Is the Govt short of money?

The slew of taxes coming from the Govt is not a good sign. When a govt is desperately churning out more and more taxes, it is a sign that something is wrong, financially. Why would a govt be raising taxes so often when there is no need to, ie, when it is financially sound, when there is no need to squeeze more money from the people? The most important thing to do in judging the Govt’s financial position is what it is doing, spending more money or collecting more taxes. This is a good guide to the health of the govt’s coffer.

Why do I ask such a question, Is the Govt short of money? I did not follow the ND Rally but noticed that everyone is talking about a sugar tax. I quote this from thestatestimesreview, ‘The Ministry of Health (MOH) yesterday (Aug 22) announced that it is now “studying” sugar tax following dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally speech on diabetes. The MOH has created a committee, “Diabetes Prevention and Care Taskforce”, to implement the sugar tax:’

Diabetes is a health issue. Telling the people not to consume too much sugar is a good thing. And the people will know that this is a good thing and would be most willing to listen to good advice. This is not something like littering and a fine is needed to keep people from littering.

Why is there a need to impose a sugar tax to keep people from taking more sugar? Is sugar a drug, like cigarette or liquor? Oh, maybe it is like water, so subject to tax to make the people know how important it is not to waste water/sugar. No, sugar is a staple food, an essential food that everyone needs, like salt and rice. To think of imposing a sugar tax is outrageous unless there are more to it than meet the eyes. Is the Govt so short of money that it is finding every excuse to raise taxes? If not, which idiot is thinking that this is a good idea? What’s next, too much salt is bad, raise salt tax. Too much rice is bad, carbohydrate is also a major cause of diabetes, so raise rice tax?

What utter rubbish! Everything also wants to tax. So desperate for money? No, no, really? Then what is the real reason behind this thinking on sugar tax? Running out of ideas? Taxing the people is fun yah? May I suggest this, tell the daft people good quality sugar must be priced higher so people would not buy too much sugar because it is expensive?

Why doesn’t the Govt make consuming excessive sugar a crime? Then can impose fine for buying or consuming too much sugar. Make the people wear a sugar counter on their necks to measure how much they take and fine them accordingly if exceeded the limit? 

Have these people gone crazy, money crazy?


Anonymous said...

Uncle, How many times must repeat? We r not Wonder Woman ( or Wonder People)...What's Wrong With Collecting More Money?

Anonymous said...

No free lunch...nothing comes free...carbon tax...whatever also taxes...coming up is Weather Tax ( many use air cond & electricity causing gobal warming etc) or even Air Tax ( clean air is not free...), Fat tax ( to encourage exercising ) etc..

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Collecting More Money

when the Sinkie opposition is not ready to be govt

and because of that PAP knows that

70% will hence vote for the PAP

despite the PAP govt collecting more money through sugar tax, water tax and what not tax?

PAP won 70% votes in GE 2015 and Chee Soon Juan even lost a by election against a PAP minority candidate in a Chinese majority SMC in 2016, u know.

So like that how can PAP not be confident winning again next GE

despite collecting more money from Sinkies through taxes, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Political Scientist Chua: "No, sugar is a staple food, an essential food that everyone needs, like salt and rice."

Like that means like alcohol or cigarettes or water lah ... it is either addictive or basic necessities ...

Using the simple echonomics concepts of rubber band or elasticity, addictive or basic necessities are price or tax INELASTIC lah ...?

Means the fall in quantity demanded of sugar will be far less than the increase in tax of sugar lah ...?

Means tax revenue will go up lah ...?

The best way to increase tax revenue is to levy an ad valorem tax on a basic necessity that has almost zero price elasticity of demand?

Tax is only levied on undesirable or DEMERIT GOODS like tobacco?

Now sugar become DEMERIT GOOD le ...?

All economics "tax"-books (aka textbks) should update and revise to add in sugar as an example of DEMERIT good?

Now according to textbook recommendation, to correct such problems, legislative measures should also be deployed?

Make it an "offence" to eat a sweet in all public premises (like smoking)?

Also ban sweet eating from Fri 10.30pm to Mon 7am?

Good (constructive) idea?

How about a similar ERP system (to collect tax revenue) for eating sweet?

How about banning sweet like chewing gum since socially now it is deemed "bad"?

Interference or garment intervention has risen to a new level?

So if bad things tax, then good things should subsidise, right?

Isn't producing babies good for society?

Then shouldn't it be properly subsidised?

Like for every sxx session, give say $50 subsidy?

Anonymous said...

Living in this pee-sai is fast becoming very siong!

Here tax there tax everything tax!

Anyway, 70% voters ok-ED!

What can you do now?

Can only kpkb kpkb and kpkb!

But at the end of the day, only lan-lan, Pay and Pay!

This pee-sai is like that lah...,.,,,,..


Anonymous said...

...Chee Soon Juan even lost a by election against a PAP minority candidate in a Chinese majority SMC in 2016,...
9:01 am


And this is the greatest confidence booster to PAP that they can collect more money and still can win election easily.

If I were Hsien Loong, I would have thanked PAP MP David Ong for having affair and creating the chance for Chee Soon Juan to lose the by election which further boost my confidence of sure win just after the fantastic 70% vote for PAP in GE 2015.

Anonymous said...

Also coming your way, ...garmen is studying 'Dun make love tax' in a small space by Ah Jo Tiu ti boost babies in Sickapoor...what next?...

Anonymous said...


BINGO! You are 1oo% correct!

PAP is expectED to get 80% at the next GE!

Both H and A are expectED to go back to PAP!

We shall see!

Anonymous said...

Ah Long ...from now till 2020 or after...All Taxes Increases ...Full Steam (Taxes) ahead!Huat Ah...

patriot said...

Like to say


want to clear the Dirt and SHIT created?


Anyway, I shall only vote PAP from now on.


Anonymous said...

Once there is a new tax or any increase in tax, retailers will increase price$.

We are not the most expensive city........, we are the MEGA-expensive city of the world!

Tax Tax Tax $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$,,,,,,????

Anonymous said...

Waiting for condom subsidy from govt.. in fight against falling birth rates

Anonymous said...

The recent sudden 30% water price hike is very perturbing, raising alot of disturbing questions.

Anonymous said...


They may introduce Condom Tax to reduce falling birth rates!


Anonymous said...

sorry should be 910am not 910am

Anonymous said...

very very sorry, should be 940am not 910am

Anonymous said...

How about masterbedtion tax (to promote marriagehood and parenthood)?

Anonymous said...

How about a vice tax surcharge aka prostituition tax charge (to encourage more sxx between couples)?

The Dragonfly said...

The Stupidity of Having Highly Intelligent Leaders

The biggest predicament in any society is having people who are too smart to lead the country. If these people subtly go rogue, the citizens are screwed - and screwed for good, for a very long time. This is the reason why Russia, China and Vietnam turned communist. Capitalism is actually EVIL in disguise, so is Pseudo or Half-Baked Democracy.

It is better to have leaders with only above average intelligence but have a heart for their citizens at all time, than to have highly intelligent leaders who work against them but pretend to say they work for them, with them, and all the bullshitting propaganda and brain-washing.

Sooner or later, these very smart people, by nature of their being very smart, are going to make themselves become the elites and subsequently become elitist. Glaring example is the out-of-this-world pay they schemed in order to make themselves instant multi-millionaires using crab reasoning such as in order to have dignity, in order to be non-corrupt.

And at the earliest opportunity, these very smart but ruthless and greedy leaders are going to device a system that will perpetuate their powers in order to stay in power forever, so that they can continue to enjoy the highest standard of living in the world, while the citizens become mere peasants, menial workers and slaves.

If they really care for their fellow countrymen and women, and children, they should peck their salary to the lowest income in the land, instead of pecking it with top professionals and businesses, and pecking their bonuses with variable performance pay to the country's GDP. This only logical and common sense.

For the past 50 years, two things stand out very clearly and distinctly. The first thing is to make sure you have just enough money to survive so that you cannot become a political threat to the power that be. The second thing is to make sure you do not enough time, from 3 years old onward, to be involve in Opposition Politics to challenge the existing status quo.

Taxation, CPF contributions, Minimum Sum which escalates annually without any ceiling, Compulsory Payment of Premiums for Life Long Insurance which may not benefit you, COE, ERP, HDB 30-year loan repayments, etc - these are the measures to make sure Sinkies either do not have sufficient money and have to work two jobs, or just enough with a little to spare (for those in the civil service).

High education costs and foreign talents to come and compete and threaten the citizens' rice bowls are the measures to ensure that Sinkies will have to work long hours or work in two jobs, both husband and wife, so that they don't even have enough time to spend with their children. As a result, their children, from 2 years old onwards, have to be put in Childcare and Daycare Centres, to be indoctrinated and brain-washed until they go to National Slavery and University, during which they are not allowed to be involved in politics, and without any political awareness education.

Parents without time and money to be involve in politics. Their children indoctrinated from 2 years old onwards. How not to mold an already docile and subservient configuration of people into a society of dafts and morons, apathetic and bo-chap to the political situation in the country?

It is already very lucky that the daft Sinkies comprise only 70%. In time to come, from some of the comments in this site, a 90% morons can easily result.

QED (Quite Easily Done)

Anonymous said...

Although Farid Khan is a Pakistani Indian descent Singaporean, have no choice but to vote for him as Malay EP - the least unpalatable of 3 repugnant choices. Can't stand the images of Halimah staring down at u in pictures hanged at public buildings . . .

Virgo49 said...

Last time Sin$5.00 for a month's supply of Condoms. STOP AT TWO!!

Wah piang, condom tax. Luckily, now no need use condoms. Perfectly safe, no more child bearing years. Or already Kueh dadah.

LHL, very the smart. Now cannot use Father's Legacy to win votes. Also, the House for garnering votes also in dispute. So, wayang, wayang, care for you and your Health.

Healthy lifestyles. Secretly, we gonna tax you for your own good. Same time, MOH will save subsidies if many of you kena Diabetes.

Hello, top up another S$200.00 for ActiveSg for healthy exercises.

For your own good, must thank me. Regret make Pai Meh Scheme. Also Sovereign Funds needs lots of cash for the OBOR.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10.00 am you don't know meh....,,..

some of them collect G$T too...,,,,,

go greylang, you will kena G$T.........


Anonymous said...

How about kpkb?

Is it a merit gd or demerit gd?

Should subsidise or tax?

patriot said...

The Rulers and their Successors have fortunes that shall allow them to live in opulence and luxury indefinitely.

Those Surviving Pioneer and Senior Generations and their Successors are beginning to reap the Folly of trusting Monsters in their younger say.
It is too late to regret and there is no turning back. Soon, aliens shall be the Majority and the Native Borns wll be pawned for good.

one reaps what one sow,
the Older Sinkies had collectively chosen the Rulers And the Younger Generation Sinkies will have to bear the Brunt of their Forebears Folly.


Anonymous said...

Obviously not lah ...?

Can't imagine sharing a spoon that thousands had used before but cannot wash properly or sterilise with boiling hot water?

At least the cups in most coffeeshops are rinsed with boiling hot water before they pour kopi inside ...?

The yellowland or ngland or huangland or graylang organs so many pple go in go out gazillion times and injected inside but cannot wash mama leMON or detergent or bleach or undergo thorough sterilisation ...?

How to use sthg that kena others tgousands of times but nit clean?

Only pple eyes pasted stamps cannot realise it is so damn germs infested and still pay $$$ (& even g$t to patronise such filthy consump(ma)tion)?

Anonymous said...

Next tax coming is e-screwter tax?

Cos (the excuse or pretext) can injure pple especially oldies and young kids?

Next also hp tax since it has become a necessity and even an addiction?

Use too much hp bad for eyes?

Also bad for human relationship so must tax?

Anonymous said...

Another possible tax is lift tax?

Fix a contactless reader at the lift lobby?

Then if need take lift need scan cash card so the lift door will open just like boarding a bus?

Then also like alighting must tap out?


Anonymous said...

Oops ..... should be easy-limp card

Virgo49 said...

Anon 10.01

Brace yourself to see Harimau and her Mee Rebus hubby in all Government Buildings. For sure, walk over. Sin Pools S$1.00 win $10,000.00 if the other two qualified.

When the PAP said she qualified, means she qualified.

Play safe walk over. If Sinkies goes crazy and vote either one of the other two.just to spite us, then very troublesome.

Even Harimau never in her life in charge of one million also qualified.

KPKB some more, ask AAG to press charges like LSW then you know.@

Anonymous said...


There may be a bicycle tax!

Anonymous said...

7.6 billions USD given to One 53 yo Mavis is historic. USA residents got sour grape feeling. 1 company lost USD 3 to 4 billions on a bank shares, based on borrowed money. No one in little usa was talking about it.
4 billions dollars loss is nothing.

Its time to dig on reserves to build ground cities. To house 10 millions population. 10 millions was announced by one minister and another minister proposed underground cities for Sinkieland. This plan will help growth.

7 millions population will generate double amount of taxes in gst for ah long to spend and 10 millions will make more taxes, coe. Ministers salaries can go double as population size doubles.

Sinkiesland run out of money required to start sugar tax? Water tax 30% more. Petrol tax more. Childcare more. Car parking raised.
Cost of living is high because all essentials are controlled to some extend. Cars, hospitals, water, electricity, super mar (milk powder), jobs, petrol, parking, alcohol and sugar. Salt is cheap. Salt causes high blood pressure. Next year can use as a topic.

The whole problem of sluggish market is caused by sinkieland. The land lacks ability to generate cash. Less cash exchange in markets. Markets become sluggish. Ah long team takes cash from economy. More population more cash it can take. Ah long just did that.

Gambling loss on shares created billions dollars loss. This loss is an iceberg tip. Salaries losses on paying foreigners working here. Billions dollars per month cash is shipped quietly to Malaysia, and other countries including India.

A small tax on sugar meant so much? The correct way to stop teens taking sugar drinks. Ban suger drinks. Those 7-24, koi stalls are the sellers of toxi drinks. Parents stopping kids taking soft drinks is more effective than taxing parents on paying for higher cost of soft drinks in an economy running out of cash.

Can ah long team stop to be tawkay. Give jobs to foreigners?
Borrow money from cpf and giving jobs for foreigners cannot match. Showing off sinkieland is rich has come to its end.

There are fewer jobs available, lesser cpf to borrow. Cpf payoff cannot stop.

Higher taxes on 6 millions is the only option for the lavish spending in public sector. Can it be a long term plan? The neighbor s cost of living is not high. How to get Malaysians to become citizens to do NS for sinkies? Sinkies need to vote for opposition to take out the lavish public spending. At least the president post can be removed. The cabinet can receive less salaries, the ministry can shrink, head count on ministers can shrink, and the shrinking go down the lines.
Increasing taxes will make sinkieland uncompetitive. More empty shops. Less sinkies will find good jobs. No good jobs, less cpf. Who let cpf to lend to the borrowing hands who are millionaires. Millionaires do not eat hawker foods.
To change, vote for opposition. Its the only path.

virgo49 said...

Anon 10.32

You are giving the PAPies a billion $$ idea. You asked for it.

Contact less cashless transactions of a Smart nation

Soon, very soon. Each and every sinkie will be issued a RF I.e. Radio Wave card or chip which they can jnsert into your body and whenever you passed a gallantry just like the ERP, they will minus dollars and cents from there.

Must top up or you get fined. The children now encouraged to transfer cash by mobiles in an instant.

They will transfer cash to parent's and grandparents chips. Oldies also encouraged to learn the technology.

Better learn fast or you be like blind bats in the country.

Unless you seek rufuge in Matland kampongs

b said...

Either they cut their pay or they tax you. The answer is simple. They will tax you. Welcome to serfdom.

Anonymous said...

Matland kampongs good! No tax. Housing, cost of living, everything cheap and some things even free. Not a bad choice, I would say. But do they want us?

Of course, you would say, got money everybody wants us. But if you have money, why go to matland?

Anonymous said...

"Say the word and I'll have the epayment system rolled out nationwide in 18 months. For Singaporeans. By Singaporeans."

Fuck lah.
Is this a democracy or a military junta?
You need permission to set up an epayment system in Singapore meh?

Is this another example of NUTS?
No U-Turn Syndrome.


Anonymous said...

Q: What's stopping you from setting up a nationwide, epayment system?

American citizen says: There is nothing to stop me. It's a free country.

Singaporean citizen says: Government say I am allowed to set up my own epayment system meh?

Anonymous said...

This EP (electronic payment) issue is to distract the populace from the EP (elected presidency) issue . . .

Anonymous said...

"Thanks!. Make me a proposal and I will study it seriously."

You know so much about epayment systems to know whether it will be a good proposal or not ah?
Then if you know so much, why didn't you just implement it 5 years ago?

Anonymous said...

"Thanks!. Make me a proposal and I will study it seriously."

Does this mean we have just identified the main obstacle in setting up a nationwide epayment system?

The Dragonfly said...

This EP (electronic payment) issue is to distract the populace from the EP (elected presidency) issue . . .

On the contrary, this EP (electronic payment) system is to REMIND YEW of the Erected Presidency (EP) system.

Both have similarities:

1. Erected by the Power for the CONvenience of the Power.

2. Subtly forced down your throat until you can't even say "The", though you are allowed to go to Court to voice your grievances.

3. Both are going to reap off money from your pocket with doing much significant works - Jia Leow Bee.

4. Both are ostensibly grand scheme of things but actually you become the losers and suckers.

Stupidity really has absolutely NO CURE!

Anonymous said...


Mental masturbate until we become a 3rd World country.

The Dragonfly said...


3. Both are going to reap off money from your pocket WITHOUT doing much significant works - Jia Leow Bee.

Anonymous said...

Eh. Hello.
My 18 months implementation time-table does not include your 3 year mental masturbation period.

virgo49 said...

Anon 4.58

You do not know what's you missing in Matland.

Why when Sinkieland just got only even one day public holiday, thousands bear three to four hours break and jam to go to Matland???

Immigrate to USA. You have enough dough to go there or not?? After retirement, most withdraw the most about 5K from your CPF.

Down USA, the White supremacists will called you Chin Chong Chings and gunned down on the streets.


Anonymous said...

We are screwed !

Anonymous said...

For good!