Public protest at Hong Lim today 4pm to 7pm

The issues, allegations of abuses of power by Hsien Yang and Wei Ling.

The speakers are:-
1. Danny Ng – researcher – “What is fear?”
2. Sivakumaran Chellappa – private educator – “The future of our country should not be determined by Oxley”
3. Jan Chan – recent graduate – “Need for government to respect and abide by the separation of powers in Singapore”
4. Osman Sulaiman –business owner/active in politics – “A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves”
5. Tan Kin Lian – former Presidential candidate – “Abuse of power by our government”
6. Dr Ang Yong Guan – psychiatrist – “What else could PM have say in Parliament?”
7. Leong Sze Hian – Blogger/President of Maruah – “Secret committee and what it shows – so many secrets in Singapore”
8. Lim Tean – former Sec Gen of National Solidarity Party – “Wherever law ends – tyranny begins”
(Mr Kwan Yue Keng will be the MC for the event)

There will also be a press conference on site immediately after the event at about 7pm.

Gilbert Goh (Organizer)
Dated: 14th July 2017

The above quoted from TRE.


Anonymous said...

Should have at least 1000 people!

What say you?


Anonymous said...


I think it will be about 100 or so people at most.

Gilbert, just like the Sinkie opposition eg Chee Soon Juan, simply don't understand Sinkies.

Has he ever heard of the definition of insanity? It means doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Whereas Hsien Loong knows the Sun Tze Art of War which is "Know yourself, know your enemies, 100 battles, 100 victories."

And Hsien Loong definitely knows himself, his ministers and Sinkies very well. In fact I would say he learnt this from his father.

Virgo49 said...

10000 for the pink Dot. 70% dafties or 2.3 millions comprising of 70% so called young educated dafties and 30% bor Tak chek oldies.

As for this protest, 5000 considered Ok liao!

Sinkies prefered the PAPies to screw them just like the Pink Dot.

What's you get for siding with LHY and LWL??

Anonymous said...

The late LKY knew something very important as follows in fighting battles.

In order to win a battle against your enemies, one can do two things.

1. Make your enemies weak if you can do it.

2. If cannot, then make yourself stronger than your enemies.

Obviously the late LKY chose #1 above, since he had the power to make his enemies weak.

For son Hsien Loong, he knows he cannot make his siblings (enemy) weak.

So he make himself stronger than his siblings(enemy) by forming a ministerial committee to deal with his siblings(enemy).

When it looks like this cannot win because his siblings is strong to fight back, he went to Parliament to become stronger to deal with his siblings.

And he won because he controls Parliament.

And he can control Parliament because he knows Sinkie opposition and Sinkies very well.

He knows that majority Sinkies will not vote for the Sinkie opposition if the Sinkie opposition is not ready to be govt.

And the Sinkie opposition being not ready to be govt is a legacy inherited from his late father who had made the Sinkie opposition so weak that they are still not ready to be govt more than 2 years after LKY had died.

So in the end Hsien Loong still win, while his siblings and suffering, money no enough Sinkies lose. And his siblings admit defeat by announcing to leaving Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 1008am don't say like that leh.......

Your figure 100 very discouraging leh.......

Anyway, you may be correct lah.......

This is Singapore. Singapore is like that lah.........


Anonymous said...

Take in more pink dot better. Army will have no lacking of doll nuts. Best foreigner ah long got was featured in reach. One angmor fighter screwing under aged girls serving no ns. Singapore needs this kind of good stuff to teach its story of down fall once for all. Vote for Pap. Let ah long hold to power till 91 year old. All will be gone. I meant the main race will run off to malacca and stay as pr. Sunzi the old general who died touch ah long. Best battle win is not to use any force to win. Malaysia did just that. Thanks to ah long s short sighted eye balls. China has the final win. The Sunzi was originated from there or from Singapore?

Anonymous said...

So in the end Hsien Loong still win, while his siblings and suffering, money no enough Sinkies lose.
10:28 am

Suffering, money no enough Sinkies lose? How many % are suffering, money no enough Sinkies? And how many % lose?

If it is only 30% or less, too bad lah for the Sinkie opposition, including Gilbert, although I heard Gilbert no more in NSP and prefer Hong Lim Park for his social and political activities.

Anonymous said...

I think about 100 will attend especially now raining season. I don't want to be pessimistic but reality is like that lar

Anonymous said...

Out of the 8 speakers, 3 are election losers, with one getting only 5% votes and losing his election deposit.

Like it or not, this will somehow affect their standing and impact as speakers, even though what they said may make lots of sense but unfortunately cannot be realised or with the impact needed. This may be one key reason why Sinkies see no point attending such Hong Lim Park events.

If only Gilbert could get Hsien Yang or Wei Ling to speak, that would have given a rocket boost and impact to the event! And if that were to happen, I predict a 10,000 strong crowd!

Anonymous said...

How come Tan Jee Say not speaking?

What about Roy? Roy no sound, no picture for quite some time already. Or has he, just like Han Hui Hui, admitted defeat and left Sinkieland already?

Hey RB, what about you? Why you didn't want to speak? Or is it you think not worth to speak?

Anonymous said...

what to hear that people don't know

nothing new

it is not people don't support the protest

what people want to hear is what can people do next

if no direction, why waste time

then it will become another kpkb session

correct or not

Anonymous said...

if no direction, why waste time
then it will become another kpkb session
correct or not
11:52 am

Tiok (correct).

I rather kpkb or listen to kpkb in RB blog in my comfortable armchair than to go down to Hong Lim Park.

Tan Jee Say is smart. He only kpkb in his blog and if you notice, he did not speak at Hong Lim Park for a long, long time already.

By the way, going to rain, u know.

Got free umbrellas and drinks provided or not? If got, crowd sure big big one.
Gilbert, take note hor, if you understand Sinkies and want big crowds.

Anonymous said...

Got free umbrellas and drinks provided or not? If got, crowd sure big big one.
12:16 pm

That's how in other countries they can get big, big crowds in their protest rallies.

It also helps that lots of people there are poor, so just giving a few dollars to them can motivate and make them attend. Not sure if this will also apply to Sinkies, because I think Sinkies are richer lah, so what's a few dollars? Anyway no harm trying lah, tio bo, Gilbert?

Anonymous said...



You know Singaporeans inside-out!


Anonymous said...

Have you notice in Sinkieland that if a restaurant offers a discount promotion or even give free meals, there will be a long, long queue of Sinkies (or maybe also foreigners) at the door?

So Gilbert, take note hor, if you want big crowds, not long queues lah, but still can apply.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12.32 pm can suggest to G to set up a few foods and drinks stalls offering free finger foods and drinks at HLP in future.

Some outlets and small owners may sponsor the free foods and drinks, even umbrellas.

What a good idea from you!

Anonymous said...

Today i will be there. I will be at Hong Lim to see the crowd clapping. Even it is snowing today. My time will spend at Hong Lim in the afternoon. Pap s time is running out. Look at the minister speaking in China. White hairs are dropping out still want to talk big. There was no China minister accompanying a Singapore higher than minister ranking. Singapore cannot beat Hong Kong in financing role. Hong Kong is eying at China projects. China firms give to Hong Kong or Singapore? Ah long said to Abe, he wished Japanese firm would win the high speed rail contract. Will the China businessmen dare to give Singapore business?

Anonymous said...

Singapore has burnt all its bridges to China. Hard core pro American and pro Abe/Japan.

How to pretend to be nice to China?

Anonymous said...

Follow PAP style, give lollipops using public money. Unfortunately there is no public money available to be spent by anyone else but the PAP. So, how?

You never can win against those who control the public money by any means necessary. Karate, Taekuando, Judo, Wushu or Bersilat, all ineffective lah!

virgo49 said...

Sinkies been sucked the dry by the PAP. Now even ten year old cars mostly renewed COEs.

Also have to pay 30 over K just for five year of life.

So, offered lucky draws, free chicken rice, drinks and umbrellas, crowd may reach 10000.

Most sinkies behaving like Princess/Princes but actually most are Paupers.

Only the Papies ministers, MPs and forget the Opposition MPs are living as Kings.

See last time so many criticisms that the WP MPs came to life.

Have to or else sure gone case no more 16K allowance.

Cai-Tao =( said...

Maybe they should have buses to carry people to Hong Lim, with free drinks and chicken rice thrown in.

The problem is, no one dare to sponsor. The whole chicken rice stall may be declared the source of food poisoning and closed down for good.

Hmm. maybe also if they do this and large crowds attended to rally, they will then pass a law prohibiting free transport, drinks and chicken rice.

Never mind the PAP did it. They will say they do it for public interest. And they will do some wayang kulit in Parliament and make this illegal. The law is there for them to play with.

Just thinking! Outside Hong Lim park!

Anonymous said...

The turn out at Hong Lim was very good. Estimated at least 500 at 5pm.

Anonymous said...

The turn out at Hong Lim was very good. Estimated at least 500 at 5pm.
9:55 pm

Does it really matter if turnout was 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 or even 1000?

Come next election, which party do you think majority Sinkies will still vote for, assuming the opposition is about the same as last election?

Anonymous said...

See the photo in link below on the turn out as posted by organizer Gilbert, and with the caption "free food for all".


Is this the best photo he could show of the crowd, if turn out was much, much better?

The Dragon Fly said...

Turn out of 500 is nothing.
It is worse than the Pink Dot protest, whose turn out was more than 2000.

This is a very serious National Issue. How come turn out is so bad?

The turn out should be 50,000 if Sinkies have woken up!

If only 500, that means Sinkies are still
dozing off in Parliament,
and daft,
and brain-dead.

Or they are trying to make love in small spaces, at loops and corners .....?

Sinkies are a pathetic and tragically apolitical. They rather be slaves being driven by a cane from behind than to take ownership of their own country.

I have already seen this many years ago, in the 1980s. It has gone from bad to worst.

Anonymous said...

Yes! From bad to worst.

Why you don't know meh?

This is Singapore!

Singapore is like that lah!

This is the new normal!

Hahaha...... %) (&£@@%##!

Anonymous said...

Sinkies prefer to be gay than political.

Anonymous said...

'It has gone from bad to worse' unquote

Put it simply, no medicine can cure now! A fate worse than death itself awaits.

Anonymous said...

The Challenges should overwhelm most sinkies by 2020.
lt should affect no less sixty percent of the population and shall lead to much social problems such as suicide and crime.