PAP’s standard on impropriety

Chok Tong’s famous quote that any PAP minister or MP that were accused of impropriety or misconduct must clear his name by suing the accuser or the accusation be deemed to be true. In today’s media, Hsien Loong has added a condition to Chok Tong’s standard of impropriety by saying that any minister accused of improper conduct must clear his name publicly. I quote, ‘Any minster accused of improper conduct must clear his name publicly and “should not allow the allegations to fester and affect the reputation of the Govt.”’

Notice the missing part about suing the accuser. Hsien Loong added, ‘if the allegation is serious, he would expect the minister to take court action for defamation, “unless there are other special considerations….He may also need to render account in Parliament, particularly if the matter concerns his discharge of public duties and is of public interest. These are not mutually exclusive options. In all cases, there must be public accounting.”’

Here is the difference in the two positions. The second position of Hsien Loong is that suing may not be necessary, but public accounting is mandatory with or without suing. His justification or exceptions for not suing is that the party could be family, siblings and may besmirched their parents’ names, and the process may take years , creating distraction and distress to Singaporeans.

Of course Hsien Loong is referring to Lee Kuan Yew’s reputation. The question is whether this ruling is applicable to other ministers and MPs as their parents were not Lee Kuan Yew or Mrs Lee Kuan Yew. Would the ministers and MPs quote this as the new standard and they need not sue their family or siblings when they were accused of impropriety or this is only applicable to Hsien Loong’s case? My reading is that this is for general application to all ministers and MPs or else it would be too stark an exception that would not look too good. It can’t be an exception just for himself.

Also, ministers and MPs that are being accused by their family or siblings could clear their names in Parliament, a public accounting without being sued. Is this the new standard for PAP ministers and MPs to abide by? Also, does it mean that should Hsien Loong’s siblings continue to make allegations against him and immunized from being sued?


Anonymous said...

Aiyah...put it simple la anggol..
Kah ki Lang pah Si bo Xiang Kang (teo chew ah hia said if not own people then u sue under they pants down)..

Anonymous said...

Also, ministers and MPs that are being accused by their family or siblings could clear their names in Parliament, a public accounting without being sued. Is this the new standard for PAP ministers and MPs to abide by?

Hsien Loong can set any type of standard he wants, including double or triple standards, as long as the opposition is not ready to be govt and hence PAP will continue to win elections and Hsien Loong become PM.

Yes, this is a privilege only for whoever can win the election and become the PM.

WP Ah Hia can also do the same too, if WP can win the election and Ah Hia become PM.

Anonymous said...

Don't kpkb and kpkb! What for?

The ultimate problem is that 70% votes!

Now....say what also no use lah!

Waste time.......at the end only lan-lan.

Singapore is always like that lah!


Anonymous said...

Membership has its privileges, and so does winning an election.

Like the Chinese saying, winner (or success) becomes dragon, loser (or failure) becomes worm.

So do not begrudge Hsien Loong for setting the kind of standard that he has set.

It is perfectly understandable because if I were him, I would have done the same too.

Virgo49 said...

The eulogies at LKY's funeral service by his kins, the grand children of how great his Gong Gong, YeYeYeYe for Singaporeans brought a tear to my sentimental soul.

Also, the ex-Nursing Sister who related of how they been screwed by him when the ward's temperature become too cold for him and demanded that the air conditioners be set to his perfect correct temperature.

Of how the nursing staff and the medical doctors got hell when his first grandson was borne an albino. As though they are to be blamed.

Of how his ministers and families even had special service of tax payers monies nursing staff attended to them in their homes.

Also, remember the SIA plane with seats stripped off just to accommodate his ailing wife from UK. He try to hassle the Brits to give his wife fast and first class service but was told off.
Think one Opposition MP asked him about the evacuation costs but nothing comes out of it.

My own personal experience. I used to help deliver part time an international newspapers to the Airport for the departing aircrafts. When LKY is on one of the SIA plane, a special neatly printed copy with plastic covering is specially reserved for HIM.
A hundred reminders from the SPH's staff and also my bosses NOT TO CRUMBLE that newspaper or else ha ha Hell will broke loose. The SATs receiving staff will checked first thing when I delivered there. Aloud where that paper for AH GONG??

My part time pay can be write off but these poor souls will have to beg in the streets.

These brought tears of anger that whatsoever the kins or their ball carriers can sing praises of how great a man he and his families are for Singapore is all hum bug.

LKY and his Cronies all.for Singapore??

You must.be kidding. Different laws and treatments for different beans.

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 910am, can anything be done now?

Anonymous said...

The Pap standard is to be pragmatic. Sue someone is not an easy task if that someone is millionaire. Sue ordinary man especially they are not rich.

Parliament is used to cover those issues brought up by someone cannot sue. Explain in parliament is called clear the name and issue publicly.

Once hdb asked for tender for land reserved for Chinese temple. The hdb awarded the land to an Australian Funeral house to do Columbarium. That guy who explain why a construction company already had bad safety records was awarded contract to build high way. The high way half built collapsed and killed worker with injured ones still in hospital. So this guy explained earlier why columbarium was necessary in the middle of town and taking over the land of Chinese temple as MP. He was so convincing in parliament again that awarding low safety record contractor was correct and sound decision.

Use the parliament to explain anything, why cannot sue and one old man would say yes cannot sue brother. Old man also said he is honest he bought condo with discount and gave away the discount later so he did not doubt he is honest. Ownself check ownself. Dont sue because he is brother saying it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, should be Virgo49 9.10am.....

Anonymous said...

Family privilege !

Anonymous said...

Do you think this means that Parliament has the same standing as our Courts in determining wrongdoing by Ministers and political appointees?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.30

Aiyo, Alamak, such a simple question.

Primary one will also get it Right.

No need PSLE or Uni thesis to answer your.question.

Answer to your millions saved question is just


Elementary, my man Elementary.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 943am

Yes Sir!



Anonymous said...

@ August 04, 2017 9:37 am

But Parliament as a venue for declaring your innocence.
Do you think this applies only to a limited number of Singaporeans?

Do you think all Singaporeans will have access to parliament to declare and determine innocence?

Anonymous said...

So who is the highest court in Singapore for determining wrongdoing?
Parliament or Court of Appeal?

If the Court finds me guilty of wrongdoing, can parliament overturn my guilty verdict?

If parliament finds me innocent of wrongdoing, can the Singapore court later still find me guilty?

The Dragon Fly said...

The Dawn of Our New Future

Nothing is improper or not right.
Lee Hsien Loong is sure-lee right.
He is the only exception.
Because he is his father's son.
So are Hsien Yang and Wei Ling.
Who happened to be his own siblings!

There can be no others' children;
Not ESM Goh Chok Tong's children;
Nor even past Presidents' children.
In Singapore, there can only be One:
Lee Kuan Yew is the One and Only One!
Nobody can wear his hat of size number One
Nor smell his shoes even if they want.

We should understand Hsien Loong's predicament;
And also his feelings and his sentiment.
We should be able to feel how he feels.
We should be able to see how he sees.
Nothing so difficult for those who know the Lees.
There should not be any booing and suing,
Or washing of more dirty linens in the making.

The only dirty linens that needed to be washed
Had already been washed fantastically clean
In the PAP-LEE-MEN of the super human bean:
From himself, by himself, for himself as can be seen,
Using a super-hero automatic washing machine
Made in factory of world renowned FAMILEE kiln!

Let us all now celebrate and masturbate
To usher in t'is new rule of law caliphate.
Or can also be rule by law with rebate,
Or even rule by decree of the Aristo-hypocrite?
Whatever it is, it's going to be our miserable fate?
Or is it the dawn of our new future that will be great?

(An impromptu poem specially written by The Dragon Fly in order not to besmirch the Legacy of LKY - 4th August, 2017.)

Anonymous said...

Do you think all Singaporeans will have access to parliament to declare and determine innocence?
9:52 am

All Singaporeans are PM meh?

So of course not lah.

Anonymous said...


Parliament is for politicians to clear their mistakes, always honest mistakes or you name it.
Like Chinese temple reserved site given to Australian funeral company was declared as "Chu ying tai" and "liang xan por" drama.
High way collapse for giving to the lowest safety record company was because the company was not found guilty yet. It was under investigation for workers death. So "no harm" done to give the company to kill another worker. Parliament will all ok it except the wp asked some cannot be help question.
Like a church, done something wrong, go inside to say sorry sorry, clear the guilt if any in public s mind.

virgo49 said...

Anon 10.54

Singaporeans can speak with parliaments immunity in Singapore and elsewhere having the same parliamentary systems as sinkieland.

Why not Singaporeans can speak like the PM in Parliament??

You can make the PM into an MP or M.P. guarding the gate.

Just get yourself voted in as firstly an MP and later as Leader of the House and lastly as the PM.

It is not an exclusive job and anyone that can beat LHL can.sit at that chair.

HOPE LT or CSJ gets it.

Don't have the complex that the PAP rules forever.

Have some courage.

CHIA yew

Anonymous said...

Parliament is for politicians to clear their mistakes, always honest mistakes or you name it.
12:27 pm

For politicians to clear their mistakes?

Then why 3 WP MPs kena ownself sue ownself in court to recover $33M? Why they cannot clear their mistakes (assuming they are mistakes) in Parliament?

So like that good to be a politician in Parliament or not?

Anonymous said...

Straits Times headline today: AGC writes to Li Shengwu over Facebook post; He amends post, says it's not contempt of court

Looks like he won't be charged. Case closed !

Anonymous said...

This 33millions refer to what? Seemed related to architect. To hire architect TC must have open tender. Most likely the open tender could not find suitable one. From what Sylvia said in parliament, WP open tender received limited or no quotations because it is opposition ward.

Since it is a legal case, you can read the questions and answers clearly. There is nothing to hide. That could be a reason why Pap need to clear doubts in parliament and not ownself sue ownself. Once a TC sold a 24 millions software at cost to a $2 company for $140k. There was no sue similar to WP. Voters will want to see this happens in court. Why?
The case is: asset belong to public was sold to a private company at far below cost. Best should have courts to clear the doubts: how many people tender for this software? Why only the $2 non software house qualified to take it? something like that should be clear without doubts.
WP s case is good for the public to know the details. If WP is bankrupt, voters will still vote for WP ver 01, new edition.

Anonymous said...

'Looks like he won't be charged. Case closed' unquote

Of course he is still family. No need to say one. Different strokes for differant blokes!

Anonymous said...

LHY & LWL also insulted Shamu & Ah Teo & AG & DPP --- so how come they never sue?? LHY & LWL also their brother and sister izit?!?!?!

Or izit not just must be brother/sister, but also must be brother/sister to the right family?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Right Anon 5.56.

Why LHY and LWL not sued based on GCT's interpretation?

If allegations by LHY and LWL are not true, GCT said must sue to clear name.

So, by inference, LHY and LWL's allegations are true. Because no sue.

Tio Bo.


Anonymous said...

US citizens on Subversion in Singapore: No arrest. PR cancelled.
This US couple was said to "influence on Singapore foreign policy".

In favor of China or against China? Against US is not possible. US citizens should not be siding China by logic. So they are teaching something which the elite was "influenced"?

"The Ministry of Home Affairs announced that Huang Jing and his wife Shirley Yang Xiuping, who are United States citizens, will be permanently banned from Singapore, in what is the first publicly known case of its kind in nearly two decades.

The ministry said in a statement that Dr Huang has been identified as "an agent of influence of a foreign country" who worked with intelligence organisations and agents from that country. It did not name the country."

Virgo49 said...

Shamu and his kakis dared sue LWL especially?? LHY more mild and.gentle.

You want to fark around with LWL.
LKY's favourite daughter

Goo Kia never know Tigress.

They knew her temper. DONT believe just ask the nursing and medical staff at the Hospitals she worked.

She just curled her fingers to call you like calling ahem what's d::gs and C;;;ts

Anonymous said...

On ST Headline about Professor Huang Jing banned, initial impression was he's agent of China.

But on reading further, he and wife are US citizens!

So is he acting as agent of influence for USA ?

How come MHA don't want to name the country and make people guessing ?

"Huang used his senior position in the LKYSPP to deliberately and covertly advance the agenda of a foreign country at Singapore's expense. He did this in collaboration with foreign intelligence agents," said the ministry.

Anonymous said...

Lagi more confusing, according to SCMP, "Huang is known for his Beijing-friendly stance in regular articles for international and mainland Chinese publications."


Anonymous said...

My guess is he is working with Ah Tiong, because he is from the LKY school, and recently Kishore from LKY school got into a tiff with people from Rajaratnam school, and MHA head Shanmugam sided with Rajaratnam school people . . .

Anonymous said...

PG Lao Hero //Chok Tong’s famous quote that any PAP minister or MP that were accused of impropriety or misconduct must clear his name by suing the accuser or the accusation be deemed to be true. //

Not sure anythg famous abt wooden blk ...

But he is certainly infamous for the quote of "ownself chk ownself"...?

A statement that is worth no less than one quadrillion face palms ...(until the year AD 1,000,000)?

Cha tao is cha tao

One & only kena old man humiliate publicly and called wooden blk but still super thick skin said he is not seat warmer and act as if he is his own man when someboLEE behind is calling the shot?

Anonymous said...

1.38pm // Then why 3 WP MPs kena ownself sue ownself in court to recover $33M? //

"围魏救赵" ......

WP LTK majored in Chinese Studies during his undergraduate years and likely is well versed in Chinese ancient Art of War.

The "魏" in this instance is quite obvious but who is (are) the "赵" the opposing Generals are trying to "save" ........ ?

Does 刘程强 possess the battle hardened mettle of his distant ancient ancestor "汉刘邦" and withstand the "排山倒海" "offensive" of his much stronger and highly well commandered and equipped nemesis or will he make the same mistake of the ancient "魏" commander ..... ?

The Chinese has an ancient saying: " 唇 亡 齿 寒 ".

Literally it means "when the lips are gone, the teeth will freeze".

In current context, it implies the opposition shares a common fate. It may take a major offensive for LTK to finally "awaken" to this reality and of the shared destiny of the opposition as a whole. It may turn out as a blessing in disguise.

Anybody can also "practise" "围魏救赵".

Let’s take a step backward ......

Imagine if WP all the while had forged a common front with the others, they would be in a much better position to face the current "offensive" by "enlisting" the aid of their allies to "counter attack" and "relieving" them of the current siege?

Instead of a united defence, WP now can only "孤军作战" .......

"刘皇叔"( aka 刘程强/ LTK ), 记得 "赤壁之战" 孙刘联盟胜曹魏吗?

您现 "孤军作战" 胜算有几成把握?

纵观目前世界局势, 也是同样道理。 " 唇 亡 齿 寒 "。如果俄罗斯崩溃, 中国也很可能陷入 "孤军作战, 孤掌难鸣"的困境。

Is there any need for further justification of the importance of an united front?

Anonymous said...

LHY s easy going not too insistent type. His wife is lawyer. Wanta sue the husband? Look at the $50 millions case, sue is not always a successful solution.

Huang Jing the one kena sacked. He said why didnt they take him to court? He is hiring lawyer to fight ah neh, possible solution as he lost his fortune yet he denied the allegation bcos they did not name the country he is alleged "collaborating" with.
Kicking on iron wall, now have good shows coming.

The Dragon Fly said...

A More detailed report here:

Singapore Revokes Professor’s Entry Rights Over ‘Subversion’

By Dan Murtaugh and Keith Zhai
From Bloomberg News

Singapore has revoked the permanent residency of a prominent academic after he allegedly used his position to covertly advance the agenda of an unnamed foreign country at Singapore’s expense.

The Ministry of Home Affairs said in a statement on Friday on its website that it revoked entry and re-entry rights for Huang Jing and his wife, Shirley Yang Xiuping, both U.S. citizens.

Huang was director of the Centre on Asia and Globalization, and Lee Foundation Professor on US-China Relations, at the National University of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. A university spokeswoman said the school didn’t have an immediate comment. Huang said by text message he had no comment.

According to the ministry statement, Huang interacted with foreign agents and intelligence organizations and then tried to influence foreign policy and public opinion in Singapore. The statement doesn’t identify the foreign country he allegedly acted for.

“To this end, he engaged prominent and influential Singaporeans and gave them what he claimed was ‘privileged information’ about the foreign country, so as to influence their opinions in favour of that country,” the ministry said in the statement. “Huang also recruited others in aid of his operations.”

In one instance, Huang gave supposedly privileged information to a senior member of the Lee Kuan Yew School for it to be conveyed to the Singapore government. It was passed to senior public officials who were in a position to direct Singapore’s foreign policy, though the government declined to act on it, it said. The statement did not detail the information.
‘Foreign Interference’

Huang is an “internationally recognized expert on Chinese politics, China’s foreign relations and security issues in Asia-Pacific,” according to a biography on the school’s website that is no longer available. He won the Masayoshi Ohira Memorial Prize in 2002 for his book “Factionalism in Chinese Communist Politics.”

In addition to his position at the school, Huang has been a board member for Keppel Land Ltd. since 2014.

“Huang used his senior position in the LKYSPP to deliberately and covertly advance the agenda of a foreign country at Singapore’s expense,” the ministry said in its statement. “He did this in collaboration with foreign intelligence agents. This amounts to subversion and foreign interference in Singapore’s domestic politics.”

Anonymous said...

Buying popcorn to watch Huang Jing and Li Shengwu shows over the weekend !

The Dragon Fly said...

This is the ministry's statement in full:


The Controller of Immigration has cancelled the Entry and Re-Entry Permits of Huang Jing (Huang) and his wife Shirley Yang Xiuping (Yang) on 4 Aug 2017 pursuant to Section 14(4) of the Immigration Act.

The Controller acted after he was satisfied that Huang was a Prohibited Immigrant under Section 8(1) of the Immigration Act, after it was determined that Huang was an undesirable immigrant pursuant to Section 8(3)(k) for engaging in activities inimical to Singapore’s national interests.

Yang was declared a Prohibited Immigrant under Section 8(1) on the basis that she is a family member of Huang under Section 8(3)(n) of the Immigration Act.

The couple are US citizens.

Huang was Director of the Centre on Asia and Globalisation, and Lee Foundation Professor on US-China Relations, at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP). He has been identified as an agent of influence of a foreign country. He knowingly interacted with intelligence organisations and agents of the foreign country, and co-operated with them to influence the Singapore Government’s foreign policy and public opinion in Singapore. To this end, he engaged prominent and influential Singaporeans and gave them what he claimed was “privileged information” about the foreign country, so as to influence their opinions in favour of that country.

Huang also recruited others in aid of his operations.

Huang used other avenues as well. For example, he gave supposedly “privileged information” to a senior member of the LKYSPP, in order that it be conveyed to the Singapore Government. The information was duly conveyed by that senior member of the LKYSPP to very senior public officials who were in a position to direct Singapore’s foreign policy. The clear intention was to use the information to cause the Singapore Government to change its foreign policy. However, the Singapore Government declined to act on the “privileged information”.

Huang’s wife, Yang, was aware that Huang was acting through his position at the LKYSPP to advance the agenda of a foreign country.

Huang used his senior position in the LKYSPP to deliberately and covertly advance the agenda of a foreign country at Singapore’s expense. He did this in collaboration with foreign intelligence agents. This amounts to subversion and foreign interference in Singapore’s domestic politics.

Huang’s continued presence in Singapore, and that of his wife, are therefore undesirable. Both will be permanently banned from re-entering Singapore.

Ministry of Home Affairs
4 Aug 2017

patriot said...


Was the Professor the Reason why a tiny dot becomes a mini USA lately?

And now that Sinkies are vehemently against the very close relationship with the US plus the MORE IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS OF THE PHILIPPINES, MALAYSIA, CAMBODIA AND EVEN INDONESIA BETTER RELATIONSHIPS WITH CHINA
Seems likely so to me.

Sin should have just stay quiet like Brunei, Laos and Thailand.
it chooses to punch way way above it's weight and ability.
As it is, the Leeders are doing the Punching on their timid citizens who surrender themselves fully to the Whim and Fancy; hence the FEAR.

The Professor had been in Forums regularly and in my personal opinion, is one much like Wuer Kaixi, who is strongly against the PRC Authority. Only difference is that being an academic, he is subtle at his art of acting against Beijing. He is clever to choose Sin to conduct his anti China activity.

Btw, the Guy had much ego each time he spoke in Forums as though he truly knows China through and through.
This secondary school dropout(me) has no respect for him.

Did the Guy got into trouble with a taxi driver?
That is how academic the Guy is.


Anonymous said...

A few days ago they puffed that they will stand up against any super power to defend the tiny island state's interests, but now they dare not even name the country that Huang Jing is acting for!

patriot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
patriot said...

By the Way,
the lssue is not just impropriety.
lt is both improptiety and integrity.
Lose one and the Other One comes into
dont pray pray boys and girls.

Wants to pray pray,
be like me,
a nobody.


The Dragon Fly said...

PRC Prof from LKY School wants cabby to "kowtow" to him


Foreign agent Huang Jing was involved in a spat with a taxi driver in June 2016, over a $1 tip


Stomp reported what cabby David said through a phone interview


Police called in after 'professor' gives cabby $1 tip -- then tells him to 'step out and show respect'

教授与德士司机理解不同 一句‘Get out’惊动警方到场

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I take a different view from Patriot. From the info available, he is more on the Chinese side. And if this is correct, then Singapore has cast its die for good and more turbulence would come this way. The Americans are all set to start WW3 and Singapore would be a part of this new coalition of the willing.

The whole world is increasingly being divided into the pro American and anti American camp and heading for a big clash. Asean is clearly divided with more countries now on the Chinese side.

Domestically Anon 9:59 has made his point. LTK and his WP has dug his own grave thinking that by distancing itself from the other opposition parties it would be safe. Now it has to face the full force of its enemy Alone.

Would he be desperately trying to forge a new alliance with the other parties with hindsight and would the other parties tell him to fight his own battle, Alone?

Anonymous said...

Will Chinese Premier Li Keqiang cancel his invited official visit to Singapore after this Huang episode? It would be awkward if he still come . . .

Anonymous said...

"Singapore PM's nephew says will not return home to face charges" - Reuters

Li Shengwu, the nephew of Singapore's prime minister, said on Saturday he would not be returning to Singapore.

"I have no intention of going back to Singapore. I have a happy life and a fulfilling job in the U.S.," he told Reuters in an interview.


Anonymous said...

LKY School in deep trouble. Would there be a witch hunt and the School close down?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anonymous said...

Will Chinese Premier Li Keqiang cancel his invited official visit to Singapore after this Huang episode? It would be awkward if he still come . . .
August 05, 2017 9:42 am

I think there will be a clear break in Sino Singapore relations with Singapore getting closer to the US.

I may be wrong.

Anonymous said...

I think there will be a clear break in Sino Singapore relations with Singapore getting closer to the US.
RB 9:58 am

No lah. Maybe this is just another tit for tat in Sino Singapore relations?

Remember the Terrex case? It is a tit by China.

So this professor case is a tat by Singapore?

Even if there is tit tat in relations, it may not necessary be a break. It is just a downgrade in relations, not a complete break.

patriot said...

l surmise Premier Li Keqiang shall come as he has accepted the lnvitation.
Chinese Leaders honour their words to be 'Junzi',/honourable folks.

l suspect that the Leeder is feeling the Heat arising from the Better Relationships of China with tge Many Asean Members.

lt is also quite obvious that Sin Leaders were and are not as well received as before whence they participated in regional or international events.
Me am very sure that there were lots of uneasiness now that the Prime Minister of Sin and his wife are embroiled in family feud with their siblings.

Many Sinkies are also unhappy with what is happenning in Sin, including the Exceptionally Good Relationship with the US.
The Rulers may fuck care how the Citizenry feels, but combine it with the Family Feud and Asean Members Better Relationships with China,
Sin CANNOT refuses to make amends and or changes direction. That is why I suspect that one academic might have had influenced Sin to be doggie to the US. The Change of circumstances has now call for major correction and action has begun.


patriot said...

And the Removal of the Academic from his appointments and Residency Status, is to appease the Chinese Authoriry.

Though Sin had handed over fugitive to the Chinese Aurhority, it cannot be ruled out that there maybe others residing here in Sin seeking safety from the Chinese Authority.


virgo49 said...

The sinkie government past leanings and policies to which side they linked to, you can judged for yourselves.

This professor been nudging tge sinkie to lean a bit towards china. What's privy info is to cajole the sinkies government to make up with china.

But, you must remember who is now the Home and foreign minister. If you said that we must not be intimidated by the big powers, then why don't punch your weight and san san declare which country?

They are descendents on the side of the Chinese border.

Also, big chief now already like PuYi or puki.

Lost command. So, his lieutenant now got full power to deport him.

Sinkies unemployment rate gonna hits sky high.

No more coffee festivals, sweet potatoes festival.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I really hope that Patriot's assessment is right and I am wrong in this Huang Jing's case. Singapore would be in less of a mess if so.

The Dragon Fly said...

Huang Jing and his wife are most probably CIA operatives, infiltrated into Sinkieland undetected and fastened themselves not only at the LKYSS but also in many other organisations within Sinkieland for a good EIGHT years.

Huang Jing was born in China, migrated to the US, studied there and worked there. He has got quite a colorful string of academic 'qualifications' from all over the world, especially US, UK, Norway, China, Sinkieland (both NUS and NTU) and wrote several books. Quite influential at the higher circle of people, it seems.

Cannot imagine how much damages they have already done? How much influence and poisons they have already planted in the minds of top echelon thinkers and decision-makers? No wonder, during the last five years, things have been going wryly without respite?

Remember Chip Goodyear, who almost anchored himself as Temasek Holdings' Chief Executive? That guy was another CIA operative exposed. I wonder how many more people like him are still around? This is the real danger!

The Dragon Fly said...

Hsien Loong could have been tipped off by President Xi at the recent G20 summit at Hamburg, Germany, about this Huang Jing?

Anonymous said...

Do you think Huang Jing should make a Statement before Parliament to declare his innocence?

The Dragonfly said...

He is very lucky he was not charged as a spy. If he was charged as a spy he would have been hanged! Or in other countries, shot by a firing squad.

He would probably be charged in China for spying for the US?

Anonymous said...

As he is a US citizen, he is probably a CIA agent working for the US government.

This fiasco tells the world that no matter how staunchly you support the US, the Americans will still spy on you, just as they spy on Germany's Merkel's phone calls.

Tommy Koh, Ambassador-At-Large at Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said of Qatar in an ST column July 4, 2017:

"By hosting a major airbase of the United States, 11,000 of its military personnel and the forward headquarters of its central command, Qatar has every right to assume that the US would protect it against its neighbours. Contrary to Doha's expectation, the leader of the superpower has expressed support for its big neighbour against Qatar.The lesson learnt is that, at the end of the day, a small country must develop the capacity to defend itself. It cannot depend on others to do so."

Anonymous said...

He is probably spying for the U.S. government, else he wouldn't said he would seek help from the U.S. Embassy in Singapore !

patriot said...

The Guy and his Wife are NOT guilty of anything to Sin.
They are TRAITORS to their Motherland but, NOT and NEVER to Sin.

Personally, l suspect that are few more aliens headhunted by the Sin Regime in the Security and Homeland Department who are like the Couple.

It is the Fault of the Authority.
Chinese Saying:
引狼入室, meaning; inviting the wolves into
the Chicken Coop.

lt is all because of muddle headed cocks.


Anonymous said...

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."