Evil Empire planting the seed of destruction

The Evil American Empire is putting pressure on its Asian allies to allow them to plant American intermediate range nuclear missiles in their soil. The Americans claimed that the Russians were cheating in the INF treaty. Holy cow, the Russians are cheating the Americans too. Honest Americans never cheat anyone or anything except the CIA according to Pompeo, ‘We cheat, we lie and we steal’. Remember that?

In reality it is to protect the American Empire and to control their so called allies. The Americans wanted these allies to allow the Americans to set up missile bases in their countries. The location of American missiles to within striking range of China and Russia would extend and expand the reach of the Evil Empire in a war with these two countries. These are offensive weapons of mass destruction.

What does this mean to the American allies? It means that not only the American missiles can strike at China and Russia, the Chinese and Russian missiles would also be able to reach these countries making them primary targets when war breaks out and increasing the need for American protection. The move would mean that the Evil Empire would gain in many ways while their allies would lose in many ways.

Australia, the staunch American ally, the white country in Asia, has officially rejected this request from the Americans. They know that having American missile bases in Australia would mean Australia would also be targeted as number one priority by China and Russia just like Japan and South Korea. Australians are too smart for that. Why would they want to invite Chinese and Russian missiles flying into their territory? China has officially warned the US that deploying these missiles in China’s neighbourhood is unacceptable and China would respond, China would not sit idly by.

South Korea, a semi colony of the evil Empire also rejected the American pressure to place intermediate range nuclear missiles in their land.  What about little USAs?

Would there be silly Asian or Asean country eager to host American nuclear missile bases in their land and become top priority target of Chinese and Russian missiles? Would any silly Asian or Asean country volunteer for this role, or begging for it?


Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB. Thought today you will post article on Singapore's 54th birthday.

Sing Singapore etc etc. All the Radio channels blaring every five mins with Dick's Lee old songs.

We are Singapore and Singaporeans forever more. Wah just back with dog for a stroll and see so many happy Papies supporters of Malaysians,Pinoys, Nehs with all their families big and small.Old and young in either red/white or black/red. Smiling away.

Only sinkies out eight out of ten comments, eight cursing LHL's speech in the CNA column.

Russia cheating on their Agreement?
Just a ploy to unsettled the World Order and Peace.

Russia at the North Atlantic and NATO Zone.Why all the way to Asia and SEA.

After their playground in ME had become barren.Now Asia and SEA turn.

Also instigated India to taunt Paki.

imho said...

btw, Happy Sinkie Day!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if USA will plant missiles on Singapore soil. Hope we are smarter than to allow the American to use Singapore as a launch site.

Anonymous said...

A great opportunity for Sg to nuclear-armed itself, if it volunteers to host US.
There are great advantages to gain.
First and foremost, tremendous saving in the Defence Expenditure. Next is, no more need for National Enslavement of our young males to waste their youth. A skeletal force to man the Nuclear Arsenal is all that is needed.
the Mother of All Gain is that no one will dare meddle with Singapore.

Hurrah !!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> Would there be silly Asian or Asean country eager to host American nuclear missile bases in their land and become top priority target of Chinese and Russian missiles? <<

I guarantee it! ASEAN vs USA, USA win lah. Why? Because of American exceptionalism. The USA is HONEST about whose interest they will defend firstly and foremostly. No-balls UN, ASEAN, APEC...si mi tai chi lan jiao all put on FAKE SMILES and try to be "friends with everybody". The USA never stoops so low as to carry other cuntries balls.

So definitely. We will have US nukes in Asia (I suspect already got...but shhh shhh secret lah)

Realpolitik lah. Not RB politik 🤣🤡

Anonymous said...


Anonymous 9.33 am, remember what you have written above when the first missile lands in Orchard Road. You family, your friends and your bank accounts will be ashes under the mushroom cloud. You said "Hurrah"? SAD for you.

Virgo 49 said...

Right, hurrah.

If the Necular Arsenals will to be exploded or sabo on the little DOT..that's will be the last praise from a High Ranking Diplomat or Minister that when he flew past Sinkieland on a Flight he straightaway will recognise the beautiful landscape of Singapore as boasted by our LHL.

It be Sinking Land.
Whole Island dig and dig without stop.What's you expect just furnishing a little studio flat compared to a bungalow in other country.


Anonymous said...

If Singapore mind is deranged and allow the Evil Empire to operate a nuclear missile base
here it is inviting Russia and China to nuclear bomb the island in the first sign of USA aggressive move towards a Third World War. Not only Singaporeans will have the right to rise up in revolt to vociferously protest and object the Evil Empire's satanic intentions but all Asean countries will condemn Singapore and will never allow that to happen. A Russian or Chinese attack on Singapore in retaliation to the Evil Empire's aggression will affect all Asean countries because of their close proximity to the island. Asean countries headed by Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand will then have the right to act as king-pin to decide the fate of Singapore for it affects the safety, security and survival of all Asean countries.

Eagles Eyes

Should the mad people in charge want to commit hara-kiri let them go and die themselves and not drag Singapreans and all Asean citizenry along the path of death and destruction.

Anonymous said...


Put the Blain to good use.
The Nuclear Facilities, if made available in Singapore, will save Sinners from destructions from many less destructive but more painful damages.
importantly is the Safety and Security from lmmediate Threats.

Anonymous said...

So you can now understand why Trump wants out of the INF, so that he can reset his agenda and do as he wanted with his nuclear arsenals.

After meeting Kim in Singapore he bragged that the world is now free of nuclear threat. But trying to place nuclear weapons in places occupied by allies just makes the world more nuclear threatened, all for the fertile thinking of his evil mind. Why is there a need to drag the whole world into the US warmongering intention against Russia, and put everyone else on more dangerous ground?

Trump also pulled out of the climate change agreement, all because he wants to bring back the coal industry to America. In fact he is doing just the exact opposite of what China is doing to the environment.

China had been accused of massive air pollution problems all through the decades and is moving fast track on to more renewable energy sources like electric cars and buses, harnessing more usage of solar, wind and hydro electric power sources.

Trump on the other hand wants even threatened it's citizens with punishments if they move to using electric cars and is putting pressure on the use of solar energy. He is obviously pandering to his campaign contributors and is under their control. Needless to say, he is also making his pile out of the trade war.

If his Presidency is going to be the last for the evil empire as prophesied, needless to say, that means it will be the end of mankind. Hopefully it will not come true. I am no believer in any case.

Ah Bock"s Think Tank said...

The americants are just talking cock and singing song only.

Trying to bait the Chinese into an affray with any small little usa stupid enough to host their missiles.

There is actually no need for any land based hosting. Their evil 7th fleet is already armed with nuclear missiles, short range, intermediate or long range.

But just to alert the americants that the Chinese are tracking every ship of the evil empire in the East Pacific and targetted locked on. In case they are still drunk and bloated with food on the carrier canteens. Any unfriendly move by the americants will be met head on with the Chinese Rocket Force which is now the best equipped in the world with missiles raining on their enemies like the epic chinese movie "Hero" by Zhang Yimao.

So guys, relax. The Chinese have their bases all covered.

These days, missiles are the in toy for war gamers.

It's fast, accurate and destruction is assured.

No need for any carriers which are just ego boosters but sitting ducks.

One ugly slow moving carrier tub can be exchanged for thousands of lethal missiles.

That's why China has only two just for show only.

If they can build infrastructures so speedily, what is building a few hundreds of these ancient maritime antique war vessels.

Virgo 49 said...

Well said Zhu Kok Liang.

Like the "Red Cliff" Saga the Americunts 100 Fleets can be sunk and burn by the Chinese Arsenals.

Those Military Islands and Sand Bars built for what?

To have installations as first line defence to sink their sitting ducks.

Americunts only want those daft Colonies to be targets for their follies.

Anonymous said...


Little America already got nuclear weapons since 2000. But not big big ICBMs or even intermediate-ranged. Instead it's more of tactical air-launched missiles --- blast power similar to or slightly less than Little Boy in Hiroshima.

But of course not based in Little America.

You know lah ... most of Little America's airforce is actually NOT based in Little America???!?!??

They're based in Oz, US & France. LOL!!!

And all 3 countries DO ALLOW nuclear weapons to be based on their territories. Although Oz will be very very discreet becoz of business & $$$$$$$$ from chinkies lah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The weapons of wars used to be aircraft carriers and their fighter bombers.

Today the must have weapons are pilotless drones, satellites, and anti aircraft carrier missiles.

Only daft would buy expensive American F35s.

Anonymous said...

The mericunts will tell you, in coming missiles will be destroyed before reaching carrier battle group. Ok. Ok.

One or two incoming sure gone. a few tens? also gone. a few hundreds? maybe. a few thousands for one carrier? I'm sorry to say that that carrier is gone like a sick duck ready to be roasted for seventh month hungry ghost celebration.

When missiles rain in on carrier like arrows in Zhang Yimao's "Hero", no way it can still steam on like nothing happened.

Only caveat is, mericunts already invented an invisible shield to protect carrier. Then all the missiles in the world will not sink the duck.

Hope the Chinese quick quick do R and D on this eventuality and neutralize the shield. Maybe can ask Huawei to assist using AI and virtual reality.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Redbean said " Only daft would buy expensive American F35s. " Please remember that the paper generals from the PAP have all agreed to do just that. Be careful Uncle Redbean what you write. You do not want to become a guest at Hotel Changi.

Anonymous said...

On this day, the 69.9% make us sigh.

Whither our children's future in Singapore . . .

Anonymous said...

You may be surprise that If usa promise the dynasty of that country to rule forever. But hope that dynasty must remember that dt
is a liar, that a fact.

Anonymous said...

Russia should persuade Venezuela and Cuba to allow placement of Russian Nuclear Missiles on their soil too. See how the evil empire will react. They would be hysterical! John Bolton's moustache will stand on end. Pompeo will suffer a heart attack. Trump will be tweeting and raging like a rabid mad dog.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ know your history,

Since this national day can be thought at a tribute to the founding of the Crown Colony of Singapore in 1819, when one smart Ang Moh bribed a not-so-smart, Mat....

....let us thank the Royal Airforce for protecting the Colony...until of course the Japs got one better. 😭 Oh well, it was a jolly good old college try! Pip pip, old boy! 😂

Know your history:

The Royal Airforce kept 48 nuclear warheads at RAF TENGAH Airbase specifically to deal with the "threats" posed by a rising communist China.

What happened? Nothing lah. No one expect the "connected" even knew about the nukes at Tengah.

And as War Stocks Guy said... the weapons could probably already be here. Like Australia... pretend to be anti nuclear what-not...all bullshit wayang. Nukes are here in Australia, best mate of the USA in the Pacific & Southern hemisphere.

US bases in ASEAN cuntries? If you are a realist, this is a SURE BET.

ASEAN doesn't trust China lah. No one trusts China . That's why they'll go with the US. And Trump will force them to PAY for "protection" 😂

No one might trust the USA either. But everyone knows their propensity to trickery and gamesmanship. In that way, since you know all the bad things which can happen, you can factor that shit in.