Lee Kuan Yew’s will – A better way…

I desist from using the word wayang. What about a better way to handle the issue with a win win for everyone, especially for Hsien Loong? It can be easily done. For the moment, other then all the allegations from Hsien Yang and Wei Ling about abuses of power and govt organs, Hsien Loong is also being accused of being unfilial. All these could have been avoided with the govt gazetting the property and Hsien Loong still coming out looking good and very filial, and his siblings could not to anything about it or to accuse him of all the allegations.

Here is what I thought would be an easier and nicer way for Hsien Loong to have his cake and eat it, ie keep the property from being demolished and do whatever he wants with it and looking very, very filial and honourable and maintaining Singapore as a rule of law country. There is no need for the Ministerial Committee to go asking Hsien Yang and Wei Ling funny questions. Just get the National Heritage Board to put up a case to gazette the house as a historical and national monument.

Hsien Loong can then go to Parliament and make a plea for the demolishment of the property, telling the House that as a filial son, it is his duty to fulfill his parents’ last wish. He could even shed a few tears to make it even more emotional, to tug at the heart strings of people when the session is aired on TV plus a few photos on the front page Straits Times and other local media. Then he can let Parliament to put it to a vote and knowing that all the ministers and MPs would want to keep the house and would vote for it, he could then say his father is not above the law and he would respect the law no matter how filial he wanted to be. He would then reluctantly agree to let his father’s last wish past as the decision of Parliament is about the rule of law, above a private citizen, and he cannot go against it for personal interest. He could even make a last plea for Parliament to reconsider its decision, maybe a second voting after 3 months or 6 months of cooling off period to think it over and over again. This is what a filial son could do to try to fulfill a father’s last wish, die standing for it.

By then, whatever the decision of Parliament to keep the house, he would be seen as a filial son, honouring his father, and also respecting the law of the country. No abuse of state organs or power, just following the normal process of Parliament. Wouldn’t that be nice? And his siblings cannot accuse him of any abuse of law or being unfilial. Swee swee.

What is so difficult about this, why mess around with a Ministerial Committee and having so many ministers voluntarily standing up to run down the will of his father and at the same time running down LKY in the process? All this is so unnecessary.
It could have been done better surely, and quite easily done too.

PS. An after thought. How nice it would be if the will was put to a vote and Hsien Loong, after declaring that he has a vested in it to grant his father's last wish voted to demolish it while all his ministers and MPs voted to keep it. It could then be used to tell the world that democracy works in Singapore when the ministers and MPs dare to vote against the PM. Damn good PR for Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Whatever that is going to happen, whichever way the cookie crumbles, the damage has already been done. Nothing no matter what will undo this bad image that has been portrayed to the world. Bad image for Singapore. The land of whiter than white is not so clean after all.

Anonymous said...

What is so difficult about this, why mess around with a Ministerial Committee and having so many ministers voluntarily standing up to run down the will of his father and at the same time running down LKY in the process?

Hahahahaha. That is speaking based on hindsight lah.

Hindsight is always 20/20, u know.

But now the rice has already been cooked into porridge, so how does your better way work, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

I thought Hsien Loong said in Parliament that he had not expected his siblings would make pubic their private matters?

So maybe that's perhaps why he was not ready for the "nuclear" fallout from it for him and his govt?

And since he did not want to sue, his reputation gone case liao lah, and he is not the same Hsien Loong that Sinkies saw him before this episode?

But there is one consolation, and a big one - The opposition will not be ready to take over and so PAP will still win the next election, even if he is still the leader.

Anonymous said...


The end of Part 1.

Any Part 2 and Part 3.......?

Or no more?

Not so exciting leh!


Anonymous said...

Many more parts to go. Sit back and enjoy the wayang.

Anonymous said...

RB, he should employ you as script writer. Crafty little old uncle. Talking about speak writer, I am still unable to get over with the ND speech few years ago where he brought up a case of a man who complained to N Park and eventually to PUB (not quite sure which department) over a stick on the floor. Each department refused to admit the stick was under their territory and so the issue cannot be resolved. Apparently, it was only a Fishball stick. PM decided at the end that there must be a coordinating ministry and so one was created. My view is why would anyone call government department for such a small stick? Why can he pick it up and throw into the dustbin? Why is this cited and not a falling branch from a tree? Surely, someone could have written a better script than this.

Anonymous said...



好自为之! 好自为之!


Anonymous said...

Do you agree LKY is not a stupid man? Being cambridge, cunning lawyer cum founder of SGP, you think he is so dumb enough to leave such a filmsy interpretation as LHL forcibly said

" PM Lee's view is that while their father wanted the house to be demolished but he is open to alternatives that govt may preserve it."??!!

In the first place, if your father agrees the house to be preserved, knowing very full well that Loong as a PM = Govt, wants to preseve the house, why didnt he just will it to you and make the PM as executor & trustees as well? He would have save you the agony of recusing yourself from this conflict and you will have a very smooth outcome. He clearly didnt do that for a very STRONG unwavering reason isn't it?

Secondly, on recusing. LHL kept saying he recused himself from all the decisions, involvement etc of the matters and committee. Yet on the other hand, he accused the silbings for executing the Deed of Gift without consulting him and felt entitled as a beneficiary to know? So did he or did he not RECUSE himself? That's why the siblings didn't involve him so he didnt have such conflicting bi-polar behaviour! Then LHL and Lawrence wong contradict themselves again by saying as PM he would have gotten a copy of Deed of Gift in official capacity anyway? Again, did you or did you NOT recuse yourself 100% of the matter. Did LW violate this abuse of power as a committee member.

Is also clear that since Cabinet is UNANIMOUS to Preserver the house (per LKY meeting), isn't it redundant and conflict of interests once again, for the Committee to be chaired by Cabinets members like TCH, LW and KS etc? Why go through the wayang again since the same group of people already UNANIMOUS earlier on? No wonder LHY + LWL feel the state of organs are used on them.

So much talk cock, wayang and inconsistencies.

Anonymous said...

LHY maybe playing poker game, but ah long already win liao lah playing chess. He checkmate the siblings so swee swee now towards the end he said in substance he has nothing to be in dispute with them anymore, because he has divested himself fully and recuse himself. In other words, he has made it into a Govt/committee/NHB offical decision now , he can walk away after his scheming plot. On the other hand, it is LHY that is 赔了夫人又折兵 to HK. ARe you guys blind or what?

What would your solutions be for LHY and LWL?

Anonymous said...

Disputed the last will that put in a clause for having demolition word, questioned if the dead man signed the last will with full knowledge of the contents.. was not mentioned in parliament.
Instead defending the reason why he did not sue, which was unconvincing. The executors in fb used the word "lies".

The excuse fr not suing was not to "stress" the public". I do not buy that as singaporeans lives are far stressful than listening to stories from both sides. Isent no jobs, not enough income to pay expenses far stressful? The parliament instead talk about a multi millions old house.

The very fact: defying the dead man s wishes is called filial. Using subordinates minsters to deal with siblings executors appointed by the father is not abuse of executive power.

Being said presenting "lies" yet not clarifying in court is considered not lying in his own standard, a new Pap standard.

WP s LTK was right: let the court settle the disputes. Sue the fellows alleging officials lying and abuse of power.

Voters can see the confused head: will said demolish, confused head refused. Siblings said "lies", confused head said public would "stress" if suing. Suing millionaires and cannot cast a dent is something someone scared to do. Suing small flies, lawyers are lining up ready to go ahead. "if someone else" he would have done it the following day. This is the attitude of suing or not on such confused head.
Voters have voted someone so confused. Will singapore s future still bright with such power grab mind?

Anonymous said...

Opera lah - the PAP MPs were supposed to question the PM, but some, like the ex-foreigner who never served NS, were instead making speeches lavishing praises, adulation on the PM !

patriot said...

Excellent piece of suggestion but, think Your advice, if l may call it so, surely would not be good enough for a born aristocrat.

Lee Hsienloong seems not to have even visited My Singapore News Blogsite. lf he did, he certainly had NOT find anything that interest him or he finding MSN useful.
What Sir Chua Chin Leng had expounded over more than a decade, appeared to be the Opposites of Policies he had adopted and implemented.
Chua Chinleng is clearly an Oriental Gentleman whilst Lee Hsienloong is apparently an English Educated Born Aristocrat. Never will the Twains meet in their understandings of living. The Philosophical Differences shall be as wide as the Pacific Ocean.

lt is a huge blemish, if not shame that a private domestic affair has to be made into international news due to either a moment of folly or personal indiscretion.

The Saga is getting murkier as many NON-FAMILY MEMBERS WHO CANNOT possible have intimate and or comprehensive knowledge of the Familial Relationships of the First Family meddling in the Personal and Familial Dealings amongst themselves.

lt is going to take a long loong time for the Feud to be forgottened. Meanwhile, many who prayed for Karma are getting their wishes realised and may actually be enjoying the Saga.


The Family Feud is getting not only complicated and complex, it seems not possible to have a clear and cleancut conclusion. lt certainly is getting murkier aptly describe in Chinese as:


agongkia said...

Very Swee,but uncles..
I thought of that idea too, weeks ago ,on how help to prevent those kopitiam apeks gossiping but ..
Think think think ...
What happen if majority of empees voted against demolition .Chorchoo ended being not being demolish .
Taikor may looks good and filial,done his best to fulfil the wish,got what he wish for, but risk the next ge as many will claim these empees are going against their chokong's wish ,poothowkia and not vote for them in the next ge.
It will result in these empees losing their support and end up losing their seats,where he will oso be affected ,因小失大,making things worse.
Only khongcum ,tingtong,sookoo ,mosin or teng ah gee can come out with such idea.
But good try.

Anonymous said...

I agreed with you on the foreigner in parliament. He praised ministers would submit reports to parliament on the property. Appointing the pm appointed committee was correct move.

Never served NS has this flawed. The one man is his boss. While the coffers pays him. NS men would be loyal to singapore flag, non NS foreigner would only be loyal to the one man.

The whole question people have in minds is: who does foreigner serve? The people or someone only?

The family matter is common. The common means to handle will disputes is the courts, not the parliament. Singapore has such MP who showered praises on opening family disputes in parliament as correct move. That reflects on the "world class division one" quality of such MP, a non NS foreigner.

Foreigner is foreigner. Will they change to be loyal to singapore?
For those non citizens, they will be happy to hear parliament talking about family disputes day in day out. Voters agree?

patriot said...

possible to be
amended to

My apology.


Anonymous said...

Go read LHY rebuttal again this morning.


MPs should be asking this
1) Why in one of the letter LKY said "Loong as PM has decided it will be heritage site"
2) Cabinet are all unanimous in preseving the house
3) Then Committee headed by TCH now publicly said "No decision has yet/or needed to be taken" on the house?

See the problem? Who're the liars?

Anonymous said...

This seow tintong gongkia scolding uncle again.
Uncle see him no up and never want to talk to him for so long he still lan lan come here to blog in uncle's blog, coz no where to go, no one want to listen to his tintong talk.

Got ignored by uncle, run away but kuai kuai come back to prove how desperate and stupid he is, to want to drink angtow tng again.

Anonymous said...

Heard lots of comments regarding 38!

Won't be surprised at next GE, PAP 80% with both H AND A going back to PAP!

You think so?

agongkia said...

anon 11.16
I refer to "uncles" like you lah.
You see me no up or not smart enough to challenge my opinion ?
Only know how to kpkb?
Only want hear what you like and must go along with the flow?like that what's the difference between you and the men in white or shit time?
Ok lah.Give you uncles a temporary break :-)

Anonymous said...

It does not mean when we live till old age with lots of money , power and fame we will be happy .
He must be a very sad and disappointed man in the end. Karma ah yo will finally catch up with us.

Anonymous said...

Indranee Rajah: Demolition of 38 Oxley Road house was not only option LKY contemplated

As an analogy, if a person wished his family long life, but went on to say if his family dies, then they should be buried together.

So according to Indranee, that person's family long life is not only option he contemplated; he also wished his family's death !

Such twisted logic also can mouth!

Anonymous said...

After so much had done by LKY for Singapore, can the Singapore government grants LKY his last last wish?

What is so difficult?

There are 1001 ways to remember LKY not just 38!

Give that MAN a break!!! Give that MAN his last last wish!!!

Anonymous said...

Every family has dead member some days. With will or without is the only options. If willed on black and white papers, can that minister counters the options in will and tell the family at TJP that she knows the dead resident had other wishes to the property?
If such MP can come into a family s will and propose options other than the Will stated, then, the laws has to be changed. That should be discussed in parliament to change that this minister s words are will for every body whose wills should be overridden.

This is a family will and the dead man had appointed 2 executors. The property s share was transferred to one of the executors.

The 2 executors have full power to dispose off the property. Is there a question in any citizen disagree?

The parliament was turned into a tool for seeking public opinion to be in favor of the son who already sold the share to executor to meddle with the executors implementing the wishes of the dead man.

This dead man was no ordinary man. I personally do not agree with all he had done. However, I must support his wishes. He willed the property should be demolished. I will support the executors to complete the task as a public. It is my duty to support the executors who help the dead man, whether they are son or daughter.
Some family will does not appoint son or daughter as executor, could be the son daughter are too young etc.

So public must support the executors and not the politicians using power to change the will of the dead person.

This is clear in educated s mind. When voting, one should not vote for politicians who have motives and attempting to argue in parliament to turn the laws asides or confused the public opinion.

Anonymous said...

I wondering why no MP stand up to propose a vote of confidence in the PM. I also wondering why PM never ask his MPs to vote to show they got confidence in him.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to ask about a different topic.
I heard the town council said that accident lift has a load limit of 270kg for 4 person.

I have never seen a HDB lift with a limit of 4 person.

Have you?

Anonymous said...

We are deeply concerned that after the Oxley saga, the young in Singapore may think filial piety is not a virtue that a person must have; and old folks will be ill-treated by their children who have numbed themselves of parental respect and love.

Anonymous said...

Was the Parliament session full house?

Like not.


Anonymous said...

1:37pm Got this type of man as pm is not lucky. The matter was straight forward if he as family member simply demolish the property. Why did he sell the share to executor? It means he does not want to have a say on the property.
Can u see this person s mind? Flip flop type.
Similar: last year told china to give up the sea islands, this year told china he wants to join 1r1b. China did not even invite him to sit together with the leaders on 1r1b, affecting this region.

I see him as a confused mind. Not knowing following the laws: following the executors as long as they execute the Will. He did the exact opposite as pm. Confuse the executors Will there be implementation of demolition as his father s will stated? I doubt he wants to comply with the will.

Anonymous said...

'Ministers voting against PM' unquote. Everybody's last wish that will never come true!

Not in Sinkieland! Not in a thousand years! Not with the PAP in power! Not with the present leegime!

Once upon a time in Sinkieland, that was possible. That would be just right after 1965, but not long afterwards.

Here and now, even LKY's last wish cannot get PAP MPs to vote against the PM.

Marbles are not what they used to be!

Anonymous said...

Why did PAP say going to court to sue the accusers would cause further distress to Sinkies? That's putting words in our mouths.

We are distress-hardened already - having to suffer for years from PAP's foreigner influx, highest cost of living in the world, frequent public transport breakdowns, water price hike, etc etc. We can certainly tahan the drama of a court trial to sue the accusers !

patriot said...



patriot said...

The Best Resolution is of course for the Lees to settle their dispute privately and amicably.

Think it can still be done, either ways mentioned here.


patriot said...

The Best Resolution is of course for the Lees to settle their dispute privately and amicably.

Think it can still be done, either ways mentioned here.


Anonymous said...

Next GE, PAP will be at least 80%!

Anonymous said...

If PM Lee seriously doesnt think the house has any aura for him to draw on, then he should have no qualms to follow through his father's last will, and his siblings duties.

If the PAP party has no insecurity or the need to hang onto this ghost house of Lee and use it as a political crutch, then they should show their confidence that the current day government can continue to operate and steer the nation successfully, sans the house.

If the people think it is for the national interests for Singapore/reans to move on post-LKY as a confident people, then they will support the removal and demolishing of the house.

There are so many ways (Virtual or otherwise) to keep the nation home alive and moving..not just one specific LKY house. If people still dont get it, then everyone will rot with the house along with these sophistry. IT will be an even sadder end.


b said...

This saga is as follows:-

What have I become
My sweetest friend
Everyone I know goes away
In the end
And you could have it all
My empire of dirt
I will let you down
I will make you hurt
(Johnny Cash - Hurt)

b said...

Make peace. Just demolize it. Nothing more important than good relationship with family. Definitely not a bunch of concretes which let down and hurt.

Anonymous said...

To end this decisively, LWL still can make one final move.

Declare to everyone that she is moving out next week.
The siblings then promptly and publicly declare as executors they are ready to demolish the house.
Then this will force the hand of NHB or Govt of today to make their stand.
Gazette or No Gazette, once and for all.
The people have yet to understand what's the whole point of gazetting this house if it will not be opened to the public (or will it?) how is that of national interests? Can put food on table or get me jobs? Or will future taxpayers money be used to fund a musuem that is closed to public?
Tell me lar..

Anonymous said...

孫 子 兵 法 ?

The Dragon Fly said...

The moment the G gazetted the house, the G has to pay for its upkeep and maintenance. That means the present taxpayers have to pay for it. Not only the future taxpayers' money.

Anonymous said...

Preserve but install cctv inside house.
Like video game.

Anonymous said...

What the use of looking something
In the past.it only brings back tears.

Anonymous said...

What is LHL afraid of, just SUE to clear his name. If he wins just ask for $1 from siblings.
Show Singaporeans that no favours are given, even to siblings or relatives.
Failure to sue means there are some issues that must not come out.

Anonymous said...

Double standards !

Anonymous said...

Who can not afford to loose?

Anonymous said...

LHL Cannot be seen as the one to start the defamation.
Damned if he does, damn if he doesn't.
That's why TCH trained leutanants Sunxueling suggested the siblings do that.
Then he can respond in kind lah.

GSM Only try to insinuate the cracks already started decades ago but LHL rebutted him.
They only were unhappy agpfter fathers death. So admittedly it must be his mishandling of the matters lah.

TCH Tried to sweep everything and attribute is to the family grieving, particularly for LEL her health too.
Very convenient..everybody has changed except the PM?
Ask hi why he changed his mind about the house lah..he started it all.

All in all, very interesting k drama for season one.
Does it solve anything.?

virgo49 said...

After reading LHY's facebook posts, I believed LHY's words in just few sentences rather than LHL's rambling and his kakis words.

Why no sue if the accusations are serious enough not only the Integrity of himself. It also concerned the Integrity of the Government.

Just too afraid that the Truths disclosed in Court.

This will costs him and the PAP dearly.

See his wayang and body language any sensible person will know rhe Truths and Flash hoods.

What honourable men don't fib, hogwash.

Anonymous said...

I am the accused
I am also the witness
I am also the judge

Any problem?

Anonymous said...

What kind of distress does suing his siblings caused Singaporeans by the way?

It is his and his siblings engaging lawyers. Surely it cannot be Singaporeans paying for the legal fees. After all, it is just like the left hand paying the right hand.

Those sued by his father caused more distress to families, political parties and supporters of Jayaretnam, Aung Juan Soon Chee etc. Low Thia Khiang's party and friends felt more distress losing their pants after being sued by PAP members.

So, what kind of distress will suing his siblings do to Singaporeans? In the last 50 years, which PAP big guns got sued by opponents and lost their pants?

Anonymous said...

LHL : they are my family cannot sue them
GCT : tang Laing Hong..he is not my brother


The major takeaways message is very clear.
As long as is family, Die die also CANNOT sue.
Which means, next time you wake up and find Temasek coffer empty, cannot sue anyone also.
Because they are all Uncles, cousins, and wives laH!!!

Get it ??!!!

Anonymous said...

Nepotism is very active and alive!