Would Boon Wan be twitting like Trump?

Half way through a prepared speech on the reliability of the train, Boon Wan could not tahan anymore and went off the cuff to berate the negative reporting of the breakdown of public transport by the main media. ‘I don’t like the media reporting…Even our main media have turned tabloid. Yes, exciting and so on…frightening figures, headlines.’

According to Today’s readers comments, the media were reporting the truth, what were happening exactly on the ground and these were very helpful to commuters who needed to know the real situation and to plan their travel. It would be terrible if the media were to report average of breakdowns over24 hours like the reporting of haze situation and the commuters would be like lost sheep, not knowing what to do.

Some comments from interviews conducted by Today, ‘The media is basically reflecting the sentiments of regular train commuters….the updates provided by the media have helped commuters such as herself to plan their commute…I don’t think the media has (exaggerated) recent train delays and breakdowns….)

Professor Lee Der Horng of NUS has this to say, ‘…that mainstream media coverage of the recent train delays was an accurate reflection of the situation, and it played a role in getting train operators to come forward and explain to the public the cause of those delays….The media cannot be so blind that when the re-signalling work casuse delays, they’re not reported. I think (in that case) the public would be furious.’

Now the media is caught in a vice, between a hard rock and the deep blue sea. How and what should the media be reporting? Or should the media be telling the people just to hear the good stuff…and ignore the bad news?

What Boon Wan could do is to follow Donald Trump and go twitting and instruct the train operators to twit as well. Just keep twitting and ignore the main media. It would be better if he could tell the main media to stop reporting on the train delays and all news on public transportation and delays would be available on twitters. That would make the job of the main media easier and commuters would only hear the good news, the good stuff, the right stuff, from twitters.

What is fake news and real news is a fine thin line. I am being generous.


Virgo49 said...

The Main Media now had to take over the Orange Valley Nursing Homes and what's shopping complexes to remain viable in their bottom.line survival.

Also offering gifts for contract subscriptions.

If still report fake or controlled news have to retrench more.

So, bite the bullets and reported true news.

Wah, the PAP getting angry that they reported adverse news of them.

Karma comes and knock your door,
Pious Buddhist.

Anonymous said...

"Bad news shouldn't report" - that's Khaw's implied message to journalists.

As the PAP don't want to be transparent and inclined to hide bad news, the people have reasons to be suspicious about Temasek's performance and remunerations, GIC , number of foreigners in the country, etc . . .

Anonymous said...

You see, all those years because of the suing, all truths have been touted as allegations and those who dared to utter the truth will lose their underwear.

If I say Singapore has no beggars, is that the truth because all beggars have been forbidden to beg at public places, so tourist do not see them?

How can we say a system is clean and transparent when the left hand checks the right hand and says that it is very clean? What is the meaning of ownself check ownself in relation to ownself but not otherself? Beats me

Now, it does not mean all allegations are not the truth. There is a saying that there are no smoke without fire. By suing at the slightest provocation, how can the truth be known?

Oh, in case I forgot. Siblings cannot sue siblings because the dirt inside the cupboad will be unloaded for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Look at what this minister had said, you can deduct his thinking.
1. Why study for a degree if you cannot get jobs? He told teens.
If you have children, you would be surprised "howcome" sinkingland has such minister exists as senior minister. Remind you: this guy attended his own daughter s graduation at NUS. You believe his words, its your own business.

2. Companies bosses in Japan failed in duties in the past commit harakiri, this minister told WP in parliament. How many failures has this minister committed? He is still not talking about harakiri.

3. MRT breakdown is not a publicity bad name started by the main media. Breakdowns starts, then reporters start to write and reporting on line. There is gap in time. But mrt companies will not tell the public sooner than the news papers reporters. Do u find this benefiting the public users of mrt?
The minister must make it a rule: report mrt fault within 30 mins if the faults keep repeating for more than 30 mins. Will they do that? Why do they want to cover up break downs?

When mrt break down, the roads start to jam with cars. Any one can see the jam. What the minister need to do is to work double hard to clear all the break down. Do not blame the newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Asking media not to report bad news is worrying. Is media a mouth piece of our dear minister or it serves the interest of the people in Singapore? Can you imagine if they follow KBW's wish of only saying the good things, who would want to read ST? There is no difference from reading newspaper from N Korea. All nice things about Kim and his ministers, real or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

It is understandable why Boon Wan said what he had said lah.

And what he had said is a privilege of politicians who knows they will sure win in an election.

In other words, Boon Wan can afford to say whatever he want to say, and without any worry about the consequences at the next election.

If Boon Wan were to tell commuters to "drive your car or take taxi lah if MRT no good", I am sure he will still win the next election.

And that's how much Boon Wan could afford to say what he wants to say.

virgo49 said...

If you journalists are smart, then come and rectify the signalling systems. You thknk so simple.

Testing signals should not considered as breakdowns. You smarter than my engineers, is it.

Ahem, all the while the systems been breaking down. If we as professionals in the MRT cannot rectify the faults, you journalists can meh??

Alamak Snr forget that they are in different professions. The journalist are doin a great job by reporting the truths and your engineers still cannot rectify the faults.

Even your MG - Major General does not even know the detail duties of a CPL or corporal.

Simple task of just detailing the guards or watchmen that took two lives on the tracks.

Ownself praised ownself that the Systems improved just because it clocked how many kms under his watch.

Hope this National Day, I dont miss my flight on the MRT to airport.

Anonymous said...

..."drive your car or take taxi lah if MRT no good"...
10:25 am


That's exactly what smart Sinkies do.

Being smart, they will have or are able to make lots of money and can therefore afford to do that. And also vote PAP.

Public transport like the bus or MRT is only for the peasant Sinkies. Anyway some peasants may have even voted for PAP or else PAP could not have got 70% votes. Because unlikely that 70% Sinkies drive or take taxi to work.

The Dragon Fly said...

Minister Khaw, who run away from Penang, Malaysia, to come to Singapore to study and get scholarship and given the job of Minister after Minister and also became the Chairman of PAP, should be grateful to Singapore and Singaporeans. During his long stay in Singapore, he has not only benefited from the education system and scholarship, he has also accumulated multi-million dollars from tax-payers money, His children and relatives from Malaysiahave also benefited.

It is now pay-back time.

Mr Khaw,

Please be grateful to all of us, including the reporters in the Main Media and Alternate Media. Be very very grateful and do your job properly, conscientiously, patiently and whole-heartedly to show to us that you are grateful to Singapore, instead of trying to tell others not to expose your inefficiency, incompetence and lack of focus (may be you spent too much of your time thinking how to invest your easy-come money of multi-millions?).

As a pious Buddhist, you should understand what Karma is all about. If you have forgotten, because you have spent too much time thinking of how to fix the opposition or AHTC or how to find a safe haven for your children, etc.,.... please be reminded that according to the teachings of Buddha Sakyamuni:

"Lying, cheating, stealing, sexual misconduct, killing (both physical and metaphorical) and intoxication (with alcohol, drugs, money or power) are the basic negative virtues", which will likely bring you down to Hell at the moment of your death.

That will be another pay-back time!

Nobody can play play with the Hell Realm King, even if you are King on Earth!

Anonymous said...

Dragon Fly, well said. It is pathetic to see the one who claimed to be a Buddhist doing things that are against the basic teaching of Buddha. I am not upset with his rise to a Minister but is sadden by his action or more lack of action in helping the well being of fellow Singaporeans. Guess sometimes it is better not to claim oneself as pious religious follower be it Buddhist or Christian.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure he is a Buddhist!

He is a Buddish?

I have NOTHING to say.


patriot said...

Clever folkd are adept at sophistry with words and sweet talks.

be warned that whence one abuses cleverness and gets exposed, it shall stink for a long long time.
Worse is each time You are see, the Stench is felt immediately.

Pious or not, abuse not your cleverness.
Integrity and Propriety are the Hallmarks of any Decent Man.


patriot said...

Clever folkd are adept at sophistry with words and sweet talks.

be warned that whence one abuses cleverness and gets exposed, it shall stink for a long long time.
Worse is each time You are see, the Stench is felt immediately.

Pious or not, abuse not your cleverness.
Integrity and Propriety are the Hallmarks of any Decent Man.


The Dragon Fly said...

MINDEF Forced The Poor NSmen To Spend Money? - Part 1

"All Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) personnel are required to download the SGSecure mobile application as part of Singapore’s national counter-terrorism efforts", MINDEF said.

The app was given multiple one-star reviews on Apple and Android app stores.

Comments such as “PC said this weekend want to go home then download this app and show him” and “got forced to download this if not I will sign extra”, in reference to punishments such as confinement in camp or extra duties, were left in the reviews.

The app was launched in September 2016 with the aim of sending important alerts during terrorist attacks or other major emergencies. It allows users to seek assistance and provide information to the authorities.

MINDEF said a counter-terrorism training programme designed “to better equip our personnel to be prepared citizens and active respondents in the event of a terrorist attack” is being implemented in phases.

The first phase is to have all their personnel download the SGSecure application and complete the e-learning modules in it.

“Subsequently, MINDEF/SAF personnel will be put through scenario-based community response training to provide them with the knowledge to protect themselves and those around them in the event of a terror attack,” the statement by MINDEF added.

The Dragon Fly said...

MINDEF Forced The Poor NSmen To Spend Money? - Part 2

Dear Dr LEE Bee Wah,

Good day to you Madam.

It is with great respect and sense of urgency that I write this letter to you to seek your assistance in asking these questions of main concern in parliament.I have always respected your courage and gut to access the most important questions affecting the lives of Singaporeans to the parliament. As you know, MINDEF has recently make it compulsory for ALL MINDEF personnel to download the SG Secure app (link).

As a concerned citizen and an active contributor to NS. I have many queries which I felt is important to raise to the Minister of Defense to seek a clearer response than given in the article above.

First, I would like to ask the Minister of Defense who is going to pay for the mobile data cost and mobile device cost incurred in downloading the SG Secure app and it’s operating usage.

There are currently no mobile data plans with unlimited data that are affordable enough for NSF/NSmen. Also, we have to note that not all NSFs carry a smart phone, especially those who are from a lower income family.

By forcing NSFs to download the app before allowing them to book out or subjecting them to disciplinary actions when they did not do so will be a form of discrimination against the lower income Singaporeans.

Is the ministry going to subsidize / offset the cost of the data usage and mobile device in such cases? How much of the budget will be allocated to it?

Second, I would like to ask the Minister to disclose the vendor which develop the mobile application and the entire software engineering team involved in the design and implementation process of this application. If you have taken a look at the application, it requires permission to use the phone’s GPS / Camera and many sensitive information which can potentially pinpoint and infringe the personal lives of individuals who downloaded the mobile application. Since MINDEF personnels and therefore the entire male population who are subjected to National Service are forced to download this mobile application, it means that they are potential victims of such infringement if the data got leaked. Taking an example of the leaked America’s National Security Agency’s PRISM program, isn’t this mobile application a potential threat in itself unless the public can have a chance to validate and scrutinize those involved in the development process. I would recommend that the source code be open-sourced and put on Github just as what many large corporations like Google and Facebook has done with their applications.

Finally, I would like to ask the Minister on whether the Ministry has considered alternatives such as having a website which has a LOWER implementation costs and do not require the masses to download such a potentially threatening mobile application just to receive news feeds on security and taking photos for reporting incidents. Mobile websites can be easily access with Singpass login and does not have any problem accessing the GPS / Camera capabilities as and when required.

I sincerely implore you to ask the above questions in the next parliament sitting on 1st August 2017 given the urgency of the matter.

I will be disclosing the contents of this email on local Hardwarezone forum for transparency as well.

Thank you.”

Timothy Tan

Anonymous said...


He is not a buddish but claimed himself as one.

No buddish follower tell others to do harakiri. Harakiri is a ritual of committing suicide: by cutting ownself to pull out intestines, and next, someone help to chop off his head.

NO buddish bear to tell people to do that execept this "bullshitdish"

Anonymous said...

/// Now the media is caught in a vice, between a hard rock and the deep blue sea. How and what should the media be reporting? Or should the media be telling the people just to hear the good stuff…and ignore the bad news? ///

How and what the media should report is nobody's business.
Stop telling us what we should and should not read.

Stop interfering with the freedom of the press.
Stop telling us what to do and read.

Mind your own business.
Focus on your job for which you are paid millions of dollars in salary.

The Dragon Fly said...

MINDEF Forced The Poor NSmen To Spend Money? - Part 3


1. Does MINDEF and/or the SAF, during peace-time, when war or a state of emergency has not been declared, has the constitutional or legal right to force ALL NSmen to do something that will track them wherever they go, compromise their confidential data/information, intrude into their privacy, and make them pay for data-usage to the Internet Providers, which are mainly linked to Temasek Holdings or the Government?

2. Why does not MINDEF and / or the SAF made use of a proper and dedicated Web Site, with secure access, for all their personnel, including the NSmen in the Reserve, instead?

3. Why must MINDEF and/or the SAF compulsorily implement a process that give them TOTAL Control upon the lives of their personnel and NSmen over their private and personal affairs?

4. If MINDEF and/or the SAF can do it like this with ease, why can't the Home Team, ISD and ICA also implement something like this to trace the personal and private activities of each and every citizen in the near future?

5. Together with the exponential increase in the number of surveillance cameras installed all over Singapore. the SMART City Project, and this compulsory use of a tracking software to intrude into our privacy, is it quite obvious that Singapore will eventually become a Total Police State, worst than North Korea and Hitler's Germany?

Anonymous said...

Khaw is RIGHT ! STATE media journalists should not report bad news about the STATE, else why is the media STATE !

Anonymous said...

Singapore has been shouting about Freedom of Navigation.
What about shouting Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press?

Are these not principles that Singapore should uphold?

The Dragon Fly said...

Examples of Crafty Politicians At Work In Other Parts of The World - Part 1


On 1 May, 2017, amid anti-government protests, Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro announced that he would convene the Constituent Assembly to rewrite the country's Constitution.

The announcement came as a surprise as President Maduro had always praised the 1999 Constitution, which was drafted and passed in 1999 when his mentor, President Hugo Chávez, was in office.

The convening of the assembly has been controversial, with the opposition denouncing it as an attempt by the government to strengthen its power.

Despite violent protests across the whole country, with at least 30 people killed so far, President Maduro proceeded with the Constituent Assembly Election on Sunday 30 July 2017. Turnout in this controversial Election was 41.5%, according to the pro-Maduro Electoral Commissioner, Ms Tibisay Lucena .

Out of a population of 31 million, just over eight million people voted. Yet Ms Lucena told a news conference that the Election as "a success" and the turnout as "extraordinary"!

The Opposition put the turnout at only 12%. It has refused to recognize the Election and has called for further protests on Monday (today).

President Maduro argued the Constituent Assembly would promote "reconciliation and peace", after months of protests and political stalemate. However, he did not give details of exactly how rewriting the Constitution would achieve such broad aims.

His critics describe it as a power grab and a trick to delay the next General Elections so as to prolong his stay in power.

President Maduro also said that the Constituent Assembly would promote dialogue in the polarised country.

However, the Opposition rejected his plans for a Constituent Assembly and refused to field any candidates or take part in the election. They also called an unofficial referendum in which more than seven million people voted against the Constituent Assembly.

What is a Constituent Assembly?

Constituent Assemblies, unlike Legislative Assemblies, are set up for the specific purpose of drafting or adopting a Constitution. They are usually dissolved once they have served their purpose.

Venezuela's new Constituent Assembly will have powers to rewrite the Constitution and override the Opposition-controlled Congress.

The opposition objects to the Constituent Assembly on a number of grounds.

1. The President Maduro does not have the power to convene it without consulting the Venezuelan people in a referendum first,

2. President Chávez had already held such a referendum when he convened his constituent assembly in 1999.

3. President Maduro's intention was to maximise his power and cling on to it for longer. because the process of drawing up a New Constitution will certainly mean that Regional Elections due to be held later this year and Presidential Elections scheduled for December 2018 will be delayed.

Anonymous said...

The high speed rail will not stop at Jurong East as dragon son said it openly. The confirmed terminal is at Woodland North. That means the Malaysia Train ends at Woodland, similar to other public transport.
Sinkies will lose out on tourists coming south. Most tourists will choose to stay at JB and may cut visiting sinkiesland.

Looks like the high speed rail is funded by China. Dragon son told Abe he hope Japanese company would win the tender last year. From today s agreement signed at JB, Sinkiesland got a bit of advantage for the train to pass the causeway bridge. The Chinese funding is unlikely to go to JE the planned station.

Why did Cow accept the Rail end at Woodland? It is a surprise.

Anonymous said...

Why did Cow accept the Rail end at Woodland? It is a surprise.
5:35 pm

U mean he got choice to reject?

Anonymous said...

Most tourists will choose to stay at JB and may cut visiting sinkiesland.
5:35 pm

U r right. Unless want to go casino, nothing much to see or do in Sinkieland which they cannot see or do in JB.

Anonymous said...

Mrt linking woodland to JB. Each side has own company to operate own trains n tracks. So JB get ready for breakdowns at woodland side almost weekly. JB people will still have to take buses home.

High speed rail is separate.

The Dragon Fly said...

Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s appeal against the High Court's ruling

The issues brought up during Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s appeal against the High Court's ruling on his constitutional challenge to the timing of the Reserved Presidential Election (RPE) were mainly:

1. What is the definition of an Elected President?

2. Does the government have the discretion to decide when to start a term count before a reserved election is triggered?

3. Was the Attorney-General’s Chamber’s (AGC) advice to the Prime Minister on the reserved election a “mistake of law”?

The case was head before five judges: Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, Judge of Appeal Judith Prakash, Judge of Appeal Steven Chong, Justice Chua Lee Ming and Justice Kannan Ramesh.

Dr Tan was with his wife Ms Cecilia. Aljunied GRC MP Sylvia Lim and former National Solidarity Party Sec-Gen Lim Tean were also present. Sylvia Lim's name was referenced several times during the hearing,

The High Court ruling

This year’s presidential election is reserved for Malay candidates, following constitutional amendments last year that reserves an election for a particular racial group that has not been represented in the office for five consecutive terms. According to the government, the term count starts from the late President Wee Kim Wee, as he was the first to wield the powers of an Elected President.

Earlier this month during a High Court hearing on his legal challenge, Dr Tan argued that the term count should start from the late President Ong Teng Cheong as President Wee Kim Wee was not elected by a popular vote. In rejecting his arguments, Justice Quentin Loh noted that the Constitution states that a President can be “any person for the time being exercising the functions of the office of the President”.

Justice Loh referred to two articles of the Constitution:

1. “Article 19B(1) provides for a Reserved Election for a community if no person from that community has held the office of President for any of the five most recent terms of office of the President”;

2, “Article 164(1)(a) provides for Parliament to specify the first term of office of the President to be counted under Article 19B(1) (“First Term”).”

The High Court also found that there is nothing in the text or textual context which limits Parliament’s power by requiring Parliament to start the term count from the term of office of a popularly elected President.

Dr Tan’s claims:

1. Article 2 of the Constitution, which sets out the definition of the “president of Singapore”, refers only to an Elected President. The term count should therefore start with the late President Ong Teng Cheong.

2, President Wee’s second term in office was only chosen for the start of the term count because Parliament mistakenly thought he was an Elected President. The “specific mischief” outlined in Article 19B(1) was to invoke a reserved election if a particular race had not been represented for five consecutive elections.

3. Parliament acted under a “mistake of law”, based on the advice of the AGC, which has not been publicly disclosed. The court noted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s speech to Parliament on 7 November last year, when Lee said, “We have taken the Attorney-General’s advice. We will start counting from the first President who exercised the powers of the Elected President, in other words, Dr Wee Kim Wee. That means we are now in the fifth term of the Elected Presidency.”

Dr Tan's lawyer Mr Rajah noted that during the parliamentary debate on amendments to the Presidential Election in Nov 2016, the Aljunied GRC MP Sylvia Lim had prefaced her questions with a statement that the Attorney-General advised the PM to start the term count from President Wee, “no one corrected her, not even PM Lee”.

Chief Justice Menon noted, “You’re saying (that) Parliament’s decision was repeatedly framed by the Attorney-General’s advice (and) predicated on legal advice which you contend is wrong.”

In response, Mr Rajah said, “Your Honour has perhaps understood my argument better than I have.”

virgo49 said...

So, now reserved judgement. That's means at least they going to debate among themselves and come to a final judgement.

Not straightaway like previous judgement rejected the application.

Hope they come with a wise judgement.

Or, ahem .............

Anonymous said...

Knnb chow PAPigs!

Anonymous said...

Old fart had planted the seeds for his own legacy demise ...

Anonymous said...






S for SINS

Anonymous said...

Oops 3rd P should be G


Anonymous said...

Is there any way of seeking redress if a kangaroo court like the one in the Hague ruled that an island is a rock or making other funny and ridiculous judgements?

China could do nothing except to ignore that kangaroo court and just as well as the kangaroos could not do anything either. Only other kangaroos would go along to side with the decisions of a kangaroo court.

Anonymous said...

One final question. Did KBW tweet like a bird or moo like a cow? I am confused! His name tells the whole story.