A Singaporean to head NUS

My  alma mater has made Singaporeans proud by believing in the abilities of Singaporeans as among the best academics in the world. After the disaster in NTU where the heart of Chinese education continues to be headed by foreigners and the incident of Chinese language not allowed, it is a pleasant surprise to see NUS raising the flag of Singapore in appointing another Singaporean to be the President of our premier university. I would not know where to hide my face if all the heads of Singapore's universities are headed by foreigners.

This was reported in Channel News Asia on 29 Jul 17.

SINGAPORE: The National University of Singapore (NUS) has named Professor Tan Eng Chye as its new president, an appointment that will take effect in January 2018.
Prof Tan, a mathematician and an NUS alumnus, has been the university’s provost for the past 10 years. He will succeed current president Tan Chorh Chuan who will be seconded to the Ministry of Health, said NUS in a news release on Friday (Jul 28).
The incoming president, 56, said he will be focusing on three areas - lifelong learning, personalised learning and inclusive learning....

If Singapore and Singaporeans do not believe in Singaporeans, then this country would go to the dogs. Singapore belongs to Singaporeans, true blue Singaporeans, not those instant tree Singaporeans. Singaporeans need to take back control of this country before it is taken over by foreigners and instant trees.

I am proud of my alma mater.

The CNA also reported this,'
'NUS also announced the appointment of Professor Ho Teck Hua as its new senior deputy president and provost from January 2018. He is currently the deputy president (Research & Technology), and heads two national research and development programmes in artificial intelligence and data science.
“With these two appointments, NUS will have a truly outstanding leadership team,” said NUS chairman Hsieh Fu Hua who led the search for the new president.


Anonymous said...

All along NUS has been headed by Singaporeans what. Or at least ex Singaporeans lah.

So whats the big deal. It is just status quo.

But whether headed by Singaporeans or not, local graduates still have to fight with foreign talents for jobs, tio bo?

And most of the time local graduates lost the fight. Some even became taxi or uber drivers as a result.

So like that NUS headed by Singaporean got use or not?

Anonymous said...

Luckily these 2 Singaporean talents did not emigrate, or worse join the opposition, so they can get appointed to head NUS.

Virgo49 said...

Right Anon 10.14

My daughter Pioneer batch of NUS2000 graduates of Sciences in IMCB set up was asked by Philip Yeo to wash test tubes.

They got PRCs on scholarships on USA studies who put poison on fellow students water just to be first in class.

See previous ST advtgs of IMBC Scholarship List.

Nine out of Ten either PRCs or Ah Nehs.

So far the Research only piang Sai but lay no eggs.

Anonymous said...

So far the Research only piang Sai but lay no eggs.
Virgo49 10:27 am

Those who can lay eggs won't choose Sinkieland to do it lah .

They will go to USA etc where the environment is more conducive to lay eggs.

In Sinkieland, it is waiting to collect salary end of month. Or just treat Sinkieland as a stepping stone to go USA, etc.

Anonymous said...

They will go to USA etc where the environment is more conducive to lay eggs.
10:37 am

Tiok. Don't say foreigners, even Sinkies will do that if they really want to lay eggs.

Why do u think Olympic Gold medalist Joseph Schooling did his training in the USA, and at enormous cost to his parents?

In fact PAP also knows this problem, but cannot really do much, so no fish, prawn also good lah.

That's why u see so many alien prawns here.

patriot said...

Is Tan Chorh Chuan not a Singaporean?
lf he is, then it is a Sinkie being suceeded by another Sinkie.
if Tan Chorh Chuan is not a Sinkie and got moved to another State Agency, it means he still gets appointed to high office as an alien or foreign talent depriving a citizen of the Post. What then is the Significance of NUS having a local as chief?

NUS is a tertiary education institution, as such, the Most Capable Man for the Job to educate the Students should be the Priority.
The Appointment should goes to the Person most able to fulfill his duty and not about citizenship.


Anonymous said...

why are we still talking about singapore for Singaporeans

70% had already given PAP the OK

why are we still kpkb and kpkb

at the end only lan-lan


The Dragon Fly said...

The Supreme Court of Pakistan voted unanimously that the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been dishonest and therefore disqualified to be a honourable member of the Parliament. Can such thing happen in Singapore?

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has resigned as a result of this. His Minister of Internal Affairs has advised him to abide by the Supreme Court's findings and to step down.

Nawaz Sharif has been a 3-term PM of Pakistan. All his three terms have been cut short before his terms complete. He is due to complete this third term in Aug 2018.

In Pakistan, there are FOUR (not three) Independent Bodies doing checks and balance - the Judiciary, the Legislative Assembly, the Executive and the Military.

In Singapore, you have Singaporeans to heading the three branches of government - Judiciary, Executive and Legislative - but is there any checks and balance?

There are Singaporeans heading the various Ministries, the CPF Board, the Statutory Boards, Temasek Holdings, GIC, GLCs, the NTUC, the People's Association, the Town Councils, the RCs, and the Presidency.

Have these people really improve the life of the people? Or only taking care of their own bank accounts?

The majority of the ordinary people's living standards, for the past 15 to 20 years, instead of improving, have been going from bad to worse. This is a fact. Not fake news propagated by the Fake News Generators - Media Corpse, CNA and ST.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patriot,

The simplicity of your thinking is amazing. Your line of thinking is the same as the garment. We need table tennis players, buy the best from the world, footballers also same. We need scientists, engineers, politicians, doctors, lawyers, anything just get the best from the world.

We need security guards and taxi drivers, get the best from the world.
Singaporeans don't even have the chance to be security guards and taxi drivers if your naive thinking rules the day.

Every job will go to the best men in the world, not Singaporeans.


Virgo49 said...

Sinkies served NS and supposed to be trained and safeguard Singapore.

However, everywhere in clubs, Airports etc, we have aliens in return orders SINKIEs rudely to put their hands above their heads for scanning.

Hey@! lucky no your mother CCB, put your hand phones in the box together with your belts. Make sure your pants no drop. Hello,you deaf or what??

Worse than our Infantry instructors.

Wah piang, Malu men. Protectors of the Nation being scolded by untrained Security Guards.

How to protect Motherland.

Lucky, this National Day not in Sinkieland to see the wayang parade.

DONT know whether have to strip down pants at Airport for escaping ND.

They might make your life difficult trying to run away.

Anonymous said...

The dragon fly 1124am

Understood-ED what you said!

But please be reminded that a massive 70% already said YES to PAP!

So now how?

Anonymous said...

The Singaporean writer is proud that a Singaporean is going to head up NUS ???!!!

So what is this writer going to say next?
That he is proud that a Singaporean is going to be the next President of Singapore?

There should not be any question whatsoever that a Singaporean should head up NUS.
And if the Singaporean does not have any international connections or exposure; we can always hire an advisor (or rain-maker) to help the Singaporean head.

There is no limit to the subservience mentality of Singaporean citizen-slaves
No wonder we find Aliens taking over all our jobs.

Anonymous said...

/// In Singapore, you have Singaporeans to heading the three branches of government - Judiciary, Executive and Legislative - but is there any checks and balance? ///
July 29, 2017 11:24 am

Do you think Voting Opposition into parliament is the final check & balance left standing?

Do you think Singaporean citizen-slaves are too stupid to understand this?

Anonymous said...

In Singapore, you have Singaporeans to heading the three branches of government - Judiciary, Executive and Legislative - but is there any checks and balance?
The Dragon Fly 11:24 am

The late President OTC tried to check but u know what happened to him?

So check what? And for what?

Isn't it better and smarter taking care of their own bank accounts?

patriot said...

Me indeed a simple thinking man; You are very right.
l will never be as simple as to compare or relate the Head of a tertiary education institution to a sports person or the Rests that You have mentioned.

Thank You very much for the Rejoinder.



Anonymous said...

Only a real, united and ready to be govt Sinkie opposition can do the real check.

But since Hsien Loong knows that a real, united and ready to be govt Sinkie opposition can never happen, he can well afford to do anything he likes without fear of being checked, and also without fear of losing the election.

And even Hsien Loong's own siblings check him also no use, simply because they are not the Sinkie opposition, let alone a real, united and ready to be govt Sinkie opposition.

Anonymous said...

@ July 29, 2017 11:10 am (patriot) and July 29, 2017 11:28 am

The purpose for ALWAYS having a Singaporean head at NUS is to PROTECT the interest of Singaporeans.
The technical aspects of the job.
We can hire local or foreign talents to do that (but reporting to the Singaporean Head) if the Singaporean NUS Head is not good enough.

The stupidity of blindly following LKY's doctrine of meritocracy is unbelievable.

If I can always sexually satisfy any woman in bed.
So by LKY's doctrine of meritocracy, I should be fucking your wife instead of you the husband ... is it?

Anonymous said...

If Sinkie opposition really want to win the next election, they better announce their shadow cabinet before the election. That is who will be their PM, ministers etc if Sinkies voted them as govt.

Or else they will continue to encounter the same fate that befallen them in previous elections.

Unless of course majority Sinkies are so fed up with PAP that they are even willing to vote for dogs and cats, Sinkie opposition can never win if they remain as they are now, or before.

But I don't think majority Sinkies are not yet so fed up with PAP that they are even willing to vote for dogs and cats.

Anonymous said...

Should be "I think", not "I don't think", in 12:18 pm

Anonymous said...

We must have more foreign talents to take over all the top jobs that no sinkie is good enough to fill. This is sinkie meritocracy.

patriot said...

Believe You do get the Point somehow.

Sinkies voted for PAP to take care of them(Sinkies).
The Rulers get Aliens to head National Institutions and even gave aliens priorities over locals.

And here we have folks proclaiming having local chief to protect the Interests of Locals?

How could I understand or even concile with the in your face reality?



The Dragon Fly said...

@ July 29, 2017 11:52 am:

"But please be reminded that a massive 70% already said YES to PAP!"

Sincerely, I have never believed that the 70% or 69.86% was the REAL Result of the last (2015) GE, or for that matter, all the results of the previous GEs.

You have an expert in fixing things who had openly announced to the whole world that he spent time fixing the oppositions and buy voters' votes.

You have the same expert who said he would grow the GDP at ALL COSTS and did it.

This expert also said "WELFARE is a Dirty Word". A true leader will never say that. A true leader will always put welfare of his people and followers above himself. To say such a thing is to trample upon the trust of his people and followers. All the years spent in the SAF as an officer must have been completely wasted for a person who said "Welfare is a Dirty Word."

This person also could not care less about his own late father's Last Will. He does not want to honour his father's last wish. Instead, he would rather impose his Own Wish to keep the House of Oxley intact.

This person also demonstrated that he could simply declare himself "CLEAN" unilaterally in the Parliament by being the ALL-in-ONE - the Accused, the Witness, the Prosecutor, the Jury and the Judge all by himself.

It is quite clear to me that this person thinks that the whole of Singapore's Population and the World-at-Large are of no consequence to him, isn't it?

With all that, with hindsight of 20-20, then we should all put 2 and 2 together, and think whether the Elections Results could be fixed (especially when all the Organs of State, the Elections Dept, the CPIB and the SAF and Police are under his complete command and control)?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

hi dragon fly 12.329pm

Please be very careful with your words,

Can call you up to lim coffee! HOPE you understand.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

/// And here we have folks proclaiming having local chief to protect the Interests of Locals?
How could I understand or even concile with the in your face reality?
MIND YOU. /// patriot

There is no contradiction.

If the Singaporean NUS head cannot do his job.
Replace him with another Singaporean who can do the job
Not replace him with a better qualified Foreigner who will not look after the interest of Singaporeans.

Same thing with RULERS.
If they cannot do the job.
Vote them out and replace with another Singaporean who can.
If you don't try, how you know the Opposition parties (supported by Singaporeans) cannot do the job?

Anonymous said...

/// Sinkies voted for PAP to take care of them(Sinkies).
The Rulers get Aliens to head National Institutions and even gave aliens priorities over locals. ///
patriot, July 29, 2017 12:24 pm

So if the Aliens appointed by the PAP Rulers is not taking care of Sinkies.
Then it's time to vote out the PAP so that we can get rid of the Aliens who are not looking after Sinkies.

Simple right?
Or have Singaporeans been made so stupid by LKY's logic that we cannot think anymore?

Anonymous said...

@ patriot, July 29, 2017 12:24 pm

How difficult do you it is to run and manage Singapore?
One of the smallest countries in the world.

Do you think you have been made stupid by LKY's logic?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 12.18.

IT is degoratory to classify our Opposition candidates as dogs and cats.

So the PAP members are dragons and Phoenixes or Snakes and Jinks.

The Opposition do not need to be the government of the day. That's why they are called Opposition.

Just simply let them have between 30 to forty seats.

You never see see other countries Parliament meetings???

Half one side and anot her half the other. Even took chairs and throw at each other.

Did this country still exists??? Hundreds of other countries have both Ruling and Opposition members and they are still on the Map.

So, daft Sinkies, drum into your heads, no need Opposition to become the Government.

The Opposition is there for the checks and balances to keep even knell.

The Dragon Fly said...

@ July 29, 2017 1:15 pm:

"Please be very careful with your words,

Can call you up to lim coffee! HOPE you understand.

All the best!"

North Korea: All US within Missile Range!

Anonymous said...

The Heads of all the Singapore National Sports Association like badminton and etc.

Do you think they are the best people for the job (eg Lee Bee Wah) or is it because they are the best people to represent PAP's interest?

What about MRT's Desmond Kuek?
Meritocracy - is he the best person for the job?

patriot said...

There are serious misunderstandings in deciphering between CRONYISM and Meritocracy.

Vote out the lncompetence and other undesirables?
70% found Sin Leeders doibg fine.
And l hope it could be more in the Coming PE and Next GE which l wish PAP can score 85% and more.


patriot said...

Had this feeling that the Pioneer and Senior Citizen Generations had
similarly mistaken the Cleverness for the Benevolence of a Man too.
Despite the Ruthless Behaviours of tge Monster, he was adulated, idolized and even revered till today.

His Eugenic Policy, Stop at 2 Measure which resulted in tens of thousands and abortions that led to the Low Population now, were much supported by tge Older Generations.
They did not protest about the Policies and WITTINGLY supported the Monster.
The People then care not that he and anofher monster workes for the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII.

Whence he destroyed Nantah University and the Vernacular Schools, the Old Generations agreed with him that ENGLISH LANGUAGE was the Way to prosperity, they cared not about their own Ethicities, cultures
and Roots.
Some of the Surviving PG and SC are now regretting deeply and hurt.
Why are they not mindful of the Consequences then?
Simple; blinded by adoration of a clever monster and more seriously, for the Sake of money.
Now, damages are beginning to show, but alas, too late as damages are beyond repairs.
The Price to pay?
Wait for total damage for a new start.

先死而后生/Only demise could result ib change
is the Inly Option left.

Do You have another choice for Sin?


The Dragon Fly said...

Blogger patriot said...

There are serious misunderstandings in deciphering between CRONYISM and Meritocracy.

Vote out the lncompetence and other undesirables?
70% found Sin Leeders doibg fine.
And l hope it could be more in the Coming PE and Next GE which l wish PAP can score 85% and more.


July 29, 2017 2:25 pm

I fully agree with you. PAP will get at least 85% in next GE but I think the coming PE, there will be no contest. It will be a walk-over for just one candidate.

patriot said...

Dear The Dragon Fly;

me feels console by Your Concurrence.

Hoping very much that Halimah will be the Only Candidate for the Presidency though this decorative post does not interest me much.
What is a puppet or flower vase for??

As for the Next General Election, again I wish that Sinkies will vote for PAP to help change Sin fast.

Do I understand correctly the Words of a late Monster that



Anonymous said...





The Dragon Fly said...

PAP MP Halimah Yacob spoke to the Straits Times distancing herself from her Indian father by insisting that she is Malay and that she qualifies to stand for President:

"My father is Indian but I am not!"

patriot said...

How much is ancestry worth?

The Sin Presidency which is just a decorative piece for window dressing is worth multi million Sin Dollars per term doing nothing important.


Anonymous said...

If people do not care about honouring their fathers, their blood-line, the seeds planted inside them, their DNA, because of money, status and fame, then even holding the highest office of the land does not bring any honour for himself/herself nor the people and country. Such ungrateful and decadent people can only bring shame, disgrace and disservice upon themselves, their future generations and their country for a very long time to come.

When the Unconscionable Brain over-takes the Conscionable Heart, a human being is reduced to nothing more than the equivalent of a robotic calculating machine, belonging to the Realm of Inanimate objects.

Such people are not worth associating with, and should be avoided like a contagious disease such as leprosy, instead of being respected and held with high regards.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Patriot 3.03

You are blaming too much of the PAP's "wrong" policies on the Pioneer Generation.

As to the Stop At Two in the 70s which was followed religiously by our generation, you must understand the Real Situation at that time. Singapore's survival at that time was very crucial.

The economy is still only at a starting line after our ouster from the Federation of Malaysia.

The British announced their withdrawal and the citizens at that time faced massive unemployment.

As pragmatic people, they heeded the STop At Two policy which I think is not wrong.

Our educational standard at that time is average "O" Level that is only Sec Four.

Our Income is low and with low employment rate how to have more than two children? ?

NOW the PAP have 69 plus percentage that voted endorsed them. You think this 70% comprises of the Pioneer Generation? ??

Do not totally blame the Old Generation for this sorry state of Affairs.

It's also the Daft young Sinkies who are equally to be blamed.

As for the Nan Tag issue, at that time, most are already English Helicopters, what they know of killing the Chinese Language and Culture? ?

Most are struggling to feed their families at that time, where got intellculatary mind on this issue.

At that time, the Old Guards, most of them are really for the people, so can not blame that we voted for them.

As time goes on, many oldies make about turn and supported the Opposition.

But, unbelievably, the young, supposed to be more so called educated also vouch for them.

Not knowing that the present crop of Papies leaders are killing then day by day.

The oldies, like Mr Chua and so many of the Old generation in fact are taking the awareness of follies of the PAP daily cajoling
them to be wiser.

But instead been criticised.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

As Anon 1:35 said, as long as the heads are still Singaporeans, they could be replaced by Singaporeans that are pro Singaporeans. Once the heads are foreigners, you can kiss your Singaporeans goodbye forever. If the PM and ministers are foreigners and find it a good thing to replace Singaporeans with foreigners, soon Singaporeans would not have a country to talk about and may be booted out of this country by the foreigners.

The important thing is to rid the country of traitors of Singaporeans before it is too late. Keep shouting Singapore is for Singaporeans, not for traitors of Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

If they ever put a foreigner as head of NUS just like in NTU and other local universities, it would mean that all the Singaporeans all die already, no more outstanding Singaporean academics left.

This is the same as they putting foreigners to head local banks. All local bankers 'si leow leow'. No more local bankers leow.

When you have khongcum leaders, this is what would happen to your country.

Anonymous said...

Some politicians have been accused of being traitors to their parties.
What about being traitors to your country and to your people?
Cannot betrayed parties but can betray people and country?

Anonymous said...

Keep shouting Singapore is for Singaporeans, not for traitors of Singaporeans.
RB 9:11 am

Shout got use or not?

Shout can make the Sinkie opposition become strong, united and ready to be govt or not?

If not, u can shout as loud as u can or whatever u want but PAP will still win the election.

And with PAP winning the election, there will continue to exist traitors of Singaporeans.

patriot said...

Dear Virgo 49;

I have to apportion the Blame on the PG and SC as I had witnessed and read the Political Developments of and in Sin.
As one who had parents and Siblings much older than surviving PGs and myself beibg one, me am very aware of the Situation.

Virgo Elder;
me am sure that You know very well that it was common for families to have on average 4 ti five kids with many more than 5 despite the Poverty and Hardship You talked about.

To cut it short, we know many were steadfast with ideology. Chia Thye Poh, Jeyaretnam, Lim Chin Siong, Lee Siew Choh, Lim Hick Siew and many much younger ones such as those branded Marxists and even teen like Amos have consistently stay with their ideals.

Those youths whom You said are supposedly more educated and should be more aware of political malevolence and practices are NO DIFFERENT from their Forebears; the PG and SC
What's is happenning with these Youths is a repeat of what their Forebears did.



virgo49 said...

Hi Patriot, our parents generations borne six to seven or even more than that children even though they were living from day to day from hand to mouths.

We had sometimes gone to sleep without dinner. Many of the children could not get out of the poverty traps. They perpetuate another generation of the same.

Those who had one or two child had full resources and attention to them. Most if not all, had better lifes and stations in their standard of living.

If you had emerged from living in a dingy rented dark room with seven or eight beings squeezed on the floor or in a ramshackle hut flooding with water and poo at night soil buckets into affordable two or three roomed pigeon holes, you are not thankful to the very Government who provided you these??

Most be willingly to vote them to power to continue their good governance.

So, it not wrong that the Pioneer generation supported the PAP. Compulsory Active Service men in our first few batches were given jobs in government service and priority in the allocation of hdb flats.

So, you reckon that we will not support them??

When you are finding ways to survive and feed your families, why got the energy and time for what ideologies??

Can they filled your stomachs?? Nobody is going to feed you or your family if you don't survive at that period of time.

Many with large family, it's not that we look down on them, their children are in quantity but no quality.

Many turned to be a menace to society and much funds to rehabilitate them.

Why they offered 10 or 20k to women to ligitate when they have two child at that time??

It's because the Malay Community does not heed the advice of Stop At Two at that time and many were caught in poverty traps.

Nowadays, even Malay had small families though they are much close in relations to each other than other races.

This is the modern world of survival and best for their children. Also the costs of living now is very tough for some due to the unthinking present leaderships who had no hearts for their

So, you cannot simply blamed the pioneer generation for supporting the old PAP.

patriot said...

Dear Virgo49;

noted Your Points with respect.

Thank You very much.

l rest my case.


patriot said...

Dear Virgo49;

noted Your Points with respect.

Thank You very much.

l rest my case.


agongkia said...

Dear PG Lao chek Virgo
I try to avoid here but must come to clap for you for being a loyal supporter of the You Know Who.
Imho,the only policy that goes wrong is the then stop at 2.
If one has foresight one would be able to tell that in times to come,there will be shortage of younger generation to contribute to society and result in shortage of talents ,causing the present leaders having a hard time looking for FTs and at the same time having a hard time to appease the dafts here.,resulting in losing more support.

Those days my uncles are having more children instead of 2 and they are now enjoying life as their children are with the civil service and other industries.
The only uncle who gonggong stop at 2 is suffering now in silence.
My Ah Kong only a lorry driver hor.Can raise many children.
In those days Bobeejiaharncherthng.
Not a problem raising seven children.More children mean you work harder .Less children only make one more lazy that's why we have so many lazy bump around nowadays.
Heard it's one health minister Yong Nyuk Lin who mooted the idea.
If it's me I will even encourage polygamy and produce more.
The present leaders no heart?
Mai khongcum can or not.
Tell me who is so good to pay their citizen to screw,produce to encourage more babies.
I love my present leaders more.

#Pls note that I do not post under anonymous.

patriot said...

When my Third Child, a boy was born, my spouse was ligated and we were penalized.

I was and am disappointed that he had to serve National Service and he greatly disappoints me for liking NS and sings about how proud each time he gets call-up for incamp training.

He was sent to Thailand for training and when l asked him about passport, he told me that the Trainees must pay to make it to be loyal and NOT expect SAF to provide.
l gave up.

My first participation in political activity was demonstration against the Merger when l was 12 or 13 year old.
We carried banners from Changi to Pasir Ris Seaside on foot and burnt effigy of Tunku Abdul Rahman, the then PM of Malaya.
Must say it was very naive of me then.
If only Sin is part of Malaysia now.

Born in the Village and stayed in attap hut with no cement flooring, l worked in the farm when l was hardly 6 year old.

In early 1980s, the Village was resettled and l bear a grudge for the resettlement, l had written about it in Cyberspace.
Since that, l never ever voted for PAP.

l shall be voting for anything PAP from now on and wish that other Sinkies will do the Same.



patriot said...

After the Resettlement,
me and my Mother worked as construction workers when l was about 16, 17 year old after having dropped out of secondary school

Please forgive if my england and huayu are not powderful.


Virgo49 said...

Agongkia,you can have six to seven children but sadly, not one will willingly take care of you when you are old or become an invalid.

If you havegood k karma, even one child will take care of you.

So, don't think that just because you have many children, you be taken care of.

You can buy ten sets 4D but cannot even strike horse poo

One set with luck can you made you Five million winner.

agongkia said...

You said most children born in big family have no quality ,can turned to be menace to society and need fund to rehabilitate them is a lame excuse to support the idea.
So many abortion caused,scolded by meesee,use condom,cannot songsong,want shoot got to control and yet you are still thankful.
Stupidity has no cure.
I came from a big family and is proud that my parent are productive.
We are poor but contented and law abiding.
If 6 among 7 are poothowkia,at least there is the 7th to gamble or care for me.
Buy more toto ,more chances of hitting jackpot.
Satisfying part is that when my parent passed away,they have at least 6 buses followed by many cars and children n kanasoons ,with uniform tp helping traffic control ,sending them off.
More grand than many rich with only 2 children nia.Chinese custom,the more the better.
Now ,go buy more toto.Wish you luck.

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo, if you are not breathing anymore, why worry how many buses or thousands of people to send you off. How many Kong kwang or Kong khum.
Even fight to carry hearse and pulled ropes in front Lorry.
Can go heaven meh ??

This just to how lian for the living to see. important just to leave s good name behind.

Even nobody send off, so be it.

Still ancient tow NOW or no now.

Better also photo bear the Uni gown or have medals on.chest Whats PBM or PMB.

If you live no good life, people Will still spilt at you.

And your grave. That's why so many prominent people also scared to let people know their final place. most guests of Tau Yak Peh and Jade Emperor.

Even I go alone in Melaka and let the government do the last rites in four pieces plywood, I go in peace.

What's there to have thousands of false mourners who whispered bad things on Your dead body??

Stupid isn't it??

agongkia said...

If only PG in those days can produce more,if only one can see far,we don't need to get FT at all.We will not be in this sorry state.Nothing to brag about.
PG need to be blame for not producing enough but I dun blame them for their khongcumness unless they mati mati claim stopping at 2 is good.

Back to the subject.
Nothing unusual to see Sinkie leading a local organization as this should be so .
It's only unusual to see foreigner leading and telling Sinkies what to do here.
Singapore is for Singaporean.
Singaporean is for Singapore.
Leading us should be our true local born Singaporean and not any Arthur Ah Kow from elsewhere.
Local companies should take in local over FTs.
I prefer our "O" level local Sinkie over a foreign graduates ,fake or not.
Let's help to tell our children to produce more Sinkies and not stop at 2,else will lose out to those who are here to steal our lunches that our forefathers 'll left for us.
Only then there's hope .

Virgo49 said...

Agongkia, frankly when I see couples with kindergarten and primary school children in tow now in Singapore, I felt a deep sense of fear for them.

Poor souls,how they gonna to have a fighting chance of survival in sinking land.

Now, we are more vulnerable than we are in the 60s when we are a new nation.

My two children both in their thirties are single. We are happy with the situation and no pressure for them to have families.

We feel more comfortable and felt that we can relocated any place, anywhere without any baggage.

Many of our in-laws now even stopped asking about their status after many of their children were married and even divorced.

So, sometimes it not a blessing that our children must follow the norm and get themselves into deep Shits.

It can be a curse to have incompatible son or daughter in laws. Life is short, live to the fullest not necessarily have lot's of dough or just impressionable so called complete family trees to be happy.

Many lived in miseries with endless problems due to having big families and what's nonsense must married children. Their problems are also your problems.

Unless you followed the barbarian western cultures of living.

Now happy,happy they earned a.living of their own. We happy happy have free time for fruits machines and roulette.

What's more to life? ?

Want to be nanny to your grandchildren again just to have a bigger assembly to your funerals. ???

And only Max five days. A torture to everyone both living and dead.

Just five days and nights to have a good show and both of you have to sacrifice one third life to care for them? ?

Stupidity got no cure.

agongkia said...

傳宗接代 is a must。Your ancestor will be disappointed with your thinking.
You are kind hearted so should encourage your children to marry, have more babies and more Virgo.
With children,life will be different.Else not only you are brainwashed about stop at 2,you allow your children to be single and if everyone think like you.There will be lesser sinkie in times to come and we will be boss around by foreigners.
See how these population control policy affect your life?
Time to tell them to settle down.Humorous grandpa produces good descendents.How I hope to see you with many grandchildren.
Got daughter or not?:-)

patriot said...

不孝有三,无后为大 meaning having no successor is the Greatest of the 3 cardinal sins(applies to the Chinese).

Propogation of the Species is an ordain of nature. All living beings are naturally incline to reproduce themselves. It is the Order of Nature.

Those who enjoy family life and appreciate the Love from their parents, siblings and each others shall understand the importance and essentiality of FAMILY.

As a grandparent, I say nothing brings me more joy than to meet up with my children and their children(my grandchildren), the Joy is hard to quantify and the Feeling is just great. There is no need for sincerity or wayang when the Love is natural. Love comes from the heart with care, concern and sacrifice.

I hate to see lonely old folks keeping to themselves. Though those mobile and independent are lucky, ultimately beings get overwhelmed by aging.
With a cold society like Sin, the Lack of loving kins(offsprings/siblings, elders and cousins etc) shall result in miseries for very old folks and those having physical disabilities)

Folks who are independent now may enjoy and revel in good health.
Do like to tell these folks not to be too practical or so pragmatic that they care not about tomorrow or ideals that human society should nurture.

True that nothing matters when one is dead.

Good Health, Good Luck and Plenty of Love Ones to All.


Virgo49 said...

Aiya, believe the norms and superstitious of Ancient Sages.

DONT look for troubles until troubles trouble you.

See so many happily knitted kins families broken up just by an outside intruder of a sons or daughters in laws and their lawful kins by laws who caused havoc curry laws on them.

Learnt from LHY of what's overstepping of what's Kay poh intervention of our family affairs.