PAP’s noble intent in the EP going awry

With all noble and good intention, the PAP went out of its way to change the Constitution, gathered some of the most prominent citizens in a Constitutional Commission to sanction the need for a Malay President and how important and critical this is for a multi racial Singapore. Unfortunately this whole scheme is looking to go astray and turning sour. The ground is so uncomfortable and the only people that did not see any problem with this whole thing are you know who.

The constitutional change is to ensure that a Malay will be elected as the next President, or an ethnic minority, after a lapse of 5 terms. And in this coming election it is loud and clear that it is the turn for the Malay community to elect one of their kind to be the next President of this island.

The change brought along high hopes in the Malay community that at last another Malay would be the President after a long lapse since Yusof Ishak was the first and last Malay President. There was exuberance in the community but with some reservations that the crutch mentality is going to plague them once again. But never mind, it is not their fault as the community did not ask for it. It was all the initiative of the govt of the day that wants to provide this crutch to give the community a lift.

All seems well and good until the search of a Malay candidate begins. And to the horror of the Malay community, they could not find an ethnic Malay qualified to stand for this election, at least till now. And all the three candidates were not Malay ethnically or were more dominant in their ethnic lineages in other races.

How would this EP go along when it is reserved specially for the Malay community, to be represented by a Malay, other ethnic communities not allowed to compete in this race, but in the end no Malay candidate is up for election? An election reserved for Malays but no Malay candidate except mixed blood Malays or even Pakistani!

How pathetic can this be? How ludicrous! How farcical! The whole scheme is to appease the Malay community, to make them feel that the community is not left out in the cold, they are not forgotten. Would the outcome of the EP election bring comfort to the Malay community if the elected President is anything but a Malay?


Anonymous said...

Playing racial cards has its risk. Played correctly, there is a handsome reward awaiting, playing wrongly, you will leave bad taste behind. Why the rush to change the constitution when PE holds basically a ceremonial role under the current government. PE is effective only when an opposition party takes over the government and tries to draw out the reserves. PAP should know pure Malays are hard to come by these days. In view of their small community, many actually inter married with other races e.g. Pakistani, Arab, India Muslims, Angmo and even Chinese.

virgo49 said...

The citizens can be charged for Contempt of the Courts if they just posted any remarks that remarked that the Courts are not fair in their judgements or whatsoever remarks.

But, the Government does not even Respect their own Courts when they simply still bulldozes their plans for the coming PE without even waiting for the verdict of Dr TCB's appeal.

Is it already a foregone case??

Oh, better retract this statement or have to serve time or fine $6000.00 for contempt of Court.

The Court reserved judgement and needs more time to decide the verdict.

Hope they msde a wise decision soon.

Just wondering. If Dr Tan were to win the Appeal, will Halimah retracted all her resignations and goes status quo??

Or, for them to save their water face, they will still put her for the election.

It will be very interesting if Dr Tan were to face one to one with her.

If she wins hands down then it be proved that the electorate consists of non colour bar and wise and pragmatic citizens not claimed to be by the PAP.

Anonymous said...

I thought Majullah Singapore mentioned that 'regardless of race, language or religion' we pledge ourselves as one united people. Why must race now be brought up to remind us of what we once were - divided along racial lines?

If this issue had been brought up by the opposition, the noise on MSM opposing it will be deafening, with perhaps the one bringing it up having to 'run road' like Tang Liang Hong.

Zubir Said must be turning in his grave, wondering what has become of 'regardless of race, language or religion'?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, should be 'Majullah Singapura'

Anon 8.37

Anonymous said...

How can Dr Tan win?

The EP goalpost has been shifted, shrinked, moved far far away, nearly invisible.

If anyone still believe that the organs of state are not working for the powers that be, I rest my case.

How can Halimah lose with all the advantage in her favour, you tell me?

Anonymous said...

This EP will prevent an independent-minded citizen such as Tan Cheng Bock from being elected in the Presidential Election in 2017.

Anonymous said...

Would the outcome of the EP election bring comfort to the Malay community if the elected President is anything but a Malay?

I think the more pertinent and critical question to PAP is whether in spite of this, will PAP still win the next election with more than 90% seats won?

If yes, why would PAP care whether EP election bring comfort or not to the Malay community?

patriot said...

lt is just simply foolish to deprive the Citizenry to have the Best Available in the Land for them to choose as Leaders.

lt goes against Democracy to deny any citizen from contesting any political office.
lt violates Human Right
and Freedom of any citizen bar from contest of any open competition for political office.

With all kinds of restriction and condition arbitrarily imposed by the those in power, Singaporeans shall have little choice
This does not augur well for Sinkies and Singapore, when the citizens are offered little or NO CHOICE.



Anonymous said...

With WP Ah Hia and gang kena knocked out by the $33M ownself sue ownself lawsuit, the opposition will become even weaker and even more not ready to be govt.

So next election may see PAP winning even 100% seats.

PAP may even change the electoral rules for Sinkieland to just only one big GRC with 90 seats.

So either the opposition contest one GRC only with 90 candidates under one party, or cannot contest.

So PAP can win 100% seats with only 50.00001 % votes or even a walkover.

Possible or not, u say lah?

Anonymous said...

What if 90% of the voters spoil their votes will the elected candidate still be creditably and honourably installed as President.

Clownish Drama

Anonymous said...

Who cares if the PAP wins 100%. Yes it does not matter. So long as 'chwee konh lan par song' on this blog is enough! You can't have this on MSM or elsewhere!

More of this 'lan par song' blogging please, RB. Just to make the lot of us with 'lan par' happy.

Anonymous said...

Yes! That is the way I like it!


Do the leaders seriously think that our malay community is very pleased and is very happy with this arrangement....EP for malay?

Sorry............Ask them!

Why are we like that!? Why? Why?

After 50 plus years we still talking about this!


Anonymous said...

patriot 9:08 am




Or poor and suffering and also cannot "run road" Sinkies?

Then they deserved to be trapped for not able to "run road".

Anonymous said...

Do the leaders seriously think that our malay community is very pleased and is very happy with this arrangement....EP for malay?
9:16 am

Why would the leaders care, let alone seriously think?

Anonymous said...

What if 90% of the voters spoil their votes...
9:12 am

What voters? What vote?

It will be a walkover for Halimah lah, just like the late Nathan.

There will be an earthquake and tsunami in Sinkieland if the other 2 candidates can qualify.

Anonymous said...

Tan Cheng Bock is becoming like Chee Soon Juan, who likes to fight losing battles.

Perhaps getting daft, he may have under-estimated PAP's determination to stop him from contesting the EP.

Fight fight fight and in the end still lose.

Anonymous said...

worry not worry not

voting will be as usual

votes will also be usual

spoil votes........not to worry not to worry

Singaporeans as usual will "kwai-kwai" vote for her

not to worry she will get at least 69.99% votes


$ingapore BOLEH! $ingapore Boleh!

Anonymous said...

TCB sure lose one. No goalpost in sight, so how to score?

Even if he finds a way to goal by radar, they may install THAAD missiles to shoot him down, by crook or by hook, anyway you say it lah!

TCB better be careful he does not use offical stamps for his personal mail, or else they will dig this out. Such petty things in Red Dot are often used as nuclear weapons, more dangerous than THAAD missiles. He may lose his pants and have to really 'run road' or end up like Aung Juan Soon Chee.

I say, let them do as they like lah! Like in Myanmar, the locals used to say, the military government do not care about us, we do not care about them. Let thing fester and the worms will do the job.

Anonymous said...

If I write "TCB" on my ballot card
- and put a tick next to his name
- will that be counted as a protest vote?

Anonymous said...

Do you think the number of protest vote will exceed the number of votes for "you know who's" preferred candidate?

Anonymous said...

Basically, in six words:

Constitutional Change Leads To Unconstitutional Implementation!

patriot said...

Racial Harmony gets dented a little and the Malay Community likely suffers some cracks within itself.

How the Aristocrats have come to be so muddled headed as to start Sin into racial and community fragmentations is beyond any sane folk.

Actually, it is much ado about nothing. All Sinkies know that the Sin President is less useful than flower vase,
why cause a great damage
for nothing?

Sin is having a most stupid regime now and it means the End is near for the Daft Sinkies.


Anonymous said...

If, and I say if, TCB gets elected, he could end up like Devan Nair or Ong Teng Cheong? He won't last the full term if he does not tow the line.

And what if, and I say if, Halimah does not win? I am sure there will be plenty of goalpost shifing again. Maybe the end of elected President era. Back to appointed President again.

Good riddance. I find this a waste of time and money to elect a mere figurehead with no clout and all 'kaki nan'. Ownself check ownself is the right description.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 10.07

If you writethat a and I write "FU" in honour of Grace and Richard FU.

Or even the four letter lovely words, they be considered as spoilt votes.

But if they were to haul us for limkopi then there's be an uproar as all votes are considered to be SWEET SECRETS.

But anywhere why would they care a damn as what they wanted in plan just fix to their wishes.

The rule the first to tip the pole applied even they were just win by a single vote.

They knew lots of Dafts their supporters will still vote for them.

Just see the photos of Harimau's supporters hugging her.

Only the innocents part-timers young cuties girls out to make some allowances for their Starbucks coffee or branded handbags or phones will be embarrassed when they approach their supervisors to ask whether these votes are valid or not with so many four letter I love Harimau votes.

Also, some slight errors of overlapping of Harimau's votes would be considered valid, others not.

Aiyo, it be a walk over like Na Ay Tan.

Forget your half day holiday for those five and a half day week poor souls.

Anonymous said...

If PAP had changed the candidate's name to Hillary's Yakult, I believe she would surely get at least 80% of the votes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1009ammmmmm

The number of protest votes will be normal lah.

Singaporeans will "kwai-kwai" vote for her lah.

They know Singaporeans wiĺl kpkb kpkb and kpkb but when to voting,....SHE!

So what even if the number of protest votes,,,,.,,shocking!

She still will be EP,....... You only lan-lan!

Singapore is like that lah! This is Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Halimah's (no-surprise) walkover? Else why she so confidently resign?

Mdm Halimah appears to be “the only one so far who qualifies outright” and the Presidential Elections Committee may issue only one certificate of eligibility, said Assoc Prof Eugene Tan. . . . . . Today AUGUST 8, 2017

Anonymous said...

Does the Education Minister not know that cats are banned from HDB flats?
"It’s not even like the cat ban is a little-known law that’s hardly enforced.
Just this year, two cases made headlines where Housing Development Board (HDB) charged flat residents for keeping cats and threatened to evict the cats."

Still think you "own" your HDB flat?


Anonymous said...

Actually still no understand why PAP bother to have election for President. Just go back to the old system pre-President Wee days and appoint Halimah as President, think people still can accept . . .

Anonymous said...

Go back old ways how to justify paying President in the millions?
If president not paid in the millions, the highest paid politician will be the PM.

Anonymous said...

No election lah. At the end only one left standing. Election is called off. No holiday and no voting required. Walk in EP is installed. Majullah Singapura.

Anonymous said...

Harimau Yakult will be the next EP. This is as good as cast in stone.

You think the MSM makes such a song a dance about her for nothing. It will be a walkover. The show is all about 'dongdang sayang' now. 'Wayang Kulit' will be next change. Indian snake dance and Chinese wayang can wait for 5 more years.

Anonymous said...

There are alot of attention to what happens to a court case, how he would be treated even he could win. Talking about the past but blur about the present.

When the Malay candidate announced, the Pap 3 Chinese men on CNA in her GRC spoke to the press that they would cover HER duties.

3 Chinese men can form a GRC? Is this constitutional?

The Pap reset the Constitutions to put in a Malay president. This is a politically motivated way to avoid competition of President candidates. There are few Malay qualify for that post with demanding big big "financial management" experience. This is so obvious. Constitutions change was to reduce competition in future. Constitutions did allow ALL Chinese mp in GRC?

When Indians turn for President candidates, dun know when, Sinkies will find so many candidates. Walking around the estate,Jurong East, Bukit Batok, including condos at Marine Parade, Katong, there are more Indians. Their number seems more than Malay. When is India president to surface? Parkistan president?

Pap has messed up the original principle of Singapore in demographic composition, claimed to be its success formula by one India Minister and he insisted to ensure all blocks of HDB flat follow the ratio. What happen now is priority is set for Malay. Future will be Indian? What about Pakistan? Myanmar? Phillipino? All these are priorities. PM will be next to put in priority by race.

3 Chinese GRC in a group start to surface. Is this the original GRC concept?

Anonymous said...

The Malay community were happy and grateful to the G for wanting a Malay as the next EP.
Now it turned out that The G wants a Muslim as EP.
Will the Malay community still happy and grateful now?

Anonymous said...

Highly intelligent leaders tend to be very clever. Their cleverness usually turn to cunningness, when they become businessmen or politicians.

Cunningness leads to manipulative behaviour. Manipulative behaviour over time leads to corrupt character.

Corrupt character naturally manifests itself in various ways, unable to hide from keen and observant eyes because actions speak louder than words.

The zenith of all forms of Corruption is Greed for Power for the sake of Power itself. This is the most debase characteristic of a human being. Examples of such debased humans are Alexander The Ungreat, Genghis Khan, Emperor Xi Hwang-Ti, Mohammed The Conqueror, Hitler, Emperor Hiroshito and President Harry S. Truman..

Anonymous said...

Just go back to the old system pre-President Wee days and appoint Halimah as President, think people still can accept . . .
August 08, 2017 10:55 am

Do you think you-know-who is interested in what Singaporeans can accept?
When will Singaporeans like you ever learn?

It was never about Singaporeans and "the greater good".
Never was ... even before 1965.
Never will be.

patriot said...

Time for an lndian
Prime Minister
in Sin.

What says You?


Anonymous said...

On 6th of August, 1945, the US President Harry Truman ordered the bombing of Hiroshima, and on 9th August 1945, the bombing of Nagasaki. Those were no ordinary bonbs. Those were atomic bombs which killed 1.2 million innocent Japanese folks immediately and another 3 million died from the radiation effects a week later, plus another few million people suffering from the fall-out effects even until today.

The US is the one and only country that has ever made use of Weapons of Mass Annihilation upon innocent and defenseless ordinary people - children, women and old folks.

The US is the largest producer and holder of nuclear weapons amounting to at leadt 8,000 nuclear warheads deployed all over the world - land, air, sea and space.

The US is the greatest threat to all mankind and humanity, yet it turns around and shamelessly accused North Korea of threatening a nuclear war. In fact, the US is the one that is threatening not only North Korea but also the rest of the world with nuclear war. It has just conducted a simulated joint nuclear war invasion of North Korea with the participation of South Korean Forces and Japanese Military.

Anonymous said...

patriot 12.05pm


Next GE?

1o GE from now?

When when you say lah!

Anonymous said...

The Malay president should use speech to demand a Malay led cabinet with PM as Malay and Indian as deputy in charge of mrt.
Another India in charge of army. There should be a minister for chinese race, one for indian race, and one for malays race and one for all other race, one for increasing more population of new citizens from sunny land. There are too many ministers in Pap each drawing multi millions.

Anonymous said...

There are too many ministers in Pap each drawing multi millions.
August 08, 2017 12:46 pm

Don't forget the mayors in Singapore.
We have 5 mayors in Singapore (one of the smallest country in the world).
5 PAP-linked mayors.


Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

To be honest if Mahatir can be leader of a Malay nationalist party, i don't see why this chick can't be considered malay.

Are they adopting the one drop rule ?

patriot said...

Does it matters

if Halimah is Indian,
Malay or any others?

A rose by any other
names, is a rose.

The Real Issue or Question is; is she up
to the Job?
Is she there to just represent the Malay or
all Sinkies?
Though personally, I think a cardboard president is good enough
for Sin, but with the Kind of sinful remuneration they award themselves, they should at least justify for the Money.


Anonymous said...

Lycurgus80ofspata. The law changed to RACE based and that is the real problem. If Parliament were to pass the law by saying it is now reserved for the Malay Community, then we will have nothing to say.
Got it?

Virgo49 said...

Aug 09, Nagasaki got nombed by A Bombs.

Singapore got kicked out also Aug 09.

It no coincidence is it??

Good or Bad Omen??

Tunku or Tuanku choose this auspicious Date??

Will there be fireworks of joy or a present from the North Koreans in the shape of a A Bomb for Sinkieland to have the same taste as Nagasaki.

The Dragonfly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Dragonfly said...

I am quite sure there won't be any PE. It will be just a walk-over.

The other two candidates are not qualified, based on the stringent criteria, and one of them can't even speak Malay properly.

Anonymous said...

Dear everybody
So what is the law here in Singapore when it comes to legal definition of a person's race?

1. Is your race determined by a government committee?
2. Is your race determined by what is in your identity card?
3. Is your race determined by Mendaki or Sinda when it comes to financial assistance?

4. Related to item (2) above.
Is your race determined by your parents ... specifically what they register in your identity card when you were born?

5. If your ownself chosen "race" is not the same as what your identity card says ... then why is it called an IDENTITY card?

6. Can I ownself go and change the race in my identity card?
example: Can Tan Cheng Bock go and change his race to "Malay" in his identity card?

Anonymous said...


U are correct to say how wasteful is the cabinet and civil service.
Is there a minister of TV media?

Walked passed a coffee shop. The TV showed SAF uniform actor again punched another service man. Earlier there was punch when booked out featured as shot.

Some foreigner producers in Channel 8 is trying to discredit SAF. As far as real service men are concerned, using punches is a no go. But the state media is trying to promote violent act among NS men. At least to spoil the NS men image. Are army boys now so "chee hong" going for women and punch each other? Not true lah.

Waste money to pay these civil servants. It ended up the foreigners will spoil sin city similar to auntie Saw spoiled mrt.
10 years can make the whole mrt upside down. Thanks to ah loong s foreigner first policy. Vote opposition to save singapore.

Anonymous said...

@ August 08, 2017 2:10 pm

Do you know what "flipping prata" means in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

@ August 08, 2017 2:13 pm

Is there any difference between "double think" and "flipping prata" ??

/// The word “Double-Think” refers to the acceptance of contrary opinions or beliefs at the same time, especially as a result of political indoctrination.

Double-think is the act of simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in distinct social contexts.

Double-think is related to, but differs from, hypocrisy and neutrality.
Also related is cognitive dissonance, in which contradictory beliefs cause conflict in one’s mind.

Double-think is notable due to a lack of cognitive dissonance—thus the person is completely unaware of any conflict or contradiction. ///


Anonymous said...

Halimah becomes President. Tan Cheng Bock loses appeal. These are expected conclusions.

Focus now should be on whether there should be a GRC ward by-election, as Halimah had vacated her MP seat !

Anonymous said...

@ August 08, 2017 2:28 pm

Is this a good example of "double think" ?

Today, 1st August, I am a loyal PAP member.
On 2nd August, I resign as PAP member.

On 3rd August, I submit my candidacy to be a politically independent candidate for the Presidency of the Republic of Small Fart-Big Shit Island.

Anonymous said...


That s correct position for public. TCB is past story.
SDP should put in the mature and influential members to do a job making Pap team almost lose or lose the GRC.

It is likely that SDP should fight for the seats to be opened for re election because the minority candidate is now absent from GRC.

If SDP does not want, WP should go into it to do a poking for Pap to change the constitution of presidential election.

Anonymous said...


Is this an example of double think.

My HDB flat belongs to HDB because I'm the lessee and HDB is the lessor.

But I must still pay property tax on "my" HDB flat.

And I must also co-pay for any improvements done on "my" HDB flat like the lift upgrading.

Anonymous said...

Examples of Double think?

"Foreigners create good jobs for Singaporeans."
"GST is to help the poor"

The Dragonfly said...

That is not an example of double think.
That is an example of head I win and tail you lose.
Or, I want to keep the cake and also eat the cake.

In Hokkien dialect, it is called "Aw Ban", meaning forcefully unfair!

In ancient times, only bandits and thugs behaved in this manner!

Anonymous said...

I can see many of you here kpkb and kpkb about PAP.

No use! What can you do?

They can do what they want! Who to stop them!

At the end, SHE is going to be the EP!

And you............only lan-lan!

In Singapore no point.....cannot jalan!

They have everything for them!


virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 12.05

We are now following matland policy of Umno for the Malays, MCA for the Chinese and MIC for the Indians.

LKY's legacy of one people, one nation can be discarded into the bins.

Hello little children, you still singing that NDP song??


Anonymous said...

Kpkb is for lan par song lah! Kpkb here is not to stop them.

Who can stop them anyway? They have the power, the law on their side, the organs of state at their command and 70% sinkies on their side.

Let them do as they like. In the end the worms or the incinerator will do the job of stopping them for us downtrodden, because when the time comes, who can stop the worms or beat the incinerator fire?

Anonymous said...

/// We are now following matland policy of Umno for the Malays, MCA for the Chinese and MIC for the Indians. ///
August 08, 2017 5:15 pm

Sure or not?
Who is representing Singaporeans in parliament?
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

"Who is representing Singaporeans in Parliament?" unquote

You tell me whether you are Malay, Chinese or Indian lah! Now it is like that one lah!

Anonymous said...

Who is representing Singaporeans in parliament?

1. Singaporeans don't need anyone to represent them in Parliament, because Parliament is of no use to them. Most Singaporeans don't even care what goes on in Parliament. The only one who needs representation in Parliament is the PAP.

2. For 50 years, since the PAP took power and dominated the Parliament, nobody has represented Singaporeans. All the MPs have been representing either their Bosses, their Parties or themselves.

3. Parliament is the Legislature. All the MPs are supposed to be Law-Makers. All these whiles, they have been making and amending laws and the Constitution for whose benefits? For you and I, or for PAP?

So, actually in a Dictatorship country, the Parliament is not even necessary. Just like the Erected President is also not necessary.

Actually, Singapore should follow Brunei. Rename the country as a Sultanate. Then a lot of time and money can be saved.

Anonymous said...

/// Then a lot of time and money can be saved. ///
August 08, 2017 6:15 pm

Save so much money for what?
It's not as if Singaporeans are going to get benefits from any money saved anyway.

True or not?
You tell me lah

Anonymous said...

Is it true or is it double think?

If I do National Service for PAP's Singapore when I am young.
PAP's Singapore will look after me when I am old.

The Dragonfly said...

You don't do National Service for PAP. You do National Service for the Nation.

Last time there was Nation-Building. So it was correct to say you were doing National Service.

Nowadays, it is quite clear there is no more Nation-Building but Nation-Destroying. So, if you think you are doing National Service, you are wrong. You are actually part of Nation-Destroying.

Therefore, it is better not to talk about National Service because when the Nation is being destroyed, there is no Nation left. If there is no more Nation, where got National Service?

You tell me lah.

b said...

Malay in charge will mean recession will arrive. History is good lesson. During malay president time, sg was in chaotic mode. Sit back and start counting down to that day where unemployment and backruptcy increase to sky high level.

Anonymous said...

PAP should be confident and let a by-election in Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC, since they are loved by the people.

Anonymous said...

PAP should be confident of the strong love of the people and let a by-election in Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC !

Anonymous said...

PAP should be confident and let a by-election in Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC, since they are loved by the people.
August 08, 2017 8:23 pm

Maybe it's just as well there is no by-election.
I hate to see Opposition candidates waste time & money trying to represent daft Singaporeans in parliament.

Anonymous said...

Many Sinkies love the PAP, so holding a by-election in Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC is no sweat lah ! C'mon, bring it on !

patriot said...

Dear Anon 6:15pm.

Thank You for the Very Enlightening Comment.
The Sad Thing is Sinkies will stay DAFT till they get scorched and burnt.
They CANT feel the struggles of Fellow Sinkies as they move around.

70% are unable to empathize, not to mention sympathize with the many oldies collecting recyclables, working at food outlets, cleaning shopping centres, airports, warehouses, void decks, toilets and other public amenities and roads.

The Pappies as far as l can recall, have always made and make the People
slog to prosper themselves first.
Need evidence?
Can anyone name which Sin Rulers and their successors are not well off today.
Read the 10 Richest Politicians in Sin? ln fact almost all the Parliamentarians are millionaires/airesses and there could possibly be billionares too.

Through their hardworks and slogs, some Pioneer and Senior Generations have done well too.
However, due to ever escalating costs of living, many are now facing challenges of survivals whilst Rulers and their Cronies are remunerating themselves sinfully and madly.


Anonymous said...

China leaning on Singapore to keep ASEAN calm over South China Sea: sources

"There is a view in Beijing that Singapore is the instigator of anti-China containment policies, not just within ASEAN but also that it wants a ring of pro-U.S. partners surrounding China – Japan, India and Australia," said Zhang Baohui, a mainland security expert based in Hong Kong.


The Dragonfly said...

The expulsion of Professor Dr Huang Jing and his wife (though they are appealing to the Ministry of Home Affairs) means two things:

1. If Prof Dr Huang Jing has been trying to tilt Singapore's foreign policies towards China, then he becomes a hero in China if he wants to return to China for good.

2. If Prof Dr Huang Jing has been working for CIA and the US, then if he returns to the US, he would be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in the near future.

This is called "Blessings in disguise"!

patriot said...

@Dear The Dragonfly;

If Huang Jing and his Wife are patriotic to their Motherland, they would not have resided in the US.
Not sure if they are US Citizens.
Watched quite a few of Forums which he participated in. And he is one PRC who leaves me the Impression that he seems to think he is better than the Beijing Leaders. Somehow just feel the Guy is very conceited.
Anyway, as l had commented before, l do not find him intellectual but conceited.

Hero, Nobel Peace Prize?
Hero in PRC, China may wish he does not return home.
Nobel Peace Prize is possible as an American President was awarded one before he was a year into office.


Anonymous said...

If Tan Cheng Bock stays healthy and alive for the next 12 years, he still can have another shot at the EP ! Note Mahathir, above 90, is still fighting !

Anonymous said...

Main stream media reports said President Halimah claims she prefers to continue staying in her Yishun HDB flat, where she has lived for more than 30 years, after she assumes office. But better still if she can donate just 90% of her annual Presidential salary of nearly $1.6 million to needy Malay families. Giving them $500 per month, she can help 240 needy families !

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 8.32

Dream on. The PAP missing one or even two in their PAP held constituency will not hold any by election.

They scared bye bye. But if any Opposition wars were to have even the MP touch wood even hospital or simply sick, they will demand a CB election.

Their PAP MPs can go for by pass or pass away. No by election.

Even they knew that they are terribly sick even to stand for fresh elections, they will still hide their conditions and still run for elections.

To sponge free health service on tax payers.

Virgo49 said...

should be ward and not wars.

One even become Deputy Speaker.

If you are in favour and know how to angkat your boss, this is the reward. If not simply drop from Speaker to just MP.

Anonymous said...

It always baffles me that there appears to be one set of rules made for PAP and another set for the opposition. The most important part is the interpretation by the appointed interpretor. Now who appointed the interpretor and who buttered his bread? Would the interpretor do what he is told, or what his conscience tells him to do? So how can people like Tan Cheng Bok win, you tell me lah!

No wonder the truth hurts so much that they have to go after Li Shengwu. But we know what is the truth, so whatever happens to him, we know why. You can't run away from the truth, except to deny it, using all means and ways to stiffle it, stuff it under the carpet, or keep it in the cupboard.

Anonymous said...

Or muddy the waters and distract the dafties using AHTC version(?) I know not.

FL said...

How can a ruling party suka suka changes the constitution in a hurry and specifies which race (Chinese, Malay, Indian, Others)to become a President? Is it not that all Singaporeans regarding of races are allowed equal opportunity to stand for any election? We are a multi-racial society. The people should choose the best person (whether Indian, Malay or Chinese) to be President and not the ruling party. By limiting the President selection to a single race (this case, Malay)which is about 30% of the population, you are depriving choices of capable candidates from the 70% of the population making up of Chinese, Indians & other races !! We were taught from school days of of regardless race, language or religion.... to build a prosperous nation... and that only the best and capable person to be our leader, etc and not based on race. Are we going to change the Constitution again in the future if it is not workable ?

Anonymous said...

Not only change constitution. Recent court ruling said Parliament has full liberty to interpret what is an elected president and when to call special election, regardless of the 5 terms provided in the con.

b said...

The truth is Sg is lee owned one. It has also installed a fake democracy. If lee top guy wants malay or muslim or even monkey to be president, he will get what he wants. No one can change that except himself.

Better to learn the truth now than many years later and regret not moving elsewhere .

Anonymous said...

You give the MIWs much credit. All the changes to the EP is not because they are particularly concerned about the Malay community but a smokescreen to deny someone who is guaranteed to be elected in an open contest.
A leopard will not change its spots
and our snake will always hiss with a forked tongue.