Western media and their distorted news to influence the unwary

Yesterday’s headlines, ‘N Korea threatens to strike Guam’ in most western media and Little USA’s media have this as their front page news. This is the distorted truth that they want their readers to read to form the impression that it is the N Koreans that are threatening the Americans.

The truth that they refused to tell is that it was Trump, the Americans, that are raising tension and threatening war against the North Koreans. The Americans have consistently and repeatedly said all options are on the table, including a nuclear strike. And Trump added recklessly by saying that N Korea would face fire and fury and American power the world has not seen before.
North Korea’s threat to strike Guam is in response to the American threat of fire and fury and American power. It is a reaction to an imminent threat of war, an attack by the Americans. This fact is not reported and would not be reported in western biased media. They would not want to give the impression that the Americans are the ones that are threatening war against the N Koreans.
And the innocent and unwary readers, especially unthinking Singaporeans, would yell it is the N Koreans that are threatening to attack the Americans. Are the N Koreans as daft as the daft Singaporeans to think that it is a good thing to attack the Americans without being wiped out from the surface of this earth? How silly are these unthinking people?
Who is threatening war everyday? Which is capable of war and thinking that it could get away with it? The most evil one of course, the world’s number one outlaw country, the USA. The thing they forgot is that it is a different thing altogether to threaten another nuclear power that can hit back.

The more the American despot threatens the N Koreans, there would be more likelihood for the N Koreans to make a misstep and launch their nuclear weapons against the Americans. And they have all the reasons to assume an American preemptive strike and could miscalculate or misread a wrong move and all hell would break loose.

The silly Americans should zip their gaps before they invite calamity to the American people by their stupidity and rhetoric. The N Koreans are on tenterhook and could jump the gun. And if they do so, it is the fault of the Americans for raising tension beyond the level of rationality. And stop flying nuclear bombers over the Korean Peninsula to threaten the N Koreans. An edgy soldier might pull the trigger and poops, down comes one nuclear bomber and the beginning of armaggeddon.

Today’s headline, “North Korea plans to fire missiles near Guam ‘in days’” Now the N Koreans are fully in the game of chicken. The Americans flew nuclear bombers over the Korean Peninsula as a right and now threatening to shoot down N Korean missiles landing around Guam. Should the N Koreans threaten to shoot down the nuclear bombers over flying the Korean Peninsula?

The Americans have been threatening to attack every country with no one talking back. Russia, China and even Iran have kept mum and refused to engage in American war of words. The Americans have found a match in the N Koreans, meeting them word for word, threat for threat.

How now American cow?


Anonymous said...

Forget about NK & America. They are both NATO. No one will strike first. They all know the consequence.

Let us focus on EP in Singapore. Understand they even published a full page of Harimau in the NDP handout booklet. Very efficient publicity push. Perhaps, both of the countries should engage PAP for future propaganda campaign. Sui

Anonymous said...

The Americuns will meet will fire n fury by the North Koreans. It is prophesied that a God's angel cum messenger will come to the rescue to the Koreans, all missiles & nuclear weaponry will be deflected & backfire at the Americunts own backyard come with floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, plagues & diseases, more terrorists attack shall be fall on the Americuns shud the big bully the small..the world shall see.

virgo49 said...

DT is a playful man. He said Grab their pussies of beauty queens. See every time he speaks, he made funny faces and winks winks.

He just NATO NATO.

The Court should charge the PAP for contempt of Court for not respecting the yet unknown verdict of Dr Tan's appeal.

Keep promoting Harliamu.

Anonymous said...

Never forget that Americans are cowboys, always looking for a fight. Old habits die hard.

Who is threatening who? This is a no brainer question. Would someone with a small gun threaten another with a much bigger gun? Would you believe the world's most powerful military feeling threatened by a minnow?

What the Americans want is war. War is good for business to them. War is good for them to expand and exert their control and build more military bases to start more wars.

After a war, countries affected need rebuilding and that is when they, the world's holy guardian angel, can make more money giving contracts for rebuilding to their own connections, loans with terms to tie down the victims, or even seize their assets like oilfields on the pretext of help to maintain them.

Tell me, how many wars have been started by them officially? And how many unofficially by the CIA in stealth? And if war breaks out on the Korean Penninsula, it will again not be the Americans who started it. The NK will take the blame. So, how many more wars have been started by them in this way?

Anonymous said...

Trump will not strike NK lah, unless he is stupid.

But if Trump can become President, how can he be stupid?

So therefore Trump will not strike NK, as surely as Harimau will be walkover President.

And there will be peace in the world and Sinkies also no need to spoil their votes for PE.

Anonymous said...

The Americans could blow up a small corner of Guam, like World Trade Towers in 911, and blame it on NK to start a war.

Anonymous said...

worry not worry not

there will be no war, sure, 1oo%

all politicians are the same

they are very interesting people

they will talk and talk but will not act

must salute the fat boy......such a young boy vs old man

anyway, no war no war

The Dragonfly said...

Basically, Trump is using the North Korean Issue as a distraction away from his huge problems:

1. The US Government is not run by Trump. On the surface it seems that Trump is the President calling the shots but behind the scenes the Deep State controls everything, including the life and death of Trump and his family members. George Soros and President Obama are still very much in control of many aspects of the US Government, especially the Judiciary, FBI and CIA. George Soros is one of the representatives of the Deep State (Shadow Government probably controlled by the Illuminati).

2. The US economy is in an extremely precarious state. It is going to collapse any moment, and Trump and his team of useless generals and businessmen are unable to fix it, though he had promised to fix it during his presidential election campaigns last year.

3. Both the Republicans and the Democrats in the US Congress are ganging up to make life very difficult for Trump's Administration. Trump's promise to repeal the Obama care has failed again and again.

4. Trump's pick of the key people to help him in the White House are being sacked by him or resigned one after another. These people either incriminated themselves or were working for Trump's enemies behind the scenes. He fired his Chief of Communications within less than 10 days. His White House Spokesman has resigned.

5. There are still some people inside the Trump's Administration who are actually loyal to Obama and the Democrats. Trump promised to "drain the swamp" but it seems that the "swamp" is now closing in on him.

6. Trump, his family, and his campaign team are under investigation for the Russian Connections - election interference and huge business deals either directly or indirectly.

7. Nearer home, Cuba is quietly expelling US diplomats one by one by using a secret device that cause hearing loss, which forced the diplomats themselves to want to return to the US by cutting short their terms of service. What Obama has done to befriend Cuba, Trump has reversed the position and infuriated the Cubans. The Mexicans and the Canadians are also furious with the Trump Administration regarding border issues. Many of the refugees and illegal immigrants which Trump has been targeting are now crossing over to Mexico and Canada. This redirection of the the refugees and illegal immigrants into these two countries have created some cultural, social, legal and economic problems to these countries.

8. Trump is not making any headway in the Middle-East conflicts. The Russians are dominating the Middle East and solving the problems created by the ISIS terrorists, funded and equipped by the Obama Administration.

patriot said...

Trump is running the US using his Family Members and Associates, kind of Nepotism obviously. However, he does not have enough of them and also that he cannot be completely in control.

Trump has to reckon with many of the Past Presidents; Bushes, Clintons and Obama etc who are not just simple Americans. ln combination with the Illuminaties, Trump has to be a very special calibre, which he is , to survive as President as well as to stay alive.

Currently, he seems to perform well with the US Stock Markets and Economy moving ahead.

Trump and his Family are also enjoying limelights that shine globally making them celebrities even in remote corners of the World.

Unless and until Trump and his Family can prove themselves better than their past US Administrations, the Rivalry between his Family Faction shall have to reckon with the Faction of the Past Administrations.

So far for Trump, luck is with him tgat no major natural disaster has hit the US.
The US is prone to them.
Hopefully, Trump will be wise not to create a man-made disaster for the Americans.
his rival faction could and should be engineerng for his(Trump) downfall.


The Dragonfly said...

US Diplomats Suffering from Hearing Losses!

Washington (AP):

The two-year-old U.S. diplomatic relationship with Cuba was roiled Wednesday (9 August 2017) by what U.S. officials say was a string of bizarre incidents that left a group of American diplomats in Havana with severe hearing loss attributed to a covert sonic device.

In the fall of 2016, a series of U.S. diplomats began suffering unexplained losses of hearing, according to officials with knowledge of the investigation into the case. Several of the diplomats were recent arrivals at the embassy, which reopened in 2015 as part of former President Barack Obama's reestablishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Some of the diplomats' symptoms were so severe that they were forced to cancel their tours early and return to the United States, officials said. After months of investigation, U.S. officials concluded that the diplomats had been exposed to an advanced device that operated outside the range of audible sound and had been deployed either inside or outside their residences. It was not immediately clear if the device was a weapon used in a deliberate attack, or had some other purpose.

The U.S. officials weren't authorized to discuss the investigation publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the U.S. retaliated by expelling two Cuban diplomats from their embassy in Washington on May 23. She did not say how many U.S. diplomats were affected or confirm they had suffered hearing loss, saying only that they had "a variety of physical symptoms."

The Cuban government said in a lengthy statement late Wednesday that "Cuba has never permitted, nor will permit, that Cuban territory be used for any action against accredited diplomatic officials or their families, with no exception."

The statement from the Cuban Foreign Ministry said it had been informed of the incidents on Feb. 17 and had launched an "exhaustive, high-priority, urgent investigation at the behest of the highest level of the Cuban government."

It said the decision to expel two Cuban diplomats was "unjustified and baseless."

The ministry said it had created an expert committee to analyze the incidents and had reinforced security around the U.S. embassy and U.S. diplomatic residences.

"Cuba is universally considered a safe destination for visitors and foreign diplomats, including U.S. citizens," the statement said.

U.S. officials told The Associated Press that about five diplomats, several with spouses, had been affected and that no children had been involved. The FBI and Diplomatic Security Service are investigating.

Cuba employs a state security apparatus that keeps many people under surveillance and U.S. diplomats are among the most closely monitored people on the island. Like virtually all foreign diplomats in Cuba, the victims of the incidents lived in housing owned and maintained by the Cuban government.

However, officials familiar with the probe said investigators were looking into the possibilities that the incidents were carried out by a third country such as Russia, possibly operating without the knowledge of Cuba's formal chain of command.

Nauert said investigators did not yet have a definitive explanation for the incidents but stressed they take them "very seriously," as shown by the Cuban diplomats' expulsions.

"We requested their departure as a reciprocal measure since some U.S. personnel's assignments in Havana had to be curtailed due to these incidents," she said. "Under the Vienna Convention, Cuba has an obligation to take measures to protect diplomats."

U.S. diplomats in Cuba said they suffered occasional harassment for years after the restoration of limited ties with the communist government in the 1970s, harassment reciprocated by U.S. agents against Cuban diplomats in Washington. The use of sonic devices to intentionally harm diplomats would be unprecedented.

Weissenstein reported from Havana.

Anonymous said...

Telling enemy what weapons will be used. This is new edition of warfare. NK said 4 Mars 12, at 30 to 45 degree, travel distance 3356km, travel time 17min 45 sec. Hitting 30 to 40km from Guam coaster areas. Mattis said B1B bombers, attack launching pats. Trumps said: Ready. Sinkies watchers: no sound yet.

Trump kicks countries around to make better terms for trade with US. He promised to tax China goods 45%. Alibaba, Xi flew to Trump to talk terms. Trump now sailed destroyer 6 km from China s South China sea Nansa islands. China warned 10 times. Requesting US to observe sovereignty please.

Meanwhile Kim Jong An has to make the decision if to test flight 4 Mars to hit Guam. No real harm done. It means to testing testing 1234.
If the Patriot and THAAD all fire within the 17min 45 sec, could not hit all 4 missiles, NK Kim will open his own Mao Tai wine. PLA too will have wine on the house. It means the anti missile system is just talk. If all are shot down. NK and PLA will have to believe in US s accuracy.

It depends on how daring is Kim Jong An now. The missiles land on US territory is serious and US must respond with bombing. Kim Jong An (most likely) will fire artillery to Seoul 35km away. Tall buildings falling down, refugees run to US bases for cover. Trump will have to decide if want to have war with Kim.

Its not up to Trump to shout "fire and fury" because the Kim has the intention to chase US out of SK. He has 1.1 millions army now CLB. Minimum training is 7 years. Are these men and women soldiers ready to test their skill sets in battlefield? Especially when US B1B literally throwing tons of bombs on NK.

Trump s loose mouth will face his own Karma. US media said Kim Jong An will lose his power when US attack NK. This kind of thinking is similar to US and its cronies IS can overthrow Syrian govt. They really think US supported IS could do the job. What happen is Syrian asked Russia to support. If Kim Jong An cannot win, he will ask Putin uncle for help. Sinkies watchers will have to be prepared the share market may clash down when US stock fall sharply.

Its better to test out the missiles game. Kim should fire the 4 missiles. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

The US used to make use of other countries as a proxy, e.g. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria. Now, the US is directly involved with North Korea.

Trump is trying to make use of China as a proxy but not successful because Xi is not stupid.

Instead now China and Russia are making of North Korea as proxy to confront the US.

The tide is turning. The decline of the US is showing. This is called "Karma"?

The Dragonfly said...

Watch this:


Putin reveals who really rules the US of ASS.

Anonymous said...

Western media and their distorted news to influence the unwary
That's why Americans should be like 70% of smart Singaporeans.
We read only the Straits Times.
And we believe that PAP is working very hard to make lives better for Singaporeans

Anonymous said...

Those countries in middle east lost for reason being small. The attacking force on Iraq and Libya consist of Germany France UK and US Italy. Their refugees are rushing to stay in Germany France as their "loyal" citizens. The show is endless. US is safe.

NK is growing stronger internally. Kim Jong An never visit China. Trump tried to push Xi to control NK. He did it purposely in order to create conflicts between NK and China. The sanction after sanction in UN are the steps pushing China into the trap.

NK s first choice is Russia. Most likely Russia will provide modern weapons more willingly. Presently Russia is the top supplier of oil to NK.

If Trump succeeds in creating conflicts between NK and China, US will enjoy enormous benefits by pushing SK troops towards China border. Xi is not "stupid" as you said? Xi is avoiding US pushing too hard on South China sea issues. Now Vietnam is willing to go with US to work on South China sea. Xi s easy money policy did not work in the flip flop Vietnam. Soon Philippines will join Vietnam wanting to talk about sovereignty of island Scarborough Sheol.

China and US are like sponge and stone. US is hard rock. China is not, punch it, US gets juice to taste. Pinoys punches it, get cash to spend. Vietcon punch and punch, get cash and juice. China s way is endless love not war. Lets watch how it deal with India.
NK is similar to US, hard rock policy. The 2 will have good shows ahead, akandatang.

Anonymous said...

Singapore should consider going nuclear. If Singapore has nuclear weapons, other countries, like Malaysia, will not dare play play with the small city state.

The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) has for the first time deployed a naval vessel at the Abu Bakar Maritime Base, a new facility near the entrance of the Singapore Strait, just days after it was inaugurated by the Sultan of Johor on 1 August.

The vessel deployed was the first-of-class Perdana (La Combattante II) ship, KD Perdana (3501), a 44 m missile-capable fast attack craft built by France shipbuilder CMN Group, and commissioned by the RMN in 1972.


Anonymous said...

No Sinkies want to die in deformed and cancer when radio active materials leak.
Malaysia is having nuke advantage if Sinkieland insist to have it. Malaysia has big land mass. If mutual throw nuclear bombs, the small city will run out of hospital beds.

Look at this CNA reported Najib called Game Changer.
600km high speed rail running from East Coast Malaysia to the West, certainly should pass through Port Klang.

There is NO NEED to pass through Singapore from East Malaysia to Port Klang. A lot of cargo, ie produces will need to port at the East and transport to Port Klang to send out to Europe side.

Sinkie s leeders are very smart to collect millions and millions salaries, when come to starting business, it always the last to get the benefits. Ah long want to have open tender for the high speed rail connecting Sin to KL. The time factor and integration with this Eastern high speed rail (made in China, no tender type) will be problem.
If Japanese gets it, it will be problems and delay.
Once China builds the high speed rails East West, Malaysia will grow faster with trade with China. Najib was happy to have worked against the smart Pap ah long.

kristina young said...

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b said...

IMO Trump is china agent. Want to use nk to finish jp. when JP gone, GM, Ford and crylser can takeover JP car markets and make us great again.

b said...

Otherwise is will be a fight between kingfu panda and golden retriever.

Messanger of DEATH said...

Once Malaysia and Indonesia (Riau Archipelago) are fully developed, with the help of China, Sinkieland will have a very "chia lut".

Once the water contract with Malaysia expires, probably Malaysia will not want to renew it. If renewed, the terms and conditions would probably in Malaysia's favour.

Also, the airspace presently controlled by Sinkieland, would likely be taken over either by Malaysia or Indonesia.

China would not want to totally depended upon the Straits of Malacca via Sinkieland sea route for her life-line, as the recent assertions of Sinkieland moronic leeders have shown their true colors.

Anonymous said...

Trump said US has "locked and loaded", advised Kim "to find anther path".
Trump s message means: US has the stock, if Kim does not fire at US, Trump will not "unload" and "unlock" the stock.

Trump s present path is No fight: Trump is telling Kim. If Kim fights, Trump will have to "take another path"? fight or no fight?

Tonight Kim will not fire the missiles. He fires at dawn a few times. Most recent one was at 11:45pm. That s a bout half time in NY stock exchange. The fall might be big when this young Kim fire 4 at the same time.

If the Thaad cannot hit one, US will lose orders to Russia S400 in future. Putin is watch closely.

Messanger of DEATH said...

CIA agent just leaked that there is a plan by CIA and FBI to "take out" Tramp for not protecting them. Who are these "them" Trump did not protect?

Anonymous said...

Trump is behaving like the big bully he is and what America is all the time.