasted birds.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1125 remember You Die, Your Business!

>> When they really bring out the real stuff, you'll be surprised to find that there are no longer any heroes left and all the french courage and bravado is gone. <<

This is where you are mistaken. You are reading the spirit of these people completely WRONG.

Refusing to fight against military hardware and combat-trained professional soldiers is not a sign of "cowardice". It is a smart play. Of course there will be people (such as yourself) who are likely to taunt the fleeing protesters as having french courage and italian bravado...or plain old oriental cowardice...pick your metaphor...πŸ€“, but all you've done is delude yourself to what is actually going on.

Of course the Chinese govt is going to deploy the troops...HK govt is barely clinging onto its "authority". It doesn't look like this is going to end well..for anyone. It is approaching a LOSE-LOSE-LOSE situation (People--lose, govt---lose, China---lose).

And as WSG says...be patient. When there's Blood In the Streets, get GREEDY...πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ’°...cheap cheap...

πŸ’‘TIP FOR THE DAYπŸ’‘: Learn to profit from people's misery. No Pain, No Gain. πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ‘πŸ»

Anonymous said...


Well said. China should not interfere even a little bit at this juncture. Let HK become a failed rotten state. Then, when the time is ripe, declare that the "One Country Two Systems" has failed. The idea of having the "One Country Two Systems" was to attract Taiwan to join back with the Motherland but since Taiwan people have rejected the "One Country Two Systems", it is therefore of no further usefulness. Therefore, forego the "One Country Two Systems". Bring HK back to be governed like all the other Chinese Cities.

When the rioting and strikes continue, HK's economy will collapse because tourists will stop visiting and trade will also suffer. After a few months, the city will be brought to its knees.

For security purposes, deploy troops in Shenzhen, ready to defend HK if the need arises.

I agree with you. Let HK burn. This is the best solution.

Anonymous said...


Spirit? What spirit?

These are just impressionable dumb farks with nothing better to do and are just pawns in an ongoing political game as chips in a trade dispute.

China is not falling into the trap of mowing down the rioters although traitorous bananas in the pay of you know who are waving the canadian, us and uk flags.

Like the writer of this blog suggests, let the Hongkies self destruct themselves away to our benefit.

This saga happening there tells you that we here in Singapore may be restricted, depending on who is affected, but it sure is a peaceful country.

No one can quarrel with three square meals a day, a decent place to stay and an environment to live peacefully although now and then, there appears people like the fat short c%$t and her gorilla brother trying to upset the status quo.

Anonymous said...

Now they have arrested 2 rioters, a SKorean N a Philpino. not surprise.My opinion
is that at least 30% of the rioters are foreigners. That is the reason they cover heavyly
their faces with google and helmets. Those foreigners would be from Taiwan, CIA,
England and for others like Phillipine because of SC sea, supportera of Uyhurs and Tibet
,Indians and Vietnamese and anyone who is anti China. HK is a cosmoplitan city and is easy
to go there. Beside in my opinion it is a spy center where more than 25 western medias
and photograhers are covering this riot the last I counted.

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, Yahoo shown Negros in Trains.

Organised disturbances

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Bro, now no more beheading but same method one bullet to the back of Heads.

See their execution videos. Tied like old time criminals with plycards writing of their crimes.

Then read their Death sentences. Kneel down and shot on the backs of heads with pistols or revolvers.

Many still wear their original civvy clothes same day trials same day executions.

No waste extra day rice.

Anonymous said...

All these foreign devils recruited by the Certified Insanity Association.

Laughing my ass off.


Anonymous said...

HK is a Spying Hub for Western spies spying on China and Taiwan. Triple confirmed.

Virgo 49 said...


Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:19pm

///No one can quarrel with three square meals a day, a decent place to stay and an environment to live peacefully///

What you described is EXACTLY like changi prison or imh. Hahaha! I know coz I used to work a few years there. Both places; psychiatric prison block.

Virgo 49 said...

Chinese Army Hong Kong garrison video showing anti-riot drills.

Anonymous said...


You're such a dumbwit and can't even read, how did you managed to get into the prison and the imh? I'm sure you didn't work there.

You were an inmate right?

Anonymous said...

It is obvious the rioters are foreigners and they do not care what happens to Hong Kong going forward. Why should they?

Hong Kong people would be dumb fools if they want to destroy the reputation of Hong Kong as a financial and tourist hub. They forgot that businesses can now easily move back to China if they are mainland investors, which has many cities capable of giving Hong Kong a run for the money.

Targeting train stations to stop people from going to work is a sure sign of the situation morphing into anarchy and irrational mob behaviour, and a case of cutting the nose to spite the face. Protestors are seen as not only taking out their anger against the government, but are also seen to be moving against the Hong Kong residents as well.

When widespread rioting takes over and things go over the edge, the PLA will surely move in, and as someone said, it wont be one country two systems any more. Hong Kong belongs to China and who can denounce such action to quell the situation. China is patiently waiting for the right time to step in.

Never underestimate the resolve of China as clearly demonstrated during the Korean and Vietnam War. Hong Kong protestors should not try to take more than they can chew. It will not hurt anyone else but themselves.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ face palm lah...bloody goondoo

>> Virgo 49 said...
https://youtu.be/vW9QRxePJSo <<

Aiyoh. You damn easy to con one lah. Not only is this video fake, it is so badly done. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

How the fuck have you survived this long? πŸ˜›

Anonymous said...

I think these protesters are indirectly helping or being used by those "questionable" millionaires/billionaires to give them legitimate excuses to move their money out of HK.

Anonymous said...

@ 2.55 PM:

"HK is a Spying Hub for Western spies spying on China and Taiwan. Triple confirmed."

1. Confirmed by the rioters wearing masks, hoods and clothing that conceal their identities like CIA operatives, Sherlock Holmes and James Bond?

2. Confirmed by the rioters carrying the national flags of USA, UK and Canada?

3. Confirmed by the strength of their financial fundings to sustain such a large-scale protests, riotings and organised crimes for such a long-sustained period of time without showing signs of weaning and tiring. In fact, the protesters have turned into rioters and have become so determined that they are attacking and provoking the HK police to invite arrest and harsher treatments?

I have no doubt HK and China's authorities know who these spies are.

Anonymous said...

What Singapore can learn from Hong Kong: that foreigners can take part in riots !

Anonymous said...


You don't know a lot of things happening in Sinkland. Haha!

I was a psycho nurse looking after the criminally insane (they don't call them that nowadays --- socially maladjusted, anti-social personality disorder, or just plain schizophrenia).

Changi prison STILL HAS a psychiatric prison block for those criminals charged as guilty but also diagnosed to have some mental conditions. They have teams of psycho nurses working together with the prison officers. After release from prison, many of those ex-prisoners end up under court orders to be long-term or lifelong remanded to imh.

I worked in imh first --- especially in Block 7 where they keep those currently charged, or those released from prison. Many are old men liao --- stay for 30-40 years. In my ward there were a couple of ex-murderers, about 5-6 rapists/incestists, and more than 20 molesters, public masturbators etc.

3 square meals every day, plus 2 tea breaks, plus daily Dr visits, plus Dr & nurse 24 hr on call, plus fortnightly OT sessions --- so SHIOK!! Hahaha!

Ok lah .... once a while got fights & broken bones & maybe once every few years got murder/killing --- but actually still better compared to Singapore police statistics for outside general society!

Psycho nurse pay not bad --- $3K for a new poly grad. Easily hit over $5+K with a few years good performance. But cannot stay long lah --- those old bird nurses I see sama sama gila like the siao lang liao. HAHAHAHA!!!

Anonymous said...

Monday's Market Summary

S&P 500 futures down 1.3% to 2,894.00

STOXX Europe 600 down 2% to 370.54

MXAP down 2% to 152.42

MXAPJ down 2.5% to 491.47

Nikkei down 1.7% to 20,720.29

Topix down 1.8% to 1,505.88

Hang Seng Index down 2.9% to 26,151.32 (worst among all)

Shanghai Composite down 1.6% to 2,821.50

Sensex down 1.4% to 36,616.90

Australia S&P/ASX 200 down 1.9% to 6,640.30

Kospi down 2.6% to 1,946.98

German 10Y yield fell 2.2 bps to -0.517%

Euro up 0.3% to $1.1140

Italian 10Y yield fell 3.9 bps to 1.19%

Spanish 10Y yield fell 2.2 bps to 0.224%

Brent futures down 1.3% to $61.11/bbl

Gold spot up 1.2% to $1,457.46

U.S. Dollar Index down 0.2% to 97.87

Tarrif-Terrorist Trump has imposed 10% tariffs on the last US$300 billion of Chinese Goods and Services wef 1 Sep. As usual, the Nutty-Nasty Trump is living up to his new Nickname of Tarrif-Terrorist Trump, holding a gun at the head of China while talking about trade deals with China.

In respond, China has allowed the Yuan to fall to the level of the Asian Financial Crisis in 2008 and ordered all imports of farm produce from the US to stop with immediate effect.

What do all these tell you?

Answer: Be prepared for the World's Worst Recession! Those with ready cash, standby to grab cheap properties in HK soon.

Anonymous said...


Walau! So shiok inside the imh and changi mental. How to get in ah bro?

What is requirement? Got age limit? I think life will be better than working as a security gard man.

being security jaga warehouse in spooky area very jialat. In middle of the night real scary lah. Hantu everywhere especially around this period.

I think inside imh or changi mental, those hungry bros and sis also won't bother the already siow one.

Kuick, please tell us how to quelify to get in?

Thanks bro.

Anonymous said...


Go for nursing course lah stupid.

Now got mid career switch training. Pay all your diploma fees plus $2k monthly allowance somemore.

But need to serve 3 yrs bond with siao lang keng. Guaranteed job. Like NS lah ... But be prepared to kena punch n kicked by some patients. Nvrmind got free medical.

Anonymous said...


nO LAH bro,

I wanna be inmate not to work. You said got free meals, free accomodacion, free 24 hr. medical?

So shiok. Now with world recession, imh and changi mental bestest place to be in man.

alak said...

Whenever the security and social order of a country or region is threatened by an uprising, it is the legal responsibility of the local government to take all necessary actions to quell the riots and restore order quickly.

Countries in the West, in particular the US and the UK, are quick to blame China for initiating the extradition bill and have been haranguing the Hong Kong authorities for being too harsh on the unruly demonstrators and even demand more leeway and freedom for those violent mobs to exercise their rights to democracy.

Media the world over, by default American, have been stridently reporting the ugly situations in Hong Kong, but how many people know about the 1972 Bloody Sunday Massacre in Northern Ireland and the 1992 Los Angeles riots?

alak said...

In the 1972 Bloody Sunday Massacre in Northern, a protest march turned violent. The Police could not control the unruly protesters and the Army stepped in. British soldiers shot 28 unarmed civilians. Fourteen people died, thirteen of whom were killed outright. Many of the victims were shot while fleeing from the soldiers and some were shot while trying to help the wounded. Other protesters were injured by rubber bullets or batons and two were run down by army vehicles.

In the 1992 Los Angeles riots, thousands of US Army soldiers and Marines were deployed and authorised to use deadly force on the protesters.

Virgo 49 said...

You think China wants to show the World their first class executions and let the Chow Ang Mohs half bred barbarians like you kept harping that they are World's most uncivilized people??

Badly done videoed in Secrecy that's why

Smartest can also be dumbest

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Frog Outside Glass.

Waiting with anticipation the day when the Daft Sinkies scavenging for food at the Lorong Halaus.

Real pains of hunger and RTS must be inflicted before they wake from their Fiestas.

Anonymous said...

11.07pm anon, not that I wanted to say you, I think u are either crazy or mad asking to be locked up to enjoy free medical and food. In sg it's easy to be locked up, just use a knife and do robbery though not real robbery but to get yourself in jail for many years. I think your are mentally sick and better seek treatment. Go to Jalan Besar and get the USA tuakee to sodomize u jialat jialat then you wake up to your common sense after intense pain.πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...


///I wanna be inmate not to work. You said got free meals, free accomodacion, free 24 hr. medical?///

Easy lah ... go shake your lampah & koo koo bird in front of parliament or Istana ... SO EASY!!! HAHAHA!!!! And if you don't resist, the matta won't bang you up too much.

The only question whether you got guts or not??? I doubt it!!!! Hahaha!!!!

Unknown said...

China will not use Pla to quell the rioters. The west, particularly USA is waiting for that to happen so they can accuse China of abuse of human rights and persuade other western powers to join in the condemnation. Next it will give USA the excuse to start a new embargo / sanction to hurt china and slow down her growth for a while so that they can catch up. They all want to stop China to rise to be no.1 in the world. Think about it guys.

Anonymous said...

Trump already said it all. China can rise but must not overtake the US.

Now that overtaking is on the cards, the US is throwing spanners everywhere into the Chinese manufacturing, logistics, infrastructure, trade and now accusing them of currency manipulation.

What about the US printing fiat money, QE's etc. These are not currency manipulation? For all we know, the US is the biggest terrorist, currency manipulator, human rights violator tied to sanctions, war monger and trouble maker.