Change is happening inside me

Two things this year prompted me to ask what is happening to me. I did not watch the NDP. And yesterday, 20 Aug, I did not watch Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally Speech as well. Both were events that I hardly missed for the last few decades. Today, I did not even bother to catch up on repeat telecasts or reading the papers to find out what was happening. There was no desire, interest or anticipation of wanting to watch the NDP or wanting to listen to Hsien Loong’s rally speech, like non events, expecting nothing worth spending time on.

Maybe I am getting old, tired, losing interest of what is going on. Maybe becoming apathetic, blasé, nothing matters anymore. I glanced through some comments in the social media that said the speech was banal, missing all the important issues troubling the people. I glanced through the main media only to find that the main issues raised by Hsien Loong were about pre school, diabetes and smart cities. Not that these are unimportant, but definitely not something that I would have written and put much thoughts into them. Ok, I may have written some comments about smart cities and dumb people or smart cities making people stupid, but would not think they are issues that demand much attention when there are many more serious issues that are apparently unsolvable and posing a threat to the good life of Singaporeans.

Maybe these are good reasons why I did not bother to listen to the rally speech. What else is there to interest me to want to waste my little precious time left on? There are so many madnesses in world affairs and domestic issues that would still be stirring inside me, made me feeling unease, to keep me want to question and be concerned about, to want to write about.

Did I miss anything for being tiada apa over the NDP or National Day Rally? Or is there anything important that I have missed?


Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, u didn't missed anything about that Loony NDP rally 2017..there is nothing new but playing the old record & propaganda stories of some minority race and an Head of G doc talking bout diabetes education..seriously all waste our time & just switch to other channel or watch other online news better that the loony speech...

Anonymous said...

You have missed the excuse/hint that sugar tax is coming - another source of revenue for gov't - which further increase your daily costs of living in the already most expensive country in the world . . .

Anonymous said...

RB you still reading newspapers?!?!? No wonder you've been getting dumb!!!

Anonymous said...

Pre-school fees going to increase fees further ...reason more places & more pre-school teachers to hire ...a hint also by Ah Long..

Anonymous said...

He talked about pre-school - likely increase in pre-school fees
He talked about diabetes - likely impose sugar tax
He talked about smart city - likely increase in card fees

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, since years ago had not watch Mediacock telecasts of what's propaganda. Especially that Prata and KFC men faces.

ND, see Airport so many flying out to escape the drudgery of their bullshits. Even that little boy showed his middle finger at the cameras.

Maybe, forced to be there. See our place of ten blocks. Can count on finger tips how many flags hang out to dry.

Only those Grassrots members.

Now see so many walking around supposed to be gainfully employed in daze.

MOT, sugar tax and the Sinkies will taste bitterness.

How lian, want to show his fitness. So many fainting spells and want to challenge people to his lifestyle.

line up for S$1.20 fried chicken wing at RedHill market and asked you to eat Brown rice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean, Speed here. It seems you have given up. Please don't !!! Have always enjoyed reading your articles here.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.........Uncle rb.........

No! You are not getting old, tired, losing interest of what is going on!

No! You are not apathetic, blasé, nothing matters anymore!

No! You did not miss anything for being tiada apa over the NDP or National Day Rally!

Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!

You are not alone!

Especially on ND, many many went away! Many went to casinos! Short holiday! Drive up north!

Rally?.........Many many many......"bo chup"

So not to worry! You are normal! Normal! Normal!



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

After reading all your comments I found out something serious that I have missed out. And it is going to hurt my pocket.

I consume a lot of sugar. I need sugar to keep me alive. This is something I want to share with everyone. Each one of our body constitution is different. Just because they said don't take sugar, don't eat fat, so you blindly listen and stop taking sugar or eating fat. It may kill your body.

You know your body best. I have never stop taking sugar and eating fat and I am not fat. I have started competitive running and even taking whye protein. I need sugar and fat to live.

You are the best judge of your body and what it needs. There are people that can eat and eat, eat everything and still remain slim and fit and living very well.

All those things you read in the paper is for general consumption
but not specific to an individual. We are not built the same.

Sugar tax is going to hurt my pocket.

Anonymous said...

There was nothing in the ndp speech. There is hidden risk if voters think QR code payment is fully harmless. A simple explanation of this QR is: just barcodes in different forms 2 dimensions etc.

QR was used long ago, The catch is: when a user click at the code, its like super mar scanner doing the click. If the QR code is a scam site, it can put in mal ware on mobile phone. Then the password send from Bank will be redirected and the user might be cheated to reveal the user s banking details. Result is: bank account all money is gone.
To use QR, remember to start an account for it and do not keep more money inside. In other words, start a petty cash account. This part ah long never tell u. Its bad. QR is not high tech and smart? No really. Most people do not mind using cash. Cash limit how one intends to spend. Bring out $100. Use it up or keep $50 for tomorrow. QR does not help sinkies much.
QR reflects sinkies are hungry for a "difference": how lian that they can click on payment. It just a barcode technology in banking with lots of hidden risks.

The most useful advise from ah long was to do exercise daily. He said walking 45mins only achieve 7000 steps. Ah long should go further by walking 10000 steps. Then announce it takes (may be) 64mins and 14 secs to achieve 10000 steps. So he should tell sinkies everyday must walk 65mins to keep illness away.

Ah long was absolutely right to hit at sugar drinks. What he should do is not to talk only nato the topic. He should raise the licence fee for selling sugar drinks at 7-24 stores. Raise the licence fee for shops at cakes sweeten to cheat youngsters into buying them. Softdrinks sold in super mars should be hidden inside a non transparent panel like tobacco. Schools have done right: stop sales of sugar heavy drinks. Sugar increases weight fast. Poor BMI is a curse on health.

The speech involves no policies making. Many may hope to have hints on his handing over to the next team. He did not even talk about it. There is no change for the next few years. Sinkies will be kept in the dark on future changes except using barcode to pay their purchases at hawker centers, ah long called baru, new tech. Guess: no funds liao. Abolish the president post will save more than the salaries and bonuses. The staff cost, the cars, the makan. No funds is a big issue for sinkieland being seen as the "rich" nation among asean.

Anonymous said...

From now till the day Loony retire @ 70yo (Lao Goa hint one), this little red dot costs of living going to increase year by year..not only sugar tax, pre-school education, smart moves tech fees etc, mrt fares, daily food necessities, hawkers food (also increase due to water hike), hdb flats, service & conservancy charges, GST hikes, carbon taxes, ERPs, COEs, road taxes, & list goes on in this world most expensive city...

Anonymous said...

very siong very siong

if the sugar tax is true, hot drinks at kopi shops will go up

hot drinks will likely go up by another 20 cents more

hot drinks with additional sugar another 30 cents more

hot drinks with less sugar another 30 cents more

very siong very siong

Anonymous said...

Ah Long said he drink Teh O Kosong every morning but he never warned u all will be Pocket Kosong...cos many hikes r akan datang liow...

Anonymous said...

Note the Straits Times is very quick to put up an article on sugar tax, the next day after Lee's talk on diabetes


Anonymous said...

Or is there anything important that I have missed?

Are u healthy for your age, have lots of money and still making lots of money?

If yes, then there is nothing important that u have missed, I mean for u RB lah.

But for others, it depends.

Anonymous said...

PM Lee's push for cashless payments in smart city to catch up with China will boost card terminal and transaction fees for local banks, while raising costs for retailers and customers . . .

Anonymous said...

PM Lee's push for cashless payments in smart city to catch up with China will boost card terminal and transaction fees for local banks, while raising costs for retailers and customers . . .
11:10 am


Very clever observation to help daft Sinkies understand the issue as what really matters to PAP.

And as for the issue of raising costs for retailers and customers, PAP can well afford having this issue without losing votes, tio bo?

Cashless payments? Why not?

Anonymous said...

If Sinkies have enough money,

cost is not an issue.

Cashless payments is not an issue.

Voting for PAP is not an issue.

So PAP knows it is not an issue with Sinkies when 70% Sinkies voted for PAP.

Anonymous said...

Singapore wants to catch up with China.

China wants to help Sri Lanka catch up with Singapore.

Aug 21, Colombo: China will to continue to provide development assistance to Sri Lanka to uplift the island nation to the standard of Singapore within the next 15 years, Chinese Ambassador Yi Xianliang said.


Anonymous said...

Our GE not so smart leh!

Next GE........maybe

"paper-less" voting?

Electronic terminals?

Easy to do "leg-hand"?

Anonymous said...

What would a cashless payment city be like in the future?

Say PAP very du-lan Chee Soon Juan, and deactivate his cards.

Chee cannot use his card to take train, or bus, or taxi; or even pay for a hamburger at Macdonald.

Si liau! Ha ha !!

Anonymous said...

The search for 10 missing US sailors told lots of stories.

CNA said Sin is leading the search. Malaysia said Mas is leading the search.

The impact point is 6.6 nautical miles from Johor, 23.8 nautical miles from Sin.

Where are the 10 missing US soldiers? Who will find them first?

Messanger of DEATH said...

The 10 US navel personnel must have been eaten by the sharks or drowned. This is an omen and a premonition to the US. This uear is also the year of total eclipse, happens only once in a red moon, when the moon turns red and the sun turns black. It spells doom for USA and its Commander of Red Indian Chiefs (or Chief of Red Indians Killers).

Anonymous said...

Anwar kept forex losses a secret to avoid losing job as Finance Minister, RCI told


Anonymous said...

1. Do you think more diabetes awareness means we will get a sugar tax very soon?

2. Do you think a higher focus on pre-school enrollment will mean higher school fees?

3. Do you think a smart nation will mean a cashless society (and the social chaos that it creates)? See the link below to India's attempts at a cashless society.

India's Modi Admits Plan Shifting Nation To "Cashless Society"


Anonymous said...

" If you think the government, its friends, and those who pull its strings have your best interests at heart, that they tell the truth, that they can be trusted, you are living in a fool’s paradise and deserve whatever you get from your “benevolent” masters.

For the rest of us, it’s time to go Sicilian, to start thinking like a Corleone. The dangers will intensify as things get much worse, before collapse offers the prospect of rebuilding something better. "


Anonymous said...

The 10 US navel personnel must have been eaten by the sharks or drowned. This is an omen and a premonition to the US.
12:36 pm

What 10 US navel personnel missing?

What omen?

This is nothing compared to the thousands of US soldiers killed in action in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

"What 10 US navel personnel missing?

What omen?.."

Aiyoh, u dunno meh? The hungry ghosts of hell gates just open. Before the hungry ghosts come, these 10 羊鬼子 or 鬼佬 ( aka Ang Mo or Ang Mo gui) were being mistaken by the Hell Lords as overstayers in this world so were all brought back to Hell for questioning by the Hell Lords.

Anonymous said...

The 10 missing are dead at 99% chance. The search is not efficient. Not found one after 24 hours. If by night still nothing, US should request China to use under water devices to scan the sea.

7th fleet is bad. Harris as commander should know his days are written on the wall.

Anonymous said...

/// Following the second collision of US warships in two months, the US Navy's Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) has calling for a comprehensive review of recent incidents in the Pacific in the wake of the USS John McCain collision with an oil tanker early Monday morning.

In a video, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson called for an "operational pause" with commands and leaders across the fleet, and a deeper look into the training and certification of forces operating in the Navy's 7th Fleet - those in and around Japan. ///



Do you know why our Generals in SMRT is still not calling for an "operational pause" in their "signal tests" ???

The Dragonfly said...

The Madness of the US Flexing Its Muscles In South China Sea!

To the westerners Number 6 is BAD. That is why they fear 666 (the symbol of Satay Tan)

To the Chinese, Easterners like Korea and Japan, Number 7 is BAD. It means DEATH. That is why the 7th Moon is the Month of Hell Beings Let Loose.

To the Indians (not Red Indians but Black and White Indians) Number 8 is BAD. Their study of Numerology suggests that 8 is the number of disasters. When Number 8 and Number 4 come together, e.g. 4 Aug, 2028, there will be Great Disasters.

The US 7th Fleet operating in the South China Sea is in Eastern Sphere of Influence.
Therefore, it is BAD! Especially in the 7th Moon. It means DEATH. The 10 US soldiers went missing could have been taken by the King of Hades as a preliminary feast such as a Nice Breakfast. A big fat Lunch and and a superb 10-course Dinner will follow suit. Then come a good Supper, before the King of Hades can sleep peacefully.

Commanded by a Japanese, the US 7th Fleet is doomed, especially at or near the spot where the British Empire's Prince of Wales and the Repulse were sunk by Japanese zero fighters in 1942 on their maiden operational roles. The USS McCain named after McCain who has now been diagnosed as having brain cancer, going to die soon , is BAD Luck. It is no coincidence that both McCains have to die this year - the year 2017 (again Number 7 features.

In total, there are three sevens: 777 - 7th Fleet, 7th Moon, 201(7).

This is called madness of challenging the Triple Seven - Very BAD Omen. Just like the madness of challenging the 666 unknown forces of Satay Tan.

Superstition, myth, crab or real? Believe it or not, it is up to you.

May be I am also changed after listening to Lee Hsien Loong's National Day Rally speech?

Anonymous said...

PAP very good in giving signals. But our brothers here also very good in interpreting signals given out by the PAP. How come those paper generals took so long to interpret what signals are at fault with our MRT?

Increase in pre-school fees, sugar tax and card fees, all the 'kang tao' coming 'next change' and we already can foresee. The PAP is telling us to get ready for the next big screw into the backsides of the dafties. And they will continue to shout for joy. Some may even experience orgasm.

Anonymous said...

You know your body best. I have never stop taking sugar and eating fat and I am not fat.
RB 10:07 am


I read of a heart surgeon who said he likes char kuay teow very much and ate it very often.

When I visited my specialist doctor at SGH, I always notice a can of coke on her desk.

So follow them at your own risk, if u r not a doctor.

Anonymous said...

"The PAP is telling us to get ready for the next big screw into the backsides of the dafties. And they will continue to shout for joy. Some may even experience orgasm."

This NDP dinner or Hungry Ghosts Dinner the PAPies & its cronies will celebrate it with --'Huat Ah' or even 'Ah Long..Huat Ah' & will be them posting Selfies Jump Shots like a gila in social network media all over the place cos they going to collect more & more monies soon to fatten their own pockets, as for ordinary folks like u & me will have to slog hard & still vote for them in coming erection EP or GE ..they always say with u for u by monies not for u...

Anonymous said...

@The Dragon fly 2.29pm

Bingo u hit the jackpot on the analysis of the US naval ship crossing the boundary of the Eastern Territory..completely agree with ur analysis. ..one to add these Ang Mohs
Navy personnels could have offended the Eastern Dragon of the Sea ( or Dong Hai Long Wang 东海龙王), they never even respects the Dragon Gods of the East, even Christ couldn't help them ( as they have entered into others territory with permission, a total disregard of some cuntry territory)..

Anonymous said...

Correction...(as they have entered into others territory Without permission...)

Anonymous said...

" Change is happening inside me" RB

Hello Uncle Redbean, u dun need to change anything at all.
Ah Long way of fighting Diabetes is unrealistic & unsustainable, bet after speaking the rally he would revert back to his usual way & habit & wud even tell his nutritionists or doctor to 'fxxx o' , ah long wud tell this docs to come out a special antitode for his diabetes & cancer ( jus like ancient Chinese emperor telling his men to invent a 长生不老药 or a immortal medicine) so that he can rule this country forever...

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could be turned off by the sight of LHL especially after what happened this year- Oxley Rd saga, MRT breakdowns,the EP charade and our down and downward relations with China?

I was too but now I get a phobia after Mediacorpse interrupted every programme every few minutes to mention he would be giving ND message or speech at ND Rally.

Anonymous said...

The US Navy has behaved arrogantly in the Asia-Pacific region. It lacks respect for huge merchant ships and fails to take evasive action in time, thus resulting in serious accidents.

On China's Internet sphere, there is applause from Chinese netizens about the latest accident involving the US Navy guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain.

US warships patrol too frequently in the Asia-Pacific. A large number of merchant vessels, of many types and flagged from many nations, use Asian sea lanes. If the US Navy wants to keep its frequent presence in the waters, it needs to get familiar and interact with these merchant ships, which requires huge expenditure.

But still the US Navy conducts many risky military activities without full preparation.

The frequent collisions of US warships with merchant vessels offer a warning to the Americans that they should restrain themselves.

The South China Sea is not the US Navy's Bermuda Triangle, but the inability of the US Navy to adapt to this region requires research by Washington. The geopolitical pattern in the South China Sea keeps changing, and the US should be aware of it.

Kaypoh Investigator said...

This incident is a direct obstruction of navigation by merchant shipping, peaceful navigation, by US Navy. This is in violation of International Laws of the Sea - Freedom of Navigation. The US warships have no reasons whatsoever to cause direct dangers to peaceful merchant shipping. This is unprovoked aggression against defenceless ships. It is worst than piracy. At least the pirates only rob the ships of valuables and money. Very seldom destroying the merchant ships and their sailors.

Virgo49 said...

One bro Anon posted in previous article of the Full Eclipse of America. Fox News commented once in a Century.

Americans together with the Japanese will follow the Eclipse of the Sun of their Natthey.

The Japanese Flag of a Red Sun and the American Stars would be dimmed in what you see into half crescent and quarter crescent and then completely off.

The rising Nations of those with Crescents are mostly in the East, I.e Asia.

You find most Asian, especially the Muslim countries are usually with Crescents on their flags.

So the Eclipse of the America Will be glorifying period for Asia.

The Chinese Flag are big bright Yellow Stars on Red Background.

European flags are usually stripes in different designs.
So Will also demise.

Luckily Matland has a Crescent on their stripes like the American Flag.

Anonymous said...

Norway's sovereign-wealth fund, the world's biggest, topped a US$1 trillion valuation after the best half-year return in its history.

"The stock markets have performed particularly well so far this year, and the fund's return in the two first quarters was 6.5%," Trond Grande, deputy chief executive officer of Norges Bank Investment Management, said.

The total value of the fund on June 30 was 7.867 trillion kroner--or US$1.017 trillion.

Norway passed the milestone despite pressure faced by sovereign-wealth funds around the world. Ultralow interest rates are crimping returns and cheap oil is cutting into the income of the largely resource-dependent countries.

As for Singapore's GIC and Temasek, . . .

Anonymous said...

RB you are right to start unlearning, u will not be brain washed any more.

The Dragonfly said...

FAKE NEWS From Business Times Headline?

On Friday, 4 August, 2017, the Business Times published on its headline thus:

Davinder steps down as Drew & Napier CEO

SENIOR COUNSEL Davinder Singh, whose name is synonymous with top Singapore law firm Drew & Napier LLC, has stepped down from his role as CEO to become the firm's new executive chairman.

Cavinder Bull is new CEO; Davinder takes on new role of executive chairman

by CHIN YONG CHANG (ycchin@sph.com.sg)

It gives you the impression that Davinder Singh has stepped down but actually he has stepped up.

He has been promoted to become the Executive Chairman of Drew & Napier LLC.

This is a very good example of using the Headline to present a false impression. For those very busy businessmen and women who have no time to read the details, and only glance at the headline, they will definitely think that Davinder Singh has stepped down - meaning left the law firm.

That was the impression that I got when I first read it on 4 Aug, 2017.

Shouldn't the headline and the first paragraph read like this:

"Davinder Singh has been promoted to become the Executive Chairman of Drew & Napier"???

Anonymous said...

@anon 7.52pm

It's very common in this tiny red dot under the Leegime with 151th press ranking...it's also called 'Roti-pratas' or paraphrasing..Just like WP Chen Show Miao goto re-phrase his question 2 to 3 times to ask Long san whether r there rules for ministers to clear themselves at what time can use parliament or court? He was stopped by Mdm President Halimau several times till the question that favours her boss...

Anonymous said...

Malaysia navy found a US sailor s body 8 nautical miles from point of impact.

Anonymous said...

Maybe You could be turned off by the sight of LHL.
Spot on man.
Some uncles at a coffeeshop were saying same thing. Some said his papie look is a great put off, papie ib cantonese means a boastful yaya demeanor. Others around that uncle agreed and obe even said that had LHL is a lay citizen, he would be asking to be beaten for that stuck up look.
However, there was some detractors who claimed that his walking gait will save the beating, as beating one who walks so ladylike is not fair. Another said he hates watching LHL shaking hands with other dignitaries, saying that he had mo gan tine which means it hurts to see the gesture.
Rb could also by turned off by the rhetoric and propaganda that cabinet member dished out frequently. Empty promises had been made yearly at national rallies without any delivery instead cost of living were raised soon after, tend to cause fatigue and even distaste. So, if Singaporeans are put off by what some call fuck face and kong tua wuay person, it is understandable.

Anonymous said...

U.S. Treasury sanctions Russian-owned, Singapore-based firm Velmur Management for aiding North Korea's weapons program

Anonymous said...

Rb, I also never watch leh. Actually the possible reasons for talking about those three items are 1) there are no good news to say and 2) there are no new solutions to existing problems

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is a madness now with everyone and every media talking about lesser sugar consumption. The problem with sugar related diabetes is due to excessive consumption.

Children have high metabolic rate due to their growing phase in life and naturally need and crave for sugar. This is a natural thing as they need more sugar than adults. I hope this madness does not lead to children having not enough sugar in their diet as this would lead to other problems caused by sugar deficiency.

The important thing is to have balance diet. Don't end up being conned by the so called experts like the madness on cholesterol for so many years. Now the American Medical Association has debunked all the myths and fears generated from cholesterol.

Now they are saying cholesterol is good and the whole world has been conned and cheated by some pharmaceutical companies and so called experts. Go and eat your cholesterol, the fats and egg yolks, the chicken skins etc etc. Just don't go excessive. Everything is about moderation.

A balance diet, not a diet too rich in anything or too low in anything. Children that natural need more sugar are going to suffer if their sugar consumption is cut too low against their needs to grow up, to be active like all children do.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

You can know what keeps the deep state of Singapore awake at night by the points they bring up in the speech. That there are going to be a lot of old people and not enough babies. Hence the focus of health issues for the growing amount of old people and childcare to encourage people to have kids.

Virgo49 said...

Now the Americans said Diplomacy is the way to the North Korea issue.

If the North DONT processed the Necular Arsenal, you think they will said Dipolmacy? ?

Aiya, listen to all these bullshits from different School of Thoughts of Medicines.

All out to makead fast buck on the unsuspecting. One moment, coffee good,one moment no good.

Best still the Coffins. For all you know, they had discovered the Cure for the Diabetes and been gag so that the Pharmaceutical Companies can still make their billions.

When I was on field training at Genting playing the Roulette till dawn, just gulp one can.of Red Bull and you can stay awake for another twelve hours.

Must recommend this Special Brew Red Bull from The Land.of Smiles to be included in the.Ration pack for the Field Training.

Soldiers can stay awake for another twenty four hours with two cans consumption.

Anonymous said...

@RB 9.28am

RB, u hit the right spot on diabetes topic. The keyword here is Balanced Diet & Moderation. Unfortunately many people can't achieved or understand these things..what's Balanced or Moderate for one may not be so for the others bcos everyone r different...in the past we dun have these so many illnesses, but living in urban cities tend to have these illnesses ( not saying living urban r all bad), coupled with changing weather climatic conditions, water & eating habits all illnesses become compounded..

Anonymous said...

A balance diet, not a diet too rich in anything or too low in anything.
August 23, 2017 9:28 am

Same with politics.
A balanced parliament.
Not a parliament with too many PAPigs and too little Opposition.

b said...

LHL is hinting lah. Preschool, sugar , internet fees will increase onterwise his and cronies salaries will have to be cut. Feudalism rules in sg.

Anonymous said...

10000 step means 10000steps

Is a resolution.even if have to do complete it on stage.

Anonymous said...

Just because people got diabetes cannot take sugar does not mean everyone cannot take sugar. So daft.