The replacement of Singaporeans is complete

The new Singaporeans are so beautiful. Singapore will be a much more beautiful place without the ugly old Singaporeans. Nice.


Anonymous said...

After replacing all the ugly and daft and old Singaporeans, the next phase is to replace the expensive leaders. Because by then, Singapore will not be a viable economic hub.

The Dragon Fly said...

China is opening up three alternative trade routes to by-pass Singapore:

1. The Malaysian East-West COrridor with two highways linking East Coast Harbour and West Coast Harbour.

2. The Kra Canal cutting through Thailand's southern region at the Kra Isthmus.

3. The Indonesian Riau Islands south of Singapore, linking these islands together and opening an international port plus possibly a Naval Base there.

This is must be what he meant by "Freedom of Navigation" that DPM Teo Chee Hean was talking when he welcomed China's Belt and Road Initiative?

virgo49 said...

Many had not notice for the past few years National Day posters of Singaporeans faces of all races in their housing estates lampposts and every available nook and corners.

Look carefully, they don't resembles the old Singaporeans, I don't mean the oldies.

Their faces of mixed Caucasians, filipinos and lastly what you have??

Very smart, of course the intelligent CECA foreign talents from the Sub Continent of milk, honey, silicon valleys of shits.

They been using non Sinkies faces in upmarket condos and high class advtgs of luxurious for donkey years.

Most of the advtg agencies are run by bananas or their associates.

You expect they put the old tired sinkie faces of slaves??

These are the talents who are here to help create jobs for you and your families.

Be grateful.

Anonymous said...

The Ang moh have always held the senior positions here but by and large they employed sinkies below them and paid well. It's a different story for black ants. So u can consider yourself lucky on this poster rather than the black ants lor😰😰😰

Anonymous said...

All the years of nation building to build a dumb and shameless people that have no pride in themselves but adoring foreigners and despising their own kind.

Where is the pride to be Singaporeans? Singaporeans no longer celebrate National Day?

Anonymous said...

This is not Singapore. Its Americans celebrating CNY. Better dont buy such color dress now.

The real Singaporeans are wearing Songkok, woman wearing Hijab. Look at the president picture next year.
Models should be presidential race to celebrate its national day. Americans are not living in hijab songkok country.

Be loyal to Singapore, be loyal the royal community for 30 years ordered by Pap.

Anonymous said...

This is a stunning wake-up call - our country has been taken over by foreigners after Lee Hsien Loong's relentless drive in the last 13 years to transform Singapore into a big global city !

Anonymous said...

What is wrong?

If Indian can become Malay.
Why Singapore skin colour cannot become white?

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //The new Singaporeans are so beautiful. Singapore will be a much more beautiful place without the ugly old Singaporeans. Nice.//

Mb the "ugly old sinkies" can (start) wearing China "all red with YELLOW stars" tops and bottoms?

Or "Matland colour Yellow Crescent & Star over white & red stripe tops and blue bottoms?

Uncle Virgin69 got "lobang" print tops and bottoms ...?

Uncle Patrait can start collating the orders (from MSN oldies, youthdies, middledies, childies, toddies, babedies, .....)?

Sounds good?

Always find the China anthem superb

Matland's also bagus

31 Aug can organise tour for msn buddies to matland in yellow, blue, red, white tops & bottoms?

Let's celebrate and send best wishes to Najib and matland tongbao?

Then Oct organise tour to bejing in red and yellow tops and bottoms and celebrate with Xi and fellow country comrades ...?

Sing aloud (in one voice) Qian Jing, Qian Jing, Qian Qian Jing?

Virgo49 said...

Hello Bro, we oldies very enterprising one.

Can hold three jobs, full time, part time and no time just for survival.

Can be from Director to jamban inspector.

As enterprising as the people of Hong Kong.

You want Pinoy Aquino's dinner Tuxedos, Nasib's Baju luring and songbook??

No problems, any nationalities wear, we get for you within 8 hours.

That's why we have one Sungei Road.

Anonymous said...

In the hot summer month of early August,
The heart is chillingly cold like in the Siberian sub-30 deep winter;
Awaken in a land of alien faces,
Nothing is recognisable anymore;
Like summer birds returning to their nests but taken over by a den of rodents;
Sadly, with overflowing tears raining down the sky, the birds resolutely flew north, nvr to return ever again ...

Anonymous said...

Those are models asking new citizens to go national day makan:

"The RC charged citizens $3 and new citizens $1 for an open house held last Sunday (30 July)."

The T shirts can save $2. But the WHITE shorts can be expensive. Wear sarong is the national dress.

Virgo49 said...

Giordano very enterprising and veey the smart.

Their apparel will be sold out in no time.

70% or should be now 90% be queuing overnight to buy these priceless apparel.

Only snag, CANNOT enter the International Room at Cesar Palace in Genting when you wear that shorts.

Or maybe Najib on request from LHL can grant the entry.

patriot said...

Think it is far from being so.
The Amount of new buildings being built and the many unoccupied completed housings everywhere.
CANT be for locals as there are NOT that many Sinkies to buy them.
As the Population is around 5 millions, it is about 2 millions from the Targetted 6.9 millions. Ex Housing Chief said 10 millions is possible, so 3 million more aliens may have to be imported to sell the properties to them.
Aliens are also needed to keep the Shops alive despite many went kaputed recently.

Without the Aliens to buy and comsume in Sin, Singapore shall go belly up.
ultimately belly up it shall be.


Anonymous said...

Today's and recent day's headlines: 56-year-old Singaporean arrested for robbing a Western Union remittance outlet ; 48-year-old Singaporean arrested for robbing a petrol station in Upper Bukit Timah Road.

Middle-aged unemployed Singaporeans cannot find jobs and resorting to robbery to survive, yet there are 2 million foreigners working in Singapore !

Anonymous said...

Foreigners have taken away citizens jobs for a 15 to 20 years period. The 2 millions did not come here overnight. Many citizens cannot take up the jobs when these foreigners rush home when terrorists attack here.

There are renovators, electric technicians, plumbers, all unlicensed charge lower as subcontractors to take away jobs of those licensed technical citizens.

The job markets and self employed market are taken over by foreigners under the Pap.

Citizens are still sleeping thinking Pap are helping them. Pap is buying time. SIA has "voluntary" no pay leave. State boards has 56% drop in profit. One bank declared 8% profit found its share dropped 2+% today.
Loans given to citizens on properties are shaky now because jobs market is bad due to Pap s MISmanagement. Buying power to commit properties, furniture and retailers goods are bad.

Go to some super market to check the fish and pork: the meat are on display not fresh some are rotting looking greenish. Fish: people cannot afford now. Pork also cannot afford. Fresh chicken also has trouble selling.

Voters must vote for OPPOSITION to get rid of these Pap believing on letting foreigners into the market to under cut citizens salaries and steal their jobs.

Anonymous said...

there is nothing wrong with the photo

there is nothing wrong with the photo


virgo49 said...

There is nothing wrong with the photo. Correct you are. That's is

If you are that group of beggars who came in and wear now the Singkapoor crest ot flag on the chest pretending to be princes and Princess. See the guy cheow kar. Bird's legs. Nice meh??

Also thank Ting Pei Ling for only paying S$1.00 to the buffet. True blue sinkies paying S$3.00 been short changed all the while and still loving the Grassrots activities and voting their MPs.

I, for one will never have anything to do with their Grassrots.

Only made you puke.

Wah piang, previous trips at T1 for my.flight to my beloved Genting Resort. Got grounded at the immigartion kiosk check in.

Why? Due to hordes of vietnamese instant red sinkies passports holders who tripped the kiosks non operational.

Wah siak, what happen another two millions are here??

Kiosk check in imploded??

virgo49 said...

Forget to mention. If you are at the Malaysian side of immigration lining up for your clearance, please remember if you see these guys or families wearing these outfits, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT line up behind them.

You will either miss your flights for departures or your coaches on arrival.

Sure get Hell and take six hours to go through.

Believe me.

I have had enough experience on this.

For your own good

Anonymous said...

Want to c old sg.ren.just need to
Go A&E.these peple has a bp of 198.

Anonymous said...

"Malaysia inaugurates new maritime base near disputed island with Singapore"

The Malaysian government has inaugurated a new maritime base approximately 500 m southeast of Pedra Branca, an outlying island under the jurisdiction of Singapore that Kuala Lumpur believes is part of its territory.

The installation – which has been constructed across two uninhabited features at the eastern opening of the Singapore Strait known as Middle Rocks – was inaugurated by the Sultan of Johor, Ibrahim Ismail bin Iskandar, on 1 August. Accompanying the sultan at the inauguration was chief of the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN), Admiral Ahmad Kamarulzaman bin Ahmad Badaruddin.

The maritime base's construction was initiated as a national security project that seeks to secure Malaysia's territorial waters, according to a video statement from the Sultan of Johor's office. Facilities on the installation, which Malaysia refers to as the Abu Bakar Maritime Base, include a 316 m jetty, a lighthouse, and a helicopter landing pad.

Agencies expected to use these facilities include the RMN, the Malaysia Coast Guard, and the maritime component of the Royal Malaysian Police – all of which were represented by their respective senior officials during the inauguration ceremony.

Source: Janes.com

Anonymous said...

Tq uncle virgin 69

Likely will wear blue base yellow stars with white & red stripes

Or red base with yellow stars ...

Just cut up some white bermudas & red tops and dump into rubbish chute earlier today ...

Will probably nvr wear any red top over white bottom again in this remaining lifetime ...

Anonymous said...

Heng ah wed holiday

Can go matland buy some national day clothing to wear on 31 Aug 2017 ...

Lagi happy can hang matland flag outside jb condo ...

Matland BOLEH!

Huat Ah!

Virgo49 said...

Good for you bro. Better wear black and yellow when you cross the Causeway or Second Link.

Some Sinkies how lian wear red and white WITH National Emblem and some more put SINKIE flag on their vehicles and also pasted what Sin kapo motifs.

Gong Sai gonna be held up for six hours and vehicles 100 % CHECK.

Anonymous said...

10.57pm "Better wear black and yellow"

Talking about colour, it brings to mind
the anachronism of some uniforms.

Going by empirical evidence, the uniform of the army has gone through a few rounds of update to stay relevant in today's world.

In the 1950's social, political and even economic settings, it could have been rather appealing to trudge out, parade and do "battles" in all white. It was probably quite acceptable and even an in-thing to be in all white given the fashion or the lack of it at that era. China then was all about in anonymous all grey " maoist " coats and this "fashion obsession" continued for another three more decades into the 1980's.

WP is black bottom and light blue top.

SDP is kaki bottom and red top.

The rest also look "reasonably" not that "obiang" or " out of place" in today's context.

All white reminds one of teenage boys' school uniform. Even school gals in many school institutions with boys in all white uniform have coloured skirts such as green, dark blue, sky blue etc.

Do adults ( both men and women ) in all whites appear quite "anachronistic" or "obiang/ out of fashion", "out of place" in a rapidly changing and transforming world full of myriad colours and creed? Imagine people in China now still in Qing Dynasty attire? Or in Chairman Mao's grey jackets? Does it not look "out of place" or "anachronistic "?

Imagine the present day army still in those 1960's "