New manpower strategy

MOM, NTUC and SNEF put up a press release on a new manpower strategy for Singapore. The three main points, one, enhanced internship and training for new entrants into the industry, two, self help HR portal for employers and three, provide free HR solutions and expertise to SMEs.

Good, but what about the influx of foreigners to replace Singaporeans? Would the above three points address the concerns of Singaporeans looking for jobs? No, non issue? What are the real problems facing Singaporeans today when many graduates are finding difficulties in getting jobs here and ended underemployed or unemployed while foreigners just waltz into the island and found jobs aplenty, almost instantly employed?

For the last couple of decades, there appears to be a de facto manpower authority that is setting the agenda and strategies for Singapore’s employment scene and the authority of this de facto agency is foreigners. They set the rules and dictate who should be employed, who is skilled, qualified, what kind of degrees or fake degrees are acceptable, and in most cases to the detriment of Singaporeans. Maybe this is a fake issue, that the employment scene for Singaporeans is healthy and bustling and nothing needs to be done, everything is fine?

Is there a problem? Are Singaporeans being replaced by foreigners and becoming redundant, unskilled and obsolete? The impression I have is that the problem is very serious. But maybe I am getting fed the wrong information by people who are paranoid. Everything is fine. If that is the case, then the new strategies would be fine. Singaporeans would be happy with the employment scene and things would even be better, rosier by the days. Nothing to worry about.

What do you think? What is real or fake news?


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans today are finding difficulties in getting jobs here and ended underemployed or unemployed while foreigners just waltz into the island and found jobs aplenty, almost instantly employed.

“The hard work done by our founding fathers has been squandered." - Kishore Mahbubani, TODAYonline.com July 3 2017

"Our Sinkapoor is likely to suffer the same fate as many other countries; with every political succession, the quality of the leadership declines precipitously. This is the working of the Peter’s Principle in reverse; hence, our next PM – the fourth - is almost certain to be of poorer quality than the previous three. To give him the same powers as our great departed leader is tantamount to inviting trouble for the next generation of our people." -- Ismail Kassim FB

The Dragon Fly said...

Whenever the Tripartite Govt-Employer-NTUC come together to device something, all workers and employees must scrutinize closely whatever they say because in reality, it is only a bi-partisan entity - government and employer.

NTUC is not a true representative of workers and employees. NTUC is itself the 3rd biggest employer with businesses in every loop and corner of Singapore. It is more interested in its own profits as a business at the end of the day. This is obviously undeniable.

Anonymous said...

Probably the G already give up on mentioning the term Sporeans cause majority r all overrun by FTs & the immigration policies gonna get worse. Nowadays, Sporeans can mean anything, a PRC or pinoy or Malaysians or Mymmar or Indians or Vietnam or Thai or Indon or Cambodia or Any Countries can come in & become Sporeans. Once got red passports & govt housing, they emigrated & bye bye after that...this place just only a stepping stone for these FTs turned Sporeans...

Anonymous said...

Another smoke and mirror strategy that does not address the issue of will jobs go to Singaporean first. Or is it like the educational policy of giving scholarships to foreign students in our Universities and after that even give them jobs as well at the expense of Singapore taxpayers. And they do not even have to serve NS as slave labour.

Will the new strategy go the same way? I am as skeptical as always when the PAP state organs tells me they are giving out help, and people begging for mercy and declining help.

Anonymous said...

The impression I have is that the problem is very serious.

Tiok. Very serious.

But I think even more serious are the following problems.

1. The Sinkie opposition is not strong, united and ready to be govt to replace PAP.

2. Talented Sinkies have emigrated and replaced by 3rd world and 2nd rate talents. Because real talents, even if from 3rd world, don't come to Singapore lah, for obvious reasons.

3. Hsien Loong is the best available talent in PAP to be PM. And DPM not interested to be PM.

4. Hsien Loong is not OK as a PM or even in character as a person, according to his siblings. Yet he did not sue his siblings for defamation and still continue to be PM.

5. PAP MPs have no guts to speak in Parliament like what WP Ah Hia did on 3rd July.

Anonymous said...


You are living in the you-die-your-business society!

Who cares whether Singaporeans being replaced by foreigners and becoming redundant, unskilled and obsolete?

What is the most important is profitability of the company and fat fat pays and bonuses for the top management!

In Singapore you must 3Ms! No choice!

Please remember......a massive 70% voted for PAP in 2015! PAP must be good!

Is everything fine? Nothing to worry about? Really?


Hope for the best!


Anonymous said...

The most serious problem is that Sinkies cannot do much beyond just kpkb.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dragon Fly. Whenever NTUC comes together with Government bodies, the biggest beneficiary is NTUC itself. It is the right hand and the left hand clapping together and doing things that benefit the clapper. Nothing more, nothing less.

How can we trust NTUC with the head telling us that if there is no unemployment, he is worried. How can we trust NTUC when the head tells us to do jobs better, faster and cheaper, meaning at lower salaries? How can we believe the NTUC when the head tells us that he felt very rich looking at his monthly CPF statement when we know the money is just 'can see cannot touch forever'? And what is left after that for most people after paying for the house?

And how can we trust NTUC with the head telling everybody that whenever he goes to a eating house, he takes toothpicks for free to poke his big mouth.

Anonymous said...

And how can we trust NTUC with the head...
9:31 am

But NTUC head has the trust and vote of majority voters what.

What better trust he need from Sinkies than this, u tell me lah?

U can get the majority votes or not, if you contest the election?

Anonymous said...

hi anonymous 928am.......

you are 1oo% correct......

"The most serious problem is that Sinkies cannot do much beyond just kpkb".........

yes, at the end of kpkb kpkb and kpkb, only lan-lan.....yes only can lan-lan.........

this is the new normal?........this is the new singapore?............

请问天....为什么会这样! 请问天....为什么会这样!

patriot said...

Whence a government/regime
is the Biggest Business
Entity in the Land it rules, the Citizenry or People get manipulated in everything.
Employment, salary promotion, cost of living and anything are
up to the Rulers to play with.
However, DAFT Sinkies are fine with with Sin, for them Sin is where they find the Greatest Comfort. This probably explains why die die they have chosen the Same Rulers for over 50 Year.


Anonymous said...

Hire intern? Unless the firms can keep the "intern" for 5 to 10years. No such firms. Few firms can survive in sinkieland so long as 10 years. It is a good idea to pay intern less than what the market can pay them elsewhere.

The figures from stat dept: household debts mortgage dec 16 was 200bns from banks, and 40bns fron hdb. Average per head owes $55k.

Owe money already under ah long time. Not gks time.

Interest rate increase by 1%, 30years term, owe $1mil increase S480om. Increase 2% is roughly $960pm from original.

Young couples living in sinkieland:
1. cannot be jobless
2. must increase salary.

Govt is blocking employment to sinkies. Foreigners have no debts can ask for as little as $1k to $1.5k pm to start as "intern" or "management trainee" (no cpf, no NS)(degree u name, they print them).

Sinkies are no competitive to find jobs. They must be bosses or jobless.

Pro foreigner employment policy: is a shit pitch for creating scammers, criminals, robberies, and violence.
When people owed money and run out of cash, anything can happen.
Vote for ah long pro foreigner employment policy for it to happen in sinkieland. Its getting closer. Stay watching the ending.

Anonymous said...

Rb, those who think it's fine is really delusional and smoking I don't know what Lar. All of us have kids and we know it's not all is fine.

Anonymous said...

Germany: Infectious Diseases Spreading As Migrants Settle In

A new report by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the federal government's central institution for monitoring and preventing diseases, confirms an across-the-board increase in disease since 2015, when Germany took in an unprecedented number of migrants.

Some doctors say the actual number of cases of tuberculosis is far higher than the official figures suggest and have accused the RKI of downplaying the threat in an effort to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiments.

"Around 700,000 to 800,000 applications for asylum were submitted and 300,000 refugees have disappeared.
Have they been checked?
Do they come from the high-risk countries?"
- Carsten Boos, orthopedic surgeon, interview with Focus magazine.

A failed asylum seeker from Yemen who was given sanctuary at a church in northern Germany to prevent him from being deported has potentially infected more than 50 German children with a highly contagious strain of tuberculosis.


Anonymous said...

Locals Furious At Plan To Dump Radioactive Water From Fukushima Into Pacific Ocean

In the latest sign that the area surrounding the destroyed Fukushima power plant is far from ready for the return of human inhabitants, locals and fishing groups are criticizing a plan to release water containing radioactive tritium from the ruined Fukushima power plant into the ocean, according to the Telegraph.

Officials of Tokyo Electric Power Co., the operator of the plant, say tritium poses little risk to human health and is quickly diluted by the ocean.


Please ask your "Profit Above People" Member of Parliament.
Is his party a pro nuclear power policy party?

Do you feel very safe eating fish, crabs and other seafood?

Anonymous said...

As Farmers Go Broke, John Deere Ramps Up It's Captive Financing Operation To Keep The Agriculture Party Going

( Are we doing the same with our HDB flats? )

So what do you do when your John Deere and your entire business revolves around selling really expensive equipment to farmers who have been absolutely decimated financially by low crop prices and can no longer convince commercial banks that they're worthy of additional debt needed to buy fancy new tractors?

Well, you take some plays from the automotive industry, that's what.
Here's how it works:

Step 1:
Setup a captive financing arm to underwrite all of the credit risk that no reasonable commercial ag bank would touch with a 10 foot pole.

Step 2:
Boost your tractor sales volumes by financing every farmer who walks through your door with a soybean dream and pulse.

Step 3:
When you run out of farmers willing to buy your brand new shiny green tractors then just start selling all your production volume to yourself and then lease it to customers at an attractive price.
This way you can still show sales growth and never have to cut production volume.

Step 4:
Finally, when it all goes horribly wrong because used tractor prices crash due to the flood of off-lease volume and brings down the new market with it then you take a one-time charge to write-off the losses, wall streets forgives you...it was just a 1x charge, right...and then you promptly rinse and repeat.


Anonymous said...

The debt service ratio in 16 was 25%. The total retrenched 16 was close to 17k, the highest. Jobless rate they said was 3.3%. U say?

Will the debt service ratio stay at 25% when interest rate raise?

The only source sinkies source of cash is from job.

Pap supports foreigner employment with generous employment passes and ceca. The resultant is clear: when interest rate raises by 3%, the people holding debts to pay might get death sentence. Owing condo or EC should have more than S$1 million debts. How to pay extra S$1500pm debt payment?

Sinkies pap supporter: never bluff your own selves. This situation of $240 billions household mortgage debt is under ah long s rule in 10 to 15 years. 30 years term is not easy to pay off.

No jobs? death is one way. With foreigners coming into job market to ask for less, sinkies will have 30 years of hell like living.
Kids having not enough education and nutrition is one problem, security of sinkieland will be eroded fast due to poorer environment, more foreigners create surprises in security: violence, crimes should be on the rise. Foreigners can run home. Sinkies get, stolen, hammered, robbed, scammed, cheated cannot find remedies. No place to run.

Anonymous said...

Some one bought Oceanfront at sentosa for S$3.3millions. Last month it was sold at loss: S$840,000.

Of the S$240 billions debts on housing, how many similar cases will happen?

Still want to vote for pap to support foreigner employment and ceca?

Give a thought to our children. Old glory is long gone.

b said...

The gahmen only help themselves to the money. They never help the people. Only making people lives more miserable - higher costs of owning a flat, car, daily expenses etc. Hope china punish them one day. slap slap slap.

Anonymous said...

When the Malaysian East-West Highway and the two ports, to be built by China, are ready in about 3 to 5 years' time, at least one-third of the trades will by-pass Singapore.

When the Kra Isthmus Canal is ready in about 10 to 15 years' time, another half of the trades will by-pass Singapore.

What will happen to Singaporeans in 20 years' time?

Answer: Singaporeans will then enjoy the Swiss Standards of Living. What is Swiss Standards of Living?

Answer: Only the filthy rich can afford to own a house/flat. All the rest will have to stay in rented small cubicles at very high rentals.

Think positive - Think of "More Good Years!"

The Dragon Fly said...

Reproduced here, by cut and paste just to share, is Lawyer Ms Teo Soh Lung's article posted at TRE:

"I am sad for Singapore and Singaporeans. A single word about the judiciary in a private facebook entry which drew just 20 likes has attracted the attention of the Attorney-General’s Chamber.

How did my country descend to this depth?

Singaporeans have been silent observers for too long. We don’t care when fellow Singaporeans get into trouble. Indeed we rationalise that the person who gets into trouble chose to ignore the reality of Singapore. We dare not challenge the reality because it is too unreal, too cruel. Yet when others take up the cudgel, we call them fools because we have to justify our cowardice.

Decades ago there was J B Jeyaretnam. He got into endless trouble because Singaporeans wickedly rationalised that he deliberately looked for trouble. Then there was Dr Chee Soon Juan and his SDP team. They protested in public. Singaporeans conclude that they know full well that under Singapore laws they will get into trouble. And so they deserve to be sent to jail.

I too was subjected to criticisms when I was arrested under the ISA. She looked for trouble and wanted to be a martyr.

In recent years we have Alex Au, Roy Ngerng, Han Hui Hui and so many others.

It is easy for people to criticise so as to justify their reluctance to assist the person in trouble and ease their conscience. There is so much to lose – giving financial assistance or even words of encouragement to Jeyaretnam or Dr Chee means to express sympathy to their causes which may incur the wrath of the government. The police force and the attorney general know everything and we will forever be marked like citizens of communist regimes. So we reason that it is best to metamorphose ourselves to become the three monkeys – see nothing, hear nothing and speak nothing.

Our sorry state is the result of our so called decades of apathy or being apolitical, which in fact is to be extremely political. Becoming the three monkeys signify our desire to allow our government to do anything they want with us. We renounce our duty to act as thinking human beings. We want to be powerless slaves despite the fact that it is we, not the government who built Singapore.

Li Shengwu, grandson of Lee Kuan Yew has now attracted the attention of the attorney general’s chambers. I believe the chamber was already watching him when he took side with his father, Lee Hsien Yang over his and his aunt’s dispute with the prime minister.

The attorney general will tell the world that there is no conflict of interest when his chamber decides to look into the private facebook entries of Li Shengwu, but I will not believe that. What business has he to look into a person’s private facebook? Isn’t there more important work than to spy on personal facebooks?

Having encountered trouble with the police (in Li Shengwu’s case it is much worse for it is the attorney general who is looking into his case) and having heard the numerous stories of activists being hauled up before the Central Police Division in the Police Cantonment Complex, I know for a fact that any “looking into the matter” by the attorney general entails at least one interrogation session and the likelihood of a house search with mobile phones and computers being seized.

Singaporeans must always remember that almost all offences under Singapore laws are classified as “arrestable”. This means the police can arrest and seize properties without warrant i.e. without the consent or knowledge of our courts.

I don’t expect Li Shengwu to be treated differently. Orders from the attorney general must be obeyed by the police.

It will be a sad day for Singapore if Li Shengwu joins the ranks of Dr Ang Swee Chai, Tang Fong Har, Ho Juan Thai, Tan Wah Piow and so many loyal Singaporeans before them."

Teo Soh Lung

virgo49 said...


You think at that time, the Rich can also live in peace???

I don't think so. When human brings are hungry and desperate they kill and rob.

Especially those from the third world instant made citizens.

Anyway, don't think I live to see that.

Better be the three monkeys or is it majority Sinkies are already behaving like the three monkeys??

See no evil or see fellow citizens been harness and see nothing. Not my business.

Speak no evil, also not my business and do no evil or good as we are just too afraid and dafts.

Many will opened their CB mouths and critise saying if you that brave join the opposition and t fight them lah.

See how clever and brave you are. Their naive and simplistic ccowardice behaviours.

We are smart behaving like the Three Monkeys. Little do they know, they be like Ojka being lead to the Slaughter when their turn comes.

Wah, 0307 am, can pop down for another round of Roulette before heading home to Sinking Land.

Better be the Smart monkey, enjoy whilst you can.