Red line over Hong Kong

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China, President Xi Jinping gave a keynote speech to the elites of Hong Kong society reminding them of the enduring and uninterrupted Chinese Civilisation and the confidence of building a new and prosperous China for its people, including the Hong Kong people. In this journey, Hong Kong could walk with China towards a glorious future of great opportunities and possibilities.

On the inaugural ceremony on the handover and the installation of Carrie Lam as the next Hong Kong Chief Executive, President Xi got down to more serious business to warn of a divisive and disruptive Hong Kong society that could undermine the story of a new China. No one, no country, not the dissidents of Hong Kong, would be allowed to challenge the national sovereignty and security of China that the continuing growth and prosperity of Hong Kong depended on. Anyone attempting to disrupt the social order of Hong Kong would not be tolerated. President Xi drew the 'red line' for handling relations between the mainland and Hong Kong, and warned, "Any attempt to endanger national sovereignty and security, challenge the power of the central government and the authority of the Basic Law of the HKSAR or use Hong Kong to carry out infiltration and sabotage activities against the mainland is an act that crosses the red line, and is absolutely impermissible,".

This message came down hard and clear, a warning to the protesters harping on more autonomy and democracy. This is the biggest paradox of Hong Kong today. The louder the voice of protest and street disturbance for more democracy, the greater would Beijing want to exert fuller control over Hong Kong. On the contrary, the lesser the protesters politicised issues in Hong Kong and took to the streets, the more Beijing would be confident to let Hong Kong to have more leeways to govern itself. 

There is a bigger picture that the protesters are not seeing and struggling to understand, the story of the growth of China into a big economic and military power. China's peaceful rise is founded on a stable and peaceful international environment, internal stability and a united China. But there are many external forces that would want to use Hong Kong to destabilise China and cripple the Chinese growth machine. Hong Kong would not be allowed to be that poison pawn to be exploited by external forces to cause a breakup of China and to trip China in its path for economic growth and prosperity. 

To the protesters and the many young people of Hong Kong, they would need to learn and understand the history of China and the difficult period China had gone through under foreign invasion and humiliation. Some Hongkongers have forgotten what it was like when they were the subjects of the British Empire. China would not allow history to repeat itself and the young people of Hong Kong would be best to understand this bigger picture to know when not to cross the red line. 

China would assist and support Hong Kong to be a rich and prosperous city under the one country, two system policy. Hong Kong and its people could choose a path of economic prosperity with the full backing of China or could destroy it with their own hands by indulging in divisive and disruptive politics that undermine China's security and sovereignty. They could choose between a win win formula for both China and Hong Kong or it could mark the end of Hong Kong and the political agenda of the dissidents and protestors. The Hong Kong people have been warned of the 'red line' and cross at their own risk. The common good of 1.4b Chinese people cannot be compromised by a few demonstrators in the streets of Hong Kong.


Anonymous said...

One country - one system. That's the way ahead.

Anonymous said...

Good observation and fair deduction. Any Chinese LEADER worth his salt will never allow Hongkong to be the Base of Foriegn Sabotage and Infiltration to split and destabilize China.

Anonymous said...

Mr bean, i suggest you do not always use USA or western powers as the bogeyman and mother of all evils. Whilst it is undoubtedly so that the usa has ambitions in middle east or elsewhere, the hongkong case is more complicated. Hongkong people are well educated and middle class mostly. They are not so easily destabilize by western agenda. Do note, young hkg people, they genuinely believe china should go the democratic way, because they see beijing not in good light for many localised reasons. So these young activists, naive as they are, really want to continue their freedom beyond the expiry of 50 years post 1997. 2047 is their year, whilst we old men are all DEAD then. So we have to understand that these young people are merely planning their future lives, long after Xi you and me are dead. I dont believe the activists are fuelled by American agenda in the hongkon case, please review your position!

Anonymous said...

If HK can destabilize China, then mosquito can kill a tiger or elephant. Xi was not creating warnings in his speech. He was telling Hongkie Basic Law 23: thou shall not engage in treason, subversion, challenge sovereignty, splitting of china..

He chose to speak on Carrie Lam s opening work day had meaning as it was the first time China CEO warned his subordinate. I took it that Xi warned Lam as well as the bunch of anti china groups demonstrating at Central, carrying coffin: "Wanna live in HK, follow the basic laws. If wanna be subversive, can always leave HK".

China chose Anson Chan as nos 2. That time she allowed FarLuenKong to conduct its international meeting in HK. HK also allow 6 4th men like U er kai si travelled to HK. Then the warning signs came to face Xi.

Central had their historic occupied "central" movement, yellow umbralla movement. It lasted more than months and residents in HK felt ill about the inconvenience. Then the HK Chief started to clear the students. But the handling of responsible parties was wi shi wash shi. The funding for this huge expense on road blocking movement was not clarified until now. No one was charged, based on what i know so far.

The the elected MP called Legco member, sworn with China flag upside down, long hair guy carried yellow umbralla to swear loyalty, and one woman MP read China s name in vulgar language when swearing loyalty to China as MP.

Xi was too mild. He was never mind type when HK Chief met him in the middle of Occupied Central movement. Now he faces the pressure of independent movement in HK taking root. Scared and he reacted with warnings.

Xi also did the same thing to NK. NK scared US and SK invade it, yearly has big exercise and also put in Thaad. NK can only have missile and nuke as own security. NK cannot depend on the unreliable China Xi who invited the now jailed President Park on Tenannmen to review all PLA parade. Xi expects NK to give up nuke.
Can you imagine what Xi or China s calculations? U die your own business.

When the ex Chief used water canon to spray on students occupying the streets. Reports said Xi advised CY Leung not to use "too much" violence. The occupation lasted historically long blocking streets affecting taxi drivers living. CY had to resign. Now comes Carrie Lam. But HK cannot stop Anson chan from visiting white house, or UK Chris patten. HK has no peace. As Anson gang up Edward Leung, and the young men for another rounds of troubles. Xi s warnings will fall on deaf ears to these young warriors, possibly funded by UK and US. Unless China cut off their embassies in HK.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My harping on the evil Empire is nothing different from the Americans harping on the China threat and NK threat. The Americans have been doing it for decades and many potatoes accepted that this is their way or right to do so. Daft Asians cannot say or do the same thing against the white gods.

The young Hong Kongers may or may not want to be used by foreigners but the foreigners would use them to achieve their devious plan to contain and suppress China without their consent. The idealism of the young would not be allowed to overturn the apple cart. They would be put away for good. Hong Kong and all the Hong Kong people would be the losers. Their cause cannot be an isolated case and Hong Kong would not be what they want it to be. They are irrelevant and Xi and the power holders in Beijing have lost their patience. They meant business and a repeat of Tiananmen in HK cannot be ruled out.

The stakes for China and its 1.4b people are too high for the Hong Kong people to mess around with. In the long run, there will be more freedom and democracy in China as they become rich and prosperous. It is the normal cause of things to be. The Chinese people are not stupid. Look at how far they have come. If life is so bad, China would have collapsed long ago. But the Chinese people are getting more confident that they are on the right track to build a better life and China for themselves.

The Hong Kong people cannot expect things to happen overnight. If they push too hard, they would have to bear the consequences.

Anonymous said...

China should make a public proclamation that anyone who commits treason against China and the Chinese people will face the death penalty. Anyone who tries to split the motherland, indulge in separatist activities , sabotaging China by using Hong Kong as a base for American, Western and Japanese nefarious activities. acting as Fifth Columns for America or pretentiously using fake human rights or bogey democracy as a means to destabilise Hong Kong and China and therefore stalled China.s peaceful development. The death penalty should come down hard on these hardcore anti-China activists without mercy. For over a hundred years since 1830s to 1940s China had lost vast swathe of lands to Western and Japanese imperialists and the Chinese people lost their self-respect and dignity when they were greatly and extremely and wantonly brutalised by the Europeans, Americans and the Japanese imperialists. China and the Chinese people wherever they may be must and will ensure that the Chinese will never again suffer such humiliation again. China must declare that in future all wars will not be fought on Chinese lands if imperialists or enemies dare to impose another war on China.


Anonymous said...

Why started the problem if he really wants to reconcile? I think this is all a political ploy for his son. Hong Yi to come out.

Anonymous said...

Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong defends Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in government yesterday (July 4) saying that the younger Lee siblings were trying to bring the PM down. ESM Goh Chok Tong asserted that the PM's siblings were not interested in the house and are just exacting vengeance on the PM:
"Are they whistle-blowing in a noble effort to save Singapore, or waging a personal vendetta without any care for the damage done to Singapore? I have kept my ears open. From what Lee Hsien Yang and his wife are freely telling many others, it is clear that their goal is to bring Lee Hsien Loong down as PM, regardless of the huge collateral damage suffered by the Government and Singaporeans. I have come to the conclusion that neither money nor the house is the real issue. The dispute over 38, Oxley Road is only a fig leaf for the deep cracks within the family, cracks which perhaps started decades ago. What then is the agenda of PM's accusers?"

b said...

China is so nice to HKees. If they do not like it there, nothing stopping them to move to the west. They have choices. Unlike sinkies, get stuck in this tiny small island with sky high housing, cars, daily expenses etc.

Anonymous said...

If the Hongkies like to be the subjects of the British, go apply to emigrate to UK. I am sure the British will show their middle fingers to them.

Anonymous said...

Most HKees can't even pronounce English words properly. How to migrate to UK?

Anonymous said...

Not only many of the faceless Hongkies are servile to white imperialists and look upon them slavishly as their masters but many of the Sinkies especially those so call politicians and so call international political analysts who grow fat and rich at our tax payers expense in the many institutions of higher learnings and international studies have no integrity and would not hesitate to sell their country and their people to the barbaric Americans and Europeans who had and are still trampling on many poor and weak Asian and African countries with impunity.

A dignified Asian and Singaporean political observer

Eagles Eyes