G20 Summit 2017 - Subtle signs and nuances

When I first saw this photo (credit to CNN) I was wondering where was Donald Trump. Then I saw him at the edge of the photo, far far away from Merkel unlike the usual spot occupied by past American presidents, beside the host, I was puzzled. Given Trump's big bully antics, he would have elbowed everyone in the way to be right beside the host.

Then I saw a video clip showing how the guests were escorted to their spots with their names marked on the floor giving them no choice to muscle around, then I got the picture. Merkel specifically put Trump in a spot she chose for him. The USA is not a key player in Germany, in G20, cold shouldered.
This is another picture that is worth a thousand words and telling the same story. American President not welcomed in the front row. Look at both photos and see who were there to get the picture of who was in favour and who was not. (Credit to Getty's)

The days of the Americans as the front seat or front row VIP are over. Move over Trump.


Anonymous said...

How dare Germany make our natural aristocrat stand at the back?
This is an insult to Singapore, an insult to all Singaporeans.
The government must have a mass protest against the German embassy.
But they need the help of foreigners because Singaporeans are not used to protest.

Anonymous said...

China's President Xi Jinping is right next to the Host Country, Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Where is Lee Hsien Loong standing or hiding?

Anonymous said...

lt was just a photo, it does not mean much.
According to reports, Sin represent other 30 countries at the meeting. lt is definitely no small fry.
Sin Prime Minister also met all the titans at the meeting. Presidents Xi, Trump and other big shots had met the leader of of the world smallest country.
Songaporeans must be proud of their prime minister, he is very respected in the world and holds his fort well.
Be it China, America and the other nations, they have always sought and invited the Sin Prime Minister for consultations. Sin has a leader that all singaporeans must be proud of him.

Anonymous said...

You must be still dreaming or have not got a decent meal last few days?

Anonymous said...

Re: 7.47am
Hi! Gunndu. Don't you know a picture speaks a thousand words. In this case multiples of thousands. Wake up,moronic dreamer, ball carrier, free sucker, sucking everything at tax payers' expense. Don't ever stain this blog with your stupid comment and misdirected remarks.

Anti state robbers and phony elites

Anonymous said...

Front row or not, the master still control the poodles.

Do not read too much into the picture. In red dot, once upon a time, someone sitting behind the crown prince held all the power, even though they tell you otherwise. When the old empress dowager was alive, she was the power behind that someone sitting behind the throne, controlling the crown prince.

In red dot now, the current empress dowager may be holding the power behind the dragon throne. Who knows?

Virgo49 said...

Past American Presidents just pompous vain creatures especially the Obama San.

They just want to show the World that they are Rich,Powerful and just goes with the flow.

This DT is different. He called a spade a spade and a kettle, a kettle.

He speaks his mind. He does not want to wayang and still thinks America can let these parasites sponged on them.

That's why He is scorned by these little wayang creatures.

In life, often you spoke your mind you are been ostracized.

People like to hear and feel that what they prophesied is the Gospel Truths. You tell them otherwise, they be mad to you.

What has the old Leaders done for the World? ? Besides producing charlatans that swindle the naives and innocents what they brought to the Universe.

Only chaos and their self benefits. Likewise our PM, thinking we had arrived.Always posing and sucking up to his hypocritical counterparts.

Think in he is great.Just a pre Sai.

Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Loong is hiding right at the back. According to reports, not fake news from Shit-not-straight Times or CNA, and PA-paid (using taxpayers' money) planted IB's here to spread falsehoods, nobody bothered to speak with LHL after shaking hands. Some who talked to him are the reporters who wanted to know why he was accused of Abuse of power by his own brother and sister? Some even mocked him for having Absolute Power using the Parliament like a Emperor's Court. Hahahaha ... They laughed at him after sacastically "praised" him and "congratulated" him for such a "successful" Parliamentary Session, especially those from UK and Germany.

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousJuly 09, 2017 9:33 am

/// Front row or not, the master still control the poodles. ///

You must be talking about yourself?
You called him "master"? The "poodles" must be dogs like you?

I know PA now pays you guys by per word basis. No wonder you shits become longer and longer?

Anonymous said...

There was this story told many years back that Hong Choon told him to relinquish power. If he did not, his children would rebel against him.

Anonymous said...

69 percent of citizens are no fools, they know calibre, talent and aristocrat when they see them.
lt is only right a d proper to respect the creams in the popilation and give them due respects.
ls anyone here saying the 69 percent are blind ?

Anonymous said...

The dogs are fierce and abusive today. Who let the dogs out? Is this really 'boh cheng hu' country now?

b said...

Forget about eu or us . They are all war mongers. Sg should work closely with Oz. Thats our neighbor and a very good one. Maybe merge with them.

b said...

Biggest enemy of china or russia is germany. That country churned out more shit than others. Armed the japs in ww2, created MENA war for oil and gas, coming out with marxism and nazism that killed many others. RChild is german.