A fig leaf covering deep cracks

This is what Chok Tong elegantly put it, a fig leaf covering the deep cracks within the Lee family. Actually the cracks go must deeper and far wider than one would notice. The main show is the fight between the siblings, to fulfill LKY’s last wish or not to grant him his last wish. In Parliament, all the PAP ministers and MPs have taken the side of Hsien Loong, not to demolish the house at Oxley Road. Some when further to cast aspersions on LKY’s state of mind when he signed the will. The main battle is being fought with Hsien Yang and Wei Ling on one side against the PAP govt on the other side led by Hsien Loong.

There is another sub plot going on between the Lee Kuan Yew camp aka known as the PAP old guards versus the Hsien Loong camp aka the young turks. This battle blew up when the ST published an article by Kishore, Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, criticizing the loud hailer diplomacy coming from the Rajaratnam School of International Studies on the South China Sea dispute. Kishore’s stand was that small states must be more circumspect and know where it stands unlike the days of LKY. Coming soon after the bollocking from China for spouting too much, talking too loud on an issue that affected every country, not just Singapore that has no stake in it, then the after effects of the Terrex Incident and the non invite to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the proponents of loud hailer diplomacy felt like Kishore was rubbing salt into the wound. They responded vigorously and violently calling Kishore’s comments as ‘muddle, mendacious and indeed dangerous’. This was quickly supported by Shanmugam as a brilliant response to slam the professor. Let me quote the Today paper, ‘Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam on Sunday said Mr Kausikan’s response was brilliant as he slammed the professor’s piece as “intellectually questionable”, adding that Singapore did not get to where it is by thinking small.’

This was not all. Kishore was accused by Kausikan and I quote the same paper, ‘I disagree, it is a thinly disguised attack on PM’. The immediate thought was that it was a way to divert the target to the PM and Kishore would not look very good or would not be in Hsien Loong’s good book for long. Kishore quickly replied that he wrote the piece a few weeks back and the timing to run it to coincide with Hsien Loong having to defend his position in Parliament was coincidental. ‘Hence, it is obviously not an attack on PM. By floating this canard, the officials are distracting attention from their own contributions to our problems.’ Kishore added. Kausikan responded by saying, ‘I accept that he may not have intended it as an attack on PM, but many read it that way…I am glad he has clarified that was not his intention.’

Many would have let this episode come to passé as a bickering between the ex govt officials. But wait a minute. Why was the call by Kishore seen as an attack on Hsien Loong? Why was Hsien Loong in the picture? A Freudian slip has let out a jigsaw piece to explain what all the shouting at China to follow the ruling of the so called ‘UN backed’ Hague Tribunal was all about and also the subsequent events related to Singapore’s relations with China and the USA. This slip makes the picture complete to the observant and why two DPMs have had to make trips to Beijing lately to mend fences.

The battle of the PAP old guards versus the young turks has just started. Fortunately or unfortunately, not many PAP old guards, or LKY camp are still around. The days of the old guards are numbered and fading away. The young turks shall rule the day and more loud hailer diplomacy can be expected. They have been bestowed the imperial edict to do so.

Kishore must be feeling very lonely. His good advice is like casting pearls to the swine. Where are the old guards? Have they pledged new loyalty given that the LKY era is over?

A new era has begun.


virgo49 said...

GCT said LHY and LWL trying to bring LHL and tge Govt down.

He just afraid that once the abuse of powers and the unfilial Son is exposed to the Public, he got no more Emeritus Mental and big salary to take every month.

See how they can confiscated people's and declared that we in Parliament can do what we want in saying which President we deemed to be counted is our bloody business.

Who is the High Court?? You think they are like the Western Courts who even overturned the President's Executive Order.

These Young Turks one fine day been punched into Realities with their Punch above the Weights
BRAVO. LHL sheepishly got to wayang and posed with Xi just to make good.

CHINESE upbringing Xi just reciprocated and don't want you lose your waterface.

But in reality, we knew your two timing face and are wary of you.

Now, we have so many Nehs who are just Sergeant Majors but majority behaving like Majors who are gonna being Sinkieland into oblivion.

All due to the weakling Chief who is hen pecked, like and tasted the Indian Curry and boh lean chor banana.

Anonymous said...

So Shanmugam is supporting Kausikan and Balakrisnan in the country's anti-China pro-India foreign policy tilt . . .

southernglory1 said...

Many of the Anti-China but pro-American minions can be found enjoying a good life in many of the institutes of higher learnings and international studies in Singapore with hundreds of them from foreign countries. These fake intellectuals are poisoning the minds not only of Singapore youths but also hundreds of youths from neighbouring countries who are learning under their tutorials. Most of these minions belong to the camp of the Young Turks. They are doing a lot of harm to Singapore by publishing and by spouting stupid irrational uncalled for detrimental remarks against China viv-a-vis America, Japan and some other claimants in the South China Sea issues and the East China issues.


Saturday, 8th July,2017

Anonymous said...

Fat hope that the siblings can reconcile after the ceasefire. When the tree falls, the monkeys scatter. It is always true.

Try putting together a cracked bowl and it will never be the same again, however much effort you put into it.

And with the Indian braves getting involved in the Indian chief's affairs, things will get messier once the ceasefire ends.

Unless this whole affair is just a family or party wayang staged for the dafts.

In this world, ceasefires only postpone the inevitable, and do not solve the problem. Ceasefire time are for working out strategy for the counterpunch. Wonder who still holds the knuckle-duster to deliver the fatal blow!

Anonymous said...

Whether in heaven or hell, HE will be waiting patiently for them, one by one!


Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter on which side lah, or in which camp lah.

Most important is that 70% stand on the side of PAP with Hsien Loong as leader, tio bo?

And can Kishore or even Hsien Yang become leader of a political party which is ready to be govt and contest the next election?

If not, if I were Hsien Loong, why would I bother really, even if my reputation has gone to the dogs by not suing my siblings?

Anonymous said...

And can Kishore or even Hsien Yang become leader of a political party which is ready to be govt and contest the next election?
11:27 am


If Hsien Yang can do that, then I think Hsien Loong will sure sue him until pants drop one. In that case, being brother or besmirching parents' names by suing will not become an issue anymore. Sue, just like sue Roy, sue Chee Soon Juan, sue Tang Liang Hong or the late JBJ.
Bo pang chan (no give chance).

Anonymous said...

We have identified a potential viable leader for Singapore - LI SHENG WU, the son of PM Lee's younger brother Lee Hsien Yang !

The rest, like Janil Puthucheary, make us puke.

Anonymous said...

When the dark side rules, black will become white. Tan Cheng Bock is attacked by inflammatory racist remarks. How's that for a start?

Singapore will get darker and darker by the days. No help leow.

Anonymous said...

The Gate of Hell is opened.
King of Hades is waiting.
Evil doers are on their way
To meet their buddies in Hell.

Anonymous said...

Kishore must be feeling very lonely. His good advice is like casting pearls to the swine.

But I think he had also made a lot of money, just like PAP MPs, ministers and top civil servants.

And with that, I think it more than compensates for the loneliness, loss of self respect, self conscience, inner conflicts, or what not.

And I think Kishore, by making those statements, is also preparing or ready to leave his highly paid PAP appointed job. Or perhaps even thinking of migrating, like Hsien Yang.

Also have you noticed no PAP MPs in Parliament dare to speak up like what WP Ah Hia spoke on 3rd July 17? It means they are not prepared to leave their job lah. Who wants to, when a part time job in Parliament pays over $200K per year, and more if bonuses tied to GDP growth included.

Anonymous said...

Yes! To LHL and PAP the 38 saga is nothing!

In fact they are expecting 80% to PAP at the next GE after this saga!

This is Singapore! Singapore is like that lah!


Anonymous said...

Soon, Kishore will be like Inderjit Singh -- RETIRED !

Anonymous said...

When LKY spoke, the people listened. Even world leaders listened. Some came just to listen to him.

Today there are a lot of little LKYs who think they are LKYs. When they speak, the whole world laugh...and shake their heads in disbelief.

Anonymous said...

After what happened on 3rd and 4th July 2017, in the Singapore Parliament, the country and its leaders cannot claim that Singapore follows the "Rule of Laws" or even "Rule by Law".

Singapore is de facto ruled by one man and that man is the Law, His Law. The Ministry of Law, the Judiciary and all Organs of State are mere servants, serpents and savants of the one man Authority - King of Singapore!

Hail to the New Born King.
Long Live The King!
We daft Singaporeans are your slaves at your pleasure.
Screw our backside as hard as you want.
We spineless creeps will still vote for you.
No sweat. Just throw some crumbs from your pet dogs' bowls to us once awhile and we will be as happyas can be......

patriot said...

Lee Hsienyang, Lee Weiling may migrate as they had said.
So, whatever Goh Choke Tongue said about them may end up useless.
for driving the Wedge deeper into the Siblings Conflict, Shit Stirrer GCT may stay in the Minds of most Sinkies and even in Sin History.
As if his Wife 600,000ks is peanut is not enough to stop him from his loud mouth that anyhow spouted Swiss Standard of Living and World Cup 2010, he seems bend on having more gaffes to add to his Eulogies. Sinkies shall give him generously before he stops breathing.
Plenty of it(eulogy) for You Choke Tongue.
Enjoy them.


Anonymous said...

After what happened in parliament and in court when Tan Cheng Bock was accused of being selfish and anti multi racialism, the only thing left is for lightning to strike swift and fast.