There is nothing wrong with Singapore being pro Americans

Singapore or any country is constantly being pressured by circumstances to make choices especially in its relations with the big powers and with its neighbours. These are realities that Singapore has to live with and ignoring them blindly would court disasters to the country and people.

Singapore for many years has been sleeping with the Americans for good reasons. No need to explain this further. The problem facing Singapore today is the increasing demands by the Americans in their quest for world domination, to control the world by creating trouble spots all over the world. As long as the rest of the world is in trouble and bogged down by conflicts, these countries would not be a threat to the American hegemony and even have to depend on the Americans for mercies. This is the American game plan.

As such, Singapore has increasingly being dragged into the deep end and increasingly losing its own bearing and control of its own future.  Singapore’s neutrality and national interest have been compromised by the Americans. Singapore is being cornered to become enemies of Americans’ enemies and unable to extricate itself from the quicksand. The Americans are very happy to be squeezing Singapore by its balls.

The earlier position of Singapore balancing between the big powers is past. Singapore no longer has this privilege to balance especially in its relations with China and the US. Though Singapore has been spurting about not being influenced by foreign powers, the overwhelming influence by the Americans on Singapore’s policies and decision is stark and very unfavourable to Singapore.

There is nothing wrong with Singapore being closely allied to the Americans. The caveat, it must not be compromised to become an American stooge and make enemies of China and Russia or neighbouring countries. Singapore must tell the Americans that there are certain positions that it must not take. It is like freedom. Singapore’s freedom or alignment with the Americans goes as far as it does not harm its relations with other countries or compromise the interest of other countries. The Americans, if they valued Singapore as a friend, an ally, must give space for Singapore to navigate in turbulent waters.

Singapore must not think that it has no leverage against the Americans and must be beholden to the Americans and do the will of the Americans. The Americans have no friends in the region. Many of the regional countries have fundamental differences with the Americans and American way of life in being Muslim countries. These countries are not reliable as long term allies of the Americans. Singapore is the only exception that can be closed to the Americans and be durable friends provided the Americans did not fixed Singapore to a point that it is forced to make a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.

The Americans need Singapore more than Singapore needs the Americans. The Americans need Singapore to protect their interest in the region, to protect their Empire and to rule the world. Without Singapore, the Americans would not have a secure foothold in the region to promote their interests and project American power.

This is the bargaining chip for Singapore. Singapore can be good to the Americans but the Americans must also be good to Singapore and allowed Singapore room to breathe. Silly Singaporeans that chose to bury themselves together with the Americans and to become enemies of other countries are short sighted and dangerous. The future of Singapore is to be as neutral as possible while aligning with the Americans. Once Singapore forgot this basic principle, it is asking for its own irrelevance in being an important player in the region.

Would Singapore make itself relevant or allowed the Americans to make it irrelevant in realpolitik? Who is really influencing and pressurizing Singapore against Singapore’s interests? Some daft and shallow thinking Singaporeans would want Singapore to become little USA thinking that sitting on the shoulder of an evil Empire would allow them to talk like an arrogant spoilt brat. This is a very dangerous position for Singapore to take and has no room to escape when things turned bad.


Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, bear in mind that Sillypore is a double headed snake..no one really trust this little red dot anymore...as long as the Dishonourable Son still in control this island will be seen as a double agent that even the big powers will not take it ...as one LKY Indian gip tongue said this little red dot small state shud know it's position & r longer can give views to the world like the old man..no one cuntries in this world r gonna take this red dot seriously cos watever discussed things can roti-prata & change to the interest of Sillypore & Cheena knew very well of tat & Cheena going to squeeze real hard on this tiny red dot in economic, trade & defense ..Cheena going all out to make sure this Sillpore sink further till it's the end ...world shall c how it sink...

Anonymous said...

where will pee-sai be in the next 10 to 20 years

just look at the speed malaysia and thailand are developing.....super fast

others around us are also moving very fast too

where will pee-sai be in the next 10 to 20 years

what exactually is our leaders doing

leading us to where


Anonymous said...

Little USA balls already Kena squeezed lar, I'd resist the balls will pichaz or burst.

virgo49 said...

Now Matland became more belligerent to Sinkieland. Pedra Branca within one km they have Maritime Base.

On the quiet, they gonna have the Chinese support of missles and radar.

You backed the Americunts, we have the Chinese to counter your sar kar.

Now, even the Chinese conducting more military exercises near Japan.

Instead of with the chinese, now in reverse the other countries traditionally wary of china are on their side.

They will have the Chinese to contain and stun your growth and arrogance. Day by day we seeing your downfall.

Borrow knife to kill some one.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 936am you got a good one!

Yes! Indeed "borrow knife to kill some one"!

What to do. They have lots of money to throw around!

"borrow knife to kill some one"!

patriot said...

Sin enjoys its' great stratefic geographucal location for over a century after Stamford Raffles developed it.
With little resources, Sin has became the Most Prosperous in the Region since then. Contrary to a claim made by an old monster that Sin was a fishing village before he took over the Rein of Sin.

The Strategic Position of Sin is losing it's sheen as the Regions become more connected by planes than by ships. And as the various countries around the Region and the World get more connected at more points and faster, the Importance of Sin as an Entrepot Seaport has lost much of its' sheen and glory. lt is fading fast now as it's neighbours are catching up and likely to surpass it very soon.

As for relationships with the Super Powers, Sir Chua Chin Leng had enumerated much in this Blogsite.
I like to add that Sin hosting a military base for the US shall be the MOST dangerous move ever
The US could potentially be the Common Enemy of the Region. Should there be military conflict between the US and any country around the Region, any military base hosted for the US
How many torpedo and bomb are needed to demolish 800 square kilometres of near sea level land??


The Sin Leeders even went as far as to poke here and there, like as though they are clever and invincible.

From a strategic position that gives Sin great advantages in the Last One and a Half Century, Sin could be isolated soon due to Geopolitical Manoevures of its' Leeders.
Must also say that it(Sin) is getting diminish in Geographical lmportance in commerce as the World develops.
Sin is also saturated and is reaching its maximun capacity to go any higher from now.
ln many ways, it is fully mature and the Next Phase after Maturity is a natural end every being faces.


Anonymous said...

Sinkies who are very du lan with the LTA chief for following Lee Hsien Loong's directive to go cashless on public transport should vote against the PAP in the next General Election !

The PAP assumes everybody got credit card or cash in bank accounts to debit from when they top up their MRT cards !

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with Singapore being closely allied to the Americans.

Of course nothing wrong lah.

Even ordinary Sinkie and PAP bad boy teenager Amos Yee prefer to be in American jail for far longer than in Singapore jail!

And Hsien Loong's nephew, Li Shengwu prefer to work at Harvard rather than in Singapore university.

And Joseph Schooling, our Olympic Gold Medalist, prefer to train in America rather than Singapore.

And most critical of all to Singapore security, due to the presence of the US aircraft carrier at Changi naval base, bigger neighbours will never dare to attack Singapore militarily! Or else Singapore sure habis, no matter how powerful SAF under those Generals are.

And even Chinaman Jack Ma became richest in China is because Alibaba listed in America!

And even China like to lend to bankrupt America to spend! Who will dare to lend to bankrupt country? So that shows how "tok kong" America is, bankrupt but still can borrow lots of money to spend.

So like that how can Singapore being pro America be wrong? How can 70% voting for PAP to be pro America be wrong?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is pro America lah, for the same and obvious reasons why 70% is pro PAP when it comes to voting during election.

Ask yourself. What better benefit do you get by voting for Chee Soon Juan as your MP?

And Chee Soon Juan also better ask himself that question, if he doesn't want to taap pai soo. (every time lose) at election.

Or is it he is in politics not for the sake of winning elections?

Anonymous said...

Ask yourself. What better benefit do you get by voting for Chee Soon Juan as your MP?
10:31 am

Even Aljunied voters are now questioning what better benefit by voting for WP Ah Hia.

No wonder Ah Hia nearly lost Aljunied in GE 2015!

And now with this "ownself Town Council sue ownself MPs" for the 3 WP MPs!

This will be the last straw to break the camel's back for those WP majority voters, if there is any majority left. Next election for sure WP will lose Aljunied.

And with that, PAP will win 100% seats next election to continue as a even stronger govt.

And America will also like it because PAP is pro America, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

If got by-election, Chee Soon Juan should make the LTA cashless public transport initiative an election issue. Si peh du lan !

Anonymous said...

Not only Sinkies like America, even those 3rd world foreign talents, especially the real good talents, like America.

The top rate 3rd world foreign talents will go to America for their work and development.

So Sinkieland can only attract those lesser, if not fake, talents from the 3rd world.

But to Sinkieland, anything is still better than nothing, as far as foreign talent is concerned.

Anonymous said...

Even Xi Jinping's daughter studied at Harvard!

Sinkieland even got a Harvard trained but of PRC origin foreign talent as staff at LKYSPP.

But of course when to PAP, this staff seems anti PAP like Amos or Li Shengwu, it is understandable why PAP will want to expel him lah.

It is also understandable why PAP want to stop Tan Cheng Bock to be President, because Tan Cheng Bock die die want to be President but too bad, he is not PAP's choice.

Anonymous said...


You think the tu-lan people will vote against PAP?

You will be greatly disappointed at next GE!

You still don't know Singaporeans well!


Anonymous said...

You think the tu-lan people will vote against PAP?
11:09 am

tu-lan with PAP and voting for PAP are 2 separate matters.

Just like MRT frequent breakdown and MRT fare increase are 2 separate matters, according to ex PTC Chairman Gerard Ee.

Anonymous said...


Anon 11.09, I agree. Come next GE the tu-lan people will still lan-lan vote PAP. They have no courage like the Hongkies, Taiwanese and South Koreans to make decisions to change. They are like drug addicts, drugged by the PAP and unable to control their thinking and actions.

Forget about next GE or future GEs. Let red dot become a dictatorship. They want it, so be it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.15.

Yeah, just like paying transport minister millions and yet having to live with MRT breakdowns almost weekly are two seperate matters.

PTC Chairman has to stand on the dung heap and crow cock-a-doodle-do like a rooster lah! Cannot understand him so cannot blame him lah!

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 1042am

You are 1oo% correct.

Yes! Both H and A will likely to go back to PAP at the next GE.

PAP is oso likely to get 80% votes.

This is Singapore! Singapore is like that!

Virgo49 said...

America is a Great Country. Bananas like to migrate and stay there and pretend its a Great Country.

The Whites can do anything to them and they will still praised them to be a superior Great Country.

No matter how they scorned and belittled them, its a Great Country.

Cause they are the spineless creatures and hypothetical speaking brain less beans who think they are a Great Country.

For hypocrites will always adore their own kind.

Here today and gone tomorrow.

Law of the Laws And Freedom and gunned down by their own law less cowboys.

How many migrate there by the millions and how many millions return to their homelands after a stint over there.

No wonder the PAP wear White.

Anonymous said...

The old man said this about the hippie culture a long time ago. At one time red dot was against hippies with long hair coming into Singapore.

He said it is not the long hair that makes them think they are smart. It is what is beneath the long hair that matters.

No wonder the PAP MPs wear red and not white at NDP. It does not matter that you believe white is pure and clean. It is what other people perceive in you that matters.

Anonymous said...

Unless one is a fool keep telling his party has 70% support, common men and women know sinkieland is going down hill, partially due to its policies against China. The test comes from China tourists flows. In July Thailand Savar airport had 3.01 millions visitors. Note Thailand has 2 airports. In December, both airports will have additional 1 million each of visitors. Malaysia KL airport has queues, Thai airports have queues. Sinkieland airport proudly present it has 5 over millions, almost the same as last year. SIA was reported to ask staff to take voluntary no pay leave. Officials said this kind of season no pay leave is not uncommon. While neighbors are booming with extra cash for the retailers. Sinkielands do not need tourists money? Go see the empty shops. Walk randomly into any new malls to find if there are empty shops. Shops once opened, have at least 2 to 3 years to commit. New malls are uncommitted. Ask yourself: the 70% voters are supporting empty shop units? The impact of foreign policy has direct bearing on visitors flow from China Chinese.

South China sea is a place for rivalry of power among Japan China India US and others. Sinkieland has nothing to do with sovereignty claims there. But Sinkieland did not miss the chance to show its power as a nation. It supported a claim that the Taiping island is a piece of rock, and all islands are rocks in the SC sea. China illegally owned those islands. That was unique position only Japan openly supported. China Chinese were unhappy. They ran articles at global times. One said Obama got the idea to surround China because one old man requested US to be present in Asia. The old man taught US strategy. Changi offered as US naval base. All Chinese read square words on global times. There was no rebuttal. Sinkieland and China relationship is beyond repair.

Meanwhile Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia are not pro US as they did in the past. These countries quickly entered into "strategic partnership" agreement with China. China s footprints are their unique high speed rail, ports for export, high ways, buildings, bridges across oceans. These will be real on Malaysian lands.
In contrast, there will be little difference between Sinkieland vs KL JB in coming years. The property prices are the difference. The infra structures will be attractive in Malaysia. In hours, one can go from JB to Kuantan. Staying in Sinkieland is a negative idea. It is too expensive and unnecessary to Malaysians.

Sinkieland s support on US navy may bring in bombing from China jets J6 to 10 when China attacks US s "freedom of navigation" sailing into their territorial waters and US sinks some Chinese war ships trying to chase invading ships away. The war is similar to Trump who force upon Kim Jong Un, using sanctions as tools. Indirectly Trump is creating conflicts between North Korea and China. US will use Japan, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, India to challenge China in South China sea, against China s claim on sovereignty. The fight between US and China on SC sea will be the fight between Sinkieland and China on SC sea sovereignty. These countries are having naval exercises regularly to show force at SC sea. Sinkieland cannot keep saying one thing and doing another.

The result: lose in export, lose in tourists to neighboring countries, exactly what the 70% voters want it to be. They are rich while the 30% are living in poverty.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1211pm we now have T4 with T5 akan datang!

We may need T6 for the future!

What say you?

Anonymous said...

The impact of foreign policy has direct bearing on visitors flow from China Chinese.
12:11 pm

Please lah, do you know that Chinese property developers are also investing big time in Sinkieland? See link below: In fact such investments are even counter productive for Sinkieland!


And Alibaba also invested a lot in Singpost, u know.

Even my company has lots of PRC foreign talents in technical areas, most of whom are PRs and some even citizens.

Empty shop units? Please lah, it is a business issue, not that China do not want to invest in the shops. If cannot make money, why invest? If cannot have value and variety for money, why PRC tourists want to tour and shop in Sinkieland? And don't forget, the rise of e-commerce also have something to do with the empty shop units.

In Malaysia, China can make money and also have other benefits too, so it is mainly a business decision to invest there, and not so much a political one.

Remember, smart people, whether Sinkies, PRCs or Americans, are interested only to make money, and not fight or antagonise people for no reason.

Anonymous said...

In July Thailand Savar airport had 3.01 millions visitors. Note Thailand has 2 airports.
12:11 pm

It is a fact that Thailand, or even Malaysia, offer a much better eating, shopping and tourist experience than Sinkieland.

So bona fide PRC or other tourists not coming to Sinkieland is more of a personal choice issue, rather than for political or other reasons.

In fact, most of the so called "tourists" who want to visit Sinkieland only want to work and make money, and not so much as to tour Sinkieland. Or for those filthy rich ones, to gamble and to launder or park their money in banks or as high end properties. And PAP welcomes them because this helps in GDP growth and minister bonuses.

And to hell with ordinary, money no enough, suffering and daft Sinkies who cannot cope with high cost of living in Sinkieland due to all this.

Anonymous said...

China Construction companies invested in sinkieland had to do it 10 years ago. Name some new investments please.
Alibaba invested small sum about 200mil in Singpost. Ali is in no controlling shareholding. In short: buy convenience, mai lu cheng. Ali invest in other companies to fight US rival. Not in this topic.
So you belong to smart people, know how to make money. Cheer to u. It is not this topic for discussion.

Anonymous said...

U see who are the PRC in sinkieland. Malaysia offer similar foods and comfort than sinkieland. From first stop at Malacca, there are malls, beside JB, there are many.
These free and easy tourists are not money making type of tourists.

Go look fr group tours. See whether you can trace out one or two from China on sankieland. These tourists can spend.

When the China tour agents companies do not sell package to sinkieland, can you see group tour on sankenland?

Think like retailers: can they depend on sinkies to buy to start a shop at orchard? Metro q1 had sales up 1.7% at 22mil+. U know it was CNY season. But main media reported Metrol profit jump 160%. You know the news was to put up a good show. The profit was from selling related companies properties.
Retailers profits come from tourists who can spend: this is export. If come from locals who can spend, this is consumption.
Sinkies locals are famous for having household debts total 270 billions, 75% on properties. Can spend on Metrol? So tourists are important lah. China is the main source: higher spenders than US and Japanese. US and Japanese spend on foods at hotel only.

Anonymous said...

'But Sinkieland did not miss the chance to show its power as a nation. It supported a claim that the Taiping island is a piece of rock, and all islands are rocks in the SC sea. China illegally owned those islands.'

A chance to show its power or stupidity?

Paying millions to tell you GDP only 2.5% and due mainly to importing more foreigners. Money worth spent?

b said...

Singland founder is Raffles who was western so naturally Singie look favourably to west and they are more rich then. Naturally, things can change.

The Dragonfly said...

"There is nothing wrong with Singapore being pro Americans." - RB.

Of course, there is nothing wrong. Nevertheless, there is nothing right. Because there is no wrong or right, right or wrong in international relations. There is only good or bad decisions under certain circumstances and prevailing conditions. However, once a stand has been openly established, Singaporeans will have to live with the consequences.

Singapore under the Old Guards, led by PM Lee Kuan Yew and , was very careful in balancing the influences of the big powers. Consistent, persistent and relentless efforts were made to ensure Singapore's neutrality. That is why ASEAN had established itself as "Zone of Peace and Neutrality" with Foreign Minister S. Rajarathnam leading the charge for ASEAN. That was the period when China was poor, weak, undeveloped and secluded.

Even under PM Goh Chok Tong, Foreign Minister S Dhanabalan also maintain the same stand of neutrality, when China was rising fast.

Why is it, now, when China has risen almost there to match the US in many fields of endeavour, especially economic and military power, Singapore leaders have so brazenly changed their stand of neutrality and openly taken a pro-US stand, which automatically put us into an Anti-China stand especially in the South China Sea disputes?

To make matters worst, why must the unnecessary and uncalled for remarks and statements made to belittle and insult China openly by PM Lee at forums held in Japan and USA? He told China to follow International Laws. Why he never tell the US to follow International Laws? What was he trying to prove?

LHL said China is no more Middle Kingdom. He had also studied Mandarin. Didn't he know that the two Chinese words "Chong Kuo" means Middle Kingdom? China was, is and will continue to be Middle Kingdom as long as she does not change her name.

I think our present political leaders must either be mad or they could be much wiser than the LKY Old Guards and the GCT's Cabinet.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The pudding will be ready for eating in a few years time, when the new trade routes through Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand are completed, thereby Singapore's strategic position as an entrepot would be seriously challenged. And when Malaysia exerts her position to take over the control of the air space around Johore.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

SINGAPORE: As the global geopolitical landscape is shifting - particularly with the US, China and other regional countries - Singapore must "carefully watch and navigate" these new forces, while keeping in mind not to be "short-term opportunists without principles", said Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Chan Chun Sing on Saturday (Aug 12).

Speaking at a National Day dinner at Tiong Bahru Community Centre, Mr Chan said Singapore must remain principled and pragmatic and take a long-term view if it wants to be taken seriously. It must also be conscious about the forces that are always evolving, and make adjustments as and when needed.

"We need to have a clear-eyed view of where our interests are, and the cards we have on our side,” he said....

For instance, Government agencies like MINDEF have long anticipated challenges like the development of long-range attack weapons and have built capabilities to defend Singapore's sovereignty....

My comment - The last paragraph reminded me of the British thinking that the threats would come from the sea instead of over land. And this talk of long range attack, presumably from NK, is queer thinking.

The most dangerous weapons against Singapore and could wipe out Singapore in a couple of hours are mortars and field artillery with only a 30km range. That is all that is needed, not ICBMs.

Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/singapore-must-carefully-watch-and-navigate-as-geopolitical-9118232

The Dragonfly said...

A Simple Plan To Capture Sinkieland

All Malaysia needs is to do is to deploy two lines of anti-aircraft weapons in Johore to counter RSAF aircraft, shoot down the air surveillance planes and take out the anti-aircraft radars in Woodlands with 120mm mortars and hit all the military air bases with artillery.

After that, everything will be just a walk-over with 3 Divisions of Infantry and 2 Divisions of Para-Military, armed with anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons, deployed in Johore and Pahang, to prevent SAF's advance northwards, and be ready to push through the two causeways down south along Bukit Timah axis and Tuas Link axis.

The RMN will block off the Straits of Singapore to prevent any SAF crossing vian amphibious means. The RMAF will take on what is left of RSAF.

SAF's training troops in Australia, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand would also be taken care of.

The Indonesians will attack from the south, landing at Changi Beach and Pasir Panjang in a pincer attack to secure two beach-heads with one force capturing Changi Naval Base and Changi Airport and another force capturing the Sea-ports.

Then the MAF will push down from the two causeways from north to south towards the city, capturing all the key installations including Mindef HQ along the Bukit-Timah axis.

Malaysia and Indonesia have been rehearsing their coordinated attack plans for many years already.

Quite Easily Done!

SAF Paper-Generals please take note. Do you have a good defence plan or a counter-offensive plan to protect your foreign talents and the rich millionaires and billionaires?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah. It makes perfect sense. To be "top dog" in the region---given that it is a tiny speck of a cuntry---it is just plain foresight and being aligned with the present realities to be the USA top-cocksucker in the region.

Singapore, America's Asian Whore....keep sucking that Big Daddy Dick, you world's-most-expensive ministers. Earn your money like the whores you are. Suck those dicks now.... SUCK HARD!!

Bukkake much?

patriot said...



No other country will attack Sin, nothing to gain if Sin is destroyed in any war.

As for war, no need to talk about it.
Was it not mentioned that JUST HAZE ALONE CAN OVERWHELM SIN.
From haze to weapon of mass destruction, there are many other ways in between, one of which is to buy the Tiny Red Dot.