The race stated in your IC tak pakai

Is the race stated in your BC/IC legal?

The issue of your race has never been so controversial, so ambiguous, so subjective and so disputable until this minority election for an EP comes into being. Everyone is now questioning what his race means to his opportunity to qualify for the appointment of the EP. While the heat is now on in how to define what is a Malay and Malayness, many have forgotten the meaning of race as stated in the BC/IC. Is this still valid and still legal? Is a person a Malay or Indian or Chinese or Others as stated in his BC/IC or is that person something else?

Going backwards, when a child is born, the most important decision and a natural thing to do for the parents are to identify which race the child belongs. This is instinctive and the real identity of the child that the parents want the child to be. They have consciously chosen, declared and made a decision for life for the child.

What is happening today is that this important decision of choice is questionable and may not be legal. A person with a particular race stated in his/her BC/IC could not be what was stated in the BC/IC. A Malay may not be a Malay or an Indian may not be an Indian, and so is a Chinese or Others.

Would this new development have any implications other than just the qualification to stand as an EP candidate? Many govt polices are race related like HDB, education, social organisations etc etc. When one's identity in the BC/IC is subject to question and challenge, what would it make of the BC/IC, an official document that tells the identity of a person?

Can the Committee deciding what or who is a Malay reject a person that is officially stated as a Malay in his/her BC/IC? Can the same Committee decide that a person that is officially stated as a non Malay be officially ‘accepted’ as a Malay despite what is stated in the BC/IC? How would such an issue be ruled in the courts of law should race be in question, is the person what he is as stated in his BC/IC?

The problem of this confusion of racial identity is not just about the EP but about a whole series of complex govt policies and regulations and the social fabric of the country. This is a problem that is self created and is not going to go away just by a few simplistic rulings by a Committee that now appears to have the right and authority to change the race of a person.

What is happening?

Would there be more stringent checks and conditions before one can register a child belonging to an ethnic group at birth given this new development, that parents cannot anyhow hantam the race of the child in the BC/IC when being an ethnic minority comes with exceptional privileges?


Anonymous said...

Indeed we are in big trouble. The IC is not telling the truth about your race, we maybe not all but a sizeable number of citizen. So if IC is not accurate, then why bother to include race in the IC?

The EP is the wakeup call to re-look at our past practice. Now it would be up to government to decide who you are. What a convenient way to solve a complex issue. Clever government. Nothing is impossible for them. Today you think you are Chinese, tomorrow the government will say you are Indian because you eat curry more than char kwa teow.

Anonymous said...

PAP's attempt to deny Tan Cheng Bock a chance to be elected President - an event they find most unpalatable - has created a host of other perplex problems . . .

Anonymous said...


No worry! No worry!


Singapore is now like that!

Black is white! White is black! Sama sama lah!

Just look around you......

This is the new singapore!

So......worry not worry not!


Anonymous said...

Someone should be charged for providing false information in the IC. Tio bo?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Can the Committee reject a 100% Malay, both parents are Malay, just because he converted to Christianity but lives the life of a Malay, culturally, socially and everything else?

Anonymous said...

An Indian Muslim candidate can qualify to stand both in a presidential election reserved for Malays, and another election reserved for Indians - does that make sense ?

Anonymous said...

This is a case of trying to push a square pole into a round hole. Something must give way. Sad!

Anonymous said...

Surely, they cannot deem that an Indian who is Muslim is not an Indian ???

Anonymous said...

Are you sure we have an Indian Muslim standing as a candidate for the coming EP?


Kangaroos Tamer said...

The best is to follow the Rule of Law. The Rule of Law recognizes the Race stated in the Birth Certificate, Identity Card and Passport.

The problems start when some smart elites start to tweak the Laws and the Constitution to suit their own political motivation, interests, designs, schemes and to cover their assholes and twisted logics.

The Committee that is appointed by whoever to decide on who is Malay, must also decide on who is not Malay. It cannot rest there. It must also decide on who is Chinese, Indian, Eurasian, Indonesian, Philippino, Thai, Vietnamese, Myanmese, Cambodian, Arab, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, etc. Because many people have mixed blood.

Moreover, the Committee that decides on Malayness is likely unconstitutional. If its decisions violate various basic and fundamental laws and statuettes, then it would be committing an offence(s) against our Laws.

The moment the Committee's decision(s) is/are made known publicly, anyone can report to the Police for any violation of our Constitution, Laws, Regulations, Rules, Statuettes, etc.

If Birth Certificate, Identity Card and Passport failed to give a clear and definite indication of the individual's Race, then it should be verified by DNA TEST. To be of certain Race, the individual concerned must have more than 50% Dominant Traces of that particular Race in his/her DNA.

I don't see how the Committee can circumvent these two legal methods of identifying a person used by / in all the Courts and Legal Bodies in the World.

jjgg said...

Er .. if u promise to pay me big time for acting stupid .. which clown suit do u want me to wear today?

Anonymous said...

IC should be the only source of evidence if Malay or Chinese.

Many Chinese do not write their own names in Chinese characters. They should be qualified as presidential candidates 30 years later.

Malay wear songkok, but may has sons not speaking malay and also carrying foreign country passports. Is he or she malay? Yes. 100% Malay. No doubt.

When philippines citizens take up sinkie citizenship, there was rumors saying some of them are classified as Malay and not Others.
See the point? For example: philippines muslims converted to sinkie citizenship should be Malay. Not others.

IC is the only basis. No need birth certificate. Philippines Malays, Indian Malays, Parkis Malays, all should be classified as Malay and stand for election.

I will vote for Parkis Malay or Philippines Malay. They have brass balls, and are unlikely to carry pap balls.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anonymous said...

An Indian Muslim candidate can qualify to stand both in a presidential election reserved for Malays, and another election reserved for Indians - does that make sense ?

Wrong, he can also stand for election in an open EP for all races.

Anonymous said...

The more they fixed, the more they would bungle and screw up the whole system.

Anonymous said...

Read from Ass. A singaporean was threaten at JB by 6-7 gang. It started because the singaporean denied a Malaysian cut into his queue. On reporting to spf, he learned the Malaysian is currently serving in SAF and is PR singapore.

This is a similar story of PE. Singapore wants to have Malay PE. When Malay is from Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, they are likely to be disqualified for less malayness.

Constitution allows citizens to be PE. They change to Malay for 30 years. Now they question malayness. Malaysian malay converted to citizen cannot do?

Malaysia PR did to singaporean at JB is scary? It is so common. Malaysian Chinese will damage the singaporean chinese s cars for parking at their roads. Wanna stop malaysian from doing nonsense at JB?
When in singapore, there was nothing the threatened man could do except chat with spf.

In future, will there be a PE acting similar to the PR in saf?

Anonymous said...

All citizens should go for DNA test to reclassify their race to solve this race issue.

patriot said...

Nevermind about Race for the Coming EP Election.
whether the Candidate ever run or manage a $500 Million Sin-dollar
And also dont worry about the Calibre and lntegrity of the Candidates.

We must be cohesive and in harmony as sincerely exhorted by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.
We must go along with the 70% and support whatever PAP is doing for Sin.
The Leeders have made much sacrifices to uphold integrity and propriety, including censuring and severing sibling relationship and blood ties. lt is great sacrifice for the Sake of Justice and we must be cognizant of it.

Halimah is another who is making great sacrifice for forsaking her lndian Ancestry.
Her ancestors must be very proud of her.
Me too very touch by her great sacrifice, so l told myself to follow the Great Examples and shall vote for PAP in every election from now on.

PAP deserves to have 100% of Sin.


Anonymous said...

So is Halimah an Indian or a Malay? If none of the above, can we place her as Others? Until now, no one can give a definite answer.

Anonymous said...

When in power, can say and do what they want

what can you do?

can only kpkb here kpkb there or at HLP

but no use and waste of time

at the end, only lan-lan

this is Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Funny, why PAP never publicly said what is Halimah's race as stated in her IC?

Why PAP diam diam on this?


Anonymous said...

Funny, why PAP never publicly said what is Halimah's race as stated in her IC?
11:58 am

But also funny why no reporter want to ask Halimah what is her race as stated in her IC?

Oh I forgot those reporters who can even get near her to ask her questions are those from the mainstream media.

So it is understandable why they did not ask Halimah that question.

Anonymous said...

hi anonymous 1158am

Silence Is Golden!?


Anonymous said...

More Mental Masturbation.
The Global Hub for Mental Masturbation.

Just like a Chinese Lantern.
Bright & beautiful when viewed from far away.
But when viewed up close.
You will see it is hollow inside.
With lots of hot air coming out from the top.

Anonymous said...

Definition of a “Malay person” opens up a can of worms about Mendaki and apparent double standards
Member of Parliament from People's Action Party, Mr Zainal Bin Sapari opened a can of worms about Mendaki when he made a Facebook post about the definition of what constitutes a Malay person with citizens voicing the treatment that they got from the Yayasan MENDAKI in their request for financial assistance.

With anecdotes of double standards when comes to approval of financial aid, netizens raise questions of whether the government is shifting the goalpost or definition of race to suit their purpose, and whether it is in anyway unfavourable to the country's progress for the government to be playing the race card for political means.


Anonymous said...

Fukushima's "Swimming Robot" Captures First Images Of 'Massive Deposits' Of Melted Nuclear Fuel

The budget for the cleanup, which is still running behind schedule, has more than doubled to a whopping $188 billion last year.

TEPCO has also not been able to decide on what to do with the 777,000 tons of water contaminated with tritium when it was used to cool down the plant’s cores, and has petitioned Japan’s government to allow it to dump some of the water into the Pacific. According to the officials, tritium is not harmful in small doses.

It’s believed that the decommissioning of the reactors will cost 8 trillion yen ($72 billion), according to an estimate in December from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and take as long as 40 years.



Do you want Singapore to use nuclear power?
Vote wisely.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. Singapore will go ahead with the nuclear option. Accidents wld not happen in Singapore. With 10m pop in the plan, no other way out except nuclear.

Anonymous said...

How come Workers' Party MPs never ask Halimah in Parliament what is her race stated in her IC ??

Anonymous said...

Ask Low Thia Khiang to ask. Also ask Marican and Farid Khan to show their ICs.

Anonymous said...

There is a saying that the more you stir the bucket of shit, the more bubbles come up and the smellier it becomes.

How do you translate that in Malay or Indian?

Very soon, to verify a Malay candidate, they have to resort to seeing whether the person wears songkok or sarong and whether underneath the sarong there is any underwear.

Any shit by any other name smells just as shit!

Anonymous said...

Farid is the choice: a pakis born in gelang seria. If he is disqualified, then salleh s second chance might also none.
Pap is sends The speaker. She is not qualified. She was not trained to read financial statements, managing no firms, not a manager.
Vote pakis should be right choice.

Anonymous said...

Fukushima is still one enomous problem unsolved.

And as always, and with all issues, the Japs will never reveal the seriousness nor admit it.

Everything is under control, so they say.

Not to worry. When the Olmpics comes around, world records of sorts will be made by athletes with grey hue, energise by the radiation released from fukushima. Everyone will be elated and the problem will be forgotten.

Will the Japs again decide to abandon their contaminated homeland and colonise the rest of Asia?

Exposing The Frauds said...

For all that is known, at the very last minute there may be a change of PAP's candidate.

Also, at the last minute one true Malay like the late First President Inche Yusoff Ishak (possiby his descendent) may come out to contest the PE.

God willing.

The Dragon Fly said...

Academics Punching Above Their Weights At Malaysia

CNA wrote an opinion piece featuring 'experts' from Singapore’s education institutes punching at Malaysia:

Dr Mustafa Izzuddin, from Singapore’s ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute accused the Malaysian government and political parties of making an issue out of Pedra Branca:

“Malaysia’s new application represents a willingness to lose Pedra Branca but gain everything else. This would still satisfy the domestic populace in the UMNO-led government’s efforts to protect Malaysia’s territorial integrity a deliberative strategic attempt on the part of the Malaysian authorities to keep the Pedra Branca issue alive for domestic consumption. It does not escape notice that the elections are round the corner in Malaysia.”

Prof Simon Chesterman, from the National University of Singapore (NUS), a “known authority on international law”, told CNA that Malaysia is simply trying their luck:

“Malaysia is throwing a whiff of the kitchen sink. Malaysia is throwing every possible argument at the Court in the hope of getting a preferable outcome – or at least not being seen as failing to do so for want of trying.”

Prof Kevin Blackburn, from National Institute of Education (NIE), trying to cast a slur on Malaysia, told CNA:

“Good neighbours don’t keep taking each other to court.”

Can the International Court charge them for contempt of court while the case is under the court's jurisdiction and attempting to influence the Court's decisions?

Anonymous said...

Is Singapore trying to be friendly with Malaysia by allowing this to happen?

Anonymous said...

Mr RB, I posted a comment here a couple of days ago but it never appeared. Has it been censored?