Hard core evidence from the White House that the USA is the world's number One Terrorist Nation

Below are some hard core evidence provided by a '72 years old and a Vietnam veteran' praising Trump for doing more for America & it's people in a single year than the last 4 presidents combined. His claims and credential are in his listing of '23 REAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS by president Trump that accounts for every penny of the $19 trillion his presidency & leadership has brought back to America, I defy you to prove even 1 accomplishment I've listed as a lie, I'm a gold donor lifetime member of the RNC which means I'm 1 of 48,000 republicans who receive monthly briefings from the Trump white house listing accomplishments and outlining goals for the near future ,and long term, everything I listed came directly from the RNC on behalf of our president. Source Michael Ledford 29 Aug 17.

Below are the evidence from three of the listings by this Vietnam war veteran.

#19 Eleminating Obama's illegal funding of over $60 billion a year in federal funds being given to anti US groups like Antifa & dozens of others.
#20 Eleminating the $653 BILLION dollars a year Obama spent dropping bombs & drone strikes that killed over 2 million civilians in 7 country's.
#21 Stopping the $500 million a year in Obama arms shipments to Isis and Al Queda groups in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Adding the above 3 facts, it is costing the Americans trillions to support terrorist organisations and terrorism and wars across the world. The is the evil Empire that have been conducting wars daily and boasting about peace.

How's that for a little hard truth? Too difficult and painful to swallow after being fooled and made to walk around like American stooges for a life time and defending the American 'goodness'?

The truth hurts.

PS. Spelling errors inherent in the quotes.


Anonymous said...

In America.
Can you tell the truth without being jailed or sued for:
1. Scandalizing the judiciary?
2. Sedition?
3. Defamation?

True or not?

Can you do the same in:
1. North Korea?
2. China?
3. Singapore?

Anonymous said...

White House s data was not news. One incidence: a US plumber sold his truck to a local dealer. His intact truck was filmed with his plumber s number at middle east battle field. The TV news caused this plumber to lose business. People thought he was black hand behind IsIs. IsIs s battle vehicles are Nissan trucks. This real story linked US with IsIs for alert eyes. The middleman seems to be Qatar and Saudi.

Many would have seen twitter pictures of piled up US weapons and US brand medicines when Aleppo was taken over by Syrian troops at various locations.

Meanwhile, Hillary s leaked email said she was agreeable to provide weapons to some middle east rebels against Assad (with UK PM Cameron+ allies). John Kelly had staged a "peace talk" with the rebels IsIs to have peace on condition Assad was to resign.

Hillary and Obama was betting on Syria rebels, some are IsIs. When holding US weapons, IsIs robbed Iraq Syria oil fields and sold cheap oil to Turkey "royal family". Putin was unhappy because oil price was low. He suggested to bomb the IsIs oil traders. That time IsIs were rich in cash. Obama Turkey were against it.

Assad requested Putin to station troops at Syria and bomb the IsIs. Putin did the real bombing on IsIs while the US and Turkey bombing were said to bomb Assad troops sometimes by mistakes.

Assad has internal support, especially his troops, else would have collapsed. With Russian s air support, US and the west bombing did not help IsIs to topple Syrian govt.

Obama got bad luck: Hillary lost. NYtimes predicted she would win at 90+% chance, the next morning on Sinkieland, that prediction turn out to be a bluff. The gamble bet was huge.

If Obama won the bet, Syria oil would fall on US s control as payoff. Germany and France and the world will kena IsIs attack as bonus. Trump did not want that kind of world situation.

Obama took one old man in the east s advise to surround China, according to China s official web site. Obama implemented Pivot of Asia. Initiated from Hillary, followed by her visit to far east. Obama follow up with TPP. The plan was to isolate China in trade and surround it with bases to force it to spend on weapons. There was a powerful little usa rendering support with Japan. Things looked set. Hillary was not the winner. Far east old folks also lost their bet. Judgement on situation was shallow it seems now as the risk was too huge for unrelated countries to the conflicts.

Obama s plan to capture Syria, to boost IsIs to create chaos in EU especially with millions of immigrants did bear fruits. Obama never provided humanitarian help to the middle east refugees.

Hillary and Obama s "globalization" plan and "freedom of movement" was well complied as gospel for the earth.

EU accepted migrants by millions. UK under Tony accepted 3 millions. Little usa accept 2.5 millions. US did not accept millions legal migrants.

Side effects on Globalization now work against EU on security. As it unfolds, the migrants are heavy cost to pay.

EU 27 countries started to stop immigrants. UK opted out thro Briexit. All was about visionary globalization exercise for EU and the far east, less the US. Who are the fools?

Anonymous said...

@ August 21, 2017 9:13 am

You forgot #4. "The Official Secrets Act"

In America, you have the "Freedom of Information Act".

The Freedom of Information Act
The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) generally provides that any person has the right to request access to federal agency records or information except to the extent the records are protected from disclosure by any of nine exemptions contained in the law or by one of three special law enforcement record exclusions.


Do these countries have the "Freedom of Information Act"?
1. North Korea?
2. China?
3. Singapore?

Anonymous said...

If you drive in America, you can U-turn anywhere you want.
Unless there is a street sign that says you cannot U-Turn there.
- You are free to do anything you want until you are told you cannot do it.
- The answer is YES until the government says cannot
- This is what it means to be a Citizen who owns his country.

If you drive in Singapore, you CANNOT U-turn anywhere.
Unless there is a street sign that says you can U-Turn there.
- You are NOT free to do anything you want until you are told you can do it.
- The answer is NO until the government says can.
- This is what it means to be a SLAVE who does not own his country or even his HDB flat.

Think about it.
"Freedom of Information Act" in USA
"Official Secrets Act" in Singapore.

Who is a citizen and who is a slave?

Is the above true?
Is the above fair comment?
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

NUTS - No U-Turn Syndrome

No U-Turn Syndrome (NUTS) is a term first coined by Singaporean entrepreneur Sim Wong Hoo to prominently describe the social behaviour of Singaporeans having a mindset of compliance to higher authorities before proceeding with any action.

In his book Chaotic Thoughts from the Old Millennium, he uses a comparison of traffic rules in Singapore to those found overseas, to describe the phenomenon. In Singapore, drivers are not allowed to make a U-turn unless a sign specifically allows them to do so, while in some other countries drivers may make U-turns freely so long as a "No U-turn" sign is not present.

Following that, this analogy is used to explain the red tape he has encountered with hard-nosed bureaucrats, which in turn stifles the very creativity that the Singaporean government has been trying to promote in the recent years.[1]


Anonymous said...

Joy and jubilation in China as USS John S. McCain, a guided-missile destroyer, collided with tanker east of Singapore and the Strait of Malacca.

The U.S. Navy had dispatched the USS John S. McCain within 12 nautical miles of Mischief Reef 2 weeks ago.

China's government had expressed "strong dissatisfaction" with the U.S. over the U.S. Navy's "freedom of navigation" operation in the South China Sea.

Anonymous said...

No U turn is better rule to prevent front vehicles suddenly slow down and make U turn.

That NUTS is referring to no one. No one is nut.
In Sinkieland, driver seat on right, fast lane on right, any one make U turn slow down suddenly will kill moto bike from behind or cars crash from the back. It is crazy to follow US system: nuts.

US driver seat is on the left, drive over to the other side of road ie reverse side of traffic with Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

What it means to be an American versus what it means to be Singaporean

Just because America has the "Freedom of Information Act" does not automatically mean that America is always right or fair or just.
- America is fully capable of atrocities just like China or Singapore.

The difference is that as an American citizen;
- You are free to criticize and expose the American government for atrocities

- You can organize a public protest without going to jail for illegal assembly

- you can expose wrongdoing by the American government without being jailed for;
(a) sedition
(b) violating the Official Secrets Act
(c) defamation
(d) scandalizing the judiciary

Can you say the same for:
1. North Korea?
2. China?
3. Singapore?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

/// US driver seat is on the left, drive over to the other side of road ie reverse side of traffic with Sinkieland. ///
August 21, 2017 12:57 pm

In USA, the fast lane is on the left.
The slow lane is on the right.
You U-turn from the left-most lane.

Obviously you never drive in USA before.
But still can comment so much.
Are you a PAP Minister commenting from the ivory tower?

Anonymous said...

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

American answers: Why not? It's a free country.
Singaporean answers: Government say can cross the road meh?

This is another example of NUTS - No U-Turn syndrome.

Singaporeans have been slave for so long.
We don't even know that we are slaves.

Anonymous said...

US fast lane on the left. But U turn is like T junction very wide.
Make U turn needs to stop the car on the left, then turn to the far right lane. Never make U turn when it cannot U turn or your car can be crash upon.
US roads are wider and less traffic.

Have live in US? Tell the readers how to get a car? How to go to airport with the car. Prove it that u live in US before. No harm if you bluff. See how you tell, we will know if real or not.

Anonymous said...

10 sailors missing from USS McCain. Good riddance to bad evils. This is punishment from heaven for provoking and threatening China in sailing into Chinese waters.

Heaven got eyes. Trouble makers must be punished.

Anonymous said...

Good, after the incident in Japan still refused to heed the warning. Now another warning to stop doing evil. If this warning still did not work, the next accident would be even more serious. Warmongers must be stopped. More American boys and girls will have to be sacrificed to pay the price for wanting to start a war.

Anonymous said...

MC USS crashed at the private ship. It got itself a lobang on the left. This kind of USS is thin on metal protection.

1 crash and 10 crews missing in the sea.

China PLA should feel relieved. US navy are not disciplined. The destroyers metal might not take the bombardment of its anti ship missiles.

Still want to do freedom of navigation to eye for a fight?
China should give them missiles if US navy open fire. They will ask Sinkie navy or Japan navy to rescue them.

patriot said...

Was it reported that the
Singapore Armed Forces is helping out in the Accident?


virgo49 said...

What Sim Wong Woo said Sinkies no know how to U-turn means Sinkies are like block heads don't know even know how to U-turn when they even saw swarmp ahead.

SWARMPs of foreign trashes invading their Nation and even no thru road to crash down 1000 metres also no stop and make U-turn.

Don't know whether now they learn also three point turn. Think should know as most sar kar to their current positions and not thru their abilities.

These American Commanders want to fight sea battles with China even collide in open seas.

Better go and learn from PRC port pilots about berthing at Shanghai port before sailing into oceans.

Like many class III drivers who don't know how to park parallel parking and blocked Ferrari car and got punch.

And Ferrari driver with berth that container truck can pass thru also cannot drive thru and slap that man.

Wah, 72 body still looked like 30. Arty boys favourite slogan Cover the Face and Ram the Base.

Now Arty Ah Gua sat on vehicle and push button no need carried mortar and ram the base.

Anonymous said...

/// Have live in US? Tell the readers how to get a car? How to go to airport with the car. Prove it that u live in US before. ////
August 21, 2017 1:23 pm

Prove to you for what?
What can you do for me in return?

Typical useless Millionaire Minister.
Just a parrot or middleman.
Got no balls to make any decision.

The real decision maker is the Emperor.

Anonymous said...

Just after yesterday the little red dot PeeAyam talk bout SMART Nation, this morning we read a "kaBoooomed" by a UaSs Naval Ship crashed onto a foreign Oil Tanker...It's a Retribution of UaSsh trying hard to spy the SCS ..in times of a crises or a real war Sinkieland can't be dependant on UaSs anymore, it's proven that their ship r vulnerable & China gonna use this incident to further improve on their naval ship hardware ( ensure it can withstand the impact by any oil tankers) China gonna R&D relentlessly for a armoured stealthy naval ships & military hardware, it's a hooray for China ( without going to war but its enemy already suffered casualties)..

The Dragonfly said...

Breaking: Financial Market Hints:

The Rothschilds Group has made a Massive twenty-five percent profit on their Total US Dollars holding bought in December 2016, after Donald Trump won the Presidential Election.

The group has just SOLD off the 25 percent profit in the US and increased 14% in its holdings of the Sterling and 12% on the Euro.

What does that mean? My take is as follows but don't take me seriously:

1. That US Bull Market will not hold long.

2. Sterling and Euro are likely to rise.

3. President Donald Trump is in a deep shitty hole.

4. Probably Vice President Mike Pence will replace Trump in the near future.

Please note:

The Rothschilds is one of the main group that controls the Illuminati, which controls the Shadow World Government, which runs the US Government.

b said...

Bankers rule the world. Its not usa or eu or china or russia. All wars are bankers wars. They profit from chaos and divide. The more countries are divided, the more profit they made. They buy up assets cheap and milk the people forever.

b said...

They control all the central banks. They print all the money. Trump and Putin know all about their dirty agenda. Difficult to fight them because they are so powerful and the people, such as antifa, so stupid and easily manipulated.

Anonymous said...

@ August 21, 2017 5:43 pm

/// The Rothschilds Group has made a Massive twenty-five percent profit on their Total US Dollars holding bought in December 2016, after Donald Trump won the Presidential Election. ///

So what?
If you tell me Ho Ching made 25% on her Total US Dollars holding, then it will be more relevant lah.

Why not Ho Ching just shut down Temasek and use the money to buy Rothschild shares instead?
- RIT Capital Partners is the publicly listed investment vehicle of Rothschild.



If Rothschilds is one of the main group that controls the Illuminati, which controls the Shadow World Government, which runs the US Government ... then why they use a publicly listed vehicle to tell the whole world what their investments are?

Why ah?

Anonymous said...

So every one follows and buys sterling and euro and eventually lose their pants while they laugh all the way to the bank, oops they are the bank!

Anonymous said...

Total solar eclipse sweep across the continental U.S. today - bad omen for the yankees

Anonymous said...

Monday's collision between a US Navy guided-missile destroyer and an oil tanker east of the Strait of Malacca has unwittingly rekindled an old territorial dispute between Malaysia and Singapore.

"It happened in Malaysian territorial waters, specifically in Teluk Ramunia waters," Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency director Gen Zulkifli bin Abu Bakar said at a news conference.

He spoke just hours after Singapore issued a statement claiming the accident, which left 10 US Navy sailors missing, occurred in its waters and that it was "leading" the search and rescue operation.

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore in the statement said it was notified of the collision between the USS John S. McCain and the Liberian-registered MT Alnic MC in "Singapore territorial waters".

Read more at:


Anonymous said...

John McCain got cancer of the brain, will surely die very soon. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the destroyer named after him should meet the same fate. This is called collective karma.

Anonymous said...

Suspicions that Lee Hsien Loong devoted a significant chunk of his Sunday National Day Rally speech on diabetes maybe to impose sugar tax seems to be correct after the state media Straits Times Monday published an article on sugar tax implemented in various other countries such as Brunei, Denmark and Mexico!

The sugar tax if really materialized would follow last month's whopping 30% hike in water price, augmenting the government's revenue!

patriot said...

The Schemers in the Cabinet do have the Habits of giving hints of things to come.

They will do whatever to justify their implementation and policy. All the Sly Tactical Pre-emption does soothe the Sinkies pretty effectively.
The Daft Sinkies do enjoy swimming in the
Boiling Cauldron.


b said...

Monday's collision between a US Navy guided-missile destroyer and an oil tanker east of the Strait of Malacca has unwittingly rekindled an old territorial dispute between Malaysia and Singapore.

--something fishy happening there.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Any seaman would know that an oil tanker does not ram into another ship. You cannot sail a tanker into another ship in the sea. It is the smaller ship or boat that rammed into the tanker.

A tanker is like a huge iceberg, floating slowly in the sea, with very little maneuverability. Smaller ships should steer themselves out of the way of a tanker, avoid hitting the tanker.

The USS McCain must have rammed into the tanker, with the captain sleeping or the computer system kaput.

One strange discovery is that American warships are built like tin cans, with very thin steel plates or poor quality steel that could be crushed easily. The US govt should conduct a probe into the contractors or builders of the ship to check the quality control.

patriot said...

The Damage to the Frigate Mc Cain, as seen on television indicated that it was caused by something that went head on at it. Maybe both were expecting the Other to gave way.

I tend to suspect that the US Warship is highly sophisticated aka high tech that the Crew were leaving its manoveures to the Artificial Intelligience Control Mode, confident that it is invincible.
If that is the Case, two accidents in two months could mean that the High Tech of the Us Military could only be as good as driverless vehicles which has yet to take-off because of safety reason.

As noted by Sir Chua Chin Leng; the body of the Frigate ia super thin. Rb is right to call for investigation into its builder. At least there could be a case of 偷工剪料 failure to comply to specifications or even corruption.

Ten sailors are missing and two are confirmed dead today. RIP to those who perished in the Accidents.

The US has a huge Naval Force that traverses the World to police the Open Seas.
The US wants to keep the World safe for all humanity. In order to do so, the US Military must do their jobs safely.
Otherwise, there could be more mishaps and even tiny Island country like Sin, may have to help to save US Fighters and their Equipments.