Xi Jinping – End to Deng Xiaoping’s policy of ‘swallowing bitter fruit’

Many western stereotype writers and politicians have been harping about an assertive China as if China was pushing everyone around in its foreign policies. They have yet to see what an assertive China is like. The truth, China has been adopting a policy of restraint and humility guided by Deng Xiaoping, to work conscientiously in the peaceful development of China and to avoid dispute, in another words, to work hard, even to swallow bitter pills.

The western powers especially the Americans and even Japanese thought that this was a sign of weakness and had been pushing China on every fabricated issue they could think of. China’s response was appeasement and walked away from the raw challenge of military power like the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, the flying of nuclear armed bombers and recon planes to threaten China and the increasing provocations of violating the territorial sovereignty in the South China Sea. Even a pretentious regional power like India thought it was strong enough to brazenly send soldiers into Chinese territories to stop the Chinese from road building works at the Sino Bhutan border.

The Philippines under the Aquino govt in collusion with the Americans and Japanese thought they could bully China by setting up a kangaroo court at The Hague to rule against China and to declare Chinese islands as rocks in the ocean, thus cutting away Chinese territorial rights in the South China Sea.

Enough is enough. China would not tolerate such violations of its sovereignty and national interests anymore. During the 90 Anniversary of the PLA, Xi Jinping has made an important policy speech to move away from Deng Xiaoping’s policy of avoidance of trouble by not picking up the gauntlet, even when humiliated. Henceforth, ‘We will never allow any people, organization or political party to split any part of Chinese territory out of the country at any time, in any form. No one should expect us to swallow the bitter fruit that is harmful to our sovereignty, security or development interests.’

This is a major shift in Chinese policy and overdue. Countries still complaining about an assertive China would be mistaken and would be rudely awaken to see the real assertive China to come. From this speech, Xi Jinping has firmly give notice to the world, to the USA, Europe and little countries like Japan, England and Australia that China would mean business and would not tolerate their nonsense and unreasonable demands and provocations. The constant provocations by the Americans in the South China Sea would be firmly dealt with and with appropriate military response if needed to. China would show the Americans the middle finger on the North Korean issue. It is not China’s problem to deal with the North Korean’s nuclear programme and China would not go along or be pressured by the Americans to undermine its relations with the North Koreans. More firm response would be taken against Thaad deployment in the Korean Peninsula. The Japanese should be more careful with their words and actions on the island dispute in the East China Sea. And India better move its soldiers out of Chinese territory before they be kicked out by force.

The China today would take the bull by the horns and face any challenges squarely and militarily if necessary. Little USAs better take note and shut up or would have eggs in their faces. ‘China wants peace, but will not be bullied’, said President Xi Jinping. China would no longer walk away from trouble, provocations and challenges.

The world is going to see the real assertive China when its interests are threatened or challenged. This time China would say to the Americans, all options are on the table, including military ones. Not only the Americans can say this, China too would be saying this to the Americans. China would not just be watching idly by should the Americans attack North Korea or any of its allies.


Anonymous said...

This is a clear sign that China is going to take over US in terms of economic and military might. It just mean they have arrived!

Anonymous said...

"Little USAs better take note and shut up or would have eggs in their faces. ‘China wants peace, but will not be bullied’.."

Uncle RB, me dunno wanna lol or cry or sad or whatever...little USA ( aka Sillyland) gonna diam diam ...Ah Long & Vvian already made clear that they wud stand counted & stand up for Sillyland interest & not to bow low to the big mighty states...Ah Long is so sure tat his hat is bigger than his father & will make a louder sound shud the big mighty stated not follow law, only Ah Long is able to clear his name in his own court & no others can b like him ...

virgo49 said...

The Chinese, been a superior cultured people except for the bananas and traitors always have respect for others. They would prefer peace as their beliefs of a harmonious family or nation brings prosperity.

This virtue is misunderstood by the other barbarian tribes as bgeneen weak and subservient. The Whites, Black Ants are in their genes war faring animals who likes to bully weak and spoiling for fights.

At long last, the Dragon has start to spout its Fire.

XiJingPing is not gonna be called his name of Sean Chin Ping for nothing.

Now, I gonna show you what's frightening madness that I can served to you if you dared antagonise me and my country.

I shall go for broke to see who is mightier.

Heard of a paradox of when the Third World War starts, "Long chong pan hay tua, tee niang see chit pua"

Translated from Hokkien: "All others means all other races become charcoals whereas the Chinese population will be halved"

Anonymous said...

Rb so far China talk only but no action or NATO, no action talk only. For more than a month, there are still over 40 black ants and a truck on Chinese territories but so far only can see the black ants pushing the Chinese soildiers around with 4 black ants holding down a PLA officer. So don't know when they are going to take action leh

virgo49 said...

Wah bro 8.52

Waiting for your War Stocks to soar??


Anonymous said...

Chinese Companies going to help Indonesia to links Pulau Batam, Tanjung Sauh, Buau and Bintan. These islands combined are few times bigger than Singapore. In tbe future, Chinese Aircraft Carrier maybe stations there. SINGAPORE MAYBE BYPASSED.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The border dispute is the same as in 1962. India would move in first. China would let the world know who is the intruder. Then after some warnings China would take action to boot out the intruders. And this time after chasing them out, Chinese soldiers would not withdraw like they did in 1962. China would take back the land stolen by the Brits/Indians.

Just wait. China is giving the Indians a chance to back out or be kicked out.

The Dragon Fly said...

Onebody said in Sinkieland Pa-lee-men that "somebody wanted to wipe out Sinkieland."

When asked, "Please substantiate"? He side-stepped and replied, "Oh, cannot say one, because it is too sensitive to reveal lah ..."

Every time, without fail, when an election is coming, the Ownself Check Ownself will come out to make "frightening revelations" to scare all those who are thinking of voting for the opposition. Right or wrong?

How can like that? You cry "wolf, wolf, wolf" all the time, people become numb already. Nobody will believe this kind of say-say only type of threat lah. Right or wrong?

Like that, war stocks won't go up so easily. May be war stocks will go down instead? Right or wrong?

Virgo49 said...

Mr Chua.

The Chinese had a saying that Best detergent to have peace is to avoid a war. By preserving peace in letting the other party make their peace first.

However, most belligerent countries always provoked others to have wars as that's the best way to start all at starting line as they are already left too back behind.

Gong ching poo chiap tiam.

China.this time will give them chiak lat chiak lat if the black ants still wants to fight.

Anonymous said...

It is just the beginning.

Step by step. No hurry.

China is the world!

Virgo49 said...

This AhNeh country is plain.stupid. They want to be chickens for slaughter to frighten the monkeys.

Do they not know that China got to Show their prowess if there is a second Sino-Indo conflict.

China got to go all out to show the world especially the Ameeivynts of their military's superiority.

India would be lambs for slaughter as this is make or die for China.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, the one talking in pahlehmen is not referring to China. How can when they have been bragging Sino Sinkapor relations have been the best? If they dare to poke poke here and there, they gonna be poked again.

Seow kia.

Anonymous said...

Pres Xi reformed the PLA. All this new generals and soldiers are untested PLA.
Countries keen to test PLA are US Japan India S Korea Vietnam Indonesia and little usa. The US allies.

Pres Xi should feel the wolves howling in HK. The HK elected MP pronounced "facking people s repblic of cheena" at swearing ceremony. Taiwan is shifting to Japan side. The island removed ex Presi Chiangs image, changed school text books on China history, promote Japanese colonial image as rightful Empiral race culture. Long term acts to split Taiwan from China. US congress has tabled proposal to harbor US fleet at Taiwan port.

India s occupation of China s territory was a small warning. Vietnam s drilling at South China sea was a defiance. US Japan S Korea combined with Vietnam and little usa are threats to China. All this allies can pawn Taiwan to gain advantages. Duterte pawned South China sea island tribunal judgment and got his advantages. Xi s approach is throw money. No fighting, can talk and take it if want money.

There is no clear leader to take over Xi now. Taiwan s independence tendency will grow deeper and wider by years, even it is under KMT s rule. The Chinese public can see it. The CCP can feel the urgency to retake Taiwan. Vietnam s drilling South China sea will restart. Philippines will come back. India will come back. Japan will land at Senkaku. Xi can wait? Japan India Vietnam Philippines Indonesia need to be convinced that PLA is a real fighting force. US want these countries to poke Xi to promote someone else to succeed Xi on much friendly terms. CCP s internal pressure will tell Xi cannot keep talking having parade.

Remove Taiwan card from US will help China s future development with no uncertainty. Who is the China leader dare to do it? Most Chinese public will ask this question.

Internally, China s high debt is brewing financial crisis. China has low risky low collateralised loans growing very fast similar to Lehman Brothers bonds. An indication of scam like financial market is taking shape.

Debts is main concern in US China and litter usa. If under Xi watch and crisis happens, Xi might have to name successors. Under Xi, China s public debts ballooned. He spends lots of public funds for projects. While PLA gets stronger, Taiwan deepen its independence and bring along HK to call for independence.

Can Xi keeps the PLA card in his chest for long? He should take on US by clearing Taiwan problem. That will calm the allies once for all if PLA wins. It is very likely PLA will win. Will he do it? If not the next one may "just do it".

Anonymous said...

China's internal debt more serious or US' crippling tens of trillions debt more serious?

China building infratructure all over the world to earn money and goodwill.

Trump wasting millions building a Mexican Wall and create ill will.

Who is doing the right thing and who is doing the wrong thing?

Virgo49 said...

The Order to activate a War Decreed is a heavy one. All sides will suffer great sufferings or incapabilities even you are on an advantage in superior forces.

China been building their Nation into modern metropolis last few decades. They do not simply wants to go to war and have to start rebuilding again.

Many countries belligerent to China are still in half Shit neither here or there. Some are far away from the war areas and be just watching the killings.

So,XI would not want to start.a war unless no more choice.