Commuters must beg for fare hikes to improve quality of service

'Totally waiting for Khaw boon wan to emerge with a champion solution of raising MRT fares to raise standards. Look at what the past few fare hikes have given Singaporeans. Did it give us better service standards?' Sandra Chin

Sandra Chin posted an article in the TRE about the numerous fare hikes but with no improvement in train services, rather more serious failures and stoppages on a daily basis. She is aghast and frustrated like many commuters. Everyone is hoping for PAP's fix all expert Khaw Boon Wan to fix this problem fast but after more than a year, things did not seem to improve.

As I have stated way back then when Boon Wan volunteered to solve the MRT problem after the success in building more HDB flats to cut down the queue and runaway prices, this may also be a self inflicted problem like the HDB. In the HDB's case it was easier as the cause of the problem was not building enough flats or slowing down the building of more flats in Mah Bow Tan's watch.

In the MRT case, it was neglect in maintenance and engineering services that led to an accumulation of faults and shortfalls in maintenance. Short of a major revamp, the overload in capacity due to rise in ridership and years of maintenance neglect would not be so easily resolved.

The other problem as raised by Sandra Chin as the cause of poor services must be not enough fare hikes or fare hikes not high enough. Maybe, I say maybe, commuters should beg the MRT to raise fares so that services can be improved quickly. As we have heard this mantra for years, you want good services, better quality services, be prepared to pay more.

So, commuters, please go down on your knees and beg for more fare hikes. The quality of service would definitely improve and the regular and daily stoppages, breakdowns, slowdowns and delays could disappear over night. Pay hikes or higher pays, or higher fees are the miracle cures for social, economic and system problems in this island. Everything can be solved or will be solved by paying more.

See the quality of our graduates, after paying so many years of tuition fee hikes, all now so qualified to drive taxis! Today we are the city that have the most and highest qualified taxi drivers in the world. See how they compete with foreigners with poor degrees or degrees from degree mills and ended up working as temps or short term contract staff! 47,000 applied to be Uber/Grab drivers, a choice job of Singaporeans, to be their own boss.

Pay more and get more and better quality and services is the way forward. It never fails. Quick, quick, more fare hikes the way to go for better services.


Anonymous said...

It's Con After Con...opportunity for the govt to suck more monies ..just like the NDR ..all sell koyok & dun ever believe them..

Anonymous said...

With 2 million foreigners travelling to work every morning and from work every evening taking the MRT trains, the breakdowns are not unexpected . . .

Anonymous said...

"Pay more and get more and better quality and services is the way forward."

The above is Not true if u look at other countries mrt trains in the region..when u pay more in fares it doesn't necessarily that their services will improve..it only goes into their pockets & nothing solve...

Anonymous said...

See the quality of our graduates, after paying so many years of tuition fee hikes, all now so qualified to drive taxis!

Please lah RB, u must also know how many percent of graduates drive taxis mah.

If it is not that many, say below 30%, and at least 70% graduates still have good jobs, good life and love PAP, then PAP can win liao lor, I mean win election lah, tio bo?

And this one Hsien Loong knows which u and I do not know and that is, Sinkies are living life much better than u and I think.

And u and I, not being the PM, do not know because such data is not available to us.

We only know things are OK for PAP and majority Sinkies when PAP won 70% votes in elections.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the only job available is driver for Uber, Grab and Taxi for Singaporeans. Sad state of affair for the government after so many years of progress. We are going down as any 3rd World countries where locals have to service tourists to survive. What happens to the SWISS standards Lou Goh promised us?

Anonymous said...

no point kpkb about our mrt

no one cares

not MOT not ceo smrt

everyday problems

really bo cheng hu

you tell me lah

this is Singapore

this is smart nation?

hahaha,,,,,,,,,,,happy national day!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Like that how to be a smart nation!

Virgo49 said...

Anon 8.45

That's a good one. KBW should quote exactly like what you sais. Why you blame me? ??

Now two millions of varied weight stomping onto the trains, CANNOT breakdown meh? ?

Wait till another three millions come in.

Please refer matter to the Home Minister of Immigration.

The MOM or my Mother or Mum. All point to the main source.

Who give the Final Approval? ?

The PAP or the daft 70% Sinkies.

You reap what you sow. You deserved the Govt you elected.

agongkia said...

It's nothing unusual for train to breakdown but if it dun ,then it's unusual.
What does these angmosai Sandra know?Breakdowns are good.On every one breakdown incident,there are thousand who benefited.Think of the benefits of breakdowns n stop complaining.

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 910am

You said....."You reap what you sow. You deserved the Govt you elected".

So now how? Cannot do anything now?

WHAT to do next?

You tell me lah!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for anonymous 944am, not 910am.

patriot said...

Indeed in Sin,

got to pay more to
get better performance,
good and service.

And if a ruler fails badly, he/she should be motivated and encouraged with payrise, promotion, award or given another office.
In Sin, perversion is a norm and so is things going awry.


Anonymous said...



Virgo49 said...

Now Phoenix, violence and roots broke out after DT's Rally.

The Americans destroying their own country.

kama indeed

The Dragonfly said...

Everyone, including unborn babies in their mothers' wombs, pay GOODS ANS SERVICES TAX. These money are supposed to be used to improve all the SERVICES.


2. The SECRET REASON, and ONLY REASON, why we must pay more and more every year is because ALL THE CHIEF HONCHOS AT THE TOP want to increase the companies or organizations profits higher and higher every year - this year higher than last year and next year higher than this year - to show that they are performing well for their companies or organizations.

3. Especially to the Ministers and Top Civil Servants, performance is pecked to the Growth of the GDP, so the more prices increase the bigger the GDP Growth. Therefore, to the never can be satisfied GREEDY Top Executives, it is not just because if Performance but also the Fattening of their bank accounts that are at stake.

Final result, it goes without saying, is that PRICES in a Capitalist Economy controlled by GREEDY AND RUTHLESS PRETENTIOUS People (or Animals) at the TOP, will never go down nor stagnant, but keep increasing until either the BUBBLE BURST or until there is bloodshed and revolt. However, in Singapore, revolutionary ideas cannot even be dreamt if because it will be nip in the bud before ut can even take root.

Globally, internationally and regionally the economy is controlled by a small group of the FILTHY UGLY RUTHLESS and EXTREMELY GREEDY EVIL BEANS, most of which come from the Jewish Stalk, especially the anti-christ and the Zionists families like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and five other Families, followed by the Arab Oil-Dependent Monarchies, the Russian Oligarchs and the Chinese Jews. The rest of the people in the Whole World, 7.5 billion men, women and children are mere digits to be utilized for the increase of their ever-rising annual profits to fatten their banks.

Everywhere you go, every country you stay, it is the same. Unless you can get out of this grid-lock, you have no choice but to adapt and EXPLOIT the SYSTEM to the FULLEST ADVANTAGE to YOURSELF, one way or another.

This is the type of World we are all living in. To a dreamer who wants to dream the American Dream, he will keep dreaming and does not want to wake up. To the survivalist, he will strive to survive by hook or by crook. To the practical realist, he will not only survive but get himself into positions of power and become one of THEM - THE FILTHY RICH AND POWERFUL.

How to get there? It can be very eady and also very difficult. But in order to get there, one quality you must have: your ability to SELL YOUR SOUL TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER!

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Talking about breakdown: this morning 23 Aug is: track not signalling, cna said. Usual is mrt said 10mins delay, commuters said 40mins. It consistently tells the this company s quality about "timing" is never been accurate.

One president got away with 32millions in a year measured his performance: immeasurable.

Minister s performance is immeasurable with globe top salary. They started a policy to level the previously high mrt standard: flooded the job markets with unqualified foreigners. Then, they do the pick up on the broken pieces. The cycle keep going round and round. Break it. Pick up the pieces. So immeasurable.

One ex minister walked with reporters on mrt track after a huge brokedown. They found plastic strings used to tie track "horseshoes". The previous mrt chief was a sale woman. How a non engineer became chief of a heavy engineering mrt shop? She did the breaking down jobs: immeasurable services.

She was hired by ah long team in the foreign talent program. The replacement of locals was obvious. That huge broke down stalled a long carriage 5 storey below ground with no light and no aircon.

The invasion of 2.5 millions foreigners ushered by ah long completely broke off the accumulated knowledge on the jobs, all kinds of jobs on island.

From manufacturing, admin, civil service, banking, IT, to retailers cashiers and shop floor staff, foreigners filled up. Foreigners also painted nice pictures on carriages besides brokedowns.

If the top team does not want high quality work, what is improvement valued as? Locals will cannot do a good job. Foreigners unable to do a good job.

In one sunny land, one picture feature a university exam hall by a western media. The windows outside the hall had men clinging on at edges. This was allowed. What kind of standard could such exams produce? Cheating in exam produces cheaters on the jobs.

One minister said in parliament civil service hired a mumbai university degree holder because it was a reputable institution. Ranked close to 3000th in the world was reputable. Certainly, the service will be "immeasurable".

Foreigners leave and more new ones come into the companies. The service standard cannot go up. To get good quality standard, who are the performers?

From work experience, None of these foreigners sunny land can write out a proper manual about work, about standard procedures. Expect these people to teach the next person how to do good quality jobs?

Sinkies can do just one: vote for opposition. Ah long talked about using barcode scanner standard to make small payment as high tech in "smart nation".

Ah long avoided artificial intelligence on computers and robots was a clear indication: this sinkieland is hopeless. He is not going to talk about AI as the job markets cannot do it. So mrt breaking down is part of sinkieland s life. Voters voted for it. Enjoy the breaking downs in sinkieland.

The Dragonfly said...

Sorry for some typo errors.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Singaporeans should also beg for salary increase to improve the quality of government?

"Totally waiting for Lee Hsien Loong to emerge with a champion solution of raising Minister salaries to raise standards."

Will the above happen?
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

PAPies are continuing to make the most expensive country in the world even more expensive.

After Lee Hsien Loong's talk on diabetes at NDR, the MOH is now considering a sugar tax, which would add to the govt's tax revenue.

"The Diabetes Prevention and Care Taskforce is studying additional measures on how to encourage further reductions in sugar consumption in Singapore, learning from the experiences of other countries. These include sugar tax, . . . "


Coffee shops likely to raise the prices of coffee, tea and other beverages further, comes after the recent hikes due to the whopping 30% increase in water prices.

The Dragonfly said...

@ August 23, 2017 12:06 pm

It is unwise and unnecessary for Ministers to ask for a raise in their basic salary.

Asking for an increase to the already out-of-this-world, get-rich-quick legalised-corrupt system would mean a loss to the number of votes in the next General Elections.

The Master-Mathematician has already forsaw this problematic way of increasing Money-Minded Ministers' badic salaries. He has by ingenuity fixed this problem with a magical formula "Apa Ka Da Brah!" (Who Carry My Big Balls) in the system.

There are now two components to their salary - Basic Salary and Variable Performance. On top of that, there is also an annual bonus, which also comes in two portions, to the royal/loyal elites but only one portion to the commoners.

The magical formula is in the Variable Performance, which is decided by the ALL-POWERFUL Prime Minister. The amount ranges from 6 months to 36 months of monthly basic salary, excluding CPF contributions.

How much you want your salary to be this year? Not for you to say or ask. It is the ALL-POWERFUL PM who will gauge your "Performance" and then regurgitate the magic words "#*@$$$$ APA KA DA BRAH!" and look you in your eyes. Hey presto! You get 18 months this year!

Isn't it neat and esay? Why want to make the voters unhappy by asking for a raise publicly? All YEW have to do is to make sure your Super Powerful Boss is very happy with you mid year and end of year - June and November (because the the payments are in July and December). That's why Somebody came out to publicly justify his performance by giving all sorts of Make-Belief Statistics to "prove" that the MRT system is performing THREE Times Better than before he took over!


Anonymous said...

Performance is better in terms of more breakdowns and stoppages.

The Dragonfly said...

"Performance is better in terms of more breakdowns and stoppages."
@ August 23, 2017 1:28 pm


No. More breakdowns and stoppages are the result of increased performance. Not the other way round.

In order to show statistically whether performance has improved, there are three ways of measuring it:

1. Increase in customers' satisfaction.
2. Increase in productivity.
3. Increase in product quality.

In a service industry, increase in product quality is very difficult to measure because there is no product per se. So, The product in the MRT System is the whole interconnected system which is also dependent upon other transport and communication systems, like buses, taxis and private transports. How do you measure the product quality given such a situation?

Therefore, one can only make use of Methods 1 and 2.

For customer satisfaction, a proper and regular daily survey and feedback system must be instituted and followed. One cannot simply take a random survey of 100 young innocent commuters (school children) at a lull period (3 pm or 12 midnight) and say "Oh, fantastic! 99% of our customers are very happy with our service!" In order to be as accurate as possible, it has to be done every minute, with every commuter entering and exiting each and every MRT Station. Can be done, but very costly and time-consuming.

So, the next best is to make use of overall productivity of the system. That means one increases the frequency of the trains service, the total number of passengers to be conveyed per hour, and the frequency and number of hours of down-time. In order for the statistics to look good, a cunning calculative unethical person would conveniently leave out the last part (the frequency and number of down-time hours) and draw the public and his Big Boss's attention to focus upon the first two components: frequency of trains' service and the total number of passengers carried. There are three ways of doing it:

1. One can manipulatively make the trains run more times, beyond their specified limits.

2. One can also put an extra carriage or two to each train to increase the capacity.

3. One can also pack the trains like sardines cans by using "pushers" at every station during peak periods to literally push more passengers into the trains until the trains overload their allowed carriage weight and cause more friction to the rails, resulting in frequent breakdowns.

Increasing capacity also means increasing electrical energy usage in air-conditioning and more power to run the trains - which cause electrical short-circuits, resulting in signalling breakdowns and, therefore, stoppages.

To the ruthlessly unscrupulously unconscionable, the frequent breakdowns, stoppages, inconveniences and sufferings caused to the commuters are simply collateral damages. Nothing to be alarmed! As long as the statistics look good in the annual report, and the annual variable performance can be considered "immeasurable" by the Big Boss, resulting in the bank account fatten by an "immeasurable" amount of dollars, that will be just fine!

Quick, quick, go pray to the Buddha and ask for forgiveness.
Heng Ah! No need to commit hara kiri!

QED (Quite Easily Done).

Anonymous said...

Hsien Loong can afford to screw Sinkies and also ownself is screw up simply because

despite all this, majority Sinkies still want to vote for PAP and him as leader.

So why like that?

And how to convince the majority Sinkies to vote for Chee Soon Juan's SDP and WP,

when together they contested only 39 out of 89 seats in GE 2015 and

WP Ah Hia and Chee Soon Juan, just like Hsien Loong and Hsien Yang,

are not even on speaking terms with each other?

So like that ah, even if Sinkies make WP and SDP won all the seats they contested in GE 2015,

how can they form govt?

How to expect Ah Hia to appoint Ah Chee as minister in Ah Hia's cabinet?

So any wonder why 70% Sinkies did not vote for WP and SDP to win and

even also make WP Ah Hia and team nearly lost?

So it's understandable why 70% wanted to vote for PAP in GE 2015 and

will not hesitate to do the same again if the same bunch are still opposition leaders in next election.

Anonymous said...

To expect Chee Soon Juan and Low Thia Khiang to work together as govt is like expecting Hsien Yang to become minister in Hsien Loong's cabinet.

Sinkies who want to vote for Chee and Low to win and become better govt ministers than PAP need to go for IMH checkup.

Sinkies who think kpkb can make PAP change and their life better also need to go for IMH checkup.

But Sinkies who already have good life and just kpkb for fun are smart and sane. Definitely very sane.

Anonymous said...

@3.16 pm

You are 1oo% correct!

Many are predicting 80% for PAP at the next GE!

With H and A going back to PAP!


Anonymous said...

If RB till now did not join the Sinkie opposition and contest elections,

it says a lot about the Sinkie opposition.

So cannot blame other smart Sinkies for not joining the Sinkie opposition.

Because it is a smart thing not to join the Sinkie opposition to fight PAP for Sinkies, or to fight for Sinkies first.

And a stupid thing to do otherwise. Don't believe, just ask Tan Jee Say, leader of Sinkie First Party, who learnt it the hard way, and not once but 3 times some more.

Anonymous said...

With H and A going back to PAP!
3:30 pm


Because H and A voters are beginning to realise there is no benefit of WP MPs serving them better if WP is not ready to be govt.

The Dragonfly said...

The following examples show that it is very stupid to fight PAP. You will never win. So, why don't simply give up and surrender yourself, your soul, your wife and your wealth? Or, just go and fly a kite in outer-space?

Presidential Election 2017: Tan Cheng Bock's appeal dismissed. Read here:


Huang Jing appeal against expulsion rejected, permanently banned from Singapore. Read here:


Anonymous said...

Hi 323pm

Voters in H and A are tired as opposition wards.......

They want to give other wards a chance as opposition wards.....,.

Any volunteers?

patriot said...


Stop wasting time over Tan Cheng Bock and Huang Jing.
Ask Yourself what can Tan Cheng Bock do if he is President of Sin. Not forgetting that the Sin President is a puppet with strings all over it.
So, why is a Ex-PAP MP so keen for the Post?
Many want it too, the Post is sinfully lucrative and glamourous. So, why not vie for it?
Question is;
ls it a position that empower and enable the Office Holder to help the Masses to better living and brighter future.
We know the Answer; dont we?
Be a real fighter, stand as a candidate in a General Election or speak out like Lim Tean and not just go for a glamourous but impotent post.

What about Huang Jing a d his Wife. Who brought them in and what contributions are they making for Sinkies?
Worse, he is working for the Ruler, his paymaster
all these years. Those Aliens engage by the Regime are ALL DOING THE BIDDINGS OF THEIR PAYMASTER
They could possibly the Folks that make the Regime what it is now.
Same goes to the Foreign Born Parliamentarians like Khaw Boon Wan Amy Kor etc, You think they care much about Sinkies?
Amy even wants Sinkies to leave our homeland.

Unless and until Sinkies wake up from their daftness and stupor, the Native Sinkies shall be overwhelmed by Aliens very soon.


patriot said...

Talking about Tan Cheng Bock, I think Sinkies should be kind and stop BELITTLING Him any further.
Putting Malay Names to his identity and Songkok onto his photos. Telling him to convert his faith is doing more damages to him and even his family.

Many of his supporters had unwittingly and indirectly done much harm to him. Of course they were not done out of ill intent.

I am of the View that he himself should have realised and could have desisted in pursuing for the Office, but he went all the Way and fought it out in Court.
Many knew the Outcome before the Case even commenced.

seems like ambition is a driving force hard to resist.

Anyway, I maintain that the President of Sin is impotent in any Policy Making.


b said...

All chinese should try to emigrate to angmo countries. If not help kids to go angmo countries. Angmo countries better for chinese. The angmo rulers are happy so long as people are willing to work. Long live the Queen.

Anonymous said...

80% for Pap, 20% for opposition.
Any dare to agree is based on sour grape sentiment.

The most likely outcome is : Pap 54% opposition 46%.
Reason: one old man had vanished. His fans are also vanishing.

The new breeds are jobless driving private taxi. No longer carrying flags supporting pap on blue taxi.

Wanna 80%? The old man is living at level 44, his new pap office require supporters. 7th month is right for hard core fans to go for his office to register. Better go fast. May get a branch secretary post instantly. 80%, haha.

b said...

Staying in Sg is wasting time. Things will just get more and more expensive because we have to import everything. Life will get more difficult because wages cannot increase.

Anonymous said...

When u have a wage that does not increase, think of those without even a wage . . .

Anonymous said...

To add salt to the wound for those without a wage, there are 2 million foreigners working in Singapore !

Anonymous said...

The U.S. Navy sacked Vice Adm. Joseph Aucoin--the three-star commander of U.S. Seventh Fleet in Yokosuka, Japan, after the fleet suffered four recent collisions in Asia and the deaths of several sailors, under the Navy's tradition of public accountability.

Is there no public accountability in Singapore?

Why is Khaw Boon Wan, the Minister for Transport and drawing a more than $1.5 million salary, not fired for the frequent and severe MRT breakdowns?

b said...

Gahmen wants to set up a mini sg in oz? Making the people angry is part of the plot.

Anonymous said...

Another example of honorable public accountability, from Taiwan:

CPC Corp, Taiwan chairman Derek Chen on Friday tendered his resignation amid mounting criticism over a nationwide blackout on August 15.


The Dragonfly said...

Sinkies are already overwhelmed and over-powered!

Total population has reached 6 million or more. Plus one million tourists at all time. Overall total of physical bodies in the tiny Red Dot space is actually at least 7 million. Don't trust the "Official" figures given by the 151st press.

3 million Sinkies are decreasing by the days with newly-borns unable to replace those dying and dead.

Out of 3 million, how many are above 21 year-old, eligible to vote? The most is about 2 million voters and decreasing.

Based on Tharman's figures, our workforce is 5.5 million. Out of which there are 2 million foreigners. That means local workforce is 3.5 million. These are people eligible to vote.

3.5 million minus 2 million Sinkies. That means 1.5 million are New Citizens and more to come. So, What is the ratio of Sinkies tobNew Citizens? Answer: 4:3. That means for every 4 Sinkie Voters, there are 3 New Citizen Voters.

So, if only 50% of Sinkies vote for PAP and 100% of New Citizens vote for PAP, there will be 2.5 million PAP voters against 1 million non-PAP voters. That is how many percent?

Anonymous said...

'Many are predicting 80% for PAP at the next GE' unquote.

I agree, if they hold the next GE during the month of the hungry ghost, then
the supporters of the old man, who followed him like the terracota warriors, can come back to lend his dragon prince a hand. Like that, even 101% win for the PAP is possible.

But the old man himself need lots of supporters because he is fighting his battle over there against the likes of Ong Teng Cheong, J. B. Jeyaratnam, Dr Lim Hock Siew, Devan Nair and many others. He needs more terracota warriors to go to his aid instead.

Cannot find enough terracota warriors, maybe burn a few million cardboard supporters also can. Or send them via the internet. You know, we are so well connected in cyberspace anything is going to be possible.

Anonymous said...

/// He needs more terracota warriors to go to his aid instead.
Cannot find enough terracota warriors, maybe burn a few million cardboard supporters also can. ///
August 23, 2017 11:16 pm

Maybe just hara kiri and go help the old fart straight away?
Why wait any longer?

Anonymous said...

PAP ministers and those at the top of the heirachy will never commit hara kiri lah. They will not even resign. They will blame the problem on something else, like the twigs blocking the drainage, the dogs feeding the rats, etc.

In Japan, Korea and even India, ministers and those at the top will resign when things go wrong. Here, they will tell you the problem has nothing to do with their salaries, even though they are paid millions.

Anonymous said...

If u view criticism as antibiotics, then Khaw is exhibiting superbug traits !

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