Existential threat to Singapore's future well being

The noise against the Chinese majority's existence in Singapore is getting bolder by the day with locals, new citizens, PRs and those paid by us to work here taking potshots at this balance as if this is unacceptable, and reducing the Chinese majority is seen to be fair and just. There is nothing wrong being the majority! Without being seen as conceitedness and racial arrogance, Singapore is today exactly because it has a Chinese majority that worked damn hard to build this City and Country to what it is today. Then what if there was no Chinese majority here and what would Singapore be like can be seen by all the modern cities with good infrastructures in the Asean countries against those cities in Southern Asia. The difference is distinct and cannot be hidden or pretend that we would be better off if the Chinese majority is wished away.

The fact that there was a Chinese majority here cannot be blamed on the Chinese. The Chinese majority need not apologise for it. They were imported here to do the coolie work by the British colonial masters when they found the locals less industrious and the Indians imported from India very good as clerks in the colonial offices. The Chinese were also imported as indentured labour for the tin mines and rubber plantations in Malaya. They grew the Chinese population by designed without conspiracy and input of the Chinese. So please do not begrudged the Chinese for being the majority here and their contribution towards this modern and well organised city state. It could be worse if the Chinese were not here and we would not have this beautiful island to feed the hungry wildlife, jobless and penniless in their slum third world countries. I am not apologising for this hard truth.

Donald Trump has this to say to his wildlife, if you are so good, go back and build your own broken countries.  In a way the western countries with white majority are similar to the existence of Chinese majority here. The USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, all have white majority and have to thank them for it for building the modern and well organised countries today.  The only difference is that the whites conquered and colonised these big countries and treated them as their own. The Chinese majority in Singapore did not come here to conquer the locals and to steal their country. They came here to work, period.

The large presence of Chinese majority in Singapore and SE Asia is a political accident created by the white colonialists. And they stayed and contributed positively and in very big ways to their new home countries. They did not demand special treatment, they did not demand others must give way to them so that their life can be easier. The Chinese majority or minority in SE Asia lived by the norms and political tapestry and demands of their respective countries, often being discriminated. They worked very hard, compete with unfair privileges and discriminations to be what they are today. The minorities must not see this as their right to demand the Chinese to become a minority. The 'privilege' of being a majority does not automatically make the life of the Chinese easier. Every one of them has to work just as hard. It is bullshit to claim that the minorities have to work harder to succeed. My two big balls. With my qualifications and ability, I will be much better off as a minority.

Why should the Chinese give way to the demands of the minorities and voluntarily reduce their presence and privilege just because the minorities are demanding for it? Would the whites in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand allow their majority to be dwindled to become minorities just because the minorities demanded for it, perceived to be fairer and less disadvantaged by the minorities? Which majority group in the world would be stupid enough to do this and destroy themselves and their own existence? Once the Chinese majority here loses their majority status, they would be buried for good, history, never to recover.

Oops, I spoke too fast. It may not happen elsewhere in the whole world. But in this stupidity has no cure city state, it may just happen when idiots are in charge. As some have spoken, for economic growth, the end all of everything, for money, they would sell their fathers and mothers, their wives and children without looking further than their nose.

What do you think? Is the existence of the Chinese majority being challenge and threatened? Are people uttering existential threat everyday aware of this threat to our existence and well being?

Only in Singapore where the minorities constantly took liberties at the majority, beating them and taunting them and calling them names and racists in public video clips for all to see. And some daft Chinese did not see anything wrong with the insults and vulgar attacks.


Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB. Please be more discreet.

Like our Many Anons used to post.

Sinkieland is now different from before. Cheng Hu now said they have the rights to raise these racism. Only the wrong way

Tried that as a Chinkee Chinese. Kenasoto mee by TUA KEES then you know.


Anonymous said...

You invite the guest to stay in your house. He wants to bed your wife and your daughters.

Anonymous said...


With this issue you think pap% at next GE will be....74.9% or 49.9%??

What say you?

Anonymous said...

PAP has not only failed the Majority miserably and blunderingly, PAP has betrayed all the Chinese Singaporeans. Period.

PAP cannot be known as People's Action Party but Party Anti People.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyoh. Asian bourse indexes dropping like grandmother's tetek lah! Drop more! Down down! 🤣🤡

Time to go shopping! Cheap sale! Cheap sale!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wait for Hong Kong to declare a state of emergency, it would be cheaper.

Wait for the deportation of traitors like Anson Chan and Martin Lee and buy their homes at fire sale price.

Unknown said...

A Deadly Global White Supremacists Movement - Part 1

El Paso Was The Latest Target Of A Deadly, Global White Supremacist Movement.

The shooter may have acted alone, but he is part of a network that stretches from New Zealand's Christchurch to USA's Charlottesville.

Authorities say the shooter, who killed 22 people and wounded dozens others in El Paso, Texas, on Saturday, has acted alone. In the narrowest sense that may be true, but it is important to recognize that his actions were connected in a wider movement of White Nationalism and Violent Extremism that is behind an increasingly larger number of mass murders throughout the world.

In Christchurch, Munich, Quebec City, Birstall, Pittsburgh, Charlottesville, Oslo and other cities around the world, White Supremacists have killed thousands of innocent people in calculated acts of hate. Lawmakers and the media often describe these killers as “lone wolves,” who radicalized in isolation and whose actions were a unique aberration. But each found homes in a sprawling online network of racist propaganda, where fellow extremists offered them a sense of community and purpose. Each attack directly informs and encourages the others, creating a decentralized network of Aggressive Violent White Supremacists who share similar goals.

These attacks are symptomatic of basically a very powerful global movement that is just not adequately captured by describing these perpetrators as lone wolf actors.

Even to consider them simply domestic terror threats would be an under-estimation.

The first sentence of the El Paso shooter’s alleged manifesto proclaimed support for the killer in Christchurch, New Zealand, who killed 51 people in two mosques earlier this year.

The Christchurch attack also inspired the Anti-Semitic Poway Synagogue shooting in California in April. Before their attacks, all three gunmen posted to the hate-filled message board 8chan, where a cheering audience of supporters lauded and critiqued the murders.

But the threads connecting White Supremacist attacks stretch past this year’s massacres and predate the online platforms that have accelerated the spread of their ideology.

The Christchurch shooter cited Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik as inspiration. Breivik, who killed dozens of children at a Youth Summer Camp and bombed the capital of Norway in 2011, found his own inspiration in part on the now-defunct American White Supremacist site Stormfront, which was founded by a former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

The White Supremacist Movement has for decades encouraged lone attackers as part of a “leaderless resistance” strategy, in which extremists operate independently to commit violence and are in turn celebrated and copied by other killers. The result is that rather than a visible terror cell or gang, would-be perpetrators form an amorphous mass that is harder for law enforcement to target.

It is an approach that is similar to some of the tactics that were adopted by ISIS and other groups.

In ISIS, however, there was a more centralized leadership structure and a common procedure for promoting attacks. An ISIS supporter may never have met with any of the group’s leaders, but they usually made it clear they were acting on behalf of the group.

In some ways, this was easier with [al Qaeda] and ISIS because individuals acting on their behalf expressed allegiance to the group in noticeable ways.

It is not always the case with neo-Nazi or White Nationalist groups.”

These attackers don’t have a centralized group to pledge allegiance to and don’t always state in plain terms they are acting on behalf of White Nationalism, which can lead to speculation from politicians and the media about their motivations. When there is a White Supremacy-inspired killing perpetrated by a lone actor, the focus more often turns to the individual’s psychological history, family background and criminal record.

Anonymous said...


Majority of people will just panic sell & sell most or all of their holdings at the worst times LOL!!!

Rich people don't do that --- they might trim their stocks or book some profits when their trailing stops are hit. But they'll still hold most of their solid core stocks.

The trick is to always have at least 2-3 years of expenses in cash (and have the correct types of low-cost insurance). Then there's no reason to panic sell.

I also maintain a minimum of 10%-20% war chest in cash, money markets, & SG govt bonds. This is to take advantage whenever Mr Market gets depressed or when there's Blood In The Streets.

Apart from booking some profits & doing some re-balancing in the past couple months to increase my war chest to 30% of my overall portfolio, I have left all my stocks untouched.

Good buying opportunities in another 1 or 2 months time!!! :)

But I also predict majority of people (including stockbrokers & remeisiers) won't be able to step up & buy. They'll wait until the markets have already gone up 20% or 30% and then go all in!! LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

Remember the fable 'The Traveller and His Camel'

The owner's tent is very small and can hardly squeeze in two persons. It was cold outside. The camel said to the tent owner, "It is cold outside, can I put in one of my legs." The owner let the camel put in one leg. "It is still cold outside, can I put in one more leg?" said the camel. The tent owner let the camel put one more leg inside the tent. After that the camel said again, "It is still cold outside, can I put in one more leg?" The owner pitied the camel and let it put in one more leg. Then after sometime the camel whined again and said, "It is still very cold outside, can I put in my last leg?" But before the owner acceded to its request, the camel already crashed in and kicked the owner out of the tent with full force.

Are we in a similar situation now?

Eagles Eyes

Unknown said...

A Deadly Global White Supremacists Movement - Part 2

Although non-white extremists are rarely granted the same rich biographical details, these individual stories do offer important context for attackers. But the overemphasis on White Supremacists’ back-stories also tends to ignore their place in the Broader Movement.

It is quite easy to dismiss them as lone actors with a mental illness or crazy kids playing video games.

We have to start seeing White Bationalism as a coherent ideology — with ideologues, with writings and literature, with symbols, with music, with culture — in order to combat it effectively.

When prosecutors focus on mental health or video games, they are also deflecting responsibility from those who have emboldened the White Supremacist Movement, from President Donald Trump to far-right pundits that traffic in Anti-Immigrant Hysteria.

It is easier to blame self-radicalization and mental illness than it is to acknowledge a Congressman or President of USA promoting the same racist conspiracy theory that served as the title of the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto, and that mass killings — like that in El Paso — do not happen in a vacuum.

Likewise, the Anti-Chinese hate projected by the Mair siblings recently is not an isolated case. It is similar to the White Supremacists Movement. It is the Indian Supremacists Movement disguise as Minority Rights Movement being instigated and championed by a number of India-rooted academics within Singapore's highest institutions of learning as well as within local Think-Tanks Who have the wherewithal to influence the Singapore Cabinet and Prime Minister.

With many key and vital decision-making positions being headed by Indian Singaporeans for the last 15 years or so, the Indian Community in Singapore has become emboldened. As a result, they see an opening and are seizing this opportunity (together with the increasing numbers of new citizens convert from people from India) to challenge the status quo. Their strategy is to reduce the Chinese Majority through various ways and means. Whether the methods being used are right or wrong is immaterial. The fact is that they are trying out all and any way to test the ground and see the reactions from different quarters. This is called "Slowly slowly catch the monkeys."

Therefore, the Chinese Majority must now wake up and be alert, as there is a global movement to put the Chinese people down and out (if possible). If you lose political control in Singapore, you can "balek kampong" to China irrespective of whether you are rich or poor, smart or stupid, local born or not.

Think of what has happened to East Pakistan (Bangladesh now), Sikkim, and Bhutan. Think of what is happening in Sri Lanka and Kashmir now.

Virgo 49 said...

Eveywhere you go, The Ah Nehs swaggered and the Rest go to their sides afraid that they be knocked down by them.

Just atas sidikit and they behaved that they are already owned the World.

You see then everywhere even in Matland how they behaved.

Only daft sinkies gave way to them. Mats don't give chance as they knew their Leaders and their Higher Ups will give them green lights to paddle their pantaks until koyak if they break any of their rules or laws.

Or even their Streets Justices Mats feed them to the crocodiles, their own will just shut their eyes. Likewise the Thais.

See just fly Enconmy class and they want extra service to kiss and rubblah our stewardess.

Telling them I am your boss as customers.

Only daft sinkies with their fates as eternal slaved will be bullied by others.

Even though they are trained in National Service of SAF, SPF to protect the country.

Other Nationalities laughed until lao sai or teeth all drop.

Virgo 49 said...

Good, very good.Their White Supremacists.

Killing their own.

Dotard Trump said it's not the Guns at faults. It's the humans.

They are deranged and mad.

So does the Americunts. Let them be to kill themsleves.

God's bless.


Anonymous said...

Hongkies have done themselves in selling themselves to Western Ideology of Democrazy.

Sin shall follow to sink like Hongkies for opening its legs wide wide to be sodomized by aliens.

Should be happening before the very own eyes of every Sinkie.

Anonymous said...

The white lies will report that these are lone wolves. The truth, as Frog Outside Glass said, is that it is a world wide movement. The white supremacists are out to kill the coloured people again and instigating the coloured people to hate each other and kill each other to make it easier for them.

Hope those coloured people siding with the white supremacists would get a taste of their own medicine.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Frog In Glass

Why don't you get some "direct experience" and treat anything you read in the MSM with healthy skepticism. In fact, they get is so wrong.

Go and lurk at 8Chan and 4 Chan in the /pol/ (politically incorrect) boards. The MSM make up stories, I doubt that those reporters even go to the "Chans" to discover what's what for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Singapore needs to bring back Lee Kuan Yew to solve this racial problem. He would put them in their proper place.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just viewed a clip on Martin Lee. This silly banana actually proposed that Hong Kong be handed to the British to rule for another 50 years. Can you believe that?

Never heard of Anson Chan's view. She might say Hong Kong should be a British colony forever. White men good, yellow men bad. They think they are whites without looking at the mirror.

Anonymous said...

Lky had faith that his Son Lee Hsien Loong shall carry out his/Lky plans for Sin.
Lky had mentored and guilded Lee Hsien Loong till he was unabled to.

The Younger Lee is a chip of the Old Blog. However, much less a calibre and more ruthless.
Sin shall head for where it deserves to be soon, like Hongkong.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> Wait for Hong Kong to declare a state of emergency, it would be cheaper. <<

Nah, I'm very wary of Asian stuff. It's ok for large big-bux institutions cos they have lawyers if shit hits the fan, but for small timers like me...I have no "legal" protection I can fall back on without shelling out a whole lotta extra dough. Stick to Aus, UK, EU and USA. Australia has sizable exposure to China thru mining, agriculture, so one can punt the Chinese market with less risk thru these "proxies". The matsaleh markets are super over-valued, plus these fuckers have run up debt they cannot pay, and issued junk bonds which have gone negative now. I reckon when they implode, some good value plays there.

Anyway, I just enrolled in Lucas Liew's course for algotrading. Fuck man, got waiting list! Eventually, I want to be 100% systematic and automated like this Aussie guy---checks his systems every 1-2 months, takes him 10 mins.

Machines have no emotions.

Unknown said...

@ All,

I have been following 4chan and 8Chan (and others) since 2016, when Trump announced his candidacy for the US Presidential Election.

Anonymous said...

seems to be a most active
Pro-western Leader in the Hongkong Protest.
note that almost all the Hongkie Leaders have Western Names.

imho said...

why everyone so uptight these days? just relax and things will be ok again. the sun is still going to rise tomorrow.

imho said...

no need to throw tear gas, better throw laughing gas at protesters.

the world is enough for everyone needs but not everyone wants.

Unknown said...


Digital security and infrastructure firm Cloudflare has terminated its services to 8chan, the message board where the El Paso gunman reportedly posted a racist "manifesto" shortly before killing 20 people in the US state of Texas.

In a blog post on Sunday announcing the move, Cloudflare chief executive officer Matthew Prince described the no-censorship site as "a cesspool of hate".

"8chan is among the more than 19 million Internet properties that use Cloudflare's services. We just sent notice that we are terminating 8chan as a customer effective at midnight tonight Pacific Time," Mr Prince wrote.

Anonymous said...

The existence of the Chinese majority over the centuries did not result in the island becoming 'Chinapore', and moreover racial harmony had been quite tolerable, give or take some minor skirmishes.

With the influx of foreigners becoming citizens and the constant nibbling on the racial red line by such new citizens becoming more obvious, there is the danger of this island becoming 'Indiapore' eventually, if strong actions are not taken to stamp out racial issues rearing it's ugly head.

A long time ago I said that the fabric of harmony will not be broken by true blue Singaporeans born and bred here, but will be broken by foreign influence bringing into this country their racial intolerance baggage. These people have no idea of how long it took to bring the racial bonding into what it is today. And the new arrivals coming here to take up citizenship may break the bond of that racial harmony if care is not taken to prevent another flare up what happened in the sixties.

Unknown said...

6 August 1945 - A Day Of Whitemen's Terror And Horror To Remember

It's probably the most famous weapon in the history of war -- the atomic bomb that was dropped over Hiroshima, Japan, from an American B-29 bomber on August 6, 1945.

The explosion from the atomic bomb, named "Little Boy," obliterated everything within 10-square kilometers (nearly four square miles) in the Japanese town Hiroshima, killing instantly at least 80,000 people. Radiation poisoning eventually killed another 120,000 others, resulting in an estimated final death toll of 200,000 souls.

Another more than 2 million people, including unborn babies, suffered from its side-effects and some of their later generation children are still suffering until today.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

With China cancelling all buyings of minerals from Australia, the mining companies are going to collapse. You may pick up some for a song.

LKY knew what made this island tic and rose above the rest. Not sure of his successors. Some like Georgie boy and Chok Tong are still betting on India as our saviour.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> With China cancelling all buyings of minerals from Australia, the mining companies are going to collapse. You may pick up some for a song. <<

A definite possibility. The current very-white and very-Christian Morrisson govt keeps on insulting China regularly. Yeah, good policy guys, piss off your best customer. Chinese investment in Australia has been going down, now down by more than one-third.

BTW, Australia was the first cuntry to fire a broadside at Huawei and ban it from Aussie telecom infrastructure projects long before it became a media dumpster fire fuck-shit-talk-fest. Because Australia is such an insignificant cuntry in world news, this Huawei ban largely went unnoticed.

But no worries, mate. The 2 top investors are the UK and USA... our "kaki-nang"...they've been pouring more and more money in year on year.

God Save the Queen, and God Bless America!🤣

Anonymous said...

@ RB:

~ LKY knew what made this island tic and rose above the rest. Not sure of his successors. Some like Georgie boy and Chok Tong are still betting on India as our saviour. ~


LKY knew what made this island tic.
GCT knew what made this island tock.
LHL knows want makes this island goes tick tock,
Tick tock, tick tock to the dock!

Anonymous said...

One thing we should realise is that with such a small local population like Red Dot, an increase of a million new citizens will make a world of difference and consequential change to the social, political and cultural heritage of the country. The difference can even be the cause of racial harmony in the worst case scenario.

For big countries with big population like the US, a few million immigrants is like a drop in the ocean. And yet they are wary of letting in too many migrants. Australia on the other hand is a country with a small population, but with vast land space, but they still will not let in unlimited immigrants.

Japan is another country with a big population, but even with the problem of an aging workforce, they are still wary of letting in too many foreigners to dilute their culture and heritage. Why?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies wittingly pawn themselves
Sin got sold under their very eyes.

Anonymous said...

Not Sinkies pawn themselves. But the Chinkies pawn themselves to the Darkies and the Brownies.

In turn, the Ruling Bananas pawn themselves to the Whities for the sake of name, fame, money, status and Power.

And Woodenhead pawn the country to India (even purposely spent money to tailor-make Indian clothes to ware and show off to public) signaling that he has betrayed his master LKY and betrayed his own Chinkies Roots.)

Virgo 49 said...


For all you know everything on the House.

Wants to leech and go for bypass b4 ask to step down.

First class hospitalization plus followed out by a tourpe of doctors and nurses.

If kena called up, SAF have to give a Ceremonial farewell.

Real leech

Anonymous said...

See what India is doing to Kashmir now. Unilaterally declared, against International Laws, to "annex" Kashmir (India administered portion) under India's total control instead of the UN agreement of autonomy.

The Indian Government is also eyeing Singapore?

That is why CECA was signed?

Who persuaded the SG Government to sign the unfair, anti-Singaporeans, CECA?

Who checked through the legal documents?

Why was the general public not consulted?

Why only generals had the say?

Is Singapore not a big military camp run by generals?