The world’s number one Outlaw threatening war in Korea

One war after another, one regime change after another, the warmongering nation of the USA is planning to start another war in the Korean Peninsula. What is the reason for it? North Korea has tested ICBM that could possibly reach Alaska? Why is this a threat to the USA when thousands of American ICBMs could flatten North Korea that is thousands of miles away from continental USA? Who is threatening who? Who is threatening to use military force on the other? It is the big bully of course, the world’s number one Outlaw!

It is not that the North Koreans are capable of starting a war of invasion against the Americans or stupid enough to want to do a mission impossible. The growing capability of the North Koreans as a threat is only as far as to negate or limit the Americans from threatening them. With the growing military might, the North Koreans could inflict a small dent on the American defence shield at most. They could not do much damage to the Americans and would invite total annihilation of their country if they dare to make a single wrong move.

The threat is that the Americans now cannot anyhow threaten them with military options, can no longer threaten a pre emptive strike and get away scot free. The Americans cannot bully the North Koreans at will anymore. The North Koreans can now give the Americans a black eye should it dare to.

The real threat is the Americans everyday threatening to invade the North Koreans and wanting to conduct a preemptive nuclear strike. Read the article from 4th Media below on what the Americans are doing and planning to do to the North Koreans. Yes, the real devil is the Americans. And the Americans are at the North Korean doorstep conducting wargames simulating an invasion while North Korea is tens of thousands of miles from the American shore. This is the kind of hypocrisy the Americans are making the silly Asians and the rest of the world to believe in. The North Koreans are a threat to the Americans when the truth is that the Americans are the real threat to the North Koreans, clear and present danger.

War can start at any moment and the two Koreans would be made to kill and destroy each other at the command of the Americans. What is the UN going to do to stop this monster from starting another war in Asia? What is the world community going to do about it, blame the North Koreans and gang up with the evil Americans to start a war against the North Koreans?

Everything the North Koreans is doing is exactly to prevent the Americans from attacking them. The weaker the North Koreans are militarily, the more tempting would they become for an American attack. The stronger they are militarily, the more nuclear weapons and ICBMs they have, the safer they are from the evil Americans, and the less likelihood that they would suffer the same fate as Iraq and Libya.

The mad Americans are bent on starting a war in Korea and in Asia. Their war economy depends on war to survive. Their world hegemony depends on suppressing and threatening the rest of the world with wars. And war is what the Americans want, away from the American continent. And many silly Asian leaders love wars and are easily manipulated to go to war. Pray the Koreans are not so stupid to kill each other at the behest of the evil Americans.

The American outlaws are the real threat to world peace.


Extracts from an article in the 4th Media
… James R. Lilley puts it succinctly when he says: “At the end of the Cold War, if North Korea didn’t exist we would have to create it as an excuse to keep the Seventh Fleet in the region.” …

IN its latest move early June 2017, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) unanimously adopted a resolution drafted by the United States to expand the scope of sanctions against Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) over its latest missile tests.

Prior to this the UNSC slapped the North Korea with six rounds of sanctions, but Washington and its allies have been pushing for more powerful and crippling sanctions in an attempt to halt the increasing wave of missile tests by Pyongyang.

Meanwhile, President Trump said “all options are on the table” (implying military solution), while his Vice President Pence declared the “end of strategic patience.”
Pence added:

“The patience of the United States in this region has run out …………The world has witnessed the strength and resolve of the US in actions taken in Syria and Afghanistan.”
Pence was alluding to the 59 cruise missiles the US launched at a Syrian military airfield, and the 22,000-pound “mother of all bombs,” the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat by the United States, dropped in Afghanistan.
US War Games

Right after striking Syria, President Trump dispatched a giant armada led by an aircraft carrier, USS Carl Vinson, to the Korean peninsula as a show of force. The US also dispatched a nuclear-powered guided missile submarine, the USS Michigan, to the region, capable of launching up to 150 Tomahawk cruise missiles with a range of about 1,000 miles. The 6,900-tonne USS Cheyenne arrived in the South Korea port of Busan.

The US also has nearly 80,000 US military personnel in South Korea and Japan, as well as military aircraft and other hardware on a high state of alert in South Korea. The USS Ronald Reagan and its carrier strike group are based at the Japanese port of Yokosuka, while the US 7th Fleet, armed with tactical nuclear weapons, patrols the region.
The US nukes are also based in South Korea and Guam, while US heavy B-1 and B-52 bombers can fly from North America to Korea. In the event of war with North Korea, the US military take over the South Korean military with some 625,000 personnel as well as naval, air and anti-missile systems.

To top it all, U.S. performs, twice annually, the largest war games in the world with South Korea, in which it practises an assassination of the North Korea’s top leadership, the invasion and occupation of North Korea, and a nuclear first strike against North Korea with imitation armaments.

The Foal Eagle war games include 300,000 South Korean soldiers and 15,000 US troops. This year, the exercises also feature Navy SEAL Team Six, which is best known for assassinating Osama bin Laden on Obama’s orders.

Moreover, an American plan was made public last September proclaiming that “the North’s capital city will be reduced to ashes and removed from the map if it shows any signs of using a nuclear weapon”.


Anonymous said...

The trigger happy rogues in the White House and Pentagon are ever ready to shoot from the hip. They are also escalating the war against Assad. Putin is pushed to a corner. Either he hits back hard or he will lose his credibility in the Arab world. The Americans are shooting at anything Syrian to protect ISIS and American backed rebels.

Anonymous said...

Worry not worry not!

There will be NO war!

Only talks.........NO action!

NK leh! Not small fly!

Don't play play!

You think there will be war?

NO war! NO war! Only talks!


Anonymous said...

It is not a question of N Korea being able to wage a nuclear war against the US and gets flattened. Far from it. What the N Koreans have always been saying is correct. Having a nuclear arsenal, however small, compared to the US, is a deterrent. Pure and simple logic will tell us that. You hit me, I can hit back.

In the event of a nuclear war, even under the threat of extinction, a few nuclear carrying ICBM, launched by N Korea and managing to get through the US air defence and hitting the US cities is not a laughing matter.

That is the reason everyone fears N Korea's nuclear capabilities. Kim is no chicken hearted person. He dares to take the risk.

On the one hand the US keeps on berating the capabilities of the N Korean nuclear missiles technology, harping on its occassional failures and belittling its progress. If that is the case, what is there to fear when you have such advanced missle technology and air defence systems?

Anonymous said...

Moreover, an American plan was made public last September proclaiming that “the North’s capital city will be reduced to ashes and removed from the map if it shows any signs of using a nuclear weapon.


It is just a plan lah. And I think the chances of the Americans executing their plan is as good as the chances that Hsien Loong will sue his siblings, or the Sinkie opposition being ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

Let us all hope that we will not have to experience a war in this region. We will all be losers. The only people who will gain from a war if it happens will be
the Japanese. They will then have a valid excuse to arm themselves to the teeth with the help of USA. It was USA who prevented them from arming themselves after WW2, and now it will be the same USA who will arm them again. What irony!!!!

Hope Singapore stays neutral. China will definitely not be an idle bystander. China will not wish for a war at their doorstep. Will they be influential enough to stop NK from embarking on such a foolish endeavour? If USA pushes too hard and forces NK to a corner, then I am afraid they will have no alternative but to hit back.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:33 am, you are right.

That's why bad boy Kim Jong Un dare to say their ICBM test on 4th July (American Independence Day) is a birthday gift to the American bastards. Hahahahaha, and use bastard word some more!

And I think Hsien Loong knows that he has no case to sue his siblings, so using the excuse say cannot sue own siblings which will besmirch their parents' names.

And that's also why I think Hsien Loong's siblings dare to publicly accuse Hsien Loong of this and that, and without fear of getting sued.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that the biggest casualties suffered would be the South Koreans. But the outlaw Americans would not care a shit. Let the Koreans all got killed as long as they can put their troops in the Korean Peninsula to check on China and Russia.

The silly South Koreans are willing pawns to serve the evil Empire. So pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Why stop N Korea? The one that must be stopped is USA. All nations in the world must unite to take on USA. Go on all fronts - economic sanctions, materials embargo, financial strangulation, tourism, cultural, religious and education, transportation, communication, technology, science and research, miilitary (insurgent and guerrilla warfare, psychological warfare, cyberwar, etc.

patriot said...

There is one way to deal with the Americans and that is to take the war and battle into the US Homeland.
Russia, China, North Korea and those threaten by aggression from the US can sail at the International Waters around the US and her Military Allies. This shall keep them(US and her Allies) on tenterhooks fearing for their safeties.

If All the Enemies are near and around the US and her Allies Homelands, rest assure, those US Stooges and Bootlickers are going to pee in their pants and shit in it if war breaks out.

US Enemies need to be proactive and offensive if need be. They cannot and should not be just defensive. The Imperialists are not satisfy till they rule the World.

lf violence can solve lingering threat and bullying, let war settles it.
Apparently, the vile and belligerent US and her Allies, especially Japan, France, the UK to name a few are longing to control the World economically, politically, culturally and in every aspects.

Should there be a need, Americans and their oversea assets, commercial and diplomatic, should be dealt with FIRST BEFORE


Anon said...

Some idiots believed everything they Goggled.

These an be progangada by the West.

Goggle, godgolle and goggle until becomes goggle gong gong.

Anonymous said...

Some people are trying to poison the minds of readers on China wanting to fix NK and also to discredit Xi Jinping.

b said...

People must remember: Wars cannot solve anything. It only brings sufferings to people. Its performed to allow elites to loot the country.

Anonymous said...

People may remember and knows that war cannot solve anything and brings only sufferings to the common people. But who wants war actually? It is not the common people who risk their lives doing the fighting. They die like nobody's business and they forced upon it as their duty to do so. They, their parents, their spouses, their children, definitely do not want war.

It is the elites, the super rich and those than stands to benefit most from wars will talk about the goodness of war. And it does not take a genius to figure this out, that the biggest benificiary of war are the weapons manufacturer, the rich bankers, the people who control the government of the US and Western allies. War to them is opportunity.

Ordinary people have no say about whether they want war or not. They do not have a choice. The choice is not in their hands.

b said...

If we the united people on his earth repeat this every second/min/hour, they will have to hear us.

Anonymous said...

The West talks about it as if it will be N Korea who will be the first to use nuclear weapons. Everyday you get propaganda of this kind being drummed into people's head by the western media controlled by those who want war to control the wealth of the world.

Much of the world seems to have forgotten that the only country that ever used nuclear weapons against another is non other than the biggest terrorist of the world. And they are even looked upon as the guardian angel that saved the world, as always.

And they continue to justify it by saying that the dropping of the two bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved more lives than if they allowed the war to continue. With their total control of the media at that time, it was just a load of bullshit! That was non other than an occassion to test the first atomic bomb. And Japan was then on the verge of losing the war as a result of over stretching their resources over such a wide area. That provided them the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese love the 2 atomic bombs and are calling the Americans as their father. See how close are they now? The Americans know how to deal with the Japs, whack them real hard and they will be very good dogs.