Second Sino Indian border war in the making

The lesson in 1962 was not taken seriously, or not hard enough for India to learn not to trifle with the PLA. In 1962, the PLA was literally a peasant army, poorly equipped, against the India Army, equipped with the best leftovers from the British Empire. Still, given the advantage of modern weapons and several years of preparation in the building of the 4th Army Corp and the element of surprise and initiative, India was knocked unconscious within a matters of 2 weeks by the PLA.

Today the world is looking at almost an identical situation in the China Bhutan border. Though again India is claiming that China was the provocateur like in 1962, the facts today are current and fresh for all to see. China was building a road along the China Bhutan border, nothing to do with India except that Bhutan was a de facto protectorate of India. India claimed that it was Bhutan that was asking India to intervene though it was obvious that it was India that wanted to intervene in the dispute. And India took the first step to move troops into the disputed area but accusing China of doing so. In the first place the dispute has nothing to do with India.

Now both sides are moving thousands of troops to the region. And India, like in 1962, is saying that it would not back down, spoiling for a fight with China. India must not forget that the PLA today is fully operational and supported by all the four arms of China’s military might, modern and well equipped that India can never think of matching. There is nothing that Indians have that is superior or equivalent to what the Chinese have.

This time the mismatch in the two forces is even more stark though India as usual thinks it has an upper hand and would want to try its luck a second time. This time the PLA would not be so gracious and merciful and the body blow would be hard and heavy. The China of today is no longer in a state to be nice to India. And if the Indians think they want to play with fire, with implicit support from the Americans, then they would be in for a rude shock.

India may think it has arrived, that it is a world power and could do as it pleased, even to take on China. Go ahead, but don’t regret when history repeats itself. The first time was ignorance, the second time is stupidity, to repeat the same mistake. This time the Chinese are well prepared and no more surprises and sneak attacks. The Chinese will deal with the Indian forces head on from day one. They are ready, knowing what the Indians would do from the 1962 experience to take advantage of a surprise attack against an unprepared enemy. This time China is waiting.


virgo49 said...

What's the fark Indians wants to face off the PLA. In 1967, LKY requested the Nehs to train the SAF. They rejected. AIYO, LKY also one kind. He don't know the black ants thrashed by the Chinese meh in 1962??

Our instructors, Malay warriors from SIRs commented that we would be polishing our toe nails if the Indians took the offer.

See the Indian Army only good for display in facing off the Pakasitani soldiers at the borders in stamping their feet until their balls dropped.

At the Chinese border only can grinned like mafadets at the Chinese PLA.

Their mata mata carried long canes to whack their sheepies citizens. That's they can do as most stomachs reaching the floors.

Any bomb blasts or accidents just hang around and look like idiots.

Hope the PLA WHACKED them chia liak chia liak.

See coffins then shed tears.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry lah, because India will never want to go to war with China, just as smart Sinkies will never want to join the Sinkie opposition to fight PAP in elections.

Why? Because sure lose one what.

India will only want to trade with China to make money, and so do China. Smart Sinkies will make want to make money under PAP and PAP will also ensure that they can do so. And if can make money, where is the motivation for smart Sinkies to fight PAP?

At most, and just like RB, smart Sinkies will just kpkb anonymously against PAP in RB blog.

So although there is thunder, there will be no lightning.

Anonymous said...

Why are some Singapore diplomatic officers adopting so anti-China stance?

Anonymous said...

Rb //This time the mismatch in the two forces is even more stark though India as usual thinks it has an upper hand and would want to try its luck a second time. //

Uncle RB,

Think it may not be so simple. The ulterior objective could still be the scene in scs ...?

India is probably on the same side as nippunland and marikanuland and could be using this in helping them expose the Chinese military strengths and weaknesses ...?

The Indian has a fighter jet which in some features is similar to what the marikanuland navy has and on paper they are not exactly sure the Chinese does not have sthg that can thwart the capability of that figher jet in air-to-air combat ...?

1962 was mostly a land war between the two armies ...?

Yew nvr know what the marikanuland military intends the ah neh military to do and thus could be the real objective of this course of action ...?

The Marikanuland, Nippunland and AhNehland likely could have a holistic strategy hatched out and what could be the ulterior motive and their end game?

But the play in the scs is almost certainly in the calculations?

This AhNehland act in the Cinaland south western border could be not an isolated move but the start of part of a coordinated multi-front "encircled offence" so it could be unlike 1962 where it was a single-front battle ...?

It cannot be discounted that if the conflict escalates into a full blow, sthg might likely be started in the eastern front and south front ...?

Cinaland cannot fight this battle on the basis it is going to be a single-front war ...?

And that AhNeh fighter jet cannot be discounted lightly and either way of cinaland ability to deal with it only plays to the advantage of the marikanuland and nippunland in the scs and ecs?

The cinese would be found complacent if they do not plan on the basis of at least 3-front confrontation/ provocation and that would not be "as easy as" 1962 where they just need to deal solely with the ah neh alone ...?

If they fight, what would happen in songkieland construction sites where there are cinaland and ahnehland citizens working side by side ...?

There are several other implications ...?

It is not only for cinaland and ahnehland to plan ahead but also the super talents of songkieland to plan for any "side-effect" emanating from such a conflict at current times ...?

In 1962, there are not that many ahnehland and cinaland citizens working in songkieland ...?

Any super talents reading this pls KEE CHIU .....?

And dun just read and do nothing but plan ahead in case there are "spillover effects" in songkieland ...?

Dun underestimate the nationalistic sentiment among the cinaland workers in songkieland ...?

Minor friction at work sites might turn ugly if confrontation erupts at the border ...?

Anonymous said...

Dun underestimate the nationalistic sentiment among the cinaland workers in songkieland ...?
10:17 am

They are here to make money, not to have nationalistic sentiment, not to create minor friction at work sites that might turn ugly, or what not

In Sinkieland, they learned from smart Sinkies, and do as what smart Sinkies do.

Anonymous said...

Why are some Singapore diplomatic officers adopting so anti-China stance?
10:15 am

Maybe it is USA, who got Sinkieland by the balls in offering protection, asking Singapore diplomatic officers or even Ah Loong to adopting so anti-China stance?

This type of thing, how to expect Ah Loong to tell Sinkies?

The Dragon Fly said...

"There is nothing that Indians have that is superior or equivalent to what the Chinese have." - RB


India has develop 7 secret weapons during the last 30 years or so, especially from 1989 onwards. One of these weapons is the KALI Series of Electron-Pulse-Emission Weapon, which has three different versions, as follows:

KALI 1000 - capable of shooting down any aircraft.
KALI 5000 - capable of shooting down any missile.
KALI 10,000 - powerful enough to shoot down any satellite.

Anonymous said...

The war zone is 5000m up on highlands. Oxygen is light for breath. Skin is dry. No water and electricity. Snowing all day. Each side has 3000 troops ready to go for a slaugh.
India FM Swajrav first said China intruded into India border and refused to withdraw. The recent statement she said both side should withdraw certain meters away. India ex defense minister said China has already kept nukes bombs in Parkis ready to throw at India.

What do u think? China s 1r1b helps Pakis. India Modi did not attend the major meeting. Sinkie ah long not invited. The stand off at highland was started by indian troops intrudung into China border 1 month over ago. China has to pour in troops.

To fight or not? From past indications: China will avoid fight by giving money or diverting routes. For Philippines: China gave Duterte money, business, allowed fishing. For Little USA owning an important port, China divert oil flows import to its own ports in KL and Malacca, and through rail roads to secure the strategic resources long term.

How to please big stomach India by giving India money? Furthermore Indians buy China products. If at war, Indians will not buy China handphones. China is going to face lots of Indians scheming working with US.

If China want no interruption to 1r1b projects, war with India will spoil relationship.

If India insist on occupying the lands up there? PLA under China constitution, has to fight to protect border. Not up to China govt to say no war (similar to giving lands to UK like HK for 100yrs. This is impossible now).

So war is certain as PLA will have to do it, if India refuse to go back to former border. The 3000 indian troops will be losers, wiped out. 1.Firing power is weak at one side. 2. Weapons China use are flat and trajectory heaving bombing. Indians troops are made of meat.

India Modi goes hug Trump, bury his face deeper on the latter s chest to cry is the likely consequence. Will that happen?

US fleets marines can fight at 5000m high land? Its slim possibilities if marines want to die there.

PLA win is the conclusion. Better for China to do it once for all for 1r1b to go smoothly.

virgo49 said...

Right you are smart sinkies. Just be the three monkeys and lived a nonchalant life as good as the living dead.

Cinamen may boh chiap but the black ants will bite. Mark my words.

The last confrontation between the Pakasitani and the Indians got spillover in sinkieland.

I was at the old Clifford Pier boarding vessels clearance when two gangs of Indians and Pakasitani from different vessels gang clashed when they met at the pier.

Wah, trucks of chai liao bee had a hard time controlling the fight.

Left to be seen. Let's keep the SOC, wah special commands on their toes.

See how they perform this time. They are not dealing with kwa kwa Sinkies.

Both from piang koo lee kngs countries.

But think Cinamen will trash them. Ah Nehs mostly like the Whites only bully kechils.

Anonymous said...

India can build modern fighter planes meh?
India building secret weapons, and China sleeping all the time?
Go google China's latest military hardware and fighter planes that are already on production lines. The secret weapons of China Americans also want to know but don't know. Secret weapons how to let enemies know?

Anonymous said...

Another opportunity for creating an opportunity for the imperial warmongers to benefit from the coming war. As always, divide and rule is the good for business. You know who is prodding the big stick in the arse of the Indians.

India and China can fight, but the biggest gain will be you know who. For centuries the west have been trying to take over China, to encircle China, to make China look bad in every way - human rights, currency manipulation, stealing information, you name it they will cook it up.

The focus of everything is not to let China rise to the biggest power, militarily and financially. And getting the poodles to harass China is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

Why is it when u Google "gang rape" and go to the 'Images' tab, u see many pictures of India?

Anonymous said...

11.08am //India and China can fight, but the biggest gain will be you know who.//

Since WW2, it seemed to be liddat ...?

Marikanuland will wait until the opponents fight till 12th round of the "boxing match" then come in "become Hero" like Normandy Beach landing in WW2?

If the Germans weren't taken out by the Russians who (also paid an extremly high price &) suffered huge (tens of millions of) casulaties and losses, would marikanuland ever able to defeat the tenacious Germans?

Just watch a soccer match between the Germans and Marikanuland and yew are likely to know if head-on to head-on from round 1 duel, the Germans could be more than a match ...?

At the 12th Round (in WW2), marikanuland landed in Normandy Beach and became heroes ...?

Likewise (during WW2) in Asia, the Nippun were bogged down by Cinaland (which herself suffered more than 30 million deaths alone) and the marikanuland (defeated by the Nippun during the 1st few rounds in the early 1940s and retreated back to their shell) came back in the 12th round to take out the exhausted and depleted Nippun (and became heroes again) ...?


Look at the marikanuland track record in Vietnam?

Even a 3rd world dirt poor opponent (Vietnam) when started from round 1 (the marikanuland) could not win no matter what they tried ...?

So this time AhNehLand could be fighting Cinaland probably 1st few rounds, Nippunland takes over next few rounds, then like in the 10th or 11th or 12th round marikanuland comes in to take out everyLEEboLEEs and become "heroes" again ...?

The Chinese has an adage:

"The crane fights the clam to death to the gains of the fisherman."

AhNehLand and NippunLand willingly be the "clams" to fight the crane (cinaland) till exhaustion or death to benefit the fisherman (marikanuland)?

What is the famous statement uncle rb coined?

"Stupidity got cure or not"?

It seems that it is not only daft songkies that got this "incurable terminal disease" ...?

Anonymous said...

India and China are having tensions at their borders, but Singapore held joint naval warfare exercises with India in the South China Sea - stupid or not?

Anonymous said...

Uncontrolled Immigration - Is Sweden A Failed State Now?

The security situation in Sweden is now so critical that the national police chief, Dan Eliasson, has asked the public for help;
the police are unable to solve the problems on their own.
In June, the Swedish police released a new report, "Utsatta områden 2017", ("Vulnerable Areas 2017", commonly known as "no-go zones" or lawless areas). It shows that the 55 no-go zones of a year ago are now 61.

In September 2016, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Minister of Interior Anders Ygeman refused to see the warnings:
in 2015, only 14% of all crimes in Sweden were solved,
and in 2016, 80% of police officers were allegedly considering quitting the force. Both ministers refused to call it a crisis.

According to Anders Ygeman:
"... we are in a very difficult position, but crisis is something completely different. ...we are in a very strained position ... with the highest refugee reception since the Second World War.... "

Even after all this, the Swedish state, in true Orwellian style, fights those Swedish citizens who point out the obvious problems that migrants are causing.

When police officer Peter Springare said in February that migrants were committing a disproportionate amount of crime in the suburbs, he was investigated for inciting "racial hatred".

Currently, a 70-year-old Swedish pensioner is being prosecuted for "hate speech", for writing on Facebook that migrants "set fire to cars, and urinate and defecate on the streets".

With thousands of jihadists all over Sweden, what could be more important than prosecuting a Swedish pensioner for writing on Facebook?


Anonymous said...

Interpol reported 173 IsIs are spreading to take revenge for defeat after special training.

Philippines Marawi found to have malaysians and indonesians isis participation. After Duterte kept promising to end the war, it continues to go on.

Voters sinkies should expect "not if, but when", with ah long s "foreigner create jobs for locals".

The most dangerous men and women: now include "maids". Sunday there are plenty faces in town. Daily there are plenty faces on mrt and marina areas.

Good luck to sinkies NSmen. For their good efforts at home, Nsmen were not even given priorities on jobs to pay off debts.
Still want to vote for ah long? Yes, not until the IsIs detonated something devastating at "not if" event. Open flood gate is good until the time bomb explodes. May be "but when" never happens.

Time to pass the defense to hired foreigners to do more "talented" jobs. NSmen dying for desperate IsIs returnees is not worth it at all as foreigners must defend the overwhelming foreigners on sinkieland. What do u think?

The Dragon Fly said...

From Mr Leong Sze Hian:

M Ravi’s HDB flat to be foreclosed – Help required

Human rights lawyer M Ravi has been hospitalised since 17 July (he is still in hospital).

On the day that he was hospitalised – he was supposed to appear in court as the bank mortgagee had sued to foreclose on his 3-room HDB flat, for the arrears of $7,452.

Although the mortgagee’s lawyers were informed by telephone on that day that he was hospitalised and a letter was sent two days later (19 July) attaching medical documentary evidence that he was unable to attend court on that day (17 July) – the court replied on 20 July that “In the morning of 17 July 2017, Summons 2375 of 2017 was dismissed and judgement was granted to the Plaintiff”.

M Ravi has been fighting for so many constitutional law cases (such as the Hougang by-election – whether the Government must hold a by-election, the amendment to the Elected Presidency, etc); as well as fully or partly pro bono for so many cases, like Roy Ngerng’s defamation suit, Han Hui Hui’s illegal demonstration and public nuisance at Hong Lim park, several death penalty cases, etc.

I believe he has never asked for funding for himself, but only for Singaporeans – like his recent fund raising to challenge the amendment to the Elected Presidency.

If you ask me – he should have been asking for funding for his HDB flat, instead of for the Elected Presidency just a few weeks ago!

His license to practice law has been suspended for a total of about four years.

Please help M Ravi as he may become homeless, when he comes out of the hospital.

I would like to appeal to 7,452 Singaporeans to give $1 to POSB Savings Account 032-00582-9 (account of 73 year old L. F. Violet Netto who is the joint owner of the HDB flat).

Please help to share this meaningful activity with your friends.

Leong Sze Hian

Anonymous said...

Cristiano Ronaldo calls Peter Lim "a great friend" in Instagram post.

If Peter Lim is not a billionaire, would Cristiano Ronaldo even bother to know him ?

Anonymous said...

Shiok!!! I hope big FUCKING war between ahnehs & cheenas --- pull in the entire ASEAN. And S'pore mobilizing 500,000 troops to send over to Himalayas. My war stocks cheonging non-stop liao!!!

Anonymous said...

My war stocks cheonging non-stop liao!!!
July 22, 2017 3:29 pm

Where are you planning to go to spend all that money?

Anonymous said...

If the two countries clashed, we are in trouble. We only have few hundreds anti riot police but there are more than one million black ants here. If they take on sinkies as 76% sinkies are Chinese, we are screwed.

virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 3.39

Anon 3.29 would be billionaire.

His monies in Yin Tang (Banks)

He be at Tien Tang (Heaven)

or is it Tie Yee (Hell)


Anonymous said...

hi 329pm

I'm a beginner

sifu....which war stocks are you talking about?

I thought when war, all stocks are not spared....all down!


Anonymous said...

Latest Fukushima Nuclear Accident Update

Meanwhile, the budget allocated to the exploration and clean-up process more than doubled to a whopping $188 billion last year, but the agenda is still running behind schedule.
TEPCO has also not been able to decide on what to do with the 777,000 tons of water contaminated with tritium when it was used to cool down the plant’s cores.

Earlier, TEPCO Chairman Takashi Kawamura stated that there is only one solution left, which calls for dumping the water tanks into the Pacific Ocean.

According to the officials, tritium is not harmful in small doses, but local activists and fisherman said that this will a create another negative impression about the country’s environmental commitments, which are already not in a good place as it deals with the horrible nuclear disaster.


Please do not vote for any pro nuclear power political party in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I have become a great fan of Lim Tean !


Anonymous said...

Lau hero //The Chinese will deal with the Indian forces head on from day one.//

If the border conflict breakout, can the ahnehland enlarge the battle ground and move to the Indian Ocean (& seize/ "sabotage" Cinaland-bound oil tankers)?

What would Cinaland response be?

Send out their navy?

Is there any possibility this is marikanuland objective to draw out the cinaland navy (en masse)?

The strategy of "Wei Wei Jiu Zhao" originated from ancient cinaland during the warring state period ...?

How cum the modern PLA can only be "bei dong"?

How cum they are not using the ancient military strategy of "Wei Wei Jiu Zhao" to defuse the "border problem"?

Anonymous said...

Confirmed there are two million foreigners working in Singapore.

Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam said Saturday during Delhi Economics Conclave organized by the Indian finance ministry that one-third of Singapore's workforce was already foreign and that it would be “mindless” to open borders without a proper policy to constraint people into the job market.

Tharman said of the 5.5 million work force in Singapore, around two million were foreigners.

source: Deccan Herald

Anonymous said...

Does the g know by throwing stone can hurt and kill people? Now there are whatapp, sms, etc. Foreigners simultaneously, at the same time target each other. Many Singaporeans are Chinese and Indian may get wrongly targeted. Does the g have enough polices to settle this hazard? Remind me of the little india riot.

virgo49 said...

And the farking Ah Nehs demanded that Singapore belongs to them..Stupid sinkies must surrender their rice bowls to them.

Pui, who is the Bastard who signed the CECA??

Anonymous said...

Addressing the ongoing border face-off between China and India, Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj told her country's parliament on Thursday that "all countries are in India's support," and said India is alert to the need to protect its security near "the border where the boundaries of China, India and Bhutan meet," Indian media reported Thursday.

She was lying to the parliament. First, India's invasion of Chinese territory is a plain fact. New Delhi's impetuous action stuns the international community. No other country will support India's aggression. Second, India's military strength is far behind that of China. If the conflict between China and India escalates to the intensity where their row has to be resolved through military means, India will surely lose.

India should abandon the fantasy of a long-term standoff at Doklam. China will by no means agree to the withdrawal of troops from both sides in order for talks to be held. Doklam is Chinese territory. The withdrawal of Indian troops must be a precondition for talks and China will not compromise on this stance....

China has reiterated its stance on the issue and shown the utmost tolerance and patience toward India. If Indian troops continue trespassing into China's territory, what Beijing may do next is to get prepared for a military confrontation against New Delhi and resolve the conflict through non-diplomatic means. GlobalTimes

Anonymous said...

Why does Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam care so much about India?

He was delivering the inaugural address at Delhi Economics Conclave.

Terming jobs as India’s biggest challenge that must be addressed urgently in order to avert a demographic crisis, Tharman suggested giving real authority to Indian cities and states to ‘move the boundaries’ of contentious labour and land legislations.

“India’s biggest challenge is jobs,” he said. The country has lost a lot of time because you have legislation that is really anti-employment, an education system that has not prepared people for the needs of the modern economy – (both at the school and tertiary levels) – and it’s now a race against technology, which we all face,” Mr. Shanmugaratnam said.

Warning that the window of opportunity for labour-intensive economic activity is narrowing, he said the pace of adoption of artificial intelligence and robots in the manufacturing process will accelerate and robots are already being deployed in Indian speciality chemicals and automobile industries.

“Robots may cost more capital now, but in return, you get high quality and productivity as unfortunately, robots don’t take breaks, and [there is] high certainty of future costs. And they are getting cheaper so this is a real challenge,” he said.

While lauding the country’s recent efforts in skill development the Singapore Deputy Prime Minister said the link with jobs and placements is weak and the tertiary education system is divorced from market realities.

“Academic training is useful, but skills give jobs. India faces this more acutely, because you have a larger discord between education and the markets,” he commented while calling for measured and concerted efforts to ensure that the country’s demographic dividend of a young workforce doesn’t become a demographic crisis in the years to come.

“Whether it is services or manufacturing, India has a problem of far too many small scale enterprises unable to move up to a higher level,” Mr. Shanmugaratnam said and called for special efforts from the government to ensure that there is a level playing field for businesses and incumbent players aren’t protected.

“The firms that already have the lead have a way of capturing regulation so that their lead is preserved and new entrants are deterred. The task of government – local and federal – has to be level the playing field,” he said, adding that this could, in fact, be the biggest benefit of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime over time as producers in different States can now compete more effectively.

While lauding India’s infrastructure building efforts and macro-economic stability in recent years, the Singapore Deputy Prime Minister said there is still a long way to go and pointed out that the gap between laggard and advanced States, for instance, was becoming wider.

“This is the failure of domestic and local strategies and it can be fixed,” he said, after referring to a global trend where people’s trust in domestic institutions, be it governments, Parliament or media is eroding faster than their trust in global institutions.

The fact that India is now the leader among large countries in universal digital identification and providing a unified payment interface is really impressive. You have leapfrogged the rest of the world,” Mr.Shanmugaratnam said.

“The intangible change in the culture and building political support for good economics is the main lesson from India in recent years. The job’s not done yet, but it’s impressive how the culture is changing, how corruption and invisible money is being tackled,” he said.

Anonymous said...

India can send all its workers to Singapore by signing a few more comprehensive CECAs. Singapore can replace all its useless and no skill workforce with the talented and skilled workforce from India.

denk said...


Anonymous said...

“It’s easier to shake a mountain than to shake the PLA,” Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman Wu Qian warned India on Monday.

China had strengthened its capabilities in safeguarding its national sovereignty over the past 90 years, and India should “have no illusions” about its military’s capabilities or commitment, he added.