Red Dot’s diplomacy

The govt has been harping on the criticism by Kishore Mahbubani over its hiccup in its relation with China. The angst over the episode is very hard to get over with in several quarters meaning that what Kishore had said must have been painful to the ears of some. Over the last few days the govt has came out very strongly with its principled position diplomacy as if it is some unknown gem that must be displayed for all to see.

The key points were guarding and protecting our national interests and territorial integrity and also punching above our weight. The message, Singapore would walk around with a loudspeaker to make sure everyone heard us, that Singapore is not some little country to be trifled with.

Vivian Balakrishnan even called a townhall meeting and had it broadcasted over the national media about how big Singapore was and is, that we are the champion of small states and the interests of small states and the rule of law. Who is/are the intended audience of this ‘koyok’ selling session? Is Kishore the main target, that he had rubbed people the wrong way and must be put in his place? Or are the audience the neighbouring countries or China, the country that was poked, oops, some denied that we did that, and was not amused?

What did Kishore say that must be straightened out? I heard that Kishore was accused of saying something like being small we must compromise our principles and interests, that we should bend out heads and be kicked around or something like that. I am very sure Kishore did not say such things or implied either. It is an over exaggeration to put words into Kishore’s mouth that as a small state we should not speak up and allow others to trample all over us. Kishore was very outspoken on such issues when he was our rep in the UN and the US.

In Vivian’s townhall speech I got it that it was all about ‘we’ or ‘us’ and our interest, that these should not be compromised, our principles, our integrity. No one can dispute such arguments. Even all the smallest states that have been very quiet in their diplomacy would guard their interests and principles vehemently. And I think all the big powers would also appreciate and would accept such a position of small states. But bully they would if conditions allowed.

In diplomacy it is all about influencing other countries to support one’s position and interest. Every country, big and small, is doing this. Singapore too is doing the same thing. There is nothing wrong with this. What is wrong and unacceptable is to reveal what were said behind closed doors. This is a breach of confidentiality and faith. There is no need to wash such laundry in the open. Behind closed doors, many things would be said, there would be horse trading of all shades and colours. Take your positions or turn down the offers, but there is no need to kpkb in the open about what was spoken. This country or that country wanted us to do this or that. This is bad manners and poor taste in diplomacy!

And in the cause of protecting our principles and interests, it does not mean that we can go around compromising other people’s principles and interests. While we are talking about ‘we and us’ there is a need to know if we have violated or compromise the principles and interests of other parties. A good example is the hosting of American air and naval forces here. There is nothing wrong with that and it is in our national interest to want the Americans to be here. But we need to be careful of what the Americans are doing to others. And we need to be careful in what we said and why the Americans are here for. Telling China that the Americans are invited here to balance their influence is very unfriendly. Some things are left better unsaid. If the Americans are using our facilities to violate, intimidate or threaten the interests of our neighbours or other countries, can we walk around with a halo over our heads and proclaim we are innocent, none of our business, we are not involved?

Every nation state would pursue their national interest at all cost. But while doing so, and it compromises the interest of other states, then it is not so innocent and acceptable by others and one can expect consequences. The Americans’ provocative and belligerent behavior in the South China Sea, and operating from our shores, would not be accepted kindly and would affect our relations with China for sure. Do not do unto others if we don’t want others to do unto us. This must also be a key principle in diplomacy. It cannot be always about ‘we and us’ with no regards to others. This is elementary. This is decency.


Anonymous said...

Telling China that the Americans are invited here to balance their influence is very unfriendly. Some things are left better unsaid.

But then hor, maybe it is the case of the Americans telling Ah Loong to say things which are better left unsaid?

And if Ah Loong didn't do as told, the Americans threaten Ah Loong that they will not protect Sinkieland anymore by withdrawing from Changi Naval Base. And no more training for SAF in America and no more selling high tech and advanced weapons to Sinkieland.

So in the above scenario, if u were Ah Loong, will u want to say or not say?

Anonymous said...

8.54am //will u want to say or not say?//

To paraphrase, if bought big house and car and (greedy) a few more properties for rent seeking income, (on top tell u do things u know should not do) "will u want to do or not do" (as told)?

Anonymous said...

Shameless ib suck loooogan, not scared carmah offspring backside?

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase, if bought big house and car and (greedy) a few more properties for rent seeking income, (on top tell u do things u know should not do) "will u want to do or not do" (as told)?
9:06 am

Wat toking u? Cow head no match horse mouth?

Anonymous said...

The politicians on this pee-sai can say what they want.

But please don't think that other leaders are stupid.

They got eyes to see what you are actually doing.

They also got ears to hear what you are actually saying.

They are not stupid.

One must always be humble.

It is good to look into the mirror before you wayang wayang or talkcock sing songs.


virgo49 said...

Relationships betwwen human beans are forged when all parties give and take. When one always put his/her interests before others and been too selfish and greedy only for own self intersts, a matter of time, Rest will scorned you.

Likewise, relationship between Nations.

Sinkieland, from Independent has been the Greedy One. Sinkies thought they are well liked by our neighbours. Going overseas, wah piang arrogant.

All along, we been enriching ourselves in others and our immediate neighbours are waiting for the day when you cannot swagger anymore.

So, don't think too much of punching above your weight. You might punch yourselves blue and black.

Immediate neighbours are sometimes better than distant relatives. So dont waste too much your energy por lam pars the Ah Nehs and the Americans.

Anonymous said...

9.19am //Cow head no match horse mouth?//

Not surprised by slow witted daft (not understanding) ...?

Anonymous said...

Virgin69 //Immediate neighbours are sometimes better than distant relatives. So dont waste too much your energy por lam pars the Ah Nehs and the Americans.//

Thought previously u mentioned (in msn) your neighbour upstairs is (chow) aunt more & some ah neh neighbours ...?

Which is which?

Which is better?

Aunt more &/or ah neh neighbours?

Or faraweigh relations?

Anonymous said...

Vivian Balakrishnan is the Singapore Minister for Foreign Affairs, assumed office 1 October 2015.
Our interest, our principles, our integrity should not be compromised, but Vivian Balakrishnan did not even called a townhall meeting when our SAF Terrex vehicles were detented in Hong Kong on 23/11/2016, how to accept with integrity, absolutely no shame.

Timeline: Detention of SAF Terrex vehicles in Hong Kong - Channel ...

Singlish - 45: Dr Jiajia VS Dr Vivian (Parliament speech) - YouTube

GO Sylvia!!! Well done! ... Sylvia Lim's speech raises ... - YouTube

Virgo49 said...

Anon 9.27. That neighbor is a Chow Ang Moh, gian png bastard here as a Foreign Trash.

Own country beggar, come here behaved as Big Shot.

Same same as Sinkies.

Think the poorer Malaysian Cousins no match for them.

They living Terrace houses, you live in pigeon holes. Some-more as tenants, not owners.


Anonymous said...

Why did old man (in the 1980s) publicly "humiliate" wooden block by calling him one ...?

Bcos he is simply one, a wooden block?

Look no further why than look at the abyss state songkieland is now in in (cataclysmic) International Relations, (unpropitious acceptance of many songkies of the) "reserved ep conundrum", the deep economic malaise songkieland is in ..... etc?

Anonymous said...

Do the red dot politicians know diplomacy? No, they only know DOLLARS. When they look into the mirrors they can only see dollars. When they dream they can only dream of dollars. They pay themselves millions of dollars. Since their pay is many multiple times more than the statesman of any other country they stupidly equate themselves as world class politicians and are very proud and arrogant of their self inflated ego. So even international affairs is no concern of theirs they must poke their nose in thinking they have the weight to influence events. Shame on them for bringing disgrace to us.

Anonymous said...

Is diplomatic policy like kerozin adding to fire? Or cosmetic beautifying sinkiegirl contestants?

Diplomatic policy to gain trade deals at lowest Tariffs is NOTHING difficult, dont over rate such efforts.

Free trade deals is easy: cos it produces nothing deserving to bargain. Sinkieland has jobs. These jobs are given freely to under CECA. No bargain is needed as diplomats.

Sinkieland diplomatic activities were similar to pouring oil on fire in 2016 on South China sea island disputes. Duterte quickly got away from ah long else he got his own fingers burn chaw tah with ah long.

Sinkieland said the policy was right: china building separate ports at Malacca, extending port Klang KL to siphon off 80% of cargo from Straits shipments. China will build Kras Canal to further secure Straits of Malacca oil flows. They know Sinkieland is the US base for US fleets and P8 P3 to detect China submarines activities. It meant to surround China. No joking matter if the oil flows is stopped.

Will China bow down to sinkieland s threats just because the latter now wants to shake hands with them?

China is diverting trade volumes from sinkieland: using high speed rails, using their own built ports at neighboring countries and curbed even Union cards to be used on island, few tourists landed.

Is sinkieland diplomacy defending its national interests?

Sinkies voters if they continue to vote for this guy to pour kerozin on relationship, sinkieland will see their children finding limited jobs on island. No big deal to rich sinkies. Poor sinkies must not vote for the pap to do something not helping in sinkies to defend their very own national interests: trade volume, tourisms. Pap cannot create manufacturing jobs: no artificial intelligence, no computer industries, no world standard training institutions ( yes in HK and even Malaysia).

Sinkieland is losing out. Accept this fact. Are the diplomats good for the jobs?

Anonymous said...

Vivian Balakrishnan talk big only. How come he never stand up to Indonesia?

No Indonesian maid has ever been executed, hanged for murder of their employers or employers' children in Singapore.

Latest murder case maid escaped to Indonesia cannot extradite to Singapore, citing no extradition treaty.

But Indonesia also no formal extradition agreement with the US, yet in March 2017 Singaporean Lim Yong Nam was handed over by Indonesian police to their US counterparts in Jakarta for his role in exporting to Iran radio frequency modules, some of which were later found in bombs in Iraq. Lim had been held in Batam after he went to the island to attend a trade exhibition.

Lim was sentenced on April 27 2017 to 40 months in a US prison.

The Dragon Fly said...

In order to understand the big mess Singapore is in today, we must first of all put everything into the context of the present Singapore Political Leedership's background and up-bringing.

All the others, who are spouting logorrhea, are greedy cronies, psychopathic minions and worshipers of the God of Other People's Money and directorships. They are inconsequential in what they speak.

The Leedership:

1. A person born-with-silver-spoon-golden-plate-and-diamond-plate in his hands and mouth;

2. A mocked-up and propped-up leeder, groomed and nurtured from very young in an incubator sanforized and sanitized of all forms of 'bacteria and viruses';

3. A fully protected leeder - physical, mental, and social - with body-guards protection 24/7, when nobody could go near him;

4. A boy who grew up spending most of his time on his books, with his multiple tutors, in schools (two schools concurrently - attending one in the morning session and one during the afternoon);

5. A teenager who attended college and university, mixing mostly with his teachers, instructors, lecturers and professors - having barely any time for socializing;

6. A fast-track President-Scholar and SAF-Scholar (coincidentally these scholarships were started for him to be among the first recipients) breezing through the SAF from Recruit to Brigadier-General in 12 years (see below);

7. A husband whose beautiful, brilliant and dainty first wife had to die at such a young age under his care, love and protection - suspected of having committed suicide after giving birth to her second child.

8. An eldest brother who is not only unable to get along well with his younger siblings and nephews but makes use of organs of states to maintain surveillance on them and to 'threaten' them, as can be assumed by the latest AGC's "looking into" the private postings of LSW on Facebook;

9. A Leeder who surrounds himself with those who dare not tell him the truth and whose loyalty is to their multi-million-dollars rewards annually, which make them unable to understand things normal people usually understand;

10. Last but not least, a parliamentarian who goes to parliament and become the accused, witness, prosecutor, jury and judge to white-wash and declared himself "cleared" of abuse of power, misuse of Organs of State and dishonorable conduct allegations by his own siblings.

Very simple questions:

1. If a person has barely any time to socialize during his younger days, how much social skills does he has?

2. If a person cannot even keep his own first-love dear wife alive for long, how can he keep a foreign relationship alive for long?

3. If a person is unable to establish a good relationship with his own siblings, how can he be able to establish and maintain good relationship with other countries?

4. If a person is a propped-up, mocked-up pseudo politician, how much real political acumen does he has?

5. If a person lacks real life hardship, difficulties and experiences during his formative years, what kind of a person would he turn out to be?

Military 'Career':

1. Enlisted in SAF as a Recruit in 1971.
2. Disrupted his OCS training and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 1971.
3. Went to Cambridge on two Scholarships (SAF's and President's Scholarship) in 1971.
4. Promoted to Lieutenant in 1972 while still studying.
5. Graduated from Cambridge, returned to SAF in 1974.
6. Promoted to Captain in 1974.
7. Promoted to Major in 1976.
8. Disrupted to attend the US Command and Staff Course in 1977.
9. Promoted to Lt Colonel in 1978.
10. Disrupted to do a Masters Degree at Harvard in 1980.
11, Promoted to Colonel in 1981.
12. Promoted to Brigadier General in 1983.

Note: Basically he was under the SAF for 12 years; served only 7 years of active service and promoted from Recruit to Brigadier General, a total of 9 ranks . His stellar military record is truly more legendary than Generals McArthur, Patton, Pershing, Mountbatten, and Powell!

Virgo49 said...

Wah, photos of his wayang praying at temples been circulating round fast and furious.

When going to Redhill's uncle chicken wings and been hoon stall to queue again for chicken wings.???

Wah piang, multi billionaire queuing for 1.20 per pc chicken wing.

Pang chance leh or poor uncles cannot afford Michelin Tyre chicken wings at Kreata Ayer selling at 1.80 per pc.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Dragon Fly 1.53

Not only him all what Scholarships!

Most Minsiters children also what Scholarships

So much dough and yet no pang chance for poorer fellow citizens children have the Scholarships.


The Dragon Fly said...

Virgo49 July 21, 2017 2:43 pm

"So much dough and yet no pang chance for poorer fellow citizens children have the Scholarships."

It only goes to show how greedy, unscrupulous and ruthless these so-called "leeders" are.

How can the fellow country men and women not suffer under such rogues?

To them "welfare" is a dirty word. Greed is good. Money the more the merrier, so that their future generations will not suffer for want of money but will suffer as a result of their ancestors' bad karma.

Anonymous said...

Rb, we are only a small country by physical size. We are actually a big country by wealth and arm forces mah. Tio bo? So we must behave like a big country and punch above our weight. In fact we should also be the 6th permanent member of the UN.

Anonymous said...

Singapore basically and truthfully has NO weight and NO punch.

The self-deluded, pseudo-scholar, Paper-Generals can say whatever their boastful conceited egoism lead them to.

Other countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam can punch above their weight even higher and stronger, yet they are not doing it, because their leaders know the reality of wisdom vs book-worms intelligence, nurtured through plain-sailing fast-track protected environments.

patriot said...

Walau eh!

Sin big by Wealth and Armed Forces?

Do be humble and not behave like Vivian Bala; the Small Boy is talking like atom ant because he simply thinks that Sin is indeed lsrael in S E Asia. He fails badly in knowing where Sin stands in terms of VULNERABILITY.
No one needs to invade Sin militarily, it is already invaded by aliens.



Anonymous said...

Every times i went out from my home. Whether it was morning, afternoon and night. Standing in the lift, walking in street, sitting in food court, etc i was surrounded by foreigners. Tell me is it real or i am really sick. I maybe sensitive and paranoid.