Brown face is extremely offensive!

What, what kind of sicko would make this kind of racist statement? What is wrong with brown face or for that matter black face? The skin colour of a person is nature, for those who believe in God, it is god given. Anything that is created by God is fair and good. There is nothing offensive about a brown face or a black face. Every race, whatever colour they are, must be proud of themselves. There is nothing offensive or shameful just because of one’s colour. It is like there is nothing shameful of one’s birth, of one’s parents rich or poor or whatever. You cannot choose your parents and neither can you choose your colour.

Only racists would be disturbed by colours, like the white supremacists. They hate coloured people. In thenewpaper today there is a photo of two white American policeman on horseman pulling a black man they arrested and tied with a rope. This is racism! As for the rest of the coloured people, be proud of yourself and your race and your colour.

Now who is that racist that made the above statement about brown face is offensive? Offensive to who, in what ways? Here is the quote from thenewpaper, ‘We only wanted to spark a conversation and get corporations to stop painting people brown to portray a minority and instead simply hire a brown person because a brownface is extremely offensive.’

My God, is anyone of you ashamed of your skin colour because it is brown? Would a brown person feel offended by this statement, that brownface is offensive? Should brown colour people be running to hide themselves and stay away from people who found their brown colour, their brown face offensive?

All the bodybuilders should not put brown oil on their bodies as it is offensive to some racists. Suntan oil should be banned. The MediaCorp actress should stop dressing like Pinoys and talking like Pinoys. No one of any race should dress to look like another race in any occasion for whatever reasons. This is Singapore, a little uptight island with silly people that see an ad of a brown face as offensive. I think this comment that brown face is offensive is the worst that you can get. Why no one feel offended by it? And poor Dennis Chew has to come out and apologise for it again!

People that think other people’s skin colour is offensive is sick in the head, real racists to the core. This is no joking matter to have such people around you, all the time looking at the colour of your skin and feel offended.

Be proud of who you are, your family, your ethnicity and your colour. If not you will feel very miserable when the racists attacked you because of your colour.

You want to know what is racism and discrimination, go to theindependent.sg and read what happened to Jerusha in the USA. Here are a few paragraph from the article.

“Every day I dread going to class now because I sit three feet from my white bully.”

Jerusha Sanjeevi was a bright-eyed young lady who dreamed of helping children recover from the trauma of abuse. Eight months into her PhD program at Utah State University (USU), Jerusha committed suicide after enduring relentless racist bullying from classmates and apathy from faculty members.

A Malaysian national of Chinese and Indian descent, Jerusha had been pursuing a doctorate in clinical and counselling psychology when she encountered persistent and intense bullying from her classmates.
According to reports, Jerusha experienced bullying just weeks into her first semester at the university.

The bullies mocked her whenever she spoke in class, teased her for having dark skin, made fun of her name, and it even got to the point where they discredited her academically.

The bullies made remarks saying Jerusha “smelled like Indian food” and kept sending her racist memes about India even though she was Malaysian.... Posted in theindependent.sg


Anonymous said...

Racism is Singapore is rising. It all started by an academic from NTU who pretended to champion for minority rights but in the same breath wanted to increase his race to equal numbers with the Chinese Majority.

In addition, there are many racists and caste-conscious South Asians who have came to Singapore to earn a living, but after being in Singapore for sometime they think that they should take over the control of Singapore and turn it into a similar South Asian country, an extensive of their country of origin.

For 35 years, there were no such hooha. Even Mr Brown enjoys a good following irrespective of race. It is only recently, under the weak and unhealthy leadership, that this racist tendency has started to blossom.

Something must be done to arrest this critical issue now.

Anonymous said...


The face of Justice Bao is BLACK!


Anonymous said...

The source of these racism can be traced back to 2016 when the PAPies implemented the changes in presidential erection. Then LHLand his lackeys decided to erect a Malay President instead of people elect presiTan. In the end it was an Indian descent Malay speaking President got erected by the LHL administration. Probably, much of these recent causes exercubutes the present stage of racism in Sinkieland.It also exists during the old man's era, however, today plight of racism is the accelerated result of a weak and power hungry LHL administration.

Anonymous said...

If they come here and feel not happy, then they should go back to where they come from (good riddance!), instead of clamoring for changes to be made here.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all Asians Embrace your Inner Racist

Oh come on now...We Asians love our racism out in the open and honest. So let's get over this shit ASAP.

Liberal western values and deep-seated Asian cultural "norms" (as distasteful as they are to "enlightened" westerners...for e.g. racial stereotyping) are going to CLASH VIOLENTLY...sooner or later.

Liberal western values are founded on this premise: That there is only ONE RACE...the HUMAN RACE, and that all perceived differences are due to culture, not GENETICS

Asian cultures are founded on racial "purity", and whatever beliefs are unique to each culture. In Asia race is GENETIC and stereotypes exist because they are REAL, and passed down by...you guessed it...GENETICS. 😂

Fast forward to today...this blackface-brownface-is-offensive is a western liberal value.

Asians don't care so much about this shit. In fact, it is WELL ESTABLISHED that "the fairer the skin, the HIGHER the SOCIAL VALUE"

If you dispute what I've just written, open the papers and go out to the beauty shops and pharmacies where you will find a plethora of SKIN LIGHTENING/ WHITENING products....even, and especially in---of all places---INDIA.

Even in INDIAN SOCIETY, having lighter skin means "higher social value". 😜🤣

You fuckers laughing yet?

Just take 10 deep breaths and "let it go" all you fuckers with dark skin. Your best friend is REALITY. The REALITY is that in most Asian cultures and societies WHITE is more "right", and that's that. The more you try to fight it, the more shit people will throw back at you.

Many bullshit Negroes used have used the excuse of "racial discrimination" to get tons of money from guilty white folk, and to even BAN THE USE...EVEN IN HUMOUR OF BLACK FACE.

Niggers have forced present generations of whites
to pay for the "sins" of their ancestors, on the black's ancestors.

I, a Singaporean are paying taxes to "compensate" some Abo Cunts (free money fuckers) for something in the past I had nothing to do with. 😂 Been paying for years,like a sucker..

Please lah, Asians don't really mind racism. Actually it is not "racism" until it is "LABELLED" BY SOMEONE WHO EMBRACES WESTERN LIBERAL VALUES. If you keep these incompatible values out of it, just relac lah brudder and ENJOY the entertainment provided by RACIAL DIFFERENCES

If we don't laugh at our differfences, how can we truly embrace DIVERSITY?

Ang moh: tua kee
Indians: smelly
Malays: lazy
Chinese: no soul, money first
Euracians: chap cheng kia, neither here nor there...
Fillipinos: dishonest, sex and drug addicts
Japanese: ?
Koreans: ?
Thais: ?
Indonesians: ?

....come on, embrace your Asian-ness...fill in the blanks, add more...and know your stereotypes, and LOVE THEM, because you are one of the stereotyopes! 🤣😂

imho said...

When people are old enough, they will understand its the soul that matters not skin color. There are good and bad people in any skin color. Generalising is a display of immaturity.

“I often wonder why the whole world is so prone to generalise. Generalisations are seldom if ever true and are usually utterly inaccurate.”
― Agatha Christie

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ to my dear swarthy friends (and enemies)

I get a nice feeling when I help people.

We all know that we live in an era where the whiter your skin, the greater your social value, and more people will respect and love you.

So, if you are "too dark", IMO, you'd better do something about it.

Lucky, we have the technology to help you overcome your parents inferior "blackie genes", so you no longer have to suffer as a social outcast, or be moved to make annoying video content on the net.

If you are dark, seriously consider whitening your skin.

Believe in change. Believe in hope. Believe and you will succeed in changing Ah Neh, into Ang Mo.

But please, don't whiten your cock. It is a sicentific fact that Black Cocks are the Biggest.

Chicks dig white guys, but they crave black cock. You have both. 😂🤣

Anonymous said...

Indonesians: ? - like to make haze

Malaysians: ? - sodomy

Anonymous said...

Root cause of racism in Sinland should be investigated seriously. Should start from the highest office of the country.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If this brown face ad is offensive, then Mr Brown better stop calling himself Mr Brown but Mr Yellow. All Bao Kong black face serials be banned from screening. How can a Chinese paint his face black? For that matter, Chinese opera with all the painted faces must also be banned.

Gurmit Singh would have to end his Phua Chu Kang impersonation act. So would the girl, what's her name, who impersonates Pinoys to the 'i's and 't's, also will be banned.

Then Singapore will be safe and free from racism.

I am expecting a minister to come out to close this case on the brown face ad by saying that there is nothing sinister or derogatory about it, no intention to insult or put down anyone or race. Stop the accusation and MediaCorp, Havas and Dennis Chew need not have to apologise. They have done no wrong.

Maybe just tell them to avoid such ads as there are some extremely sensitive racists that would feel offended at the slightest thing about colour and race even when there is no intention to offend or mischief.

Would any minister stand up to stop this fracas and stop the racists from having a field day accusing the Chinese of being racists?

Anonymous said...

Talking about racism and racist comments, have the two monkeys with their rap prancing racist videos been charged yet?

Apologies are no use after the fact. The damage has been done.

By now, the investigations should have been over as it is a clear cut case of racial incitement.

Let's hope that it is not another slap on the wrists for these two troublemakers.

Anonymous said...

the two rotund monkeys . . .

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB. Why the coloured people of brown and black do not fight back when they are been criticised and bullied by the Whites?

Only the ISIS fought with their lives on wars footing wity them.

Why of all must they raise a Mountain out of a mole when a Chinese impersonated them in just good humour and NOT really scorned them.

The World of Whites and other coloured beans had prejudices against the Yellow

You see eveywhere even in Sports Events when the Chinese were the Superior teams for example in Badminton and Swimming, even the Umpires and Referees were biased against the Chinese Teams.

Whether they are from the PRC, Taiwan or even SEA. Exception maybe Sinkieland as they knew most are bananas.

We impersonate them and make some fun out of them. HELL broke loose.

But they can insulted and scorned us in good faith and humour.

The World simply hated the colour Yellow. Americunts shouted "Yellow" for cowardice.

Others hate us for our civilisation and humanity.

Sinkieland's many other beans thought that Chinkee Sinkies are a Privelleged lot just because we happen to be the majority.

Little does they know that Chinkee Sinkies are the worst lot among them in special privileges and benefits as the government do not want any tongues wagging and discontents among the others.

Other beans in Sinking Land you be surprised are more well off than our chinkees Sinkies poor.

Those Chinkees Sinkies who are well off are those who worked their guts and pantaks out to be thus.

In fact we are most unprivileged lot in Sinkieland with no special priority in any government scheme or policy.

Yet, they do NOT realise thus.

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, last few days Media kept harping that the Advtg Company and the innocent actor is wrong including even Media Corpse.

You don't get the drift?

They trying to lessen the blame on them for raising this trivial hoo haa.

Telling all and sundry to move on.

No charges.Honest outbursts.

Let move on as Singaporeans.

Racial Harmony.

imho said...

When gumit singh made fun of chinese (using name such as phua chu kang), chinese also never thought it was offensive. chinese normally just laugh it off as chinese understand that generalizations are for entertainment only. always the non chinese that shouted racism. they must learn to relax.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Bangra/Bollywood fans,

I tell you over and over... Donald J Trump is massively, globally, cross-culturally, pan-genetically popular. More famous than Jesus at the moment!

Can you dig the groove? The man is as "natural" as curry on basmati, cooked on a cow dung fire 🤡 Dance, motherfucker, dance!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Fans of Makan Sutra

Cooking with Cow Dung

Anonymous said...

That lunatic is as disgusting as the poop I flush away every morning down the shithole to make newater to go with mati's basmati.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Peter Sellers as "oriental"

1. Chinaman

2. Fu Manchu

As Indian

1. Stoned Sitar Player

2. Birdie Num Num

Christopher Lee (Lee is an American name) as Fu Manchu

...And again

Rhiana as Princess Of China

Yup Brynner as King Of Siam


Every character ever played by an actor only exists in OUR IMAGINATIONS, not in real life lah.

Shanmugam, FUCK YOU! ☠️

Unknown said...

The Chinese all over the world are fucked because firstly there is not a single Chinese Race. They comprise at least 56 ethnic groups.bSecondly, they are not united.

Anonymous said...

Southern Mainland Chinese empirically are not as patriotic as those from Central and North Western Region.
Living in Southern China is much less challenging than those in Central and North West.
Southern China is much endow with resources, including huge marine natural produces. lt is also more expose to the World due to the Many Seaports along the Long Coastline.
Historically, China had been fighting and defending itself with Northern and Western enemies that occurred throughout its thousands of years of existences.
Southern China on the other jand is not only better endow with resources, it has been less populated and hardly much enemies.
the Central and North Western Han Population did not move South but stayed where they were to defend their territory rather than to live better in the South. This is where and why the Central and North West Chinese have always being more patriotic.
Southern Chinese, despite having much better living, were prone to venture abroad, probably due to exposures to the Outside World.

most Southern Chinese Tribes were not considered Hans until probably after China becomes Republic. The Ethnic and Tribal Identities of the Many Tribes were well guarded individually up to the Qing Dynasty which had done the People of China by instilling a common culture like what Qinshihuang did thousands of years earlier.
The Qing Dynasty which was Manchurian by ethnicity embraced whole-heartedly all Han Culture and even united almost all the Different Tribes to assimilate similarly. The Manchus had done China a great service in fact.

China is strong and prosperous today much due to the great job done by Comrade Maozedong all the Way to Comrade Xi
Jingpin, one of the Greatest Statesman in history.
The Most Important Reasons bowever, is that the Mainland Chinese are UNITED AND EXTREMELY DILIGENT, WHICH IS THE NATURE OF THE CHINESE TRIBE.

And to conclude;
may the Chinese anywhere be as UNITED AND HARD-WORKING AS EVER.


Anonymous said...

Southern China is better endow with natural resources. lt is also less affected by natural disasters such as earthquake, weather related drought, flood, sandstorm and extreme temperatures etc.

The hard live and challenges of survivals in Central and North Western China have made the Mainland Chinese to progress and is making the Mainland Chinese, who have developed the Whole of China and helping to develop the World at Large for the Betterment of Mankind.

Mankind shall appreciate the Goodwill.

Anonymous said...

I happened to browse the mothership sg site and came across an article with this headline:

PSP criticises S’pore govt’s response to Preetipls & Subhas Nair as ‘high-handed’ & ‘harsh’

Looks to me like another car salesman kind of response just to get votes. This is another one of those wishy washy political parties that will not survive beyond the next general election.

Well, PSP, you will not get my vote just because of this stupid remark.

For all its faults, I have to applaud the government for its no nonsense approach to the siblings' infamous racist rap. Further, just on this sorry episode alone, Mr. Shanmugam has my respect.

Anonymous said...


Looks like PAPies will be getting 75% Hahaha!!!

BTW word on the ground is Sep. Some civil servants have received their "saf100" LOL!!!

imho said...

August 08, 2019 6:41 pm>>
Chinese hardly help chinese. Never hurt by a chinese? You are very lucky.

Race is not important. Its the soul that matters.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

PSP criticises S’pore govt’s response to Preetipls & Subhas Nair as ‘high-handed’ & ‘harsh’

Looks to me like another car salesman kind of response just to get votes. This is another one of those wishy washy political parties that will not survive beyond the next general election.

Well, PSP, you will not get my vote just because of this stupid remark. Anon 8:34pm

I agree. It smells of opportunism without without looking at the substance. For this, I will not vote for PSP. I prefer SDP.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

imho said...

August 08, 2019 6:41 pm>>
Chinese hardly help chinese. Never hurt by a chinese? You are very lucky.

In a way this was true. But the key reason is that China was invaded and broken up and impoverished. Everyone was fighting just to be alive.

China is revived today because there were many patriotic overseas Chinese that went back to contribute to the growth of new China. And many mainland Chinese sent overseas for higher education also went back.

Now that China is rich and strong, the pride and nationalism are revived and getting stronger. China and the Chinese Civilisation become more attractive and desirable, no longer shameful to be Chinese, to be bullied and kicked around by everyone.

The Japan wave was followed by the Korean wave. The biggest wave would be the Chinese wave.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB. You could be more wrong.

This is just opportunistic votes garning.

You should see more of the Americans dramas of how their Presidential Campaign Team garner votes for their candidates.

They must lied with straight faces and hugged and cried with the daft Hispanics, the Blacks and the half Chiap cheng Asians Americans or Australians like Matilah to get their votes.

Because they needed their votes.

PSP is following their tactics. They must garner the Indians votes as well. So have to side with them to make them on their side.

Politics games

Virgo 49 said...

You fall into the wayang kulit show of Shame.

Just wayang kulit show for the correct moment.

To defray the tension. Knew how to garner Chinkee Sinkies votes

That's how the PAP always won elections.

They knew lots of daft there who are easily fooled.

After election, if Chinkee Sinkie does the same.

Guaranteed in Changi Resort Hotel.