Wars of Aggression and US Savage Culture

America has been attacking and invading other countries since its independence in 1775. During the 242 years of its existence it has fought not less than 230 wars of aggression against others. These wars of aggression have everything to do with US savage culture and psyche of militant religious doctrines. Below in tabulated form are some of the wars fought by America.

1.    American Revolutionary Wars against England from 1775 to 1783. US declared its independence on 4th July, 1783.

2.    Wars from 1812 t0 1815 in which US forced England to give up some native self-governing lands in America. The many different native American tribes fought bravely against US invasion but eventually succumbed to US overbearing military might.

3.    The American Civil Wars 1861 to 1865.  It was a very savage war in which hundreds of thousands of African Americans were brutally butchered and their houses burnt and destroyed.

4.    From 1865 to 1890s US carried out the most brutal and wanton wars of aggression against the native American Indians. It was the beginning of US long era of colonial wars against native American states and others. These were wars of USW expansion in which native Americans were forced to give up their lands to US. The Massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890 was the last native outpost to surrender.

5.    Wars against Mexico 1846 t0 1870s.  US had always coveted large swathes of Mexican lands . By imposing its imperial wars on Mexico it forced Mexico to cede Texas, Nevada, Arizonda, New Mexico, Utah and California to US.

6.    Spanish - American  War 1898.  By its victory US took over Spanish colonial territories in Puerto Rico, Cuba, Guam and the Philippines. Cuba eventually fought against American occupation and drove out the Americans except for Guantanamo.

7.    1898 - 1905.  US invaded Hawaii and dethroned its queen  after butchering more than two hundred thousand Hawaiian resistance fighters.

8.    World War I.  1914 to 1918.  US sided with England, France, Russia, Italy and Japan against Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey.

9.    World War II.  US sided with England , France and Russia against Germany, Italy and Japan.

10.   The Korean War 1950 to 1953.

11.   1961.  The Bay of Pigs in which US tried to invade Cuba to topple Fidel Castro.

12.   Vietnam War  1961 to 1973.US tried to impose its colonial rule on Vietnam.

13.   1965.  War on Dominican Republic to topple a leftist regime. US president was Lyndon Johnson.

14.   Lebanon 1982 - 1984.  US invaded Lebanon for regime change.

15.   Grenada  1983.  President Reagon invaded the island to overthrow a socialist government with close ties to Cuba.

16.   Panama  1991. President George H.W. Bush invaded and overthrew Manuel Noriega a drug lord who eased out CIA profitable drug trade in Panama. Bush was a former director of CIA.

17.   Gulf War  1991.  US attacked Iraq and forced it to give up Kuwait. Kuwait was formerly a province of Iraq but was taken away from Iraq after the Second World War because of its rich oil

18.   Somalia 1993. US invaded Somalia for regime change.

19.. Bosnia  1994 - 1995.  US attacked Bosnia for regime change.

20.   K0sovo 1999 US attacked Kosovo for regime change.

21.   Global war on terror  2001.

22.   Afghanistan War.  2001 - 2014 to oust the Taliban and impose American rule.

23.   Iraq War.  2003 - 2010  Regime change to topple Saddam Hussein a former CIA collaborator who helped US to overthrow President Khassem who wanted to nationalise US oil monopolistic companies.

24.   Libya.  2011 US invaded Libya to topple Gadaffi for regime change because he refused to use US dollar for trading its oil.

25.   Syria  2012. US attacked Syria in trying to topple President Assad.who refused to gang up with US and its allies against Russia.

26.   2014.  War against Islamic State which was ironically founded and nurtured by CIA against Russia.

27.   Other impending wars to topple Iran, DPRK and other countries in South America like Brazil, Venezuella, Bolivia and Ecaudor.

American savage culture definitely has a lasting insidious destructive impact and effect on US doctrine of permanent wars of aggression and invasion  and is behind the ethos and thinking of US politicians and CIA Pentagon'd nefarious activities worldwide.

Below in tabulated form are the essence of US savage culture.

1.   The culture of instilling fear and intimidation.

2.   The culture of plundering, robbing, thieving and pilfering.

3.   The culture of aggression , occupation and invasion.

4.   The culture of US state terrorism against other countries.

5.   The culture of power and might.

6.   The culture of control, domination and hegemony.

7.   The culture of sowing discord, disunity and hatred among other countries.

8.   Culture of instigating distability, rebellion, and separatism among other countries.

9.   Culture of sowing disinformation, misinformation and confusion.

10.  Culture of  propaganda in telling lies, half truths and evil insinuations

11.  Culture of racism and white supremacist.


Monday, 4th April, 2017


Anonymous said...

..r there law here on Earth when the UAss keep in hv wars? Wats UN doing? Can wars solve problems? The UAss is gradually losing its leadership role? There come a time when using war is at their own demise..& NK or IRans will b UAss nemesis..

Virgo49 said...

Americans servicemen favorite quote: "TO KICK SOME ARSES"

Uniform gangsters who called themselves "PATRIOTS" in trying to conquer others and killed in other lands.

"PATRIOTS" are defined to be die fighting for your country and not conquering others.

Many bananas swallowed their saliva, eat their shits and loved their decadent lifestyle.

Wah, understand that day, one old Sinkie seventy year old uncle arrested for intimidating one young "American" or "chicken"

Heard of Ang Mohs arrested for beating the Sinkies??? Only got pinned down at the airport by four policemen.

World must have turned upside down. Usually, Caucasians kicked Asian asses and not the other round. Must be from the Dragon Company 1st PDF Battalion.

The lau han with all their cartoons of Dragons, Tigers all over their bodies.

Or the Scorpion insignia from the 1st or 2nd Battalion S.I.Rs.


Anonymous said...

"We must stamp out prejudice and anti-Semitism everywhere it is found. We must defeat terrorism, and we must not ignore the threats of a regime that talks openly of Israel's destruction," he said.
"We cannot let that ever even be thought of," he said, adding "America stands strong with the State of Israel."

Sin also supports Israel.

Live in Sin, dies in Sin

b said...

There is no right or wrong in geopolitics. There is only the strong and the weak, the winners and the losers, the bullies and the victims. The world is not fair and only the strongest will survive. Thats the law of nature.

southernglory1 said...

The world will never have peace until America is destroyed