Well done North Korea, now safe from the evil Empire

The latest missile test by the North Koreans has drawn immediate response from the world's number one outlaw and its fellow gangsters. The Americans not only responded by more military exercises to threaten the North Koreans, Trump also added this rhetoric,

'By threatening the world, these weapons and tests further isolate North Korea, weaken its economy, and deprive its people,...The United States will take all necessary steps to ensure the security of the American homeland and protect our allies in the region.'

This is the normal reaction of the outlaw, to show the other party that it has bigger guns to hit them and also to fool the world that the North Koreans are threatening them and the outlaw is there to protect the rest of the world from the North Koreans. Now, who would be fooled by the American rhetoric, who would believe the North Koreans would be firing nuclear weapons at them for no good reason? Or is there any country been poking at the North Koreans and now felt guilty about it and thus has good reason to know that the North Koreans would not be happy with their big mouths?

The North Koreans are doing the right thing, to make sure it could give a few deadly blows at the outlaw should it tries to nuke them. The best part is that attention is directed at North Koreans' ability to hit the US homeland. Should the Americans nuke NK, Japan would be the first target for the short range missiles from NK. Japan would go up in smokes as the North Koreans have plenty of short range missiles to cover all the big cities and American bases in Japan.

The first victim of a nuclear war between the US and NK would be Japan. They better don't play with fire and tell the Americans to back down from their madness.

And why is North Korea becoming China’s problem and China has to solve it? What has China got to do with the affairs and defence capability of another sovereign state? Who is poking the North Koreans and threatening the North Koreans and demonizing the North Koreans?

China should show its middle finger to the Americans and tell them to deal with the problems they created, or was there really a problem in the first place? Just stop provoking and harassing the North Koreans and they would not threaten to blow up American cities. Stop your war games and flying nuclear armed bombers over the Korean Peninsula.

The Americans are the real problem, the threat to North Korea and world peace.


Anonymous said...

They better don't play with fire and tell the Americans to back down from their madness.

The Americans can only threaten and kpkb but dare not attack North Korea lah. North Korea is not Syria or Iraq, u know. This one China knows, North Korea knows and so do the Japanese.

The Americans are smart, just like the smart Sinkies.

Smart Sinkies at most only know how to kpkb against PAP, but will never join opposition to fight PAP in an election.

Always remember, never fight any battle that is not in your favour to win.

Anonymous said...

Unless the fat boy kneel down in front of DT to beg forgiveness, DT will continue with existing policies. Chances of fat boy kneeling down is zero so the stalemate continues

Anonymous said...

Smart Sinkies at most only know how to kpkb against PAP, but will never join opposition to fight PAP in an election.
8:47 am

After smart Sinkies see what PAP did to WP Ah Hia and gang on the AHTC issue, who would now dare to be opposition MP to take charge of Town Council?

Wait kena sue for millions then how?

Virgo49 said...

Singapore aka Sinkieland aka Sinking Land one of the first countries to condemn the North Korea missles tests

What's had the North Koreans missles testa go to do with SINKIE land???

Oh, forget we have the Amweican Base in Singapore.

So USA puppet or puppy wants to punch above its weight and must give world's opinions.

Clap, clap bravo.

Yours will be one of the puppet puppy nuke by us.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The dumb Americans think they can keep instigating, provoking and pressuring China to fight North Korea. Stop your foolish dream.

China and Russia are 100% behind the North Koreans. Any attack on the North Koreans will be an attack on China and Russia and would be WW3.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland is standing up to be noticed by the NK.

The Dragon Fly said...

69.9% Did You Vote For This?

We have seen the accelerated decline of SG after the demise of the old man. There was no curb of influx of foreigners, instead it was full steam. Recently activity by some association has classified Pinoy as one of our national race, I do not disagree. We should have more classification for the 3rd world FTs they imported since they have become sizeable number in this tiny red dot. With their pet FTs taking over local jobs, management positions and even ministership, we have seen astonishing number of locals becoming unemployed, underemployed, self employed as taxi drivers et cetera.

Our meritocracy has now become a joke internationally. 2 days of clowning in the parliament with no hard questions or grilling, self declare no abuse found. From the days of AIM, Lehman Bros, Ownself award ownself contracts with TCs, lapses from all sort of agencies; we had heard so many times that “no abuse was found, lets move on!” The will to crush opposition is evident from long ago. New history of govt agencies suing town council, when found not guilty, still insist of pursuing. We now know why personal lawyer and party member were swiftly promoted. The man who catwalked on the Indonesia parade is a very petty man. A man who will even ostracised his own family because of power. The old man maybe ruthless but he still had integrity and face value. And even in the light of becoming an international clown and butt of the joke, there are openly doing the unthinkable and obvious.

All those activists who fought for locals have all disappeared. The prominent CPF Roy is classic. After losing his job and pants, Singaproeans insulted him as mad dog. So disappointed with his sacrifice, he is now gone and never see him updating his blog or talk about Singapore anymore. Singaporeans have failed to see the real devil, perhaps we can deduce Singaporeans are self centred and selfish. In a picture downloaded from the internet, it says, ”Singapore has strange phenomenal, white becomes black, black becomes white, Indian becomes Malay, Flags are upside down, betrayers of country are worshiped, good party becomes the villians, the wolf is in power, emperor with clothes, useless ministers are favoured.”

All sort of declines in SG these days, economy is sinking, unemployment is rising fast, basic necessities such as flats becoming un-affordable to next gen, job discrimination, human rights disappearing, life is getting harder every day and the sleeping parliament where ministers still get millions.

You have screwed your next generation big time, our time is over. Thanks to your 69.9% overwhelming support. All these, you need to ask yourself why. You gave him the mandate, you endorse his policies. Did you really vote for this?

The above is lifted from TRE; written by
Gua Jing
Dated July 30th, 2017

Anonymous said...

Trump is not a politician. He is a lose canon. He never takes his own words seriously. His own people do not believe him at all.

Who is he to tell China what to do? Maybe he can order his poodles, but not China or Russia.

In any case, Kim's target is the US. And I would think the Chinese and Russians are smart enough to understand that N Korea is one more ally to counter the imperial encirclement comprising the US, India, Japan and South Korea.

Anonymous said...

In today's ST, a western journalist wrote about US conducting a preemptive strike against NK as if it is a normal thing to do. The Americans can nuke any country as they like, no condemnation.

This is how the West behaved and think it is their right to do, to remain the top dog, to control the whole world and any country not listening to their biddings would be nuked.

Peaceful super power or a rogue power?

The Dragon Fly said...

In the next World War, which would most probably be a nuclear war, any country with US Bases will be the first ones to be nuked. The reason is obvious.

So, don't set your country to be the first to be nuked and your people to be the first to die, because your leaders and your families will also be the first to die among them, even if you try to escape to your "safe havens".

Anonymous said...

'safe havens' may turn out to be hellholes. Dying slowly and painfully from massive radiation is no good reason to have 'safe havens' that resemble graves to live in forever? Would you rather die immediately or suffer a prolonged and painful death?

Anonymous said...

US Pacific Command Gen Terrence OJ said US and allies will use "overwhelming forces on North Korea", while flying B1B bombers over Korean peninsula. One keep talking, one keep experimenting new missile power. The new height is 3700km. One night 28th fired 2 missiles.
Marawi war went on for 1 month, 400 IsIs was said died, and 100+ civilians were shot. Those died were from gun shots and single bomb dropping from planes.

Imagine US Gen said above, and US do not evacuate the 2.5 millions residents in Seoul, how many will die from missiles, arty bombing from North Korea?

US must do now: send the South Koreans to Allies countries Japan, Singapore, as refugees. The start the war properly. Japanese have enough hospitals to house the wounded in Seoul?

Within a week, 500000 wounded or died should be the close estimate. US Commander can talk and talk. US commander in chief can talk: China is no good. China is still thinking and thinking and talking if wanting to repel the invasion force from India.

Among all of the talkers including Abe and also dragon son, Kim Jong An is the smartest. Make the weapons to get ready. Dont talk cork. He has 6 millions trained soldiers and reserved forces. More than IsIs can create havoc in Marawi style warfare. US: please do something solid. Have a small war fare to test the Chinese forces and Russian forces first before starting the Korean war. That is more practical move. Start with South China sea islands, or Russian Kuril islands, north of Japan. India has done it, started with Highland occupation. See what next.

The Dragon Fly said...

Trump is basically a businessman. He is only good at bluffing. But after a life time of bluffing, even commoners know where he stands as far as military threats are concerned. Military threats are just that, threats.

Threatening people too many times, without carrying out the threats, become hogwash.

President Xi and his present lot of Ministers are much smarter than the whole of the US Congress and White House combined. He is not going to fall for Trump's trick so easily.

As it is, six months into his Presidency, Trump has been facing tons of internal problems. Both the Republicans and the Democrats are attacking him non-stop almost on a daily basis, including the Main Stream Media. Even his own hand-picked lieutenants have played him out or deserted him. It is only a matter of time he will be impeached.

Anonymous said...

The Americans oredy had their taste of how good the poorly equipped PLA could be in the Korean War. You think they dare to take on the well equipped PLA of today?

The Americans would like to start a war in Korea. The dead would be the Koreans and the Japanese. The Americans would want to fight a war in other people's country and better in Asia where the casualties would be Asians and not Americans.

But Kim has other plans. He is now able to lob a few nuclear warheads into American homeland, to bring the war to America.

The Dragon Fly said...

President Vladimir Putin has announced that 755 staff must leave US diplomatic missions, in retaliation for new US sanctions against Moscow.

The decision to expel staff was made on Friday, but Mr Putin has now confirmed that they must go by 1 September, 2017.

This is the largest expulsion of diplomats from any country in modern history.

It brings staff levels to 455, the same as Russia's complement in Washington, after President Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats and closed down two Russian Embassy compounds in 2016.

Virgo49 said...

See the latest You Tube of the Chinese PLA 90 Anniversary Parade and you can see the Americans and the Injuns Shits in their pants.

Over 1 and half hour in the desert Inner Mongolia. You think Sinkies soldiers can tahan the heat??

Marina Bay of sea breeze and they had to install cooler equipments in case they fall like Nine Pins in bowling alleys.

The reviewing President ought to shout "Comrades how are you ? lots of hardships on you". way of appreciation for their duties and training.

Sinkie president will shout Hello slaves, don't fark around with me.Have you downloaded the SGsecure Apps?? No, I put you on charge"

RSM/CSM, prepare charge sheet, RPs where are you??

Military Police Command prepare empty cells.

Make sure they Peng San High noon and 3'o clock with full battle order plus bricks in haversacks.

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! Well done Ah Kim!!!

Heard overnight that new orders & sales for my war stocks going thru the roof!!!

Stock prices cheonging and looking forward to fatter dividends next quarter!!!

Anonymous said...

PLA 90 parade has something new. The armour and tanks looked soil and not repainted for parade. The new D31 missile was shown. The charbor amphibious marine soldiers were in parade.

There was no marching. But on the double in parade square. Looked much like morning parade to do field live firing.

Its time for war. Not talk cork. Could be the message to the soldiers on parade.

Anonymous said...

Calm down cowboys, stop being hysterical.
Nobody believes in your crying wolf anymore.
The people of the world are not stupid anymore, except one or two little USAs whose leaders are in your pocket.

Anonymous said...

Operative spoke of CIA hand in 1966 crash: Report
By Srinivas Laxman, TNN| Jul 30, 2017

MUMBAI: Was the CIA responsible for the crash of Air-India's Boeing 707,
which was carrying the chief of India's nuclear establishment? Homi Bhabha
was flying to Vienna to attend a meeting when the plane crashed into Mont
Blanc in the Swiss Alps on January 24, 1966.

On July 11, 2008, a purported conversation between journalist Gregory
Douglas and CIA officer Robert T Crowley , which was reproduced by a
relatively unknown news website TBRNews.org, suggested that the US
intelligence a?.. suggested that the US intelligence agency had a role in
the the whole episode. The transcript of the conversation was sent to this
correspondent by a top official in November 2008.

The CIA officer was quoted as saying: “We had trouble, you know, with India
back in the 60's when they got uppity and started work on an atomic
bomb...the thing is, they were getting into bed with the Russians.“

Referring to Homi Bhabha, he said “that one was dangerous, believe me. He
had an ?..