Reserved EP for Malays – A status report

So far from all that we know, 3 candidates, Halimah Yacob, Salleh Marican and Farid Khan, are the likely candidates for the EP. And if I am not mistaken, all 3 candidates are likely to have ‘Indian’ recorded in their BCs or ICs as their race. I may be wrong, but does it matter if this is the case?

We are going to have a reserved EP specially created just to elect a Malay to be the President. Isn’t this the case? In this instance the 3 candidates are legally Indians if I am right and. I admit I did not have the privilege to look at their ICs or BCs. If I am right in this, would it mean that 3 Indians, legally speaking, are standing for election as Malay candidates for the EP reserved for Malays?

Would the candidates put on record what is their official race by showing to the people their ICs and BCs? Be transparent! This is the time for transparency. Or would it be like what Lawrence Wong said, ‘Our policy is not transparency for transparency sake. Our approach is that transparency leads to good governance’? In this case is transparency necessary or not, or does this EP not lead to good governance?

If the 3 candidates are legally Indians and standing as Malays in an election specially provided to elect a Malay, is there anything wrong? Is the legal identity of a person important in this case?

Don’t ask me for an answer. My view is not important on this matter.


Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, doesn't matter

Besides other races protest votes except the PAP Stooges and their loyalists, we have our REAL Malay compatriots joined in the protest votes making the percentage higher.

Made the Papies like fools when the Returning Officer start declaring only 10% valid votes for all Constituencies.

Total valid votes casted 15%.

Rejected or invalid votes 85%.

Three candidates less than 300,000 votes out of 2 and a half million voters.

Each candidate about 100,000 Thousand. Won by 10 votes.


Anonymous said...

//If the 3 candidates are legally Indians and standing as Malays in an election specially provided to elect a Malay, is there anything wrong? Is the legal identity of a person important in this case? //RB

To be accurate on these buggers standing for reserved EP, they should be responsible enough to tell the voters about their true identity of race. When these reserved EP r not responsible enough to tell his voters, there is also a high probability that they may even 'hide' the problem in times of a crises in Sinkieland. Or they may not wan to tell, cos they knew that they r useless in front of a Ah Gua man ...

Anonymous said...

He who holds the gold makes the rules . . .

Anonymous said...

//LW:‘Our policy is not transparency for transparency sake. Our approach is that transparency leads to good governance’?//

Other "classic" Mo Tuck Teng ownselves kongcum ownselves stainments:

"Either lao hero is in ahgualand or not in ahgualand" ...?

"Either uncle virgin69 is a virgo or not a virgo ..."?

"Either lao uncle patrait smoked his camel or hasn't smoked his camel"?

"Either a fly is a mozzie or not a mozzie" ...?

Anonymous said...

I think the problem lies with the MALAYS. They should be the one who should speak up instead of keeping quiet, if they believe these candidates are not qualified as Malays. Other races are not the correct source of objection.

Anonymous said...

Probably a walkover erection & the tudang Hau Limah Yacult win with no competitors..returning officer :" ...i declared Hau Limah Yacult is the 1st reserved Elected President of the Republic of Sickapoor..."

Heaven Has No Eyes Nor Heart said...

The Constitutional Review Committee's recommendations were mostly adopted to make the Constitution Amendment in Parliament. The two key changes out of 3 are:

1. Reserved for Malay.
2. Must managed company with more than $500 million ($100 million previously) equity.

ALL three of them do not meet the basic specifications.

How can Sinkies be taken for grsnted to this extreme?

The arrogance of the power that be is unquestionably beyond reproach and redemption. This could become the final straw that breaks the camel's back.

They think they are so powerful that NOBODY can touch them. Si they can do anything they want and Sinkies will be lan lan. Even kpkb also cannot.

Heaven really is BLIND!

Anonymous said...

My view is not important on this matter.


But although I agree your view is not important on this matter, but to me u r smart to have such views.

And precisely because u r smart, u have never join the Sinkie opposition to fight PAP in elections. And this one I think PAP also knows.

That's why PAP can afford to have Halimah as President, doesn't matter the sneers and insults from smart Sinkies like u, because like u said, they are not important.

Anonymous said...

They think they are so powerful that NOBODY can touch them.
9:14 am

Of course they think they are powerful lah, when the views of smart Sinkies like RB on this matter are not important, according to RB himself.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that things are getting more and more fantastic in Singapore?

What's next?
- GST is to help the poor?
- MRT trains are 3 times more reliable compared with last year?
- Singaporeans own our HDB flats?

The Dragonfly said...

In America, Europe and UK, this is called FRAUD!

Can fraudulent people hold the highest office in the land? Can or not?
Of course, can. There have been so many countries' top people, even kings,
emperors, presidents, prime ministers, whatever chiefs or chieftains, there were
and still are many fraudulent leaders.

President Hussein Barrack Obama Soetoro is one such fraud. His birth certificate, which he
did not produce during the first election in 2008, but forced to produce in 2012 election, was a forgery. It has been proven by three independent credible authorities. And this year, after Obama stepped down, the Governor of Hawaii, where Obama was supposedly born, openly stated that they never issue any birth certificate to Obama's parents. There was no record.

Many past Chinese Emperors also used forgery to get themselves to the throne.

Nearer to home, Dr Triple M is an Indian disguised as Malay too, when he was PM.

So, you see, the black snakes are very cunning and slimy. My grandma used to tell me when I was five to ten years old, that when I see a poisonous snake and an En-jian I should kill the En-jian first. This is how dangerous this species of beans are.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Redbean is not too happy about this coming presidential election. Why have the election anyway. Just appoint the president. Why go through all the wayang and create such unhappiness for the Singaporeans. Singaporeans are sheep and after 50+ years of molly coddling by the government this is what you get. When things were good, no one complained. Now you have this scenario you all kpkb. You get the government you voted for. You give the PAP 70% mandate, so you get things shaft down your throat whether you like it or not. Tough, swallow it and be thankful. That is what you deserve.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem lies with the MALAYS. They should be the one who should speak up instead of keeping quiet,...
9:01 am

I think PAP knows the Malays very well lah, that's the problem.

And precisely because of the problem, PAP can afford to have Halimah who has Indian father to be regarded as a Malay Elected President.

Anonymous said...

Rb, tiok, your view not important lar. Plus if the committee stated that you are a Malay under the EP election law then you are a Malay. It does not matter whether u are Indian in your BC or IC as those are governed by different law. So if u are angmoh, Pinoy, Vietnamese, Indian or Chinese or what have you, as Long as the committee stated that u are eligible as a Malay then u are ok already lar

I just hope that the committee disqualifies the other two so don't waste my time to vote,

Anonymous said...

Let me join in and be the TCSS fortune teller,,,,,,,,

If 3 candidates.....HY70% SM13% FK9% SV8%

If 2 candidates.....HY70% SM/FK24% SV6%

HY will be next EP!

OK? Happy? Hahaha,,,,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

The ep election has 51% chance walk over for pap appointed candidate.
The candidate s first shot on stage was low key, when tv shots revealed.
What does the uncolorful first shot reveal to coffee shop talkers?

The candidate could afford to go through the motions, so what? Voters will not bother who is who for ep. The only prize is at home. No need to run for it.

It will be time well spent for testing the newly designed presidential dresses. Save buying New Balance sport shoes one old man liked to wear to walk around. The most cost saving presidential election to the candidate might happen.

Pap has its way to beat voting system. Voters are happy too being sideline for the most important process in democracy: voters must vote. Pap might just do the opposite: democracy, voters NO chance to vote.

Anonymous said...

I just hope that the committee disqualifies the other two so don't waste my time to vote,...
9:36 am

Rest assured your hope will be granted so that u can spend your time to make more money.

Anonymous said...

Please come clean. Please do not hide.

Anonymous said...

From ahgualand to sickgualand?

Anonymous said...

Japan Minister: We will help Singapore to produce made-in-Singapore Shinkansen


Because our Singapore-made trains will carry the "reliability" branding.
Guarantee sure can sell.

I can't wait.
One part of our HSR uses Japan technology.
Another part uses China technology.
Guaranteed recipe for success.

What can possibly go wrong?

Anonymous said...

How to say mental masterbedtion in dialect?


Kee chiu?

Anonymous said...

I cannot understand why the 3 candidates do not openly show the stated race on their IC. If you want the nation's trust, do not hide. If you hide and being dishonest now, how can you be trusted to hold the presidential position?

Anonymous said...

JLB jiak pa PCC?

Anonymous said...

//I cannot understand...//

U must be kidding?

Should be the other way round?


Anonymous said...

@ August 30, 2017 9:51 am

And because Japan promises to help Singapore manufacture their Shinkasen train.
But does not make the same promise to Malaysia.
So for sure, this will ensure Malaysia's support for the Japanese.

Do you think this Japan Minister recently graduated from the PAP Academy?

Anonymous said...

hi anonymous 944am

yes you are right

how about you ask them

opposition parties all oso very quiet over this


Anonymous said...

IB does not like voters to vote this time.
Because pap candidate is not that strong comparing to the other 2 candidates.

U having voting rights? Likely to be PR.

There is no harm if u do not vote in sinkieland. Just that u will not need to vote in future also, unless u pay 50 bugs to get your name inside again. No harm if u can make money that day. Lose nothing, dont go. If there is voting.

The Dragonfly said...

How to say mental masterbedtion in dialect?

Tao Now Pak Jiu Qeng ?

virgo49 said...

Bro Anon 10.00

WP wait for the opportune time in next Parliamentary Meeting to query the Scholars of what TCB been airing in the Courts, Who is the actual "ELECTED" to be counted from for this Reserved PE??

OTC or WKM???

Awaiting their Intelligent Answers.

Sinkies must learn that they must have more Oppo MPs to ask any questions that concerned the Citizens of the nation.

Not to have more Managing Parrots in the House.

The Dragonfly said...

I just hope that the committee disqualifies the other two so don't waste my time to vote,...
9:36 am

Rest assured your hope will be granted so that u can spend your time to make more money.

August 30, 2017 9:42 am

Thank you very much, Sir! (are you a boy or girl? if girl, then change to Madam)

I will be going for a short holiday in Macao to make more money.

Anonymous said...

What I find worrisome about this whole affair is this:

Do you think our million dollar talents know the difference between an ELECTED president and a NOMINATED president?
- if they did, do you think this fiasco could have been avoided?

Do you think our million dollar talents know the difference between an Indian and a Malay?
- if they did, do you think this fiasco could have been avoided?
- why didn't their own million dollar Indian and Malay talents advise them of who is an Indian and who is a Malay?

Does the race specified in our identity card have any legal standing?
- if not, then why bother recording it?

patriot said...

Daft Sinkies wasting so much time over a puppet for nothing.
First they adulated a monster for over 5 decades and still rever him after he died. Some regretted and curse him but, occassionally go back to singing praises for him. Indeed some Sinkies are lost or have no bearing.


To cut it short; waste not your precious time over an useless piece of decoration which btw is old and derelict.
In fact, it does not even matter if the PE Candidate is 2 legged or 4 legged, so why bother about Race ad also Religion the Inalienable Characteristic of the Race?

Be daft no more.

Me shall henceforth follow the Pioneer Generation to be patriotic.
Shall give all my support to PAP so long as I am in Sin.

Makchik will surely be
the Victor because there are many Sinkies like me.



Anonymous said...

Japanese minster can promise god bless shenkansan. Who has the money to pay for the KL to sinkie lines?

Sinkiesland has money to pay for how many stations from KL down?

If shenkansen wins, the technology on whatever between stations will have to use japanese parts. Will Malaysian technicians have to have 3 teams? 1 chinese trained, 1 japanese trained, 1 sinkies trained. 3 warehouses to store the parts.

If Najib take japanese shenkansen, he is making a big mistake. His east west line cannot share parts with KL sinkie line.

At the end, sinkies has limited funding, will have to shut up.

Anonymous said...

Hi The Dragonfly 1018am

Wish your short trip to Macau huat ah huat ah!

There are many casinos there and many SYT!

Envy you! All the best! Huat Ah! Huat Ah!

Anonymous said...

So many Singaporeans massacred by the Japanese and now still got Singaporeans so happy to go to bed with the Japanese.

Anonymous said...

10.43am //Huat Ah! Huat Ah!//

Anon 10.43am,

Who r u wishing?

The casino?

Ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Dragonfly, be careful not to lose your pants over there. I understand from friends there not much market for you to sell your ass over there if u lost badly. Market is dominated by young prc girls that offered the three hole pleasure so little market for u to offer

Anonymous said...

Yesterday s comments said: few days no mrt breakdowns, should be coming in few days time.

This morning has breakdowns. Now changed to track fault. No signalling.

Next time high speed rail fault at sinkie end will stop the entire KL to sinkie HSR.

Malaysians will jump up down as they have more stations to wait than sinkieland only one.

MRT breakdown is sinkieland s capability. No harakiri needed for him. For others, they better do harakiri long ago.

Anonymous said...

This is why it is very important think carefully about what one says to the young. It can cause life-long damage. That will certainly be regretful.

Anonymous said...

Actually the government keep saying how important is the role of EP but in reality what has the past EPs done that had an impact on the people of Singapore? I certainly cannot name one. Even when President TT said he worked very hard during the past 6 years, I am still wondering what has he done? Is there anybody out there who can tell us what our EPs have done to improve our lives? Perhaps, PAP supporters out there can take this opportunity to educate us.

Anonymous said...

Hi August 30, 2017 12:05 pm

He cuts ribbon, he shakes hand with important people from overseas, he kisses babies, he attends NDP, he obeys his marster's voice and he lives in your istana and he collects his salary. Very busy right?

Anonymous said...

@ August 30, 2017 12:05 pm

Do you think it is the EP's job to improve the lives of Singaporeans or improve the lives of PAP Ministers?

Anonymous said...

The important underground road plan was cancelled. Used car lite as reason. Isnt coe is meant for car lite or car heavy?
With the underground roads, surface roads will be smooth with higher capacity. This is rolling back the plan.

Sinkiesland looks like running out of money.

What about cow s plan for underground city to house 10 millions?
Population growth is the only workable growing path proven right by ah long. No going for 10 millions population, then what can grow the GDP for his pocket money increment?

Anonymous said...

If one trick pony does not rely on the only trick it knows, perhaps the trick is not working anymore, what else is going to work?

Anonymous said...

@anon 12.05pm

KFC man going expire soon..one thing he did proud to Sinkies...he claimed credit of that GoLd medal won by JS to be because of him during in his presidency term & no other president in Sinkies has that honour ..yes only he is the One...u see he is super thick skin & shameless that why a TayKS has no respect for this minion PressiTan or 'Toh Lui Dan (in hokkien get monies & sit around)...

Anonymous said...

After the Qin Emperor death in BC210, his son Hu Gao ascended the throne with the sarpork of Eunuch Zhao Gao (means very Jiat Lat) and Premier Ni Si (Yew Die) ...

Alas, by BC 208, the Zhao Gao (very Jiat Lat) held court one day and one of his ka kia brought in a mule.

He asked the officials present to name this animal.

Many said it is what it is, ie, a donkey or mule.

Zhao Gao said the CONmittee of certification said it is certififed a horse, no donkey or mule. PERIOD.

One courageous official stood out and said this is OUTRAGEOUS and HILARIOUS ...?

How can donkey become horse?

The next min the Jiat Lat Zhao Gao shouted "lai ren" ... means attention guards ...and the poor official was dragged out and beheaded ...

Zhao Gao paced up and down the middle of the imperial court and taunted the remaining officials to tell him what animal the donkey is?

No one dare to defy this time ...?

Alas, ensuing this saga, many parts of the Qin empire plunged into turmoil ...

Zhao Gao framed Premier Ni Si and he was sentenced to be sliced into half at the waist ... often such cruelty would send the person into subconsciousness due to the pain and subsequently bled to death ...?

There are no such things happening in ahgualand and no worries ...?

The Dragonfly said...

So many Singaporeans massacred by the Japanese and now still got Singaporeans so happy to go to bed with the Japanese." by Anon @ August 30, 2017 10:55 am.

Japanese girls, those wearing kimono, make very good bed-fellows. If you have not tried one, go visit Japan. Go to Osaka or Kyoto.

The Dragonfly said...

Dragonfly, be careful not to lose your pants over there. I understand from friends there not much market for you to sell your ass over there if u lost badly. Market is dominated by young prc girls that offered the three hole pleasure so little market for u to offer by Anon @ August 30, 2017 11:30 am

Thank you very much for your caution. Don't worry too much.

Every time I went there in the past (already more than 10 times), I always made some money. The least I made was enough to pay for my trip both ways. Singapore casinos, I usually lose (8 out of 10 times); some more had to pay $100 day-light robbery money first before I could enter. I don't believe in buying membership - you tend to get addicted.

I only play the Slots Machines and Bingo, nothing else. Like that I can take my own sweet time to play. There is no one to pressurise me. I can take rests any time.

b said...

Actually God only created one race so why EP based on race? The thing that divides people is ideologies and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Prior to the last GFC, toxic JUNK mortgage backed securities were CERTIFIED top rate "999 PURE AAA INVESTMENT GRADE" by some CONmittee too?

It was even INSURED but then paper cannot wrap (& put out a) fire?

Junk is junk and nvr will be "pure 999 AAA" gold-standard investment?

Anonymous said...

The collapse of the Qin dynasty was linked to a "fake" horse?

Human beans call their mothler "female horse" in the Chinese character?

Ever wonder why in chinese mothler is written as "female horse"?

If a wombman is born in year of donkey and name also has donkey sounding words, means triple "female horse"?

Even a grown up will run to her like a baby and throw himself in her embrace and snuggle into her hug like a newborn and suxk the tek tek?

Anonymous said...

This EP is making fools of all Singaporeans, Just cross all the boxes to register your protest

They just have no honour and integrity and don't know what is shame. When will 70 percent fools wake up?

Outraged and disgusted

Anonymous said...

Our neighbours are watching.

This is the unique.......Singapore Boleh!

Well done Singapore!

Anonymous said...

In ancient China dynasties, there were 3 occasions when wombman became head of state and all went badly?

The first was in the Han dynasty when the founding emperor died and his promiscuous wife Lu Zi ascended the throne behind the scene and control his puppet son?

The Han dynasty was thrown into Chaos till Lu Zi was promptly removed?

2) Tang Dynasty and another promiscuous Empress Wu who kept several gigolos to entertain her till her late 70s? When she eventually fell ill in her early 80s, she was removed too but not without the Tang dynasty plunged into turmoil?

3) Qing Empress CiXi. She is the worst and the whole china was humiliated time and again and plundered by imperialist west and even the kacang puteh xiao ri ben?

In the end, the Qing empire collapsed shortly 3 yrs after this lao tai po empress dowager cixi kicked the bucket? But during her reign, she reportedly have sxx frequently day and night with her officials and many were promoted based on their bxd skills?

Anonymous said...

All these are necessary to create work/job.
Is ok(.i eat less never mind.others need.)

Anonymous said...

@anon 4.01pm

Base on the above 3pts, it can be deduced that Ah Long Gor could be a reincarnation of one of these Chinese Empress in the past base on the way he walk,talk & behave, there is a 0.0001% probability of tat ( however today Science still can't prove human beans reincarnation)..

The Dragonfly said...

Be daft no more.

Me shall henceforth follow the Pioneer Generation to be patriotic.
Shall give all my support to PAP so long as I am in Sin.

Makchik will surely be
the Victor because there are many Sinkies like me.

by pat-riot @ August 30, 2017 10:23 am

Finally, you listen to my advice. Smart people know which way the wind blows. Smart people follow the wind to bend like grass. If die die want to knock head against stone, egg sure get broken and all the egg yoke and egg white come out. If cannot win them, simply join them lah. Correct or not?

Does anyone know who is the real President? Whoever elected in this REP (Reserved Elected President, but REP also means Representative), cannot be the President simply because he/she has no Presidential Powers. All the Presidential Powers, after the last Constitutional Amendments, are now in the hands of the Presidential Advisory Council (PAC, or the Six or 666) and the Parliament headed by the Prime Minister is the Ultimate Arbitrator.

With the conditions like that, whether there is a President or no President, it does not matter at all. The President's position is just for show. The PAC is the Real President. Should abolish the Presidency and replaced it with Council of the Wise. Rename the PAC to COW (Council of the Wise) so as not to wast public money.

I will also vote for Madam Harimau, if there is a contest. I hope she gets 90% of total votes, giving her a resounding victory and definitive mandate (woman-date).

It is God's (or Allah's) wish that she be made President, so that she will have no choice but to get involved in the President's Charity to raise funds for the poor and needy. Because a few years ago she slammed one kind respected Malay lady who approached her at the compound of a mosque to ask her to buy a mere $2 ticket for charity. I heard this directly from that respectable Malay lady living in Yishun, same area where Harimau stays.


Anonymous said...


Who is the real President? Or rather who controls the President?

Actually, even in the US, the real power is the one behind the curtain, as in wayang kulit.

In this world, what you see is not what you get!

b said...

Many us and eu companies are already owned by arabs funds. Many us and eu politicians also must listen to arabs king. Prediction in bible is coming true. The world will suffer for another 700 years. Second coming of christ will end suffering.

Anonymous said...

Halimah’s “Do Good, Do Together” campaign

True or not?
- earn million dollar salary, earn together.
- earn million dollar salary, spend together.

Yours Sincerely
Tan Ku Ku

Anonymous said...

It should be read reverse order -- "Together Do, Good Do"

Sound like "Together do, Goondu "
, she is indirectly telling Sinkies r stupid & will together vote for her Lah u dafts Stupids...as wat RB said b4 Stupidity has no cure..

Anonymous said...

Ahguamen brain enter water le ...?

Tell them do together is good, do until good good together they also gong gong?

Already hint hint liao gg do together until good good also dun get it?

Nvr heard of Freudian Slip?


What had the PG voted to bring such fortune to befall ahgualand?

Anonymous said...


All of you join me to welcome our new EP.........


Yam Seng Yam Seng Yam Yam Yam Seng!

All the best!

Anonymous said...

President's annual salary about S$1.6 million of taxpayers' money excluding perks izzit ?

Anonymous said...

Halimah Yacob's presidential election campaign team includes Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) Chia Yong Yong, who said during the Budget Debate in March 2015:

"“We have heard proponents who say that the CPF monies is theirs. ‘It’s our money, it’s in our account, it’s our retirement money. I want it out, I will spend it anyway we want.” Fine. Is it our money? Our CPF savings are enhanced and forced CPF savings which are accumulated through our own deferred consumption, through co-payment by our employers and through top-ups from public funds. Is it really my private money? Do I have the right to spend it the way I would spend my own salary? I’m not entirely sure…”

Anonymous said...

Halimah should declare whether she shares Chia's view that CPF money is not our money. If she doesn't share, then she should kick Chia out of her campaign team . . .

Anonymous said...

Betw 2 Indian/Malay and a Pakistani, I will vote the Pakistani.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan is a friend/ally of China. Vote for Khan !

Anonymous said...

If hypothetically there is a 4th choice & it is a 10 or 20-legged animal, would some pple put a tick beside it?


Kee chiu?

Anonymous said...

At least 25% will vote for a 4-legged candidate !

Anonymous said...

During the Qin Dynasty short-lived rule especially under the 2nd Qin Emperor Hu Gao, who managed to rule only for 3 years after the founding Emperor kicked the bucket in BC 210, pple generally lose faith and respect for authority after Hu Gao's Eunuch Zhao Gao certified and INSISTED that the mule brought into the imperial court was a bona fide DEER ...?

From then on noboli believes what they said anymore and the Qin Empire lost its moral authority ...?

Knowing that paper cannot wrap fire anymore and his end is near, the Eunuch Zhao Gao fabricated some crimes and sentenced Premier Ni Si to death by Yao Zhan ...?

Then he lured the muddled 2nd Emperor to his summer vacation retreat and while the 2nd Emperor Hu Gao was enjoying his yet another hu gao orgy with the imperial court chio BUs, Eunuch Zhao Gao secretly appeared and finished off the 2nd Emperor Hu Gao cos there is nothing left in the state coffers to finance his Hu Gao decadence anymore ...?

Few months later, the Qin Empire 200,000 crack elite army mutinied and surrendered to King Xiang Yu of Chu and Eunuch Zhao Gao knew his end was near ...?

But he still tried his luck in vain and was finished off by King Xiang Yu ...?

The First Qin Emperor grandson Zi Ying surrendered to King Xiang Yu but was subsequently finished off as well ...?

Anonymous said...

According to legend, the first Qin Emperor who died in BC 210 visited China during the ghost month in BC 209.

To his horror, all his sons were DEAD or run road except the most useless Hu Gao who usurped the throne.

His soul was so sad cos noboli came to his grave to burn him offerings as his favourite grandson reportedly run road to escape the clutches of the berserk 2nd emperor ...?

According to legend, the first emperor was so flabbergasted he vowed to remove the 2nd emperor and avenge the sufferings of his other children and grandchildren ...?

By BC 207, the 2nd emperor Hu Gao was found dead in his summer retreat palace ...?

Anonymous said...

We can understand the atrocities committed during the Qin Dynasty as after all, it's dynastic rule. But Singapore is supposed to be a democracy, yet . . . !

Anonymous said...

Whether a person is a Malay or an Indian is a ...
Policy Decision.

Whether you are Red bean or Green bean is also a Policy Decision.

Anonymous said...

Why did the Qin Dynasty collapse so fast, so furious, so catastrophic?

1) 2nd Emperor Hu Gao empowered his chief Eunuch Zhao Gao to shaft whatever he wished down the pple's throats?

2) Emboldened underlings outraged many wombman folks and committed blatant adultery abusing power empowered to them ...?

3) The final straw was telling the pple that bcos of the strangle hold the founding emperor had on the pple, there was nothing they could do as absolute power likewise rested in the 2nd emperor hands and his chief eununch went on to prove that by officially declaring and certifying that the mule was a horse?

4) Too many officials of the Qin dynasty were lording over the pple and many are appointed without real merit who went all out to take advantage of their absolute power subjecting many wombmen folks to their sexuxl abuse frequently and also extracting higher and higher taxes to feed their decadent lifestyle and pay exorbitant remunerations using tax revenues which many obviously didnt deserved such high proportions.

5) According to legend, the abuses under the 2nd emperor hu gao and his eunuch zhao gao were so unbelieveable even the dead first emperor soul was so outraged and joined to oppose eunuch zhao gao grip on absolute power by blessing King Xiang Yu and King Liu Bang in their endeavours ...?

6) When the decree of mule declared as horse was cast in stone, there was no turning back. Everything from then on lost its moral authority and bearing as it implied that those working under zhao gao and hu gao can do whatever they want, including trampling and abusing many married wombmen folks at will and subjecting them to extreme sexuxl torment by forcing them to drink medical concoction and lost control and resulted in many suffering serious medical conditions as a result of such treatments. Many husbands and men alike couldnt tolerate the abuse of power anymore and avowed at all costs to rid the eunuch zhao gao ...? After all, the idea of the mule certified as a horse was the brain child of eunuch zhao gao ...? Zhao gao was the power behind the throne manipulating and pulling the strings and carrying out abuses against many pple and wombmen folks ...?

Anonymous said...

7) Historically it was recorded that almost eveliboli was ready to rise up to rid the society of the evil eunuch zhao gao and cb cronies ...? The unifying cause was that decree to name the mule a horse? Pple cannot stomach it anymore ...? Every stone in the social system was ready to turn ...? Enough is enough?

8) The first Qin emperor built up tremendous wealth from the seizing of properties etc during his conquest of the unifying of the entire china ...? But within 2 years of his death, the 2nd emperor and eunuch zhao gao squandered most of it and the state coffers were precariously depleting at astonishing rate that by bc208, the writings were on the wall ...?

9) Bcos of the extreme totalitarian and draconian laws throughout society, it was a matter of time that the boiling steam imploded and it was through one innocuous incident which triggered some qin dynasty officials to abandon their official posts and turned against eunuch zhao gao. The pent up anger in pple built up over the years were unstoppable despite the draconian laws to intimidate the pple ...? Abuses over abuses translated into such a force that became unstoppable even under the absolute rein built and institutionalised by the founding emperor ...?

By bc207, the entire system was perching on the edge of collapse. When general zhang han and his 200,000 elite crack troops decided that enough is enough and mutinied, surrendering to the much smaller army of 80,000 led by King Xiang Yu, the curtain on the ugliest saga in the qin empire history finally came down and renewal set in ...?

The new regime under King Liu Bang ushered in the first golden era of ancient china and the han dynasty held the longest rein of continuous central rule lasting more than 400 years. The zhou dynasty supposedly lasted longer with 800 years history but technically it managed to rule for only the first 300 years and the remaining 500 years were simply warlord years and the zhou dynasty only existed in name ...?

When the han dynasty eventually collapsed in AD200+, it was preceded again by a grp of eunuch gaining power and culminated in its ultimate demise ...?

The common cause seemed to be trampling on the pple especially on wombmen folks by officials abusing their power and sexuxlly tormenting many married wombmen folks through perverted abuses leading many to suffer serious medical conditions and many men couldnt stomach it anymore and risked evelithing to rid society of the root evil cause ...?

In a way, it fulfilled the chinese saying of beans doing, heaven watching and ultimately the abuses had to end and those culpable duly brought under natural justice ...? It proved that no one can defy gravity and natural law and all abuses against natural law have to end eventually as a mule is a mule and no certfication can change a mule into a horse? That is against the natural law?

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/// Whether a person is a Malay or an Indian is a ...
Policy Decision. ///
August 31, 2017 1:11 am

Whether your HDB flat belongs to you or to HDB .... is a voting decision.
Vote for the wrong party, and your HDB flat will belong to HDB.

Whether your CPF money belongs to you or to Gahmen .... is a voting decision.
Vote for the wrong party, and your CPF money will belong to Gahmen.

b said...

Voting was created for the poor people so they will not rebel against the rulers. Its just a make me feel good tactic. Results are fake.