Cheng Bock stands a chance to stand as a minority candidate

The entry of Farid Khan, a Muslim of Pakistani descent, as a possible Malay candidate for the next EP opens up a window for Cheng Bock to get in using the same route. As reported, ‘Although his identity card shows his race as “Pakistani”, presidential hopeful Farid Khan Kaim Khan considers himself “Malay enough” to run in the coming presidential election(EP) reserved for Malay candidates.’ Khan added, ‘I was born in the Malay village in Geylang Serai, the heart of the Malay community. And I adopted the Malay language, and when I studied in school, my second language was Malay.’

Farid Khan must have read the provisions of the EP in the Constitution and its definition of what constitute one to be a Malay and eligible to stand. If I can remember, it was something like one needs not be an ethnic Malay but must be accepted by the Malay community as a Malay, or by the govt committee.

So, how can Cheng Bock make himself qualified? He must act very fast. Get himself converted to Islam and become a Muslim. Show proof that he is very conversant in the Malay language, which I think he is. Change his lifestyle a bit more to be like the Malays. Get all his Malay friends to accept him as a Malay. If he can convince his Malay friends that he is a Malay, then all the obstacles in his way would be cleared, technically and according to the definition in the Constitution. Then he can tell Singaporeans that he considers himself a Malay.

It is not easy. The Malay community may not accept him. But he can try, just like Farid Khan and other non Malay or half Malay candidates. The Constitution is very clear that one needs not be a Malay but must be accepted by the Malay community as a Malay. Correct me if I am wrong on this interpretation of the Constitution. I would not seek a court interpretation on this. I am just a layperson trying to read and understand the Constitution, like Farid Khan and the other non Malay or partial Malay candidates are doing.

Thank you very much. How about this, President Abdullah Tan Cheng Bock? (Oops, no offend intended. Just looking at the possibilities. If Constitution can change, every can change to suit the Constitution).

PS. Cheng Bock has appealed against the judgement of the court counting Wee Kim Wee, an appointed President by Parliament, now also read as elected President or no difference according to the court. Appointed or elected, same same, no difference in law. We need to change our dictionary on the meaning of these two words. Would the students pass their English Language examination if they write appointed and elected mean the same thing, sama sama?


Anonymous said...

The coming election is to elect only rich people for President.

Anonymous said...

The Singapore Presidency has become a BIG JOKE!

Other countries are laughing at the stupidity of the need to have a President elected by the people yet does not serve thr common interests of the commoners but serve inly one man, the PM!

Anonymous said...


The moral in this world had gone to the dogs ...?

To get anything, just simply change ...?

Then CB can become LJ ...?

Like if requirement is gender based, then like transvetite just change LJ to CB or vice versa ...?

If it is about gender based, hypothetically then if need like that change, it is maciam like TCB becomes TLJ (for example Teo Liang Jee) ...?

The millennials and Gen X lost all respects for the boomers and PGs le ...?

BTBS ...

Anyhow do things maciam anything goes to reach an end ...?

Anonymous said...

I still can't get over the inside the station is not within the 200 m interpretation. We all need to relearn the English language

Anonymous said...

It really does not matter how many independent candidates apply to stand in the coming Presidential election. TCB can become a Malay and stand as a candidate and on top of that if half the Singaporean Malays stand as candidates, as sure as the sun will rise for the East tomorrow, the PAP chosen candidate will become the next President of Singapore. It has to be this way, because otherwise important decisions for the next Presidential term will be out of PAP control. I challenge the next President of Singapore to make a decision against the ruling party. If he/she does that, he/she will be kicked out one way or another. Sad state of affair. This kind of democracy only can be found in uniquely Singapore. Hahahaha

Anonymous said...


Dr Tan has no chance! Don't waste time and money!

Always remember......官字两个口! Yes! 官字两个口!

How to win? What can you do?

Only lan-lan! Yes! Only lan-lan!

Virgo49 said...

TCB should be qualified as a Malay.

Chinese Baba considered as half Malay.

They are more qualified than Pakistani so called Malay.

DONT believe ask Sultan Mahmud Shah.

He, best friends with Admirer, oops Admiral Cheng Ho who supplied him with Chinese beauties and later Chibese ladies for the Malays in Melaka.

They have a long standing history.

The Indian Kungoos converted to Muslims not readily acceptable to the Malay Community.

Now then want to learn and speak their language or dialect.

Babas and bibiks no need. They been speaking and adopting the Malay Cultures for centuries.

They are more in sync with the majority Malays.

But, if the Papies want to throw you out, they have one thousand and one way to skin you.

Remember who are the Government's Pig's Organs Soup.


Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 940am, according to you "Chinese Baba considered as half Malay"!

Sure or not? Sure or not?

I didn't know that! It is new to me!

So.......TCB is half Malay!

So.......You think TCB stands a chance to be qualified as a Malay.

Sure or not?

I doubt so..................

The Dragon Fly said...

Anonymous @ July 13, 2017 9:35 am, said...

" I still can't get over the inside the station is not within the 200 m interpretation. We all need to relearn the English language"

Sorry Sir, not we all need to relearn the English language. The judges concerned need to go back to Primary 6 and start their education all over again. If such manipulative use of languages were done in UK or USA, these judges would have been sacked and disgraced or, worst, shot!

The blatant disregard for the collective wisdom and intelligence of the populace has reached an alarming level.

patriot said...

lf Tan Cheng Bock takes the Suggestions, then he must be desperate for the perks and Privileges of the Presidency.

In fact the Sin President is seen by most as a flower vase that serves nothing useful. However, it is super expensive even for a derelict old piece.
l will never let him or her carries my grandchildren for safety reason, not to mention entrusting the Country to him or her.


patriot said...

Everything and anything can be cooked anyway by the Chief Crook, oops Cook not Crook, my apology. Should say the Chef.

Do pardon me, my england not powderful.


Anonymous said...

After 51 years of shifting and moving goalpost, they still are at it.

What fucking stupid nonsense can they think of next just to hold on to power?

virgo49 said...


You are like a frog in well just like the Judges in the ICJ in the Hague who awarded Pedra Banca to Sinkieland instead of Matland.

After my postings regarding this anomaly, the Malaysian Government is now asking them to clarify their reasons in the previous awards.

Now, I apply from PR to citizen should be easier for my enlightening them to the Ang Mohs's follies.

Just like most arrogrant Caucasians who are blurred with Asian Civilisations and their Chia Kopi. I mean Geography.

SEE DT mistaken LHL as the President of Indonesia and Chinese Official as Taiwan President.

You froggies now don't know much of our own races civilisations and their Customs and cultures.

As early as 1511, Admirer Cheng Ho as chief pimp for the Chinese Emperor had already supplied the Malaccan Sultan with vicarious Chinese girls.

Later, thousands married the Mats in matland and they are known as Babas and Nonyas.

See their dressings and everything in Malay Customs.

How can they not be half Malays??

They are more in sync with the Malay Community than the Chinese.

Why LHL and his ministers want a Malay President??

LKY, LHL, BIG NOSE AND THE HEN are Baba stocks.

So now you know the reason???

Anonymous said...

Yes Sir! Yes Sir! virgo49 426pm.....


b said...

What is a malay? Is malay a muslim? Can malay be buddist/christian? Is malay someone born in malaysia or singapore? Is malay someone who speak malay? I think the definition is subjective and a big sad joke for history of singland

Anonymous said...

Don't insult our natural aristocrats leh.