Time to defang the evil Empire

The UN has started a move, led by the small nations of the world to ban nuclear weapons. But knowing how powerful is the evil Empire, this move is at best dreaming and chest thumping. The evil Empire will not give up its arsenal of nuclear weapons. Without the nuclear weapons it would not be able to bully every country that it chose to demonise by threatening to conduct preemptive nuclear strike on them.

The evil Empire is sending its nuclear forces of aircraft carriers and bombers to the east of the Mediterranean Sea poised to attack Syria. It is also sending its nuclear fleet and nuclear bombers to threaten the North Koreans as well as Russia and China.
The North Koreans have warned that the evil Empire is flirting too close to ignite a nuclear war. Many people still did not know how destructive is this coming war? It would escalate beyond control and half the world would be wiped out and become inhospitable for centuries to come, becoming nuclear wasteland. And to the Americans, please, the American continent would not be spared either as the top target in a nuclear war. You will be wiped out while your soldiers are out there wiping out other countries.
Is this what you want? No, you do not think you too would be victims of a nuclear holocaust? You think your so called nuclear shield, the stupid Thaad system, could protect you from a nuclear war? The trial shooting of pre planned inert targets is proof that it would be able to shoot down real targets that are designed to evade the Thaad missiles?

For the rest of the world, pray hard that your leaders did not get involved and be spared from becoming collaterals in this war. The bad news is that even if they did the right thing, not to get involved, the nuclear clouds would be all over the world and there is no escape.

When would the American masses put a stop to the evil men and women in charge and stop this menace from destroying human civilization? There will be no Sunday morning cuppa of hot coffee or football games to watch, no more Saturday night fever or basketball or baseball games, no more hamburgers or hotdogs to tuck in. The devastation would be horrendous. You want your good life to be destroyed by your irresponsible and reckless monsters in the White House, in the Pentagon, in Washington?

You still have a chance to stop them before it is too late. The mad men and women and their madness will drag you into the sea of fire. You have to take charge now and throw out all the mad men and mad women wanting to go to war, to provoke a nuclear war with North Korea or in Syria and surrender the peace and good life you are having today.

God save the poor Americans, they are inviting disasters onto themselves thinking that they would be spared. They could destroy others and others could not destroy them. The monsters in Washington do not care a shit how many million people would be annihilated when this war starts. Not to worry, the North Koreans may not hit you, but don’t count on China and Russia not hitting you. It is World War 3, damn it! Keep on threatening others, keep on provoking others. Just keep trying.

The time to remove all the nuclear weapons on mother earth is here. Get rid of them or they will rid you from mother earth. Small nations must stand up, especially the principled ones, to blow their trumpets loud and clear, that nuclear weapons are harmful not only to small nations but to the whole world.


Anonymous said...

Time to defang the evil Empire
For one second I thot you were writing about Singapore again.

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Anonymous said...

Angkol, r u kidding me? De-fang the evil Empire? The chances is 101% impossible, just like u r asking the PAApies to withdraw the AHssHole charges on WwP after Ah Long being humiliated by Ah Kiang in Parliement...

Anonymous said...

...just like u r asking the PAApies to withdraw the AHssHole charges on WwP after Ah Long being humiliated by Ah Kiang in Parliement...
9:13 am

Ah Kiang sibeh jialat leow. How to pay back $33 million?

Even if Ah Kiang lawyer very good can bargain down the amount, figure also not small tio bo?

Very likely just a matter of time before Ah Kiang, Aunty Lim and Ah Singh made bankrupt and lose seat.

Might as well also lah, since What's the Point (WP) being in Parleement but not ready to be govt?

Hurray! By election for Aljunied just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

The man responsible for bringing computer trading into the stock exchange and the pathetic state of the stock market is dead.

Anonymous said...

How to pay back $33 million?
9:38 am

Wow, this one many times even more tua kee than Ah Chee ever kena sued in his whole life.

Ah Chee now must be feeling very lucky his case is really just peanuts, as compared to Ah Kiang's case.

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Anonymous said...

Commander Swift said he would send nukes to China when Trump ordered to do so. Trump should have written his will, correct? eg will Trump tower at NY to be demolished after the nukes attack?
The same consequence applies to North Korea s attack. Nuke is nuke. There is no distinction who sends over.

US and China should get closer. Beijing US$13 billions new airport coming in 1 years time may have direct flights between China and US.

This is going to happen around 2020 when sinkies will elect the same ah long to tell China left right left right.

This is the real truth: US nuke China is as good as US nuke US. So this is ruled out as possible. But US somebody screws China is on going. Little USA supports US to poke China will happen. eg yearly shangrila meeting will provide the chance for US shoulder with stars men to tell chinamen off. However, words are harmless.

China has ICBM, precision missiles with smallest warheads but biggest destructions mounted on South China sea submarines hidden somewhere. US has its recon P8 flying from Changi to detect the sumbarines positions. How to nuke each other?

Between US and China, there is far more economic activities to benefit Trump. Foxconn is putting US$10 billions to start a factory in US. It s Trump s victory: hey USD$10billions. With the new Beijing flight hub ready in 12 months time, US and China should be closer.

Nuclear war is non real stuff. Marawi war is real.
Sinkiesland has half population foreigners. Foreigners control half of its labor force. Sinkiesland should worry about Marawi type of warfare.

Philippines peso has been going down with the war. If S$ is going down with any hidden war on Sinkiesland, the sinking S$ is painful than nuke attack. Foods expensive, salary gets auto cut. Die instantly is not that bad lah.

Sinkies are getting confused. Some not worry about $50millions fraud but worry about $33 millions proper usage of funds. Its political manipulation talks. agree? To divert voters attention on unemployment and screw ups. Nuke war is US s same tools to blind the public of issues affecting them.

virgo49 said...

Aiya, the so called 33 millions they deemed to be higher prices they paid to WC, oops WP TC Management Agent are not misappropriated monies.

How can they compared just one PAP TC Management fees to be lower and they accused them of misappropriation of monies.

HOW MANY PAP TC not paying higher fees than WP not been accused and audited???

You be surprised they have more misappropriation of funds.

How about the Laymen and Sisters lost funds??

The PAP MPs no need to pay back??


Come to subject matter.

The UN is a farce allowing the Five Big Powers to have VETO power and vote. They knew that these five jokers were Veto each other in any proposal and waste time and whisky,vodka and Mo Tai debating each other.

Just simply withdraw the Veto votes and let all nations in the UN big and small to have a vote each.

This way they can passed any motion to ban the Necular Weapons.

The non nuclear nations will definitely go for it on level playing or fighting ground.

Anonymous said...

I bought Vitamin C from Guardian at $30.
I went to Watson and bought Vitamin C and they charged me $20.

Can I go claim from Guardian for the difference or say I overpaid Guardian?

Anonymous said...

Guardian and Watson are different companies. If buying bananas, buy from 1 white colour mtuc banana is higher price than banana from 1 blue color mtuc. Banana from giant and shingsiong also different: the latter is higher price than former.
If buying pork, price in mtuc is often higher than giant for lean port.
If u r buyer, u will have hard time to buy the cheapest banana and pork for your boss, if your boss is ah long type. U have to take taxi to move from one shop to the other when buying pork and banana. Half a day extra and more taxi fare charged to company.

Anonymous said...

@ July 28, 2017 12:38 pm

If I voted PAP and ended up paying million dollar salary for a PAP Minister.
Can I get a refund from PAP?

Anonymous said...

China may have to back down if India and US jointly form an alliance. Little USA now will have better use for its CECA. Can ask India army generals to take over and bring in Indians professional soldiers in sinkies army and navy, to do joint "freedom of navigation" at South China sea.

Sinkies citizens can now enjoy no NS. Or 4 weeks training is enough similar to new citizen army. What happen to the new recruitment for new citizen army? No news about it.

Former US Senator suggested to provide nukes outfits for Indian navy and ask Indian navy to check China navy.

"In addition, there are oil and gas reserves there (South china sea). We (US) really do not want a naval war with China. It would be costly to defend a place like the Spratly Islands," he writes. "But we can send China a devastating message by strengthening the Indian Navy. An Indian Navy that has the capability of delivering nuclear weapons would cause China great concern. In fact, if we actually outfitted the Indian Navy with nuclear weapons, China might back down from its antagonistic stance in the region," Pressler (ex Senator) says in the book. "

patriot said...

Britain had just declared yesterday to send its' warships to demand for freedom of navigation at South China Sea.
Do not know of any country ban from sailing around the International Waterways around China Seas.
The Fore Father of the American Whites is as loving and defensive of its' offsprings although it had being sidelined by the Latter due to the Former getting too powerful. lt could be that the Weakening Fore Father now needs protection from others.

The Chinese has a Saying:
meaning the Conflict now could be a blessing in disguise.
For if it is an impending disaster, then
there shall be no way to avoid it.
Personally, l do not think I have any chance or luck to see World War 3, but skirmishes here and there shall be common.

Do wish to see that efforts by China to uplift the lives of the World Communities will bear fruits and make livings better for as many as possible.

For Chinese Efforts to bear fruits, the People around the World must discern trouble makers and those trying to hold the World at Large to Ransom.

All must work to rid evil wherever and whenever they detected.



patriot said...

to correct

My apology.


Anonymous said...

The problem is leaders of small countries have little choice but to bend with the wind to survive. North Korea and Iran tried to defy the imperial empire and what happened? The imperial empire imposed sanctions and forbid its allies to trade or deal with them and those that do not comply with their orders.

The world is now controlled by the greedy bankers and super rich elites who controlled the world bodies like IMF, World Bank, S & P etc. Small countries who want to be in the good books of the greedy super rich elites need to follow their greedy system and so how can small countries and small people come together to rid those greedy elites from starting wars and enslave the rest of the world?

The only possibility is another catrastophe that killed the dinosaurs or a total global nuclear conflict. Which means the end of mankind. But the cycle will still eventually come round to square one because mankind are born with the trait of greediness and selfishness.

Anonymous said...

Human beings will ultimately kill one another till extinction because their intelligence and knowledge will become their biggest enemies.

Anonymous said...

This has been empire still thinks it is an empire and sending its modern day Repulse and Prince of Wales to be sunk in the South China Sea again.

And while they are poking their noses elsewhere like point the guns in the wrong direction, they did not know that the foreigners have arrived on their shores and waiting to take over their country.

Daft Brits! 25 of their mayors are Muslims and more coming.

The Dragon Fly said...

The Supreme Court of Pakistan voted unanimously that the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been dishonest and therefore disqualified to be a honourable member of the Parliament.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has resigned as a result of this. His Minister of Internal Affairs has advised him to abide by the Supreme Court's findings and to step down.

Nawaz Sharif has been a 3-term PM of Pakistan. All his three terms have been cut short before his terms complete. He is due to complete this third term in Aug 2018.

In Pakistan, there are FOUR (not three) Independent Bodies doing checks and balance - the Judiciary, the Legislative Assembly, the Executive and the Military.

In Singapore, the only checks and balance is OWNSELF CHECKS OWNSELF, which leads to Ownself Don't Need Check Ownself, after 4th July, 2017.

So, is it even possible for our Supreme Court (Court of Appeal) to ever rule that LHL is dishonourable and therefore disqualified as member of Parliament? I think we can only dream about it, correct?

Does our Judiciary has the political will, clout and gumption to do it? It only takes a few good men. Do we have that few good men in Sinkieland? May be? Hope so!

Anonymous said...

"Do we have that few good men in Sinkieland? May be? Hope so!" unquote

The answers: Good men all gone for good. Utterly and convincingly sure! Hoping against hope!

Anonymous said...

In Singapore, the only checks and balance is OWNSELF CHECKS OWNSELF...
The Dragon Fly 8:57 am

Not really lah. Have you forgotten that we have an opposition?

But if the opposition is not strong, united and ready to be govt, how to expect majority voters to have the confidence to vote them into Parliament to perform a strong check on the ruling party? Or better still be a better alternative to the ruling party?

In fact the strongest party, the WP, also ownself check ownself in managing their Town Council and now kena sued for doing this! LOL

patriot said...

A few good can do nothing for Sin.

Sin needs a cabinet full of rats to change, only a completely rotten regime can get the Daft Sinkies to wake up.

A few good folks will only be seen by the Dafties as fools to laugh at.

Yes, in Sin, only whence the Dafties become victims themselves, only then, will they wake up.

Vote for PAP to completely have 100% of Sin and change shall take place naturally.


Anonymous said...

TRUE WONDERFUL NEWS: North Korea said on Saturday it had conducted another successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that proved its ability to strike all of America's mainland !

Anonymous said...

A hysterical US President Donald Trump said after the latest North Korean hugely successful intercontinental ballistic missile test that "by threatening the world, these weapons and tests further isolate North Korea, weaken its economy, and deprive its people."

But North Korean missiles are only directed at the USA, and not threatening the rest of the world.

The latest North Korean missile test came a few days after US Pacific Fleet Commander, Admiral Scott Swift, said that he would not hesitate to launch nukes at China next week if ordered by US President Trump.

The North Korean missile flight demonstrated successful stage separation, reliability of the vehicle's control and guidance to allow the warhead to make an atmospheric re-entry under conditions harsher than under a normal long-range trajectory.

Virgo49 said...

And the South Koreans held live firing exercises with the Americans.

How daft the South Koreans can be dafter than Sinkies in trying to warn the North for the Americans sake.

They should be joyous that the North can hit the Americans.

Now those clowns who condemned the North must be looked sillier than clowns.

The North, under their eyes are improvised and poor can invent Nuclear Bombs.

Whereas the South with their Rich corrupted cronies cannot even beat the North.

Still got to be a vassal of the Americans who dicated terms to them.

So many of their ex Presidents went to jail of corruption.

So much for free world and democracy and human rights.

Whether can see Sinkieland leaders wearing cuffs and pilaxted as Rolex watches.

Anonymous said...

With the latest successful launch, the days of preemptive strike against NK is over. NK is now safe from the American gangsters. They would not dare to hit the NK anymore.

Well done North Korea.

Anonymous said...

"I am very disappointed in China. Our foolish past leaders have allowed them to make hundreds of billions of dollars a year in trade, yet they do NOTHING for us with North Korea, just talk," Trump wrote.

So, you not happy with North Korea and it is China's problem and China must solve your problem?

Fucking American bully. China today would not be your puppet on a string. Xi will show Trump his middle finger.

Virgo49 said...

Wah piang, see the PLA Parade.

Now China baring their teeth to tell America, India and the the rest of US puppets that we will fight you head on.

All the while, you take submissions and our politeness as Sick Cats.

We shall fight any one who offended us.

Now where is the wise guy who made jokes on us saying what's bak kut teh and what's free smokes.

Their little dot been smoked yearly by your good friend Ah Sean neighbours and you just kept mum like sick cat.

Your citizens got asthma, bronchitis and what's not and every ND just parade toy soldiers.

Aiyo, kena Bully like hell and can only Bully own citizens.

Pui ##$$/^/&*CCB.