Racist F&B outlet replied S'pore is not Saudi Arabia when asked if they were halal

This guy Chun message an F&B outlet selling pork dishes and asked if the outlet was halal. The outlet replied and this guy went on to accuse the outlet for being racist. Who do you think is the racist and the mischievous one? Ask an outlet selling pork if it is halal is like asking a Muslim outlet if it is halal and the reply could be more curd than this one. To me this twit was asking for it.

What do you think? Below is his post in All Singapore Stuff.

Was actually happy when they reopened, because my fiance and I used to frequent them before they disappeared for awhile without any notice. It really seems as per what a customer said in an earlier review - that they do not take pride in their eatery nor value their customers.
Yesterday I facebook messaged them (Sunset Grill & Pub Pte Ltd) to ask if they are Halal certified. My message was simple: "Hi are you guys halal certified?"
The reply was shocking and upsetting: "Hi Chun. Why do you ask such a question. This is Singapore not Saudi Arabia. Anyway. You'll be pleased to know that we are a pork loving restaurant. Peace be with you."


jjgg said...

I suggest that the owner of the restaurant probably tempered his comments down .. I would have been more caustic in my response ... the only thing worse than an ignorant customer is one that bitches n moan on the keyboard... hey chun.. don't tell the whole world that you are ignorant..

Anonymous said...

A simple question to ask if the outlet is halal certified. No problem with the question. I think the reply by the outlet was a little aggressive and blunt. Maybe a little rude.

Anonymous said...

Would anyone approach a mother and ask her if she is virgin? What is the intent and purpose of the question?

virgo49 said...

Nowadays, youngsters want to how lian. Just earned a few thousand k and must patronise what restaurants, cuisine outlets paying S$15.00 or more just for a bowl of what ramen with a few pieces of celery or pork strips and noodles floating in soup.

Coffee at ten plus or more dollars. Besides fashionable clothes and some with four wheels with water near nose instalments and expenses for insurance and petrol.

Cannot imagine if have families and even both combined incomes still like what we earned in a single income in the 70s with today's cost of living.

Our time just simply eat and the word dine is not even in our dictionary at road side or hawker stalls.

These so called gourmets just want to how lian which places they patronised and podt in their face what books to get the thumb ups.

Besides the thumb ups,.don't know how many criticisms behind your arses.

A little dissatisfaction complain, complain.

So many life issues threatening them and their families and they are blind to them.

Aiyo, tak see check with so many papers from what's institutions.

Down the road once hits unemployment, no 1.20 even for cup of coffee at kopi tiam.

Anonymous said...


You asked for it..

Go ask Halimah if she a Indian..she may replied yes and no..cos her Malay community leeders certified her as Malay & approved by Long san boss.

Anonymous said...

Would you ask Halimah or a muslim if she/he takes pork?

Anonymous said...

Virgo, you are right!

What my grandparents used to say 'm'm chai see'.

A little setback and they go to their MPs for help. No backbones actually.

And that is what the PAP wants actually.

Highly dependent citizens that now have no courage to change unlike the Hongkongers, Taiwanese and South Koreans.

Anonymous said...

Will Halimah, like late former president S R Nathan, be conferred by India the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman award for people of Indian-origin oversees who have made outstanding contributions in their chosen field?

Nathan was presented with the award by Union Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs, Vayalar Ravi, in 2012.


Then, Nathan was quoted as saying in a report by Channel News Asia: “This medal is recognition of Singaporeans of Indian origin and it’s not only for me, it’s for all other Singaporeans of Indian origin.”

In January 2013, The Hindu reported: "Indian-origin politician Halimah Yacob (58) is set to become the first woman Speaker of Singapore’s Parliament next week replacing Michael Palmer, who was forced to quit over his extra-marital affair."


Anonymous said...

Pork is a main ingredient for foods to be tasty on Sinkingland. Saudi dont use pork at all. Mutton and beef, chicken and duck are choices. Mutton price is almost double of pork. Make your own choices.

Common Religion rules are: No alcohol, no pork, vege only, no beef, combination or one of them. Following the rule is people s belief, similar to wearing sarong and songkok.

In hala certified foods, there should not be ingredient consist of alcohol and pork, and meat slaughtered incorrectly.

Not all chicken in market are hala, note this.

Pork cannot be put in the same vehicle for hala foods.

The restaurant seller rightfully should be angry questioning them if hala.
The Questioner himself / herself does not have basic knowledge of Hala.
He /she was insulting the word Hala. So the restaurant owners gave the answer: please go live in Saudi. There you see no pig at all (except in labs).
Good answer for those insulting Hala, stirring up why people dont eat something why people eat something. It is none of their business. Cannot tahan people eating Pork, Go Saudi, there people dont even mention pig. By the way: certified hala comes at a price.
On Sinkieland, parts but not all, are pork lovers. Please respect.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.14

That would be interesting news if India claims another Indian set to become the first female president of Singapore.

Now, if Halimah is put there to please our neighbours North and South, more than the local malay population, it would instead please the Indians much more. Now what would our neighbours say, I wonder? Mahathir is too busy to comment, or else it would be real interesting.

As it is, if they had let Halimah contest on her own merit, and won, instead of bringing race into the picture, it would not have demean the position of the EP to such an extent.

Anonymous said...

Most Chinese dishes need pork. The taste is totally out of place with other type of meat really. That is my personal opinion, so do not take my comment too harshly.

Restaurants selling pork dishes do not put a gun to your head to force you to patronise. It is up to you to decide where you want to spend your money.

Anonymous said...


he is like asking the policeman can I litter

deserved it deserved it deserved it

case closed


The Dragonfly said...

Please note that 75% of Singaporeans are Chinese. We Chinese simply love to eat pork because they are so tasty and cheaper than beef and mutton, and fish. Most of us are also very poor and we cannot afford to eat beef, fish and mutton. Moreover, beef and mutton are not good for the heart.

Yes, amongst the Chinese Singaporeans, there are a few Chinese-Muslims but these are a very small minority.

So, if you like to live in a Multi-Racial Society like Singapore, please respect also all those who eat pork!

One man's meat is another man's poison.

The reverse is also true:

One man's poison is another man's food.

Virgo49 said...

Like I posted easier Sinkieland is going to be Matland when every race would want to have their Race and Religion come first.

In Matland, Shopping malls with non halal food like bak kwa stores are been pushed into corners like parking lots or near toilets.

Now SINKIE land own fellow citizens asking are you good halal??

We going to have a Malay President you know.

So much so for one Nation, One People One Singapore.

Virgo49 said...

should be are your food halal??

There they have Umno for Bumis, MCA for Chinese and MIC for Indians.

So, the PAP should have also to spilt theirs the same.

Let's have all single seat constituency again.

The Dragonfly said...

Straits Times published fake news about China Military Base in Johore

Read this:


Malaysia’s Deputy Defense Minister Johari Baharum said:

“No such thing. No such discussion. So you ask the Malaysian Insight, ask them…Why put it in Johor? To fight with Singapore? No such thing!”

Straits Times apparently quoted an unnamed “Senior Malaysian Government source” saying China is setting up “radar and missile system” in Johore, right across the straits from Singapore.

You may view Straits Times’ fake news here:


The Dragonfly said...

It is about time China starts encircling US Bases with counter-intelligence and anti-air capabilities, protected by China's own troops or local troops.

China should not just set up such bases in Malaysia. China should also set up such bases in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Laos, Cambodia, Middle East, Africa, South America, Cuba, Oceania, Ireland, Greenland, Iceland and other countries to encircle as many US Military Bases as possible.

China should also start to develop capabilities to dominate Space, Moon, Mars, Venus and other Planets.

China should also join force will Muslims who are against the US and guard against all those pro-US countries through silent economic sanctions.

The most important of all is to step up the speed in developing the Kra Canal in Thailand and the Naval Base in the Riau Islands.

What do you think?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wah, people are so sensitive these days lah. Don't like what you said? No problem, I'll just play the "racist card" to fuck you back.

Sometimes I think that you'll find more rational behaviour is a pre-school classroom.

Eat pork, drink alcohol and fucking gamble. Do as much as possible...before the Global Caliphate rules over the world.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dragonfly

I don't know, but for China to set up bases in ASEAN countries is quite impossible. Not in Philippines and Indonesia at least. Pakistan, Myanmar and some South American countries may be a possibility.

But I do not think China will want to reach that far, even if it wants to extend its influence. All that talk about China trying to be the next No. 1 superpower and dislike by every other country is all hot air hype up by you know who.

A few thousand years of history and what has China gained control of besides a few skirmishes with close neighbours and internal strife? They have not even wanted in seriousness to take back Taiwan.

Why would China want to ask for trouble to set up bases to compete with the US? But of course when trouble comes to its shores it will defend with all its capabilities and that is the reason they have to have offshore bases in the South China Sea, much closer to home.

Anonymous said...

South Koreans stock up gold. North Koreans volunteers signed up for war. CNBC said 3.5 millions volunteers impossible.

Trump staged a show to call Xi and Xi promised sanctions/denuclearization of North Korea.

Kim and North Koreans know best. China will not save North Korea if at war with US. It has to fight it out themselves.When is the right time is critical. Wait till sanctions strangle and collapse North Korea?

Kim may reconsider if to fire at Guam. Backing down on China s pressure this time. Will Trump seal his loose canon mouth? If not the next next time, will let Kim pick up the artillery to fire at Seoul. Kim has worked out the emotion for war among the N Koreans. He should not keep talking until the people thought he is going to chicken out yet another time.

Kim should chase away the US base. If succeed, Taiwan will be dangerous because China CCP will force PLA to act since Kim can do it.

Vietnamese had chased away US from Saigon. Kim s powerful army is far better than the past Vietcon. Its when to Kim, not never. He cannot keep feeding big army and having no war for them.

patriot said...

China under President Xi Jingpin is doing great.
He is doing all he can to give his comrades(citizens) the Best he could. Similarly, he carries out something no one else has ever done in History. And that is; to better the Live of the Global Communities in every place China can afford to help.

As China embarks on such a hitherto unheard of mission, there are much challenges that come from envy and fear. Envy from those who want to control the World and fear from those who are sceptical and suspicious. The Latter should just tell themselves that China not only send materials and expertises to their very homelands, Chinese Workers are send to build superstructures for them. They, the Chinese Workers have to risk the Dangers of not just industrial mishaps, thry are EXPOSE TO DANGER PERPETUATE BY ANTI CHINESE ELEMENT FOR WHATEVER REASONS.

As there are no friend forever, China has to ensure her own security and wellbeing.

Sinkies too have to do their Best to ensure that their Rulers are benign, NO NEED FOR THE RULERS TO BE BENEVOLENT.
It is felt more by the Days that things are getting awry and worse lately.
So, as Sinkies are rightly concern about regional and global affairs, THEY SHOULD AND MUST ENSURE THAT THEIR OWN HOUSE IS IN ORDER.


FL said...

You need to be tactful when asking someone a question. Check for the Halal certificate displayed at the premises first. If none, then it is non-Halal unless the operators are Malays operating the outlets themselves.

Anonymous said...

Abe no longer vocal about North Korea. Saturday it was Marcon and Trump on phone both wanted to confront North Korea to destabilize the situation. How about Kim? Will he act?
From common sense, Kim will have to decide. His nuclear bombs are both China and US and France s eye sore. They did not like to see someone else has nuclear bombs.

Kim cannot escape the decision to fight US while Trump seems to avoid. He did not sail the fleets near North Korea. He put B1B flew over South Korea. If Kim chicken out, Trump and Xi partnership will seal strongly again North Korea. If Kim fights, China will have to stand away from supporting US as CCP will sanction those supporting Trump.

Kim is in difficult position. He shout fire on Seoul. Trump might want to talk peace as his troops are at the base. How daring is Kim? Will he take the final push, after all the small improvements on nuclear and missile technology? If he fear death, he will die much faster in his own environment. he survives the dirty politics, so it is likely he will take the risk.

Anonymous said...

That's why we keep telling PAP not to play the racial card. EP should be awarded to someone who the people respect and not reserved for some race or political person. See what happens now? People get uptight and started this silly racial comment.

Anonymous said...

The Americans have been screaming that NK is a threat to the world. Did China or Russia agree and cowering in fear of this threat? Did Taiwan, Central Asian states, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia or even the Philippines also feared the NK is going to nuke them?

There is only one daft country in Asean that seriously believed that NK is going to nuke them because the people of that country has lost their ability to think and will listen to anything in the western media.

b said...

Some people do not eat cows because they worship them. Some do not eat pigs because they also worship them. People should start to question their blind beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Some people die die vote PAP because they worship them.

I agree, people should start to question their blind beliefs.

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for restaurant that specializes in slow braised / roasted human steaks.... Baby versions better ... melts in your mouth like veal.