Foreign powers are pressurizing Singapore to do their will

A few days back Chan Chun Sing was quoted to have said that some foreign powers are putting pressure on Singapore to undermine Singapore’s interests. When asked, Chan Chun Sing said it was inconvenient to mention who was that foreign power. This was what he said, “Singaporeans must be vigilant about any potential attempts by foreign parties to influence local politics and undermine the democratic process. 

Foreign interference in domestic politics and electoral processes cannot be underestimated and must always be factored into our social and psychological defence. History has shown that bigger and more powerful states will seek to advance their interests by projecting their influence on usually smaller or less organised ones via all instruments of power.”

Foreign powers are not only undermining our domestic politics but also to advance their interests by projecting their influence and power. On 4 Aug, it was reported in the main media that the Americans were ‘pressing Southeast Asian countries to “downgrade diplomatic engagements and exchanges” with North Korea as it seeks to build a “chorus of condemnation” ahead of the Asean Regional Forum(ARF) in Manila.”’

And just not too far in the recent past, the Singapore govt had made public statements that it would speak out against big powers on grounds of principle and our national interests when they sought to bully small countries into acquiescence. Would Singapore stand up to this pressure by the Americans bullying and pressuring small states to do its will? Or this American action is in line with Singapore’s interests and instead Singapore should support the American position?

Last Friday Singapore opened its card to expel Huang Jing and wife for trying to influence its foreign policies. While influence the policies of nation states is part and parcel of diplomacy, there are OB markers that should not be crossed. All govts and diplomats are involved in influencing policies of other states to favour them. All the superpowers are doing the same except in different ways. The Americans and its intelligence services have been doing this for ages even to the extend of espionage, assassination, regime change and war. The flurry of belligerent activities against the North Koreans is a case in point when the resort to war is on the table as far as this outlaw Empire is concerned. China on the other hand is talking about negotiation and peaceful settlements of differences.

Asean and China has just concluded a foreign ministers meeting in Manila and agreed to seek peaceful negotiation on their difference. The South China Sea dispute has returned to sanity with Asean telling the Americans to get lost and not to meddle with issues that do not concern the Americans to the ire of the Americans. For good riddance, peace has returned to the South China Sea and the region with the nation stakes ignoring the agitation for war in the region by the Americans.

The Americans are not giving up and will continue to push and coerce the Asean countries to be embroiled in a war they are cooking in the Korean Peninsula. How many Asean states would be dragged into this war that has nothing to do with them and their national security?


Virgo49 said...

Auto, punch above your weight pinch lah! !

Why so scared now no punch and stated the foreign countries? ?

There type of beans I seen many in my lifetime.

They don't dare confront the perpetrators but will look for some innocent ones who unwitting just gets involved and they threw their punches on this scrape goat.

Virgo49 said...

Should be Aiyo, Aiyo we i!!

Also these instead of there.

Nothing like Donald Trump, my Hero, no hypocrisy.

Call a spade a spade.

Anonymous said...

As far as possible, Sinkieland will still be aligned and on the side of America lah.

This is because the presence of the US Asia Pacific fleet at Changi Naval Base is a strong deterrent against military attacks on Sinkieland from bigger countries.

Some more Sinkieland also spend huge sums of money buying American weapons for her defence. And for good reason.

Why Sinkieland never buy weapons from China or some other countries?

So u see, Sinkieland needs America. And more famous Sinkies like Amos Yee and Li Shengwu also like to go and live or work in America too. Have u heard any Sinkie emigrating to China?

Anonymous said...

Shiok!!! War will happen soon --- hope got a few nuclear weapons explode. My war stocks keep on cheonging man!! They are giving me so much profits & dividends, I more scared of the bull run than war... Average monthly dividends now crossing over $25,000 a month... Unrealised profits ranging from 500% to over 1000%...

Anonymous said...

American air is clean and fresh, even in cities as compared to Singapore. The weather is cool and nice and the trees are absolutely beautiful and colourful like flowers in autumn.

Beijing air is polluted.

Singapore is hot, humid, noisy and dusty. Too bad for those who have no aircon at home or at work.

No wonder so many Sinkies that I know have emigrated to America. I envy their house when they show me the photos. Cheap, nice and with lots of spaces. And they are just ordinary Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

All my kids now worked overseas with good jobs as they can not compete with FT here as FT brought in the whole village. I have advised them not to come back.

Anonymous said...

hi anonymous 910am

you are a lucky man, congratulations

all the best

Anonymous said...

Foreign powers are pressurizing Singapore to do their will

Why so scared?
If Singaporeans cannot pressurize PAP to return our CPF money as originally promised at age 55 years old.
If Singaporeans cannot pressurize PAP to improve MRT back to its original efficiency 15 years ago.

What makes you think that Foreign powers can pressurize PAP to do their will?

Anonymous said...

sorry anonymous 910am

should be to anonymous 936am. ..,..sorry again,..

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 910am

Ask your kids to help you emigrate to join them overseas.
Tell them if you continue to stay in Singapore ... your HDB flat lease value is going to zero.
So there may be no inheritance for them liao.

Is the above true and fair comment?
Please let me know.

Anonymous said...

@ August 07, 2017 9:53 am

Yes, it should be anonymous @ August 07, 2017 9:36 am

patriot said...

Bananas and kantangs will invariably be angmo


His idolators by and large are rootless. lronically, the Late Monster did his best to try to get back his root by wearing 寿衣/Fumanchu attire and engaged Chinese Language Tuitors.
Alas, it was too late to salvage the Chinese Culture in Sin.
Even NTU/NTUC Outlet had just recently disallowed the Use of Chinese Language on their sign boards.

Sinkies Chinese by and large have 忘宗负祖。
The Roots of Sinkie Chinese are alost completely gone.

Look at the Leeders, do they know, understand 礼义廉耻,手足情??
If he does, there would not have the First Family Feud ad lndian claiming to be Malay.

Sin has gone to the Dingoes/wild dogs.


Anonymous said...

"And more famous Sinkies like Amos Yee and Li Shengwu also like to go and live or work in America too. Have u heard any Sinkie emigrating to China?
August 07, 2017 9:10 am"
Sounded misguiding information. Amos is in jail. Take Li s work place. That is a place similar to Jurong. One needs a car to drive along the high way to find eating place. Some malls like those in Sengkang and some chinese restaurants selling Charsiew in pinkish color.
Air quality is the same world. Living in Beijing always smoke? U need to live and work there then comment. The weather in those countries can be very hot and very cold in winter.
Sinkies will not enjoy unless they are paid to live there.

The important task is not to teach children the wrong idea: living in autralia, usa, is better than living in sinkieland. That misguide can ruin children s hope in sinkieland. Whenever they see problem, they want to find escape to USA.

Look at that guy who flew to JB and could step onto Sinkieland. U wanna pity him. He was misguided. If he stayed and fight, he will not have to leave. Cast the vote to opposition parties. It is so simple task to do.

Anonymous said...

Foreign influence is always and forever there. Not a single country will be spared. That is why every country has a Foreign Ministry and Foreign Policies.

No leader worth his salt should speak as though he suddenly wakes up from his sweet dreams, like an innocent young lad, and attempt to frighten his countrymen into believing him, who may be hiding a different agenda, personal or political. We don't know. But we should not be surprised at all.

Anonymous said...

When LKY was around and foreign powers inferring, we would name the culprit foreign power.

But the current bunch dare not name the foreign power involved. Are they trying to avoid embarrassment - revealing that a friend is actually a saboteur?

Anonymous said...

Some neighbor and friends have such common problem: children went overseas and never return.

I saw a neighbor adored his son so much during NS. Drove him to camp and fetched him back. He went to australia and never come back not even CNY. This is a bad arrangement. The son should bring along the parent. Buying a property there is not expensive.
The poor old couple was left alone. Probably depressed. Hardly step out of the door.

Another friend left for canada. Leaving the aged mother to the sibling daughter. The daughter told the old lady she was too stressed could not cope.

So when a friend asked me about the same problem, i told this friend to try to persuade the last child to stay. He was happy now his child stays. This friend is well to do comparing to the other.

I wrote these real stories to tell readers: emigrating is not a decision to escape like some teens. If emigrating is a must do, then move the whole family overseas. I have other friends did that. Move everything to australia. 2 friends now lost touch. Should be the correct strategy.

Never ask your children to emigrate and you stay in sinkieland. That is causing problems for the children too. They may miss you as they should have the feeling to help their aged parents as a form of love. Unless the parents have no bonding with the children.

Anonymous said...

//lndian claiming to be Malay.//

So means worst than?

Imagine in the animal kingdom, cats claiming and barking like dogs?

Or vice versa?

Hope to see Dr Abdullah Bockahmad Bin Mohd Tanah Rajah Ayer Feizah more often in his traditional attire in his Joowrong Cleanik soon ...

How to win if always cling to rectitude and dun "play dirty" or act like a dog when it is a cat or vice versa as lo(oooooo)ng as it pays and pays to be one when originally it is another?

Just go attend mediacorpse workshop apprentice actors lesson act act 6 lo(ooooo)ng years eazi peasi?

Uncle Payrait,

If got free "desert animal" brand cigg for life and u just need call yewself an ah neh than cinese if though can tell from 1,000 miles yew are not, who cares as lo(oooooo)ng as lao hero ownself setup CONleetee say yew are one can liao mah ...?

No one will say anything behind yewr back de ...

Neither will anyone wisper behind your children or grandchildren back ...?

No such thing here lah?

Pple are like robots if yee tell them tmr u cinese become ah neh, that is all it needs?

Foolstop. Leeriod.

jjgg said...

Don't know whether to laugh or cry..looking at the history of homeland security.. when there's a by election... We suddenly find got terrorist cell in Singapore.. so the terrorists got deported only for the majority of them to be released upon arrival.. kishore says something about our inept foreign policy n next thing someone got branded an influencer ..sounds like a bad fashion post.. looks like lky' s school of think tankers just got tanked ..

Anonymous said...

//Sin has gone to the Dingoes/wild dogs.//

No lah ...

Only gone back in time ...?

In ancient Qin Dynasty, the Imperial Cork force eveLEEboLEE to acknowledge the donkey is a horse ...?

Now if they do same thing say uncle patriat not cinese but ah neh, then ah neh lor ...?

History seems to be repeating LEEself?

Anonymous said...

It is just a name only lah ...?

Cannot call a spade a spade lah?

Like minimum wage scheme?

Must hide under the cloak and call some other name?

Many shit useless schemes just collect masterbedtion then coin aome fanciful name lor but doesnt change the fact lah ...?

Yew can poop is porridge but try eating it?

But if yew call porridge is poop still can eat with some teochew dishes yum yum ...?

So the litmus test is if yew call a donkey a horse, the litmus test is can the sonkey go kannaji horse race there and win against other real horses or not?

JLBs collective masterbedtion cannot change facts lah but name only?

What sai skxxxfuture up to them to coin fanciful terms lah ...?

In the end the donkey still is donkey lah ...?

If they think pple all kongcum 2-yo then let be be bah and let them enjoy their masterbedtion in their wendy and laura dreams lah ...

At most IMH keep expanding its surrounding and increase in size to 720 sq km lor ...?

Anonymous said...

This professor alleged to have worked with foreign "intelligence agents" was hired by the govt elites.

Professors of these institutions have got in involved with women students, got involved with smashing taxi driver, one was jailed for corruption.

What was so powerful of a professor came as a surprise. He could input "privileged info" to someone of influence to the govt to influence the foreign policy.

The guy was a pressure to govt? Not true. The govt has choice: want or dont act.

The Asean South China Sea disputes handling code of conduct was passed by Asean countries. Singapore which wanted last year, to require China to follow the Tribunal judgment, has given up the old stand. It was 360 degree U turn in policy.

This is the only significant foreign policy as far as a small country is concerned. Will China bother to put pressure on govt? Why should China do it now? The entire Asean are pro China in this SCS issue. Can Singapore govt insist on the old policy? Not possible at all.

So put what pressure on govt? Its the govt wanted to change or else the govt will have lesser investment and trade with China.

patriot said...

Like those calling for the Authority to name the Country Huang Jing is supposedly working for.

What can You do after knowing?

What if he is working for my closest friend?
Must the Best of friends be named?

Wayang is nothing new in Sin nor is manipulation and exploitation.

Sin does not mean unlawful or illegal, it only means morally and ethically repugnant. There are much in sin to come.

The Consolation for the Pioneer and Senior Generations is that You shall be absolved for the Sin You leave to Your Successors when You stop breathing.
The Younger Generations shall suffer.

l am seeing old folks with very successful children suffering.


Many old and young are having pets as their children.
How sick can a society gets to be whence 亲情,手足情,友情和人情都淡如水。


Anonymous said...

//Many old and young are having pets as their children.//

Ha ha ha

Yew have not seen worst in peesailand ...?

Some oldies treat the insects in their flats as their children?

Call the cockroaches crawling in their kitchen their children name ...?

Heard a conversation in kopishop said one old auntie even trapped a fat rat in the mouse trapped and bought a large cage home ...?

Dunno the uncle got drunk and bs or not?

Given now donkey can becum horse and vice versa, how lo(oooooo)ng can the populace stay sane?

Now year end exam coming but heard from some students talking at Mac breakfast last week some sch teachers tak boleh tahan going insane so went take lo(ooooo)ng break to "escape the madness" ...?

Patriat, u could be right ...

Even many students at their young age are already suffering from the "madness" in the system ...?

When matkand can get the Melaka Gateway project running in 2 years time, the brain drain may reverse and go the other way le ...?

Enough is enough?

Enough what all these bs donkey become horse sicko masterbedtion ...

Virgo49 said...

Patriot, pet dogs are better than children or grandchildren.

Most do not outlive you.

Can still stay at your side after their passing and also your passing.

Just together in urns in Nirvana

Grandchildren sufferings and you cannot closed your eyes properly in Netherworld.

So not so great to be called Gong Gong. You really be Gong Gong and Ah Gong.

patriot said...

Dear Virgo49 Elder;

I sincerely wish that You do get the Loves from Your Closest Kins, Siblings and People around You.

I have the Impression that You are seeking refuge in non-feeling or things less human such as casino and pet.

When l came across a young lady calling out to her pet dog 'darling, follow mummy to meet daddy'. l told myself Sin has gone to the dogs literally.
No doubt dog is man's best friend. However, by any stretch of imagination, never ever treat them as member of Your Kins.
Unless You are a very difficult person, Your Kins shall be the source of comfort.

Hope You will not be too cynical of Your Kins though I am as cynical as You with regards the Leedership.

We have to anchor ourselves to the Values of our cultures.

I must admit that with all changed to Banana and kantang, the Erosion of our cultures is almost complete.



patriot said...

Dear Virgo49;



Anonymous said...

Uncle Patrait,

Not almost complete lah but 150% complete?

U aint see the worst ...

The fate of Yuan Shi Kai, kanna CON by his elder son, might be repeated soon ...?

At that time, Yuan Shi Kai had liver cancer and not lo(oooooo)ng to live ...?

Yuan Shi Kai's wife feared after his death, due to their misdeeds, the whole famiLEE will suffer ...?

So she egged on her son to "CON" Yuan Shi Kai ...?

The rest as they said ..... is HistorLEE?

The Dragonfly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
patriot said...

Sinkies have sold themselves to Pappies.
Pappies sell Sin to aliens.
Aliens occupy Sin justifiably without having to invade it.

Since aliens have settled in as fellow Sinkies, they deserve to have says like the Locals.

As l had said repeatedly, Sin is sold and Sinkies pawned. However, Sinkies shall have no qualm to sell themselves too.
DONT Believe?
You shall have the Answer whence the President Elect Result is out.


Anonymous said...

//If this is not madness, what is?//

This is NOT madness!

This is wan GOT-chee-LIAN Xs IMH XIAO-ness only wan Li Siao lo(ooooooo)ng can tahan?

Cos his lame says so?

Not only siao ..... but siao verLEE lo(oooooo)ng .....?

And oldies like patrait, virgin, matilah mosquito (fly) ..... must tahan this siao-ness lo(ooooo)ng lo(ooooooo)ng until their eyes also cannot close in time to come ...?

The Dragonfly said...

The Madness In The Political Leadership of Singapore - Part 16

The Madness About Foreign Powers' Influence On Domestic Affairs

If a prostitute goes and lures customers into her house and then strips herself totally naked and opens her legs wide wide, can she then turn around and shout loud loud that she was raped by her customers? Even a teenager will tell you, "No, she asks for it!"

Similarly, can a small country that has no natural resources, except her small petite body of land:

1. Sends her feelers, representatives, envoys, ambassadors, ministers and even presidents to every possible country to entice them to come and invest, interfere, advice, protect, and whatever,

2. Then strips herself naked and open her flood-gates wide wide to invite all sorts of foreigners with hungry urges of all sorts, with greed of all dimensions, with intents and agendas of everything imaginable, to come into her small little limited space to devour and engorge her land, infrastructure, culture, social fabrics, and flouting her laws with impunity, treating her local citizens with disgust and indifference, filling the bank accounts of greedy and shady businessmen, officials and pseudo politicians via the growth of the GDP, etc.

3. Then shout loud loud that "We are being pressurized and influenced by foreign powers!"

Can or not? Isn't it absurd?

Yew want to increase GDP at all costs.

Yew want to increase Population to 8 or 10 million.

Yew want to enhance assets by increasing property prices and rentals every year.

Yew want to built more and more condos and want foreigners to come and buy.

Yew want to make Singapore a City of Opportunities, vibrant and never sleeps.

Yew want to be the Best of Everything (except 154th for free press).

Yew want to open your legs wide wide for all the scavengers to come and lick and suck you dry.

Yew want to fatten your own salaries and bonuses more than sky-high and still not enough, thinking of increasing further.

And Yew want to always have the cake and eat it. How can?

How can Yew not get foreign pressures and foreign influences? It is all part and parcel of the game Yew are playing, is it not?

When Yew point a finger at others, three other fingers point back at Yew. Look at Yewself in the mirror and ask whether Yew are also guilty of putting pressures on others, especially Yewr weak and defenseless citizens?

What have Yew done to Amos Yee?

What are you now doing to Li Sheng Wu?

Are Yew not now trying to influence your own populace at all costs that an Indian-Muslim can also be a Malay?

If this is not madness, what is?

Anonymous said...

I do not brand relationships as "not as good as past".
I wish to share to readers:
Expecting parental亲情, siblings手足情,friendship友情, casual人情 to reciprocate what you have given is NOT a way to live.
You will be disappointed if you work with formula: i give you one lunch you must return one lunch.
This is my observation: there are such expectations. Many join in for drinks and meals will not want to pay when the delivery come. This resulted some expect equal shares.
I simply cut such gathering off when i keep paying.

See how much you can afford. If millionaires, why not keep paying. If a friend keep paying, and when you need help, he siam, avoids the problem, to me is: cut off or chop off the relationship.

Always be generous especially to your own children. They will maintain good relationship with you as parent. Generous in spending time with them to play is more important than generous to spend money with them.

Friends, siblings adults are unpredictable because the expecting someone to pay the bill always happen. So if cannot enjoy it, chop it off.

Relationship is not counted by how much you pay, it is counted by how TIME you enjoy together. You cannot take the joy away. That is life. When old, its time to go, its nature. No one can stop it. Buhda died too.

Anonymous said...

What best to do then buy lots of popcorn and watch comedLEE and sercus in this land of ownselves delude ownselves?

IMH inpatuents eveLEEday hee hee ha ha ownselves tok to ownselves behave like emperor, queen .....

Order doc, nurses must kneel down before them shout "wan sui" ...?

Ownselves kid ownselvez?

If this is not the worst and the end, what is?

The Dragonfly said...

And oldies like patrait, virgin, matilah mosquito (fly) ..... must tahan this siao-ness lo(ooooo)ng lo(ooooooo)ng until their eyes also cannot close in time to come ...?

By Anon @ August 07, 2017 12:37 pm.


Yes, you are very the right.

Got to tahan long loong loooooooong until eyes cannot close. But can also mean good thing.

Eyes cannot close means you are good at meditation. Means you have reached a very high level of meditative concentration. Then you can go to Nirvana when you parinirvana?

So, when you kbkb, you must also be positive all the time. Always think of the good side of things because for every negative, there is a positive, and vice versa.

And this world is not make of just black and white. This world is very colourful and many things have various shades of greys and colours.

Dark does not mean dark. Bright does not mean bright. Can does not mean can. Cannot does not mean cannot. Good does not mean good.


Virgo49 said...

There is one bro who lamented that when he saw his neighbours or kins loneliness with their children not with them, he is for the idea that they must always together.

Sinkies thru the years are been Nanny by the PAPies to be so helpless. They lost the will to be independent. How about the many old bachelors and spinsters. They must be miserable too??

The Ang Mohs chikdren do not stay with their parents.Likewise the Chinese in China who worked far away from their parents.

During CNY they are back. The elderies also lived their lives with joy paper fans dancing and many activities which you can see them having when you are in China.

Those parents who lamented that their children are not with them and feel so miserable are missing out the joys of life.

When nobody calls you Gong Gong or Ah Gong, oops Ah Kong, you are like an eighteen years old still not enlisted yet for National Slavery.

Can still kow sua pretty young act cute cute beans. Both innocents ones and on tang chiak ones.

Keep yourselves occupied with no worried at the Fruits Parlour and Roulette Wheels.

You does not know the joys of these. Healthy Fruits you consuming.

Your chikdren and grandchildren woes are also your woes.

Why go and collect all their woes? ?

Listen to Josephine Teo and have sex insmall places and have slaves for them??

These smart asses needs many to clear the Shits for them.

You want your grandchildren to be their night soil carriers and also the foreign trashes night soil servants? ?

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as foreigners influencing Spore.
Spore also never influence other countries.

This professor influencing Singapore is the first time such thing happened to Spore.

How come this world got people go around influencing other people?

Anonymous said...

Self-funded Asian Games aspirant given a leg up by Chiam See Tong Sports Foundation

How much money is given to foreigners by the PAP government to support the foreigners' sporting ambitions?
How much money is given to Singaporeans to pursue our Singaporean sporting ambitions?


Anonymous said...

Your type of world is one type enjoy material fun. There are fruits machines to enjoy. Many lone unmarried do spend time day and night there.

On the other hand there are common family life. Parents joy with children chatting with them at home. So common yet being disapproved and disregarded by you as woes. Too bad.

Lone man or woman unmarried should know the consequence. Parents having children are not expecting the same. Ang mor want that. Trouble is chinese eat rice. Different lah.

Anonymous said...

A dramatic City Development price reversal over the last 2 hours! Hit a four-and-a-half year high of $12.33 this morning, now down 10 cents at $11.96!

Virgo49 said...

Anon 2.18

To each his own. I have also a family. But some lamented that they must follow the Norm and advice by Josephine Teo have children to perpetuate as slaves for them.

If a country got good prospects, families can have ten to twenty children also no problem-to.

If a country is going into Shits, you want your children and grandchildren to also go into shits???

I am not advocating a carefree lifestyle. How many in your short life span can have these types of carefree lifestyles not that you must have a lot of dough.

I have seen many families baring enough to support themselves having many children. Are they been fair to the kids who are disadvantaged not their choices???

So, there is no need that you must follow the norm and carry the family tree to another generation. You think all singles will suffer when they become old??

The saying: A man can take care of ten children but not one child can take care of him.

No need to have your surname Tan, Lee or Lim. There are millions or trillions of them with the same surnames in this planet.

Like Our Great Lee & Lee.

patriot said...

Must say me am not the Slightest Surprise that some oldies are mostly against having children. And if they do have, are not keen to have them live together. Some even wish their kids not to marry and stay on their own.

The Chinese Analogy of chopsticks in numbers and combination provide
solidarity and strenght is being discarded.

May l say, I saw things coming when villages were resettled. The Camaraderies were gone and the elderlies without skill and money were made to face the walls of their pigeon holes. They do not even have the simple joy of drinking tea and coffee under the shades of trees. Having a cigarette is much like committing sin.

Anyway, banana and kantang like to compare themselves with angmos. Nothing wrong with it.

I surmise the Cynical old folks here are well off and healthy. As l have said before, wait till the Day You need someone to feed and bathe You. Then maybe, some will understand the Love they have neglected.

For those quite devoid of sentiment and feeling, l can empathize if You are poor, survival is indeed very challenging.

For those spurging to enjoy, do it so long as it makes You happy.
If You do have the Interest to know the Values of Existence and Culture, it is never too late to read them up as they are all available in the Internet.

I like to say nothing brings me more joy than having kins around.


b said...

All is gahmen fault. Want to import so many third worlds so get all the third world shits.

b said...

Garbage in so barbage out. That applies in every situation.

patriot said...

'drinking tea and coffee together with neighbours under.....'.

I get most joy from the Kids; children, grandchildren and friends around.

The Death altruism is lamentable and sad,
compare to the Dearth of kinsmanship, it is truly tragic for the Chinese, who have for thousands of years stay with the Rule of nature that

I wish oldies can imbue the Traditional Culture to their youngs and
get too angmosai-ed and regret at the Final Stage.


virgo49 said...

PATRIOT, China citizens for the sake of survivals and employments also stayed away from their kins and families.

DO these made them less chinese and angmosai??

Many also overseas for years and many also accompany their children away from families and kins for the sake of acquiring more prospects for their children.

They also ang mo sai?? Sinkies like frogs in well. Away just for few days in business or whatsoever business already cannot tahan away from home.

The Chinese PLA soldiers at the mountainous region of sikkim face off the Anehs away from families also considered as angmo sai??

Many sinkies are just too plain stupid to spend another part of their lives taking care of what's their next generation.

You think you are been appreciated??

Nowadays, youngsters are different from our time. Many just took granted that their parents just want yo have titles like YEYE, Gong gong, that they pushed their responsibilities all to them.

If you are unfortunate to have an evil daughters or daughter in law, you have to spilt at your

I have seen many with daughters in law instructing the maids not even to serve their parents inlaws.

And yet they are staying and sponging on them.

Many do not have the fortune to have a carefree life and they are damn jealous.

So they preached what cardinal sins and what's not.

Still ancient brains.

patriot said...

lt is tge Fault of DAFT SINKIES
In conclusion,
the Daft Sinkies are
as culpable as the One
misled them.


Anonymous said...

One couple whose husband refused to have children clocked in mind. Its by choice while the wife was keen to have babies. After years of easy life. Sometime last year I was invited to his new home house warming. Prior to this new property, this friend told the drinking group how he divided his will among the sibling s children. Some questioned why they got less.
Man who refused to have children has on distinctive characteristics: very calculative. This friend has ruled out almost all the kakis drinking at coffee shop because they were unwilling to share cost while he paid more.
Indeed, having children is expensive, before a child is even born at hospital. The cost will keep such character pondering for day: to invest or not.

Ultimately, the fortune is to be distribute to someone else who have had NOthing to do with his life.

I guess this is the meaning of 无后为大. Most bookworm interpreted it as surname problem. I saw the wisdom of Chinese. It means all the efforts of the couple is equal to nothing at the end. May be others will say: generosity.

Watching this couple, their fate is sealed. Not much variations when comparing with friends with children. My wisdom told me NOT to advise the young ones not to have children. It is a sinful (Chwee Guor) thought i concluded. The consequence is enormous to a couple.

patriot said...

Think l have said enough about family and kin.

No intention to change anyone's decision.
Values, after differ from person to person.
Some revel in being materially well off, other bathe in the Warmth of familial bliss though not very well off financially.

To each his own.
Life is short.
Live life the Way You
Must say choices are not
as available as wish.

Stay healthy to be happy.



patriot said...

'Values, afterALL differ.....'

Amendment to my above-comment.

My apology


Anonymous said...

Is this what happens when a citizen does not own the land his business operates on?

What happens if the citizen also does not own the HDB flat he lives in?

Anonymous said...

Fist we have tuberculosis outbreak.
Now we have our first diptheria outbreak in 25 years

Do you think we are moving from LKY's 1st World to Ah Loong's 3rd World standard?


Anonymous said...

Yes! patriot 443pm.

You are 1oo% correct!

Indeed life is very short!

Be happy and worry less!


Anonymous said...

Correct. Life is not only very short but extremely short. So be ☺ and worry not.

Better still live like a sheep or a donkey that only consume grass and water and let the master lead you to green pastures and be slaughtered when you are matured enough to provide meat for the master's table.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile can harvest the sheeples wool some more ...

Shave them pain pain purposely miss and cut the flesh while shaving their wool ?

Nice ...

Anonymous said...

North Korea Foreign Minister:

"Nuclear Weapons Are Deterrent to Invasion by U.S.;

North Korea Will Not Use Nuclear Weapons Against Any Country Except the U.S.;

Pyongyang Will 'Under No Circumstances' Negotiate on Its Nuclear Weapons;

U.N. Sanctions Are Illegal"

Anonymous said...

NYC Mayor de Blasio Readies "Millionaires Tax" To Fix Subway

Mayor Bill de Blasio plans to push for a tax on wealthy New Yorkers to pay for improvements needed to address the crisis, according to a report from The NY Times.

Mr. de Blasio will announce a so-called millionaires tax on Monday for wealthy New York City residents to pay for subway and bus upgrades.

The proposal also includes funding to offer half-price MetroCards for low-income riders — part of a national movement that is gaining momentum in New York.

“Rather than sending the bill to working families and subway and bus riders already feeling the pressure of rising fares and bad service, we are asking the wealthiest in our city to chip in a little extra to help move our transit system into the 21st century,” Mr. de Blasio said in a statement.


Anonymous said...

//be slaughtered when you are matured enough to provide meat for the master's table.// matilah 6.12pm

Tiok lah

The mutton grind and chop and make satay and bbq until charcoal lah

Die already also must make the daft sheeples meat suffer excruciating extreme pain like want die like that worst than labour ...?

Anonymous said...

As we observe more, it seems one of the oldies in msn with the least education could have been right ...?

The furious, unrelenting, indiscriminate, unabated, reckless ...... selling of what could be sold ...?

Starting in the early 1990s, with wooden block and limp chow khiang asset inflation "programme", the lower and middle class are sold out?

Starting from 1 April 1994 with the GST BURDEN wooden block shamelessly hoisted on the shoulders of the poor, weak, old, sick, jobless, disabled, the students of the poor, the kids, babies' parents, etc etc, the lower class are being sold?

At the time that GST was lobbed on the masses backs, wooden block raised his own salaries, ownselves pay ownselves up to 20 to 30 months bonuses, and also all the minions that worked (immediately) under him like Mabok Tanah-Pin-Nese, TLJ, Yoyo Jiak Hong Song Song, .......

The list goes on but the ultimate outcome is the same:




When wooden block could take at will from the people, obviously emboldened his Mrs Peanut to declare (in 2005) that $600,000 is peanuts ...?

But before that, his opponents Aung Juan Soon Chee was bankrupted for far less than that in the 1990s?

So obviously that was a Freudian slip by Mrs Peanut ...?

Far less sums that bankrupted political opponents but far bigger sums are "PEANUTS" ...?

YEW know what was happening when OTC are made to pay the price for having the courage to ask ...?

Leegally wooden block and his underlings were helping OWNSELVES to vast sums of salaries and bonuses and all the perks ...?

Sold (again)?




What is left?

How many pple are even bother to show any interest in ND events as %age of the entire population (xcept to watch the fireworks)?

The sellout is 150% complete?

What else is left to sell?

During the dying days of the last Dynasty in China, the Qing Dynasty under the lead of their top official Viceroy "Li Zhang Long" aka "LHZ" openly sold officialdom titles based on the amount "donated" ...?

They coined a FANCIFUL term too for that $$$ raising aka officialdom selling exercise ... "Naval Defence Donation"

But not as fanciful as terms coined in recent years such as "TXXM", "SKXXXXFUTURE", ....... by a botak-head jlb ...?

Obama supposedly won a Nobel Peace Prize in his presidency...?

Now if there is a Nobel accolade for Selling Out, likely the first to fifty top contenders could be found in a tiny punch above wight ........?

Now which of the above are true of reality and which are not reflective?

Yew decide ...?

Anonymous said...

Pro-Beijing professor expelled from Singapore for being 'agent' of foreign power


The Dragonfly said...

Foreign Power Influence?

US President Donald Trump has been evacuated from the White House after massive 9/11 Spy System was discovered throughout the White House!



If such thing can happen to the world's ONLY Super Power, what about tiny City State Singapore?

Is there any massive spy system in Singapore not even able to be discovered yet?

Managed to discover one pro-China spy?

Anonymous said...

James Chin, director of the Asia Institute at the University of Tasmania, hypothesized that Huang was acting on behalf of the U.S., saying there were rumors the actions were related to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) meetings held over the weekend.

But he added that any storm would likely pass over quietly as long as whoever Huang was working with didn't offer any official confirmation.

Chin said it wasn't the first time Singapore had taken that step, pointing to the city-state's move to expel a U.S. diplomat in the late 1980s.

In that incident, Singapore had expelled a U.S. diplomat it accused of meeting with "dissidents" to encourage them to campaign against the ruling party.


patriot said...


Wayang, wayang and more wayang.

Huang Jing is Pro US.
So, is the Sin Regime.

As such, when a Pro US Regime punishes a Pro US Employee, it is just funny.


Anonymous said...

Are you very sure you are honestly happy of this arrangement.....touch your heart before you answer . If everyone tells their children the same thing , what is left of our beloved Singapore .

Anonymous said...

I want Tan Cheng Bock for President . . whaaawwhhhh cry !!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I hope Huang is really working for the US. Then we will know who is meddling more with our policies. Actually no need any proof for such things. Read the main media and you will know who is meddling with us and who is setting the agenda for Singapore.

patriot said...

At the End of the Day, it depends on how wise and how benevolent the Sin Rulers are to the People.

If they are all for their own wealth and
vanity, there is no need for aliens to do damages to us. Sinkies shall get pawn by their own rulers and Sin sold for the Gain for the Rulers Damnselves, which seem to be happening.

Conversely, benevolent and people loving rulers will do their best to look after the Wellbeings of their citizens and not jeopardize their Future by importing aliens to occupy our land and even home.

All said,
So far, one Leeder had deemed Sinkies DAFT and it appears so.