Hsien Loong, sue, sue, sue

This call for Hsien Loong to sue is getting louder and louder. The WP has called for it in Parliament with Low Thia Khiang firing the first shot. Lim Tean has come out with a 8 minute video to tell Hsien Loong why he has to sue. Similarly the whole social media is flooded with the same call, sue, sue, sue.

Tan Jee Say up the ante by writing to the President to demand an inquiry and also calling for Hsien Loong to step down. SDP's Chee Soon Juan too made a similar call not much different from what Low Thia Khiang said in Parliament.

This is the first time in Singapore’s history that the call for the Prime Minister to step down is heard so loudly. And if Hsien Loong still refuses to sue, this call is likely to gain credence and volume. More and more people will be embolden to demand Hsien Loong to sue as this is the PAP standard for integrity and conduct of its MPs and ministers, and the PM is no exception. Sue or step down.

Singapore is a rule of law country. The law is blind and there can be no exception. Would the people allow the siblings to get away with the serious allegations of corruption and abuse of power by the PM without being sued and without the PM clearing his name in the court of law? Is Hsien Loong’s explanation in Parliament adequate to absolve him from the allegations and so he is clean and innocent and there is no need for any follow up? Case closed, move on?

Without a proper closure in the courts of law how would it affect the integrity and credibility of Hsien Loong and his standing among his ministers and his reputation among world leaders?

What if the call for his resignation continues to a state of civil disobedience, like another mass gathering at Hong Lim Park? It would not look very good for Hsien Loong nor for Singapore. There must be a proper closure for Hsien Loong to stand tall again, clean and pure and his integrity restored and unquestionable. That is the Singapore standard, the PAP standard.

The main issue cannot be about brotherly relationship or family ties. The main issue is whether the allegations have any basis, true or false. That is the crux of the matter. Not whether to sue or not to sue.

Protest at Hong Lim Park

Activist Gilbert Goh is organising a public protest on the allegations of abuse of power by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his dealings with his siblings.
The proposed event will be held at Hong Lim Park on Saturday (15 July) from 4pm to 7pm.


Anonymous said...

Rb if he refused to sue, what can sinkies do. Move on?

Anonymous said...

Protest at HLP? No use! Waste time!

At most 380 will attend.

You don't know meh Singapore is like that lah.

Kpkb kpkb and kpkb but when come to protest, all not free!

Worst when come to voting..,,,.. PAP!

The new normal?

Anonymous said...

What if the call for his resignation continues to a state of civil disobedience, like another mass gathering at Hong Lim Park?


That will only happen AFTER, NOT BEFORE, the opposition announce that they are ready to be govt by next election.

So has the opposition announce that yet? No, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

I think Hsien Loong is taking advantage of the fact that no opposition leader has announced that his party is ready to be govt and he/she is ready to be Prime Minister.

So as Anon 10:08 am said,"...if Hsien Loong refused to sue, what can sinkies do?" And that's also what Hsien Loong must be thinking, although not aloud lah, of course.

Ya, what can Sinkies do? Kpkb? Can kpkb alone make Hsien Loong sue, let alone resign?

The Dragon Fly said...

What has the resignation of PM Lee Hsien Loong to do with whether the Opposition is ready to be government or not? What irrational logic is that?

If PM Lee resigns, there are other capable Ministers within the Cabinet who can take over as Prime Minister. Never presume that Hsien Loong is indispensable.

What are the Deputies for? For show? For display? Or just to hang around the PM to be used as page boys? Or to be used to form secret Ministerial Committees to intrude into LKY's private affairs and try to read a dead man;s thiniking?

Come on, what happens if Hsien Loong suddenly got heart attack, or his cancer comes back for the third time?

And if the two DPMs think they are not suitable or not ready to be PM, then they should also step down because it is absurd for a person to be deputy for so many years and yet not ready or not suitable to be PM! If he is not ready, then he is incompetent. Then he should be sacked. If he is not ready that means he is not doing his DPM job properly in the past. The he should also be sacked.

There are also other Ministers who are more than keen to take over as the PM. When Goh Chok Tong was asked to be PM, he also said he was reluctant. When Hsien Loong was told to enter politics, he also said he was reluctant.

As can be seen, with hind sight, those who are forced into circumstances to take over leadership usually make the best leaders. Those who are groomed to take over usually make bad leaders.

So, what has the resignation of PM Lee got to do with whether Opposition is ready to be govt or not?

Anonymous said...

Hsien Loong's late father knew the great importance of money, even though he had lived in a house modest by most standards.

That's one key reason why ministers need to be very well paid in order to buy their loyalty, and not so much as to attract talent.

Hence you can see that even though Hsien Loong by not suing his siblings is very wrong morally, no minister had spoken against it or protest over it by resigning, tio bo? Is the million $ pay too good to do even the right and honourable thing?

In a company, if you think the boss is very wrong, you either speak up to correct him/her, or failing which, you resign. That's the honourable thing to do. But if you need the salary, sometimes being honourable cannot feed you, and so that's the problem why people are not honourable, even as a son!

Anonymous said...

Wood Mouth said if minister does not sue, then there is an element of truth in it.

The dragon does not sue, using the same logic: the truth is there is an element of truth in it.

The dragon knew it. It he sues, he will be confirmed: clean or not.

Better not to sue so that he can continue to work on same position. Otherwise, sure will have to go. Go earlier than Wood Mouth? No way.

Anonymous said...

If PM Lee resigns, there are other capable Ministers within the Cabinet who can take over as Prime Minister.
Dragon Fly 10:38 am

U stupid or what? Be Prime Minister for what? Why want to get extra stress?

Already got good pay and easier life as minister don't want and want to be Prime Minister?

Unless can lose job as minister lah, when the opposition is ready to take over. But is the opposition ready?

Anonymous said...

The way LHL and PAP MPs spoke during the Parliament session on 38 saga were rather 'teng kwa kwa'!

Anonymous said...

When princes commit an offence, they should be treated like common citizen.

The Dragon Fly said...

When a policeman commits an offence, he is punished double hard than commoners. Knowing the law, yet commits the offence.

When an officer in the SAF commits an offence, he is punished more severly than an ordinary soldier. (Unless they are the.y protected white horses specie).

So, if a Minster commits an offence, he should be punished triple or ten times more than a commoner. He makes the law, yet he commits the ofence.

And if a Prime Minister commits an offence such as Abuse of Power, he should face the "Firing Squad". But there is no such thing as firing squad in Sinkieland. So, he should be sacked and disgraced for the rest of his life. He cannot hold any public office nor participate in any political activities or join any political party any more. He should not and cannot be above the Law, and be let off kindly or easily.

patriot said...


Goh Chok Tong said if one is defamed and not sue, then the Defamed has to go.
he also said he sued Tang Liang Hong because the Latter was not his brother. He said that in a huff and left flustered in a hurry. His body language was very telling.

No matter how the Family Saga is handled and concluded, there can only be casualties, especially the lntegrities of the Rulers.

Nothing good can come out of the Saga unless someone or a party calls for a vote of No Confidence in the Government. This may bring about a new beginning.


Anonymous said...

I think there is one key reason, and maybe the only reason, why Hsien Loong did not sue his siblings. And that is simply because he has no case to sue!

To say that he does not want to besmirch his parents'names by suing is the excuse, not the reason. Just like saying having GRCs or even Malay elected President is for helping minority race to become MPs or as President.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

There can only be three reasons why someone did not sue when allegations are made against him.

One, the allegations are true and suing would not be to his advantage.

Two, he is too poor to afford the legal fees to sue the other party making the allegations.

Three, he knows he will surely loose when everything is stacked against him in the courts.

Pick your answers to the multiple choice situation.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 1.22

The answer is one and three. LHY and LWL said they have formidable evidence that they would bring up only in an Independent Inquiry or Court of Law.

LHL, wayang wayang cried in Parliament and said will only besmirched what Papa name.

Hogwash, after kena washed in Court.

Hey, not 100% will lose you know.

Our court unlike USA courts where they dared throw out even the PRESIDENT's EO.

Anonymous said...

If and only if LHL steps down as PM, who you think would be the next PM?


Virgo49 said...

Anon 2.56

Kee Chiu! !!

There be in-fighting. All wanted to be Chief. But the Indian Chiefs got advantage.

As one bro said, SINKIE land gonna be darker and darker.

The Indian Chiefs already gained a foothold.

Anonymous said...

How come we now have Indians and Indian Chiefs fighting for advantage.

This is not good. When Indians fight, the grassroots suffer.

Maybe, no more chicken bones, feathers and bread crumbs.

Properties will crash. Wives and sisters will have to work as maids in other Asean countries.

Sinkieland is indeed looking to be darker and darker.

Anonymous said...

Siao, Singaporean rather go HLP support pink dot. They care more about pink dot than wasting time on other things. Don't waste your time.

Anonymous said...

The issue of Abuse of Power by the Top Executive of the Land should be seen as much more severe than the Abuse of Power (CBT) by CEOs of any organisation or Organs of State.

A thorough and immediare investigation must be carried out by various authorities whose very existence is to deter wrong doings and corruption. These authorities are:

1. The Elected Presidency.
2. The Police.
3. CPIB.
4. Speial Branch Detectives.
5. Public Informants (plain clothes "spies" paid with taxpayers' money by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
6. Criminal Investigation Division.
7. Security and Intelligence Division.
8. Ministry of Law Research Dept.
9. Ministry of Home Affairs.
10. Grass Roots Organisations.
11. The Interpol.
12. Local Citizens.

Anonymous said...

We already have a perfectly working self checking system lah!

The left hand is already checking the right hand for abuse.

Everything is found to be clear and transparent.

There is no abuse of the system.

The system cannot be abused because all the checkers are not expected to check on the one who appointed them.

Theorem proven. QED

Anonymous said...

Patrait 11.29am //His body language was very telling.//

Telling of what ...?

When a "peanut" costs "$600,000", sonkies got no where to hide le ...?

Mr "Peanut" started "EVLEETHING" in the 90s and the "cancer" in "cosmic prices" will ensure sonkies "die a painful death" paying "many pounds of flesh" for a "mere peanut" ...?

Anonymous said...

To Mr "Peanut" and his many "carrieboLEEs", old man "lairgirlsee & vairliews are as good as his old bones burned to ashes in the incinerator" ...?

Mr "Peanut", his lull-ghost-nomics, peanut-nomics and see-nao-nomics shall take centre stage and occupy the "hearts, minds, souls, sinews, marrows ....." of the songkies ...?

His "little peanut", the fruit of lull-kokok peanut and lull-gint peanut, is waiting in the wing ... to carry out the "perpetuation" ...?

b said...

If PM Lee steps down, the people will get Dowager Ho. Better live and let live.