US on the Maniac Psychopathic War Path again PART 2

US war in Syria and threat to attack North Korea shows it is on the maniac psychopathic war path again.

Historically US has been on a psychopathic war path. This is criminal and is no different from a psychopathic serial killer except much worse and may be incomparable. US criminal wars kill hundreds of thousands or even millions of lives and cause untold painful sufferings to millions more as well as damages and destruction to countless numbers of properties and resources.

Why is America on a psychopathic war path since the day of its independence from England? US politicians and statesmen always have that inherent  animal instinct of  fierce and wild aggression which is similar to that of a tiger, lion, hyenas , leopards or crocodiles. This wild aggressive animal instinct is further aggravated by their strong belief in  their religious doctrine of militancy and aggression which they claim is sanctioned and supported by their Christian God and therefore they claim they have not committed any wrong or sin in their unprovoked wars of aggression and conquests and killings of other peoples who do not subscribe to their religion. They are insane and their insanity can be found in their counterparts of the just as evil extreme Islamic militants of the Arabs. In fact both the Arab militant Islamic doctrine and the white men or American Christian religious doctrine spring from the same roots in the Holy Bible especially of the Old Testaments.

To learn more about American militant religious doctrine it is necessary to delve into its source "The Doctrine of Christian Discovery" and its offshoots :American Manifest Destiny" and "American Exceptionalism". These topics can be searched in Google or Wikileaks.

Who is behind this American Psychopathic war path? US seems to be ruled by an establishment consisting of two political parties The Democrats and The Republicans. a president, the Senate and Congress  and House of Representatives. The two political parties are actually two sides of the same coin. They both subscribe to the same militant religious doctrines such as "The Doctrine of Christian Discovery"  as well as the doctrines of American Manifest Destiny and American Exceptionalism , all of which are geared for aggression and conquest of other countries. Then what is the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans? The difference is that the leaders of both political parties are competing to be at the centre stage of political power directing government policies and strategies. They are no different from the Catholics and the Protestants or the Islamic Sunnies and Shias for they will always unite against others who are not one of them.

But who actually runs the American government and controls its governance and policies. Is it the president, the senate and congress or CIA and The Pentagon -the military. Whoever they are , they are all rogues, crooks and scoundrels with no iota of conscience. They are in turn control by a sinister body the Illuminati and the Free Masons which form a Deep State or shadow government controlling everything from behind the veil.No American politicians like the president, senators, congressmen and others can get elected without the approval of the Illuminati or the Deep State. And who are the ultimate powers behind the Illuminati? They are the rich and mighty powerful Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist Rothschilds cabal and the one percent elite Americans who hold the ultimate authority and decision making in Washington over watching and controlling the judiciary, Wall Street, banking and commerce,war and peace, CIA and The Pentagon in the military.

Don't ever hope for the world to have peace for as long as US is controlled by the Deep State or the sinister Shadow Government of the Illuminati, the Zionist Rothschild cabal who thrives on wars to make money. They believe in conducting permanent wars to sustain its humongous military war industries so as to perpetually make mountainous profits out of it. US will as a policy instigate and provoke other countries to fight so as to be able to sell military hardware to the unsuspecting warring factions. During the Second World War US was making hundreds of billions of dollars by selling oil and other natural resources to Hitler and Japan until it itself was caught in the web of the war when Germany U-Boats-submarines began to destroy and sink American merchant ships carrying war cargoes to England and Japan began to attack Pearl Harbour.

In order for the world to have peace it is necessary and essential for the world to unite and destroy America and the Zionist Rothschild Illuminati cabal.

Southernglory 9 Jul 17


patriot said...

The US has been on an imperialist mission since the Day the Americans successfully invaded the Continent that belonged to the Native Red lndians.
The White Descendants of the English Origin were bound by their Christian Faith to crusade everywhere they were, are to lord over others. Hence, the Imperialist Trait becomes the Whites Nature. They are not alone, as the Muslims havr a similar mission in Jihad. Both Faiths had done much damages throughout their existence and there can be no end to it till the World is destroyed or both Faiths become impotent.

So long as believers are
bind by their Beliefs to the Mission of Crusade and Jihad which is compulsory and incumbent of them, the World will not have peace.

War is part and parcel if existence and it happens to all beings, even the Immobile plants
overwhelm one another.

So, in conclusion, may l say war is unavoidable and inevitable. The Peace Loving Folks will be forced to fight to defend themselves and their territory. No other alternative to deal with invader.

We have to live with the Nature of Beings.


Anonymous said...

The Illuminati also controls and monopolise all the big international pharmaceutical companies and make billions of dollars in sinful profits. Drugs for cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney and many others are under their strict control in pricing. They have the leverage on all hospitals and medical practioners all over the world.

b said...

They are the elite bankers who always profit from all kinds of wars, big or small.

b said...

They are based in germany. Obama was their minions.